Respawn Condition: Trash Mob

Respawn Condition: Trash Mob

by Razzmatazz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Every time when I die, I respawn as a trash-mob at the very bottom of the dungeon. It's a rather troublesome existence, but honestly, I think I've managed to adapt.

(Complete!) (Ultra slow burn)

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Chapter 2: Dark Fairy ago
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Chapter 10: Skeleton Swordsman ago
Chapter 11 ago
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Chapter 14: Goblin Patrolman ago
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Chapter 22: Minotaur ago
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Chapter 290: The thing that beholds ago
Chapter 291: Nichodemus ago
Chapter 292: Of rats ago
Chapter 293: Fairy-Mother ago
Chapter 294: Fairy of the fountain ago
Chapter 295: Piotr, myself and I ago
Chapter 296: Strung along ago
Chapter 297: I have been to the mountain ago
Chapter 298: The voice of the dungeon ago
Chapter 299: Sister ago
Chapter 300(!!!): THE END ago

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Decent slice-of-life, but has a fair few problems

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

This story admittedly didn't tickle my fancy too much when I saw the title - It sounded awfully video gamey, and those kind of stories tend to be rather mediocre, to put it mildly. After having read a few of the opening chapters, I can say with confidence that this is definitely a cut above the norm on RR for this type of story, but there's still a fair amount of issues at play.


Starting with the positives, the slice of life material here is well executed. We follow the story of the protagonist, a soul in a dungeon who is destined to be slain and reborn as various creatures who dwell inside of said dungeon. The story explores what life would be like as such a creature, and the mindset of someone who has to live like one. The protagonist is my favorite part about the story - if purely because it is interesting to see what kind of situations he gets stuck in.

Furthermore, you can't help but get the idea that the protagonist is slowly growing tired of his life being an ever-revolving door of becoming a new creature. I haven't read very far yet, but I can already see the potential for an interesting progression here. Whether something happens with this is something left to the author, of course.

Unfortunately, the story is bogged down by very messy prose. There's a lot of large text chunks all over the story, and the prose overall isn't very imaginative to make up for that. It's all very by the numbers: Nothing here really stands out - which bogs down reading a fair amount. The style's not helped by the occasional run on sentence here and there, either. There's potential here, yes, but the story is begging for someone to iron it out more. 

Overall, this story definitely is one of the better of its kind here on RoyalRoad - but it needs a good polishing. If you're someone who enjoys this kind of gamey slice of life material, or just game-like stories in general, I think you'll enjoy this one a lot. 

Yro De Macina

An almost surprisingly good story

Reviewed at: Chapter 152

As said in the title, I was not expecting much of this story when I started reading it after reading some of the reviews but the story really managed to convince me. 

Without spoilers, I find each 'part' of the story to be really interesting and well thought-out, especially the last few part. 

The characters are also pretty interesting, the cast is really small and you get to discover every one of them through the eyes of the mc, who can't really interact with them most of the time, but they still feel coherent and fully fledged out.

It is true that the beginning of the story is somewhat slow - paced, but I think it is necessary and absolutely not a waste of time. Not much happens at the start, but it helps understand the character and its environment better than if it was just skipped. And if it bothers you, it gets quite a bit faster later on.

I don't have much to say on the grammar, not being a native English speaker means I don't really notice these, except if they are really obvious, and I don't think I noticed any.

TLDR : Great story, give it a try. 


Different, but good different

Reviewed at: Chapter 125

I enjoyed this a lot. That's the most subjective bit out of the way, and it on its own is enough to justify high ratings.

Other reviews, and the author themself, have made reference to the pace, and there seems to be some consensus that it's slow. Of course, this is only a bad thing for a reader if it negatively affects their enjoyment of the story, and I can say that it hasn't done so for me. Even having caught up, given the frequent updates I doubt I'll suffer much more now that I did when binging it.


The writing is pleasant enough to read, the main character's voice is fun and they themself are sympathetic - not necessary, but it can help. There is plot, big picture stuff, and if the author doesn't know where they are going then they have been doing a very good job of pretending otherwise. Questions are answered, though not all so far, and some more seem to have arisen along the way. Grammar is solid, and from what I've seen the author responds to corrections promptly. Characters are solid as well - the main character is really very main, and spends a lot of time being killed by the hero party characters, whose words he is only very rarely in a position to be able to understand, but even so we are forming pictures of them. Beyond the hero party, various trash mobs we are only with briefly grow into characters I found myself invested in in a very short period of time, resulting in some powerful scenes.

The main character's voice is the only voice - no omniscient narrator revealing the thoughts of others and no point of view changes, either of which would surely shed more light on a lot of things. But that's kind of the point, I think. The main character's thoughts and experience are absolutely central, he is our guide, and if we find things out is (generally) along with him. I think it is an appropriate choice given the nature of the story, and it works to strengthen it rather than weaken it.

So. Not everyone's cup of tea, inevitably, but certainly worth giving a go.


This is a story with an interesting premise, a main character who is respawned into similar circumstances every time they die, and this has already been happening for who knows how long. The execution is frankly phenomenal, and has only gotten better as the story progresses. However, this story has definitely earned the slow burn notice in the blurb; if getting invested into a character and idea before having a solid idea of the plot isn't your thing, this might not be the story for you.

Style (4 stars)

The style used is consistent, in its own unique way, changing parts of the narration to illustrate how a new trash mob impacts the main character's thinking. With a first person perspective the writing style is tailored to present the main character's thought process and reasoning. Our main character's thoughts and actions are separated by tenses and prose. Which is a really clever distinction, though can be jarring at times. The way the paragraphs are laid out as well takes some getting used to. Even so, once you get the hang of reading them, the emphasis created by going from larger blocks of text to smaller, quick sentences, and vice versa, helps to enhance the story. Style in this story is a tool that has been used, and an active part of how ideas are expressed.

A nitpick I do have is the dialogue without quotations, which is something that fed into the character score, as it detracted from getting to know other characters, pulling focus further onto the main character. This has recently stopped, but is present in some of the beginning chapters.

Story (5 stars)

I mentioned above that this story earned the slow burn notice in the blurb. At chapter 93 now, we've still been learning more about the plot and setting in the dungeon, I can't bring myself to rate the story that's being told as anything less than 5 stars, and fully believe it deserves the score. Seriously, good job. Everything that has happened has been ridiculously creative and transpired in ways I never even knew a plot could. Some crazy things have come out of the blue, only to be interwoven into everything else that already exists. The beginning of the story is a bit different, setting the scene and points of interest is hard to get through in the beginning, but entirely worth it. The plot and progression so far have been a journey, definitely more about what happens along the way than the end result. I recommend reading through until the mimic or minotaur life before making a concrete decision about continuing, if you're worried about plot.

Grammar (4.5 stars)

The grammar here is interesting, the word choices are well done, I enjoy them, and there are no obvious grammatical errors. If you happen across an odd-ish sentence structure or word string, it might break the flow going on, but will make sense if you read it over again.

Character (4.5 stars)

If this was just about the main character, it'd be 5 stars all the way. The main character is really well written, we see their thought process, their learning moments, we see them progress, and remember. The character development is very focussed on the main character. Each trash mob has their own personality, their own ticks, that makes them different from each other, but nothing in depth comes up, there’s not enough time for a deep dive, and that’s honestly kind of neat. There are overviews and characters that exemplify the respective traits (or don’t), and even if there isn’t a whole lot of time to get to know each character we come across, they still leave impressions. Character development is very show and not tell in this story. What keeps this from 5 stars though, is the characters that have the ability to talk to the main character. Some side characters don't feel like characters, the dialogue and some of the interactions they have have been kept to a minimum when being mentioned or described, deferring to what our narrator perceives. We have our main cast, and then there's everyone else.

TLDR: This is a good story, interesting to read, and gets better the more it goes on. Very creative, and, currently, hyper focussed on the main character, this is 100% the main character’s story. On a side note, everything is probably a metaphor. This is definitely a story to try out, if you’re worried about plot, try reading till the mimic or minotaur life before making a concrete decision.


that was probably one of the most unsatisfying reveals in a story. so the story keeps teasing a bigger and bigger reveal just around the corner, and when you finally get it in:

chapter 100

it's the most nothing reveal, I expected it to be some kind of mind blow, super expansion of the scope of the world, but it was just more of the same. I truly feel like this could be trimmed down to like 20 - 30 chapters.

I think the writing style is pretty fun and relaxing. seeing as the main character almost never has anyone to communicate with, it's written like a monologue, where the main character just narrates everything to you.

I'm a little frustrated with the main character, he does little to no investigation of the many mysteries surrounding his situation. he seems to be either incapable or totally uninterested in experimenting to try and find answers. 

and the whole thing where every other paragraph is just him trying to shake off his current body's mind fog gets old real fast.

grammar is fine. it's also fine to just skim most chapters.

so there, I'm dropping it. it was a pretty interesting read, not very funny, and wholly depressing.



Reviewed at: Chapter 8


This is part of a review swap between myself and the author. The concept is incredibly interesting and I plan to read further once I have the time to sit down and properly digest everything. The story itself is an incredibly slow burn and the author ensures that any prospective readers know so beforehand. That being said, the questions raised while reading, I feel, will eventually have a very big and satisfying pay off. Like, why is the MC constantly reincarnated as a mob monster in this dungeon? And why are they raised by the same hero with his harem group? Is it even the same hero each time or is the MC just that delusional?

For what it's worth, I enjoyed the bit I've read so far. But this is not a story for everyone. The slow pacing, glacial really, will turn many readers off. The slice of life aspects will also do that. For readers who like intimate, focused writing that does a really, really good job of putting you in the MC's shoes then this is the story for you.

Style & Character:

By far the strongest points of this novel, as far as chapter 7-8 goes. The author has beautiful prose that doesn't stray into purple, overly-flowery territory. While I'm not a fan of first person, personally, I enjoyed what I read due to the authors strong voice that shone through. The MC is really the only character we get any exposition from and we come to learn, bit by bit, the tolls the numerous respawns have had on them. As of the chapter I've read up to I'm still not so sure if the MC is male or female or non-binary and it doesn't really matter, their personality shines through and is incredibly strong. There's a tinge of sadness and melancholy to the authors style and I also really enjoy that as well. I also appreciate how the story is presented in a stream of consciousness style. It oozes personality and voice and absolutely puts us, as the reader, firmly in the shoes of the MC.

Grammar & Story:

Story was the weakest aspect for me and this may be due to my rather short amount of chapters read. After 8 chapter I still have no real clue or hint as to whether there is an overarching, hidden storyline that will eventually unfold. I might be expecting the wrong thing since I'm not the target audience for slice of life stories, so my expectations may be a bit different. But the pacing is bogged down by the stress of not knowing what's actually happening. The grammar is excellent, like I said the authors prose is beautiful. But sometimes the wordiness can be a bit much. When I have time I'll definitely be back to reasses how I really feel as far as my story score goes.

In all, I enjoyed what I read. Hitting the target audience is an absolute must, in my humble opinion. The prose is beautiful, the author knows what they are doing and have an excellent command over their presentation. As has already been noted, by other reviewers and the author themself, the pacing is purposely slow. It is to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace and rushing through would be a disservice. I'll be back to read more, time permitting, and look forward to learning more about the MC and the dungeon that the author has crafted.


The chill guy

So far this is a very interesting story! The story starts of in a very strange manner, however you quickly get used to it. The narration is a bit slow, but this let us get more invested in our character, combined with the fact that the settings are described to give us a sense of being there.

The ever forgetting MC can be quite frustrating, especially in the start with the SECRET STAIRS!! 

Would absolutely recommend giving a read. Can't wait to see where all these hints and clues found throughout will lead towards an ending. Well that was my review, I won't bother making it longer, gotta get back to reading ;) 



The Shadows Mistress

Good read, flow is interesting and a really amusing story. Well thought out with an interesting concept although its not quite slice of life monster story but it can be called that as our poor protagonist finds his/her way in life as a monster. Of course we know little how this happened or why as well. 

young trash the immortal

My reviews tend to be more simple. If I liked it, it's five stars. If I don't, then if the story is just not my type I don't review it. If it's just bad I'll give it the appropriate rating.


I don't care much about grammar, style, story, or character. Some people are willing to drop stars over the slightest "issue" that really just mean nothing for the experience.


As for this story, I'll give it five stars. I liked it. Is the pacing slow? I don't know because I enjoyed what I read. Slow pacing isn't necessarily bad unlike what some reviewers here think. Is it because of the "smaller" chapter's? Maybe, I don't know. Writing 2k words is hard, nothing wrong with short updates over a few days.


What I really like is the story, the concept. It invokes strong emotions in the reader. For example, the part with the spider lady, that was just amazing. I can talk about more, but just read it for yourself. Maybe, stop reading reviews because so many reviewers here are just toxic with how they give junk ratings for one typo like the wrong there form.


Yeah, it's not the Lord of the Rings, but who cares? Story is good, I had a good time. Easy 5 stars, follow, favorite.


A Strong Narrative Voice that Crashes and Burns

Reviewed at: Chapter 295: Piotr, myself and I

This isn't a novel premise. You've likely read stories about skeleton knights or being a spide or being reincarnated as a slime. You've read stories about living dungeons, and dungeon life. But what this story offers is the shift between each of these different hyper-specific lifestyles of these trash mobs, their thoughts and feelings...and centering it on one of the strongest narrator-character voices on this website. The MC is the star here, and yes, that is always the case, but the narrative work done by the author through the character's voice and perspective - a perspecitve we never truly leave - is extrodinary for this website. If a friendly midwestern-sounding dude is the protagonist you want, which, honestly, that is what you should want, this is the story for you. 


Updated as we get close to the ending:

While everything I said above remains true, I can't reccomend this story in good faith. As the ending approaches, the threads and elements of the plot have mashed together in unpleasant, chaotic, illegible and neigh-incomprehensible ways. If the author actually knew where they were going the whole time they did a terrible job of showing it, and if they did I can't decide if that is worse or not. There is no satisfaction to be gained from reading this novel, or this story, as a cohesive whole. The author's strong narrative voice makes the approach of the ending barely tolerable. I will update again once the novel is truly complete to give this a totally fair shake in case my feelings on this suddenly change, but this novel is not worth the investment as it stands.