Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG

A story about a promising archer who loses his eyes in an accident, but finding himself chosen to participate in a fantasy world.

Note: I don't know what I'm doing, I just wanted to write. I also write with the Dark Theme setting, so if I make a colour mistake it’s probably why.

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Easily digestible fun

Reviewed at: Chapter 60

This is your typical isekai litrpg story. We have Eyes the OP MC and a slew of characters some of which are literally npc's. 

The pace is fast and the grammar excellent.

There is plot armor and not a whole lot of character development. The MC seemingly gets whatever he wants, i presume because of his Luck stat (which i always hate in stories).

Despite all that i really like the story. In my opinion it's a great RR story. Simply because it's like a popcorn flick. Easily digestible and just simple fun. I think the author could, if they wanted to, turn this into a much better story by slowing the pace and spending some time to get to know the characters a little better but he could just as easily continue like they have and i will continue reading.


TLDR: Popcorn webnovel is fun


Keep up the good work


Typical unrealistic game world story

Reviewed at: Chapter 21

While the story starts of good enough, it really takes a turn for the worst quickly. The inspiration for this novel seem to be all those really shitty asian "transmigrated to game world" crap novels and the author really pulls it off to create a "game world" that is nothing like an actual game.

While I like the idea of an Archer class, the protagonist simply gets all the good stuff right away. A rare extra class that accidentally synergizes with archery, free stats points because he completes the full tutorial, instant quest from the secretly master blacksmith dwarve that leads to him getting an overpowerted weapon.

This is a typical wish fulfillment "what if I was good at a game" type of story and it really isn't any good.

- Unrealistic story telling

- Overpowered main character

- Free overpowered gear for everyone (everything is a oneshot)

- Overpowered side characters who group with the MC (because one OP guy isn't nearly enough)

- Convenient plot armor in all the right places 

- Everyone except the MC is basically at braindead levels of incompetent


2 stars for not failing at English grammar, but as a story this really isn't worth anyones time.

Silent night

I like the story because it is simple. The main character is overpowered in the beginning but he is not the only one. The pace of the story is slow so give it a chance. If u are looking for a slice of life story with game elemants this is a good story. I was hooked soon after I started reading. 


I like the story but it is a bit too fast pace.

Reviewed at: Chapter 60

So this story is good overall. The punctuation and grammmer are great, the only problems it has is it's fast pace and lack of character developement. The mc really does have no charcter developement. He is was just abducted from his world and given back his lost eyesight which would let him do archery his one passion and there is no emotional response to it. No crying no thankyous not even tears of happiness, there was literally nothing which is weird because if a blind person was suddently given sight they would cry for joy. This is a common problem in the story, the mc kills people for the first time no reaction, he gets seriously injured no reaction and this problem isn't just for the mc it is for everyone. For example the mc saves a bunch of abused women from goblins and there is no shown tramatisatiion or reaction. This doesn't make the story bad but I think that the lack of character developement caused by the author wanting to progress the story fast has reduced a potential 4 or 5 star story to a three star story.