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“Lord Eyes!” Odelia yelled in concern, quickly drawing her bow and aiming directly at the Blood Stalker.

“Wait! Don’t shoot!” I shouted, bearing the incredible pain of the sharp teeth and the two claws digging into me. “I can still do this! Aaahhh!” Yelling out in pain again, and using even more strength to push the claws out of my body. But the moment the claws started to move outwards, the Blood Stalker countered by biting down even harder into my neck and shoulder, making me reactively move my hands on each side of its mouth to keep the teeth from going even further inside. Without my hands pushing them back, the claws freely dug deeper into my body, and I yelled out in even more pain “AAAHHH!” Then a notification appeared.

You have gained the Bleeding Status.

And already being basically half health from the Blood Stalker’s previous attacks, my health then began rapidly ticking down.

Health: 3331/6120

Health: 3227/6120

Health 3114/6120

“This isn’t good, my health is going down way too fast, at this rate I’ll be dead in no time if I don’t think of something now!” I panicked to myself. “Think Eyes, think!” Brainstorming ideas while holding back the Blood Stalker’s mouth, and trying my best to ignore as much of the pain as possible.

“Lord Eyes it is over, I am ending this!” Odelia shouted, having another fully drawn mana arrow aimed straight past me and directly at the Blood Stalker.

“Damn this sucks, I really wanted to pass on my first try, but I guess I don’t have a choice if I want to survive. I should at least finish this on my own.” Before Odelia could shoot, I let go of the Blood Stalkers mouth, and quickly formed 7 mana arrows, one in my left hand and 6 in my right hand. Ignoring the increased pain of the bite, I held the one arrow in front of the Blood Stalker’s face, and the others in the small space between its mouth and my shoulder.

Feeling that the Blood Stalker was about to tear open my shoulder and the claws about to pierce an organ, I turned my head away from the arrow and immediately casted Blinding Arrow on the left arrow in front of the Blood Stalker’s face. A sudden intense burst of blinding light then shined from the arrowhead, and I heard Odelia yell out “Ahhh, Lord Eyes stop! I cannot see where to aim!”

At the same time hearing the Blood Stalker growl, “Graahh, strong light!” As it then removed its claws out of my body and tried to cover its eyes from the blinding light.

Now only being held up in the air by its mouth, my shoulder felt like it was really about to be torn open, but enduring the pain for a little longer, I casted Exploding Arrow on all 6 arrows in my right hand. Then bracing myself, I struck all 6 arrows at once in the small opening of the Blood Stalker's mouth, and all of them exploded on contact, creating a huge powerful sextuple mana explosion. The explosion produced so much force that it forcefully pried the Blood Stalker’s mouth wide open, releasing me from the bite hold, but sent me completely flying out of the clearing.

Making impact against an unchopped tree and breaking all the sharp branches on its bark with my armour, I found myself on the ground trying to shake off the daze from the explosion. Struggling to stand myself up, I jumped in pain as I used my right hand to help me up. Looking down, I saw the completely blackened and shredded skin of my bare right hand, reaching half way down my forearm, and having completely destroyed my right plate gauntlet. “If this was my only injury it would probably hurt like hell right, but with the wounds from the claws and the bite, I barely even feel it compared to them." Groaning loudly as I pushed myself to get up. "I should also never do that again, Exploding Arrow will only get more powerful as I level, and next time it might just do more than destroy my skin and gauntlet.” Feeling the giant waves of pain all over my body right now. Then suddenly I felt woozy and off balance, and a notification popped up.

Due to having extreme blood loss, you have temporarily gained the Dizzy Status, and cannot be removed until you have completely recovered back to full Health again.

I tried to walk forwards but I stumbled, and said “I can’t even walk straight, I wonder how long until my health recovers back to full.” Looking at my current Health.

Health: 348/6120

Health: 233/6120

Health: 126/6120

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, quickly casting First Aid on myself.

First Aid has removed the Bleeding Status.

“Woah, I forgot that First Aid could do that, this is the first time that part of the Skill is being used.” I groaned to myself, feeling only slightly less woozy. “Anyway that was way too close for comfort, I can’t believe I was almost about to die there. I better get rid of this Dizzy Status too before I fight another one of those Blood Stalkers.” Pulling out a Greater Healing Potion from my inventory that Odelia gave me earlier.

Greater Healing Potion


Consume: Restores 30% of your Health over 60 seconds.


Using my teeth, I pulled the cork out of the round glass bottle, and happily gulped down all the glowing bright red liquid inside. To my surprise it had a really pleasant and slightly sweet taste to it, smoothly traveling down my throat. With First Aid and the Greater Healing Potion’s durations running, I watched as the huge open wound on my shoulder, collarbone, and neck, slowly begin to heal and close itself slightly. With my blackened and shredded right hand starting to magically repair the skin tissue back to normal. All while I kept an eye of my health going up.

Health: 820/6120

Health: 864/6120

Health: 902/6120

Then before I could take out another potion to drink, I heard a loud roar “See Elf!” As I then saw the blurry figure of the Blood Stalker charging towards me with its now cracked bone face, damage marks from the mana explosion, and my blood dripping from its mouth.

“Damn, I should’ve known it wasn’t dead, I didn’t level up after all.” Instinctively reaching for my bow on my back, but finding that it wasn’t there, and remembering that I had to drop it to push the claws out of my body. Seeing the Blood Stalker getting closer, I tried to imagine a bow in my hand but nothing formed, and I thought “Oh no, I think the Dizzy Status is preventing me from clearly concentrating my mana.” Still feeling off and woozy. “I’ll have to go find my bow then.” As I awkwardly ran back towards the clearing and the Blood Stalker.

Activating Sprint to increase my speed, I immediately tripped over something and fell forward onto the ground. Then pouncing at me, the Blood Stalker roared “Elf Dead!” Panicking, I rolled and used Archer’s Dash, and barely made it out of the way.

Deciding it was best to avoid and ignore the Blood Stalker until I got my bow, I quickly dashed and stumbled my way back to the clearing, and saw that Odelia was still blinded and rubbing her eyes excessively. She continued to yell out in concern, “Lord Eyes are you okay? Where are you? Just wait a little longer, my sight will recover soon!”

I replied, shouting “I’m okay Odelia! And don’t worry about saving me, I need to know if I can do this on my own!” Quickly spotting my bow, and stumbling over to pick it up.

Turning around and holding the bow from a knelt position, I grimaced in pain as my shoulder wound wasn’t fully healed yet, and the black torn skin on my right hand drew an arrow and pulled the bowstring back. Aiming the arrow directly at the charging Blood Stalker, a wave of dizziness suddenly hit me and my usual steady aim wobbled and strayed from my target. Knowing that I was most likely gonna miss like this, I aimed directly above the path the Blood Stalker was moving in, and used Arrow Shower. Flying in a high arc, the single arrow then multiplied into 16 arrows, all coming back downwards onto the Blood Stalker. Noticing the arrows late, the Blood Stalker still tried to get out of the area but was struck by half of them, with the arrow landing on the different parts of its body.

Unphased by any of the arrows, the Blood Stalker growled “Elf weak.” Then laughingly growled at me, announcing “Blood Heal.” Its whole body then began oozing blood from the skin, seeing the arrows stuck in its body began being pushed out by the blood, and my still stuck sword in its side slowly being pushed out too. Even the cracks on its cracked bone face and mouth were also oozing blood.

“What the hell is this?” Watching all the previous wounds I made, slowly closing and healing into scars, and even the bone face was healing back to normal.

“We call that blood healing!” Odelia shouted, her sight back to normal and having her arrow aimed at the Blood Stalker again.

“I think your naming’s wrong, it just said Blood Heal.” I corrected her.

“Huh, go figure. Anyway, Blood-type monsters have the innate ability to use the blood they consume and store inside their bodies to heal themselves, making them harder to deal with in extended battles, and being one of the worst monsters you could have chosen to fight for your combat test in the Dungeon.” Odelia explained.

“Wow, you know that information would’ve been nice to know before we started.”

“Who was it again who told me to release the Blood Stalker?” Odelia smirked at me, and I huffed back at her.

Turning my attention back to the Blood Stalker all the wounds turned into healed scars, the cracked bone basically back to normal, and my Silverthorn sword on the ground. Speaking to the Blood Stalker, I said “If that’s how you want to play, I can heal too.” Casting First Aid on myself again, grabbing a Regular Healing Potion and the last greater one from my inventory, then drinking both of the potions.

Regular Healing Potion


Consume: Restores 15% of your Health over 75 seconds.


“Good, more tasty blood!” The Blood Stalker laughingly growled again, circling around me, then roaring “Bloodthirst!” As suddenly the Blood Stalker’s round black pupil turned into a sharp slit shape pupil, then blood came dripping from its eyes, veins appearing on its limbs, its body slightly enlarging, claws growing and digging into the ground, and it’s long thick tail smacking against the ground back and forth.

“Lo-Eyes do not get grabbed again, the Blood Stalker is not playing with its food anymore, and while it is blood frenzying its physical strength is doubled!” Odelia warned me.

The moment I turned away to talk to Odelia again, I heard Blood Stalker take its chance and try to attack me from behind, but predicting it, I Archer’s Dashed out of the way. I was about to counter with an attack, when suddenly it pounced at me again, and I had to dash away again. “Woah, it's moving way faster than before.” Avoiding another pounce, a bite attempt, and a few claw attacks. While I continued to avoid and dodge the relentless attacks of the Blood Stalker, I tried to cast Charged Arrow, but it didn’t work. “Damn, I can’t even use Charge Arrow. Well I guess I’ll just have to stall until this Dizzy Status goes away.” Keeping an eye on my Health.

Health: 5459/6120

Avoiding using any more of my mana, I started spamming all my stamina based Skills as I easily dodged the now familiar attack pattern of the Blood Stalker. Prioritizing avoiding and dodging the attacks from the Blood Stalker, I waited for openings and countered with alternating Skills. From Power, Spread, Rapid, Leap, and Sniper Shot. I was actually slowly dealing significant amounts of damage to the Blood Stalker, even after missing half of the Skills because of the dizziness, but as soon as I dealt too much damage, it was all healed away with its Blood Heal, and I had to deal the damage again.

Pacing myself, the battle continued for another 30 or so minutes, with almost all my stamina being gone, and with the Blood Stalker just before the damage threshold it used to heal itself. Then the notification I was waiting for appeared.

You have recovered back to full Health, the Dizzy Status has now been removed.

Seeing clearly again and feeling my mind focus, I smiled facing the injured and exhausted Blood Stalker that was no longer frenzying, “Thanks for leveling my Skills up, but I think it's time to end this.” Sticking my tongue out, and running away while using Charged Arrow on a regular arrow.

“Grahhh, Elf! Bloodthirst!” The Blood Stalker roared, following right after me.

Focusing on charging my arrow as fast as possible, I kept an eye on the close bites and claws attacks from the Blood Stalker, then using my last amount of stamina on Sprint and Leap Shot, I jumped high into the air.

Stamina: 0/4080

The Blood Stalker stopped in place staring up at me, waiting for me to land. “Fall elf!” It growled at me.

“I will, but first you die.” I smirked, charging the arrow with my current max of 3880 Mana.

Mana: 0/3880

The arrow looked almost completely normal, having only a visibly blue mana aura surrounding it. But the instant I nocked the arrow to the bowstring, the mana suddenly expanded to an enormous size, 50 times the size of the physical arrow itself, creating an enormous blue mana arrow that looked absurdly too large for my bow to even fire. The physical arrow was in the middle of the mana arrow shaft, the mana fletchings forming way past the bow’s bowstring, and the mana arrowhead forming way past the bow’s grip. Drawing the bow, I could already feel the mana arrow’s incredible power, as I then aimed it directly at the Blood Stalker who looked frozen in fear.

Announcing my attack, I shouted out “Maximum Charged Arrow!” Releasing the arrow.

But at the same time Odelia shouted, “No that’s too much!”

As soon as the arrow left the bowstring, the whole force of the release slightly pushed me higher up into the air. But without realizing exactly when it broke, I saw that I was only holding the grip of Shame, as I then spotted the rest of the pieces being blown away by the wind pressure the arrow was creating. And in less than half a second, the mana arrow traveled and pierced the center of the Blood Stalker’s back, completely destroying all of the Blood Stalker and leaving no remains, and then disappearing from sight as it dug a huge hole downwards into the ground.

Congratulations you have Leveled Up 6 levels. All stats increased by 12 and gained 60 AP.

Landing safely back on the ground, I sighed in relief “Maybe that was a little overkill.” Staring at the huge hole I made, and laughing at the sight of it.


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