“Wow, I haven’t closely looked at my stats in weeks, but I don’t remember them being like this.” Staring at the Character Menu.


Name: Eyes Thalion

Race: Wood Elf

Level: 32

Class: Dual-Style Archer

Subclass: Seer

Titles: 21

Health: 6345 (30% regen/hr)

Mana: 4030 (30% regen/min)

Stamina: 4230 (30% regen/min)

Vitality: 423[81](20) Magic: 403[81]

Strength: 386[74](15) Agility: 409[82]

Intelligence: 403[81] Endurance: 403[81]

Sense: 415[80](83) Luck: 305[61]

Available Points: 120


Status: None

Bonuses: 18.5% Physical Damage Reduction

“But those are just the total stat numbers, what’s the actual stat at?” I asked myself, clicking on Vitality.

Vitality: Increases amount of health and stamina. 423(Total)= 322(Base)+ 80.5(25% of Base)+ 20(Armour)

“322 huh, I guess the 25% stat bonus from the crown is really inflating the numbers up.” I thought, watching Odelia pick up my sword from the ground and carry it towards me.

Presenting Silverthorn II to me, Odelia smiled “You know that did not count right?”

“Yeah, I know.” Grabbing the sword from her, and sheathing back in its sheath.

"And I am sorry about my shamful bow, I should have warned you the moment I saw the Charged Arrow expand."

"Don't be, it was a great bow and it helped me in a lot of battles, but I think it was about time to move on from it anyways."

"Agreed, and if you don't find a bow you want in the city, I could always teach you how to make your own."

"Ooooo, that sounds awesome, I would love that."

"Then we can start after the day after tomorrow."

“Oh, I saw your face when I was fighting Odelia, and you looked like you didn't believe I could kill the Blood Stalker at all, now did you?"

“I did not, in truth I only brought you here so you would understand the difference in strength between you and the monsters on just the outskirts of the Blood Dungeon, I could have never imagined you killing a monster here by yourself, even if you freely used the other Styles.” Odelia sounded genuine about that.

“Ouch, have a little faith in your student Odelia, it is me after all.” Feeling slightly offended by her disbelief in me.

“Apologies Eyes, it was truly an incredible and astonishing sight to behold the power you already have at your young age.” Odelia applauded. “But that being said, like I have been telling you for days now, you are not ready for my combat test yet, and were only able to land one deep attack with your sword in the entirety of the battle.” She pointed out. Then giving a mischievous smile, she said “Now that you have seen and experienced what it takes to pass my test, I will gladly accept your surrender to my challenge, and will be looking forward to you announcing yourself to the Kingdom at the eve of tomorrow’s Five Heroes Festival.”

I laughed, “In your dreams Odelia, there’s no way I’m giving up!" Adding, "Besides, this only helped prove to myself that I can pass your combat test, I just need some time to think about how to do it.”

Odelia shook her head and sighed, looking up at the huge bright full moon illuminating the whole blood red forest with a whitish blue moonlight. She then ominously said with a serious face, “I would advise you to hurry your thoughts then, you may have less time than you think.”

Confused and unsure by what she meant, I opened up the Quest to see exactly how much time I had left.

Time Limit: 3 hrs, 1 min, 56 secs

“3 hours! I wasted so much time dealing with one Blood Stalker, and I haven't even come close to passing yet.” Staring at the remaining 4 Blood Stalkers.

The Lv 50 and the Lv 51 stopped growling at us and kind of looked scared of me, but the Lv 52 was still angrily growling, “Strong elf, tasty elf!”

And the Lv 53 added, “Smell tasty blood!” Slobbering more than before.

Ignoring them, I spent a few minutes thinking of different ideas to pass the combat test, and the one that stood out most was “If I kill 3 of them now for the levels, I’ll probably level up to Lv 40 or so, making the fight with the last Blood Stalker a lot easier, and only needing to take my time to beat the test with the Combat Style." Then thinking of a few problems, "But it would leave me with only one chance to pass. If I fail then, I’d probably have to go find another monster in the Dungeon, which could also lead me to failing if I get taken by surprise by an unfamiliar monster and needing to use another Style. But I guess the stats from leveling is my best bet on passing, since I still suck with Hand-to-hand and Swordsmanship, and don't feel confident fighting with either of them after what happened earlier.”

Thinking back on the battle, I thought “When the Blood Stalker said Bloodthirst and got stronger and faster, we were about the same speed, which means my Agility is already good enough. But when I stabbed my sword into the Blood Stalker, I had to use all my strength just to get the sword half way through, and wasn’t even able to take it out after that. I guess I know what I should dump all my points into then.” Putting 100 of my Available Points into Strength, and putting the remaining 20 into Agility for a little more speed.

Strength: 511[99](15) Agility: 434[87]

And almost instantly I felt significantly stronger than I was a second ago. Then adding to all the ignored and unread notifications so far, another one popped up.

Fitness increased by 1 level.

The Skill ‘Fitness’ has become Max Level, and is a Skill that can be Upgraded. Would you like to upgrade the Skill ‘Physical Fitness’ Now or Later?

“Of course now.” Clicking the Now option right away.

“Excuse me? Did you say something Eyes?” Odelia asked, strangely holding her bow and sword in her hands, and looking carefully around the area with her eyes.

“No sorry, I was talking to myself, but what are you looking for? Did you sense something dangerous in the area? Is it a Boss?” I eagerly asked, wanting to see what a Boss looked like here.

“I did not see or sense anything yet, and as for a Dungeon Boss, you would not want to see one, especially not tonight on the night before the Five Heroes Festival.” Sounding ominous again, and then continuing to look around.

Still unsure by what she meant, I decided not to ask to not waste anymore time, and focused back on reading the new notification.

The Skill ‘Fitness’ has now been upgraded to ‘Physical Peak’. Skill Level has now been set to Max Level.

Physical Peak: Your body has reached its physical peak and is at its utmost prime. Gain 30 Vitality, Strength, Agility, Endurance, and Sense.

The Skill ‘Physical Peak’ has become Max Level, but is however a Skill that cannot be Upgraded.

“Ooo, this skill couldn’t have been upgraded at a better time, the stats will really help with the combat test. Now I wonder what the other notifications say.”

Taking a few minutes, I read through the notifications that related to Skills leveling up first: Swordsmanship Lv 23-24, Archery Lv 45-47, Bomb Arrow Lv 2-4, Blinding Arrow Lv 2-3, Magic Wielding Archery Lv 62-64, Wield Mana Lv 29-31, Evasion Lv 3-6, Arrow Shower Lv 7-8, Sniper Shot Lv 1-3, Archer’s Stride Lv 2-3. With a lot of Skills reaching max level and ready to be upgraded: Charged Arrow Lv 8-10 Max, First Aid Lv 8-10 Max, Leaping Shot Lv 7-10 Max, Rapid Shot Lv 8-10, Power Shot Lv 9-10, Spread Shot Lv 8-10 Max, Perception Lv 9-10 Max. Ignoring the upgrades for now, cause they wouldn’t help with the combat test anyway, I looked at the last notification and saw that I actually learned a Skill from leveling up.

You learned the skill Archer’s Advantage.

Archer’s Advantage: Arrows you fire have increased range, flight speed, damage, and penetration. Gain 5% to all previously listed, per Skill level. Skill level based on Level.

Archer’s Advantage increases by 2 levels.

“That’s another Skill added to the list, and I’m starting to lose track of them all, I wonder if the other Players have the same problem.” Looking at the current Skills Menu.



Class Active: Archer’s Dash Lv 10 Max, Arrow Shower Lv 8, Blinding Arrow Lv 3, Bomb Arrow Lv 4, Charged Arrow Lv 10 Max, Element Arrow Lv 2, Ensnaring Arrow Lv 2, First Aid Lv 10 Max, Leaping Shot Lv 10 Max, Power Shot Lv 10 Max, Rapid Shot Lv 10 Max, Sniper Shot Lv 3, Spread Shot Lv 10 Max, Turning Arrow Lv 7, Twin Arrow Lv 7

Class Passive: Archer’s Advantage Lv 3, Archer’s Confidence Lv 4, Archer’s Stride Lv 3, Deadly Range Lv Max, Magical Arrows Lv 6

Class Proficiency: Long Range Archery, Magic Wielding Archery Lv 64, Wield Mana Lv 31

Subclass Active: None

Subclass Passive: Eyes of a Seer Lv 7, Seer’s Eye Collection(10578) Lv 7

Active: Return Home Lv Max , Sprint Lv Max

Passive: Evasion Lv 6, Perception Lv 10 Max, Physical Peak Lv Max, Sneak Lv 7

Crafting: Bowyer Lv 1, Creature Harvest Lv 3, Fletcher Lv 1

Weapon Proficiency: Archery Lv 47, Hand-to-hand Lv 25, Swordsmanship Lv 24

Being ready, I thought to myself “I could probably just kill the 3 Blood Stalkers with a single Maximum Charged Arrow and be done with it, but I still have 3 hours left and should use two of them to practice the Combat Style, and level my other Skills. Then I’ll use the last hour on the test, and make sure I only use Combat.” Having decided, I grabbed the Lv 50 and dragged it to the center of the clearing, and asked Odelia “Can you release the bindings please, and don’t worry, I’ll be fighting this one with the other Styles so I won’t get as injured as earlier.” Odelia nodded, and released the bindings.

And even though this was one of the Blood Stalkers that stopped growling at us earlier and looked afraid, as soon as the bindings came off the Blood Stalker jumped to its feet and bared its teeth at me. Standing on its hind legs, it stood about 9ft, and growled “Dumb small elf, dead now.”

“We’ll see about that.” I smirked, drawing Silverthorn II and forming a mana recurve bow in my hand.

Not feeling threatened at all by the Blood Stalker, and knowing all of its attack patterns already, I used Sprint and rushed straight in sword first. Caught off by my surprising burst of speed, the Blood Stalker couldn’t react in time, as I sliced my sword into its left hind leg, but unlike earlier, the blade cut smoothly through the tough leathery skin, leaving a bleeding gash in its thigh.

The Blood Stalker roared in pain, and growled “Blood Heal.” And the sword gash that I made healed and then closed. “Weak Elf.” It laughed.

Ticked off that these Blood Stalkers keep laughing at me, I drew four arrows and shot two Ensnaring Arrows at the left leg, and shot two more on the right leg. Each arrow flew with 3 long mana strands, and as the four arrows struck the legs of the Blood Stalker it dealt no damage as part of the Skill, and the Blood Stalker laughed again. Ignoring the laughter, I watched as the long mana strands moved with surprising quickness and power, wrapping around the legs and pulling them together by force, surprising the Blood Stalker and causing it to fall off balance onto the ground. Smuggly looking down on the Blood Stalker, I unleashed an unending barrage of Element Arrows and Bomb Arrows, not giving it a chance to heal. Burning Fire arrow, explosion, cold Ice arrow, another explosion, shocking Lightning arrow, yet another explosion, and etc.

Element Arrow increased by 1 level.

Bomb Arrow increases by 1 level.

Element Arrow increased by 1 level.


Congratulations you have Leveled Up 4 levels. All stats increased by 8 and gained 40 AP.

Already rejuvenated because of the level up, I dragged the Lv 51 to the center right away, and asked Odelia to release the bindings again, and she did so, but she looked growingly more cautious of the forest. Trusting that Odelia would deal with whatever came attacking us, I refocused my attention to the Blood Stalker. Deciding not to use Ensnaring Arrow in fear of making the fight too easy, and Blinding Arrow so I could actually see what I’m shooting at, I spent the whole time kiting and evading the attacks of the Blood Stalker, and used every other Skill that needed to be leveled.


Congratulations you have Leveled Up 2 levels. All stats increased by 4 and gained 20 AP.

Thanks to the Blood Stalker healing itself, the battle was dragged on long enough for Arrow Shower, Turning Arrow, and Twin Arrow to reach max level, and all ready to be upgraded with the rest of the Skills.

Time Limit: 1 hr, 29 mins, 27 secs

Seeing that I still had 30 minutes until I should really start the combat test, I was about to ask Odelia to let the Lv 52 out so I could level up the leftover Skills that weren’t max yet, when suddenly in a blink of an eye, the whitish blue moonlight disappeared and a bloody red moonlight replaced it.

Immediately I looked up to see the huge bright full moon, now bathed in a deep blood red colour, and now knowing what Odelia meant, I said “Tonight's a blood moon.”


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