Respawn Condition: Trash Mob

by Razzmatazz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Every time I die I respawn as a trash mob at the very bottom of the dungeon. It's a rather troublesome existence but I think I've managed to adapt honestly.

(Updates daily!) (Ultra slow burn)

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Introduction: Final Moments ago
Chapter 2: Dark Fairy ago
Chapter 3 ago
Chapter 4 ago
Chapter 5 ago
Chapter 6: Hidden Village Slime ago
Chapter 7 ago
Chapter 8 ago
Chapter 9 ago
Chapter 10: Skeleton Swordsman ago
Chapter 11 ago
Chapter 12 ago
Chapter 13 ago
Chapter 14: Goblin Patrolman ago
Chapter 15 ago
Chapter 16 ago
Chapter 17 ago
Chapter 18: Mimic ago
Chapter 19 ago
Chapter 20 ago
Chapter 21 ago
Chapter 22: Minotaur ago
Chapter 23 ago
Chapter 24 ago
Chapter 25 ago
Chapter 26: Serpent ago
Chapter 27 ago
Chapter 28 ago
Chapter 29 ago
Chapter 30: Drake ago
Chapter 31 ago
Chapter 32 ago
Chapter 33 ago
Chapter 34 ago
Chapter 35 ago
Chapter 36 ago
Chapter 37 ago
Chapter 38: Spider-girl ago
Chapter 39 ago
Chapter 40 ago
Chapter 41 ago
Chapter 42 ago
Chapter 43 ago
Chapter 44 ago
Chapter 45 ago
Chapter 46: Nichodemus the Scholar ago
Chapter 47 ago
Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49 ago
Chapter 50 ago
Chapter 51 ago
Chapter 52 ago
Chapter 53 ago
Chapter 54: Rat ago
Chapter 55 ago
Chapter 56 ago
Chapter 57 ago
Chapter 58 ago
Chapter 59 ago
Chapter 60: Goblin Caster ago
Chapter 61 ago
Chapter 62 ago
Chapter 63 ago
Chapter 64 ago
Chapter 65 ago
Chapter 66 ago
Chapter 67 ago
Chapter 68: ??? ago
Chapter 69: Ghost ago
Chapter 70 ago
Chapter 71: Rat ago
Chapter 72 ago
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Chapter 74 ago
Chapter 75 ago
Chapter 76 ago
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Chapter 79 ago
Chapter 80 ago
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Chapter 86: Cultist ago
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Chapter 91 ago
Chapter 92: Ooze ago
Chapter 93 ago
Chapter 94 ago
Chapter 95 ago
Chapter 96 ago
Chapter 97 ago
Chapter 98 ago
Chapter 99 ago
Chapter 100! ago
Chapter 101 ago
Chapter 102 ago
Chapter 103: Magic Tome ago
Chapter 104 ago
Chapter 105 ago
Chapter 106 ago
Chapter 107 ago
Chapter 108: Zombie ago
Chapter 109 ago
Chapter 110 ago
Chapter 111 ago
Chapter 112 ago
Chapter 113 ago
Chapter 114 ago
Chapter 115: Unicorn ago
Chapter 116 ago
Chapter 117 ago
Chapter 118 ago
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Chapter 126: Dire Ape ago
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Chapter 136: Fire Elemental ago
Chapter 137 ago
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Chapter 140 ago
Chapter 141 ago
Chapter 142 ago
Chapter 143 ago
Chapter 144: ??? Slime ago
Chapter 145: ??? Magic Tome ago
Chapter 146 ago
Chapter 147: Hollow Armor ago
Chapter 148 ago
Chapter 149 ago
Chapter 150 ago
Chapter 151 ago
Chapter 152 ago
Chapter 153 ago
Chapter 154 ago
Chapter 155 ago
Chapter 156 ago
Chapter 157 ago
Chapter 158 ago
Chapter 159 ago
Chapter 160: Valkyrie ago
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Chapter: 185 - Scorpiod ago
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Chapter 190: - ago
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Reviewed at: Chapter 8


This is part of a review swap between myself and the author. The concept is incredibly interesting and I plan to read further once I have the time to sit down and properly digest everything. The story itself is an incredibly slow burn and the author ensures that any prospective readers know so beforehand. That being said, the questions raised while reading, I feel, will eventually have a very big and satisfying pay off. Like, why is the MC constantly reincarnated as a mob monster in this dungeon? And why are they raised by the same hero with his harem group? Is it even the same hero each time or is the MC just that delusional?

For what it's worth, I enjoyed the bit I've read so far. But this is not a story for everyone. The slow pacing, glacial really, will turn many readers off. The slice of life aspects will also do that. For readers who like intimate, focused writing that does a really, really good job of putting you in the MC's shoes then this is the story for you.

Style & Character:

By far the strongest points of this novel, as far as chapter 7-8 goes. The author has beautiful prose that doesn't stray into purple, overly-flowery territory. While I'm not a fan of first person, personally, I enjoyed what I read due to the authors strong voice that shone through. The MC is really the only character we get any exposition from and we come to learn, bit by bit, the tolls the numerous respawns have had on them. As of the chapter I've read up to I'm still not so sure if the MC is male or female or non-binary and it doesn't really matter, their personality shines through and is incredibly strong. There's a tinge of sadness and melancholy to the authors style and I also really enjoy that as well. I also appreciate how the story is presented in a stream of consciousness style. It oozes personality and voice and absolutely puts us, as the reader, firmly in the shoes of the MC.

Grammar & Story:

Story was the weakest aspect for me and this may be due to my rather short amount of chapters read. After 8 chapter I still have no real clue or hint as to whether there is an overarching, hidden storyline that will eventually unfold. I might be expecting the wrong thing since I'm not the target audience for slice of life stories, so my expectations may be a bit different. But the pacing is bogged down by the stress of not knowing what's actually happening. The grammar is excellent, like I said the authors prose is beautiful. But sometimes the wordiness can be a bit much. When I have time I'll definitely be back to reasses how I really feel as far as my story score goes.

In all, I enjoyed what I read. Hitting the target audience is an absolute must, in my humble opinion. The prose is beautiful, the author knows what they are doing and have an excellent command over their presentation. As has already been noted, by other reviewers and the author themself, the pacing is purposely slow. It is to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace and rushing through would be a disservice. I'll be back to read more, time permitting, and look forward to learning more about the MC and the dungeon that the author has crafted.


The chill guy

So far this is a very interesting story! The story starts of in a very strange manner, however you quickly get used to it. The narration is a bit slow, but this let us get more invested in our character, combined with the fact that the settings are described to give us a sense of being there.

The ever forgetting MC can be quite frustrating, especially in the start with the SECRET STAIRS!! 

Would absolutely recommend giving a read. Can't wait to see where all these hints and clues found throughout will lead towards an ending. Well that was my review, I won't bother making it longer, gotta get back to reading ;) 



Henry Morgan

4 out of 5 stars. Fun, unusual story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 45

There are some harsh reviews on this fiction, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in my opinion alot of their criticism is unjust.

This fiction (to me) is intentionally vague as to the overarching plot and the MC has frequent amnesiac episodes each respawn. The litrpg elements are lightly touched apon and are still being explored and this story doesn't have the main charactor progress fast on powering up. This seems to have gotten people a bit annoyed.

For me, the story is great, I keep trying to guess whats happening, I enjoy the different perspective of each trash mob each respawn and I'll follow this story as long as its being updated in the hope this story gets finished.

The Shadows Mistress

Good read, flow is interesting and a really amusing story. Well thought out with an interesting concept although its not quite slice of life monster story but it can be called that as our poor protagonist finds his/her way in life as a monster. Of course we know little how this happened or why as well. 


I can see why some people might not like this story, the MC is rambly and it could be called monotonous. But it hits all the right buttons for me, I enjoy the inner dialogue and each new incarnation feels fresh. The MC isn't a cardboard cut out either, not by any means. Also, the upload schedule is insane. Hope your not burning yourself out! Thanks for the story.


Great prose, but lacking in plot

Reviewed at: Chapter 26: Serpent

Great introduction to the GameLit/LitRPG! If you're new to the genre, Respawn Condition may feel like a bit of an odd piece. I do wonder if the author was high when he wrote this...

The story explores the variety of "trash mobs" you may encounter in games, told from the perspective of an MC that keeps respawning as one of them everytime it dies. This is where the narrative truly shines. Every thought, every moment of the MC's new incarnation is described in exquisite detail. You really get a sense of what it's like to be a slime, or a dark fairy. If you've ever wondered what life is like for monsters in video games, this is the book to read.

But too much of anything good can ruin one's appetite. That is how I started to feel the more I read. At Chapter 6, there was still no obvious plot. It just seemed like the entire story was  about each trash mob, with no bigger plot to bind everything together. I hope I'm wrong, but I didn't get far enough to know.

Stil, it was an enjoyable read that gave me a totally new perspective on video game monsters.


How to build a great reveal?

Reviewed at: Chapter 21

Some stories get written on the spot but you can tell this one was thought thru. Its just beginning but the pacing is great and the graphics are super cool. The psychological tag isn't quite here yet but its written in a fun way that seems like its gonna get dark real fast. If i was ever reborn as you I would definitely follow. 


Remember that computer game where the king sends out the hero (and, by extension, his all female party) to fight the dark lord? 

The joke for that game's final dark lord is "you never knew what he was the king of!"

Instead of the hero of that scenario, we follow a spirit that's placed in various weak monsters. Follow our nameless spirit in his quest towards the top floors, the hero, and sanity.

Watch fun little gifs and scenarios in this crazy trip to retro game nostalgia. 


The story is very interesting, the plot is about a forgetful spirit of some kind who possesses trash mobs at the bottom of a strange dungeon and is constantly reincarnated every time s/he(?) dies. The gender of the character is never made clear so far since they themselves don’t know and depending on what mob they are today the gender is fluid. So boy slime, then next chapter girl skeleton. The goal of the protagonist is to leave the dungeon, which is very hard since they are trapped at the bottom and always facing off (and losing) against the hero party who is way too overpowered to be down here in this dungeon. Eventually they find out that there is a secret staircase on every floor, so the mission is to find it on each of the 100 levels before they die and are reborn in order to progress upwards.


The writing is very slow like the author warns several times. After 35 chapters of +-2000 words each the story is still only on floor 95/100, so if you are impatient or frustrated easily is not for you. But the writing itself is nice in that sense as well as the author is heavily invested in details and emotions, especially when possessing a new creature the protagonist takes on characteristics of that creature into their personality for that life. Protagonist is likeable and easy to follow if you aren’t frustrated by their dementia and use of repeated phrases ‘Guy’ ‘Tell you what’. Their motivations to protect the other trash mobs are clear and despite their position as a enemy they try to avoid hurting people even the hero party when they can as they seem to have a kind soul and dislike violence. They learn from their old lives and use that knowledge to help themselves progress. Many little details in early chapters that seemed like fluff end up being very important later.


The hero party is nice and very overpowered, but we don’t see much of them as we only view the story through the first person perspective of the protagonist. So their motivations are unclear to us as we can’t understand their language and have to go by what the protagonist tells us they are seeing them doing. But the individual adventurers that are part of the group are clearly defined and you can tell they each have an individual personality. I would like to see more deeper interactions with them, but I understand that it is difficult given the dog eat dog situation between the groups. There is little conversation in this story, it is entirely protagonist narration.

There are many mysteries here that wait to be solved. Very complicated but exciting to watch.

The grammar is very good, very strong flow especially in the dramatic scenes. Occasionially the author does pixel art which is very nice. There aren’t exactly systems like classic LitRPG but they come close and tell part of the story with their broken glitchy visuals.


Author themselves seems nice and answers to comments and questions in big detail!


I enjoy this very much and can recommend it if you like slow reads and being the 'bad' guy


Hank Hill's Dungeon Life or "I tell you hwhat."

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Goblin Patrolman

Hello everyone on the interwebs who are reading this, how goes the future?

Now, let me first present you with the bread and butter before we go into depth.

I recommend you give this story a go.

This is a great story for those that enjoy the beginning chapters of monster reincarnation stories but start to lose interest after a while. It's a good story regardless, but for those mentioned above, they'll love this.

Personally, I don't mind the style. Some people might find the pace a bit slow, but for me, it's fine. I like hearing him describe what it's like to be each monster, but for someone that merely wants action and doesn't care what it's like to actually 'be' the monsters, they'll have a problem with the pacing.

Again, it's fine with me. Though there is one thing I think it lacks thus far, I decided it probably fits better in 'story' than 'style.'

The story has to do with a person being reincarnated every time they perish in a dungeon. I like that. I like that a lot, actually. However, perhaps it comes later, but the major thing this story lacks thus far is some kind of solid progression. Anything other than garbled thoughts that carry over in even minute ways.

Feasibly this already exists, and I'm just not there yet. This story would benefit immensely if there were some type of interface, system, or similar phenomenon that provided some sort of progressive benefit for our protagonists through his cycles of death. Perhaps, it appears after the MC experiences their 100,000 death or something, so they get a pertinent title that changes everything. It doesn't have to be full-blown stats or anything, just, well, anything.

Anyway, this is what I personally think this story lacks as of chapter 12, which isn't far enough to say if it exists or not.

Edit: I think something like this might have shown up in the next couple of chapters. (Might edit this further later.)

The grammar is fine for me. I found a couple of mistakes, and apparently, there were some problems previously, but they were fixed. Some people complained about there not being enough spacing between paragraphs, but it looks like the author has rectified that as well.

Lastly, the character is hard to describe because he himself really doesn't know who he is.

Let's see, I'd say he's forgetful, playful, curious, and a little screwy, to summarize him. Alignment wise probably somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral though that's partly just because he can't remember much, and besides, no well-written characters follow any alignment perfectly.

Anyhow, to the people of the future who read this, give it a read and have a nice day.