Drawn In

Part 15

I figured my anime expression was as undisguised as my feeling right then. Narrowed eyes, sigh, and a grimace as I assured her, "You still have a big brother."

That didn't feel very encouraging to say with her so much taller than me but I took a little pride in it anyway. Smacking her softly-shaded hands together, Candace stuck out her candy-pink tongue and said, "But you're close. So close. Can't wait. I should snap another picture. And then maybe message mom?"

I urged her not to send anything to mom, not yet. I could see her finger linger on the screen but she relented, undulated her eyebrow lines, and noted, "Owe me two. Come on. You look silly dressed like that."

I conceded that but I stared warily at the clothing options because so many skirts were at the front of the store. As I walked, I tried to keep conscious of any feeling or changes in feeling between my legs and I shifted between that area and monitoring if my chest had changed. I had so much attention on those parts that I didn't really have a reaction when Candace started passing a variety of clothes to me. All I could offer was that the necklines were low. And they were. It was clear they were meant for someone with cleavage. Which I still didn't have.

I did like one in particular but it still had a distinctively feminine cut to the clingy material and a v-shape to the neck. It was a compromise but not one I really wanted to make. Candace didn't budge. She mentioned my owing. I didn't know she was going to collect so soon. She pressed me to at least try it on.

Allison came over and sifted through a display. She had a couple tops on her shoulder. Candace recruited her for a second opinion but all she could offer was that it looked "nice". After that, she piled on the blouses, the camis, the skirts, and tight trousers, which looked like she intended to crush the last ounce of my maleness with.

I offered her, "I'll try some of them. Not all."

We also agreed I would stay over near the rear changing rooms. The clerks at the front watched me and circled around, in a way that reminded me of nature specials about sharks, but didn't approach. None of them were animated, so I figured they were just curious. At least they didn't bug us about touching things. Candace giggled when the pants I was holding began to shift to match my art style. I glowered.

Once behind the curtain of the changing room, I heaved a breath and scanned the clothes. They could've been worse but they also could've been more unisex. I figured I would try them on so Candace could smile a bit then I'd pick some real ones to wear out. And I'd also need to get some cheapie shoes more my current size. Probably something snug, although my feet didn't seem to be shrinking any further. I checked myself in the wall mirror. I looked about the same.

I slipped out of the clothes I'd gotten at the other store and sorted through the new ones. I'd have to pick something. I figured since Candace wanted to see me looking particularly girly, I might as well deal with that first. I selected the V-neck with nothing to show and the tight trousers. The top just felt wrong from the moment I slipped it on. Every inkling of my senses told me I was wearing something that wasn't meant for me. And yet it fit rather well. It was much more comfortable. The neckline was annoying but at least it was flat.

I knew I looked like a flat-chested girl. The dip of the neck actually suggested there may have been something. To my relief, there wasn't. Slipping the pants on made me worry. I didn't want to push the change. They weren't as tight as I was expecting. Usually, I wore clothes much looser but they didn't feel painted on. They did, however, play up the girlish shape to my animated form. Then there was the matter of between my legs. I could feel that it was still there but it was definitely clenching up tighter and tighter to me and it wasn't just my imagination. The shape in front didn't look manly at all and it got even worse when I took in the full scope.

Perhaps if I still had a normal, human form then maybe I wouldn't have looked strange. But the feminine lines and curves of my drawn body made me look so much like a girl that I had to admit the reflection in the mirror was pretty cute.

At least my walk didn't play up any of these traits, a good sign that mental changes hadn't altered me. But it was all so annoying. These clothes, all my hair, the feeling of it. This was not how I wanted to spend my weekend.

But I walked out and over to where Allison had found a small chair and Candace was waiting with her arms folded, Allison's phone in her hands, and a smile on her face. Her eyes darted wider and she snapped off a picture before I could say anything. There was a better mirror off to the side and I stood in front of it.

I was such a girl. An anime girl. There was no part of my body in which my ego could hide. So I just glared at it and folded my arms too. Candace took another picture and asked me, "So, you like?" My expression was clear enough.

Allison stammered and offered, "M-m=maybe you should try on some of the jeans? They might be more fitting."

I wanted jeans which wouldn't point out the way I was shaped but the next pair wasn't as bad when I tried them on. I traded the V-neck top for something which was snugger. I preferred the visual which didn't at all suggest I had anything up top.

I got a couple colors and lamented how depleted my spending money would be for the month. But it felt like a small victory I would have something of a buffer before I might have to sift through my sister's old clothes for hand-me-downs.

I sighed at discovering my new shoe size and selected a serviceable pair. They were much more comfortable and easily the least feminine thing I purchased. I resisted listening to the clerks because I suspected a gendered pronoun was coming.

Though I walked out of the store wearing clothes I wouldn't have even put on as a joke the day before, they did feel decently comfortable.

Clothing settled, I resolved to ignore my current state as best I could. Sure, I had blindingly-pink hair but I was just one person out of many and out of plenty who were animated. But I inevitably felt singled out. I got looks from passing, teen guys that soured my mood. Not helping was the fact Candace subtly nudged me to the front of the group so everyone saw me first.

I couldn't wait for the next store because I told her flatly I was just going to wait while she and Allison shopped. At this one, they both spent a little more compared to the last one, where Allison just got some accessories and Candace got a smile and picture evidence.

Out of boredom, I poked through a few hats that seemed like they might make hair a bit less obvious. One gray hat wasn't too bad but it was very fashionable, especially when the influence from my head made it match me. And I still had long streams of shock-pink locks. I wondered if I could pin it up and trap all my hair inside. Even a quick check showed it was a futile effort. I sighed and glanced at myself in the mirror. The hat wasn't helping.

I wandered the floor, resisting the more energetic clerks, and made my way to the back. There was a full mirror at the end. I lingered on my reflection. The shoes were a sensible pick and they felt comfortable so far. I still didn't like the cut of the jeans but at least I felt like I had a little more wiggle room. And my top. I paused there.

No, I hadn't blossomed. Not yet. But my shape was different. Whereas the top felt a bit snug before, it felt like a good fit. A subtle difference which could've just come from stretching but it was ominous. I didn't want to get even smaller and girlier. It was bad enough Candace could loom over me.

I put my arms down at my sides. The reflection did look like a work of art. Perfectly shaded to the overhead lights. I looked at myself and took a breath. As I knew well, so many people who were converted didn't feel bad about the results. I'd seen a pony who needed assistance all the time and didn't mind. Putting aside those who called it brainwashing, I took a full look at myself in the mirror, at that effeminate reflection. Was this okay?


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