Respawn Condition: Trash Mob

by Razzmatazz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Every time I die I respawn as a trash mob at the very bottom of the dungeon. It's a rather troublesome existence but I think I've managed to adapt honestly.

(Updates daily!) (Ultra slow burn)

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Better than most, but needs some trimming.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

First of all, I didn't expect much from this story at all because of the title and thought it would be some more of the same, but I've been corrected. It is interesting, in the way that a peacock sits in a flock of geese. The author knows how to write narration, not just telling you "I did this, and that did that" and whoever he/she is is fully aware of how to keep a strong voice of the person's story we're following, and for that I thank them.

Grammar is solid, and has either been edited heavily or the author actually knows what they're doing, there's way too many stories littering this place with awkward grammar, broken phrases or just a complete ball drop of the two. There's no need to worry if you're going to get a complete mess and question whether or not the author passed english lit at all. 

The prose is the strongest part for me, because its aided by the author's relevant skills in english there's a sandwich of the author being able to express themselves without being bogged down in tiresome mistakes. The voice is prominent, and will always be there on every single chapter. The indifferent, melancholic feeling you get is pervasive. 

About the story, for the protag to die and get respawned every time is nice, we don't have to worry about some super-generic story coming out of this piece. It's pretty much a solid slice of life in a straight up "you know what you're going to get, even on 30th chapter" sort of deal.  

What I can say is the pacing is... so mind-bogglingly dragged slow that it feels like I'm trying to draw a perfectly straight line for twenty miles. The piece is meandering and honestly aimless, not really giving us a reason to read when every chapter is just our protagonist a haze and shrugging around to stretch into monotony. A good quarter to half of the chapters can be cut without losing much of what happened, because the same sort of memory-haze narration will keep up again.

I think this story for most people will be hit or miss, because of the issues inherent to the storytelling and character. But its not bad, its greater in value than most low-quality trash that gets uploaded here, and I will rate it with my honesty.


This is a rather unique story that I think many can find appealing if they give it a chance. You can tell the author really knows what they're doing here, as the writing doesn't really feel amateurish. I'll admit that the earlier chapters are slow but because the main character is endearing it keeps you engaged, and for me if the characters are interesting then it doesn't take a whole lot to keep me going. 

If you don't like slowly paced stories(at least in the beginning) then this might be a pass for you, but if that doesn't bother you then I would certainly recommend giving it a shot.


Who IS that MC with the amorphous soul?

Reviewed at: Chapter 159

Although I have rated character and story as the weak areas of Respawn Condition: Trash Mob, I want to make clear that the difficulties here are directly caused by the MC's memory problems combined with the fact that the MC often either physically can't talk or can't understand human-speak.  These aren't bad story-design choices; they contribute to Respawn Condition's great style.  They just make the plot advance slowly because the MC regularly forgets clues they have previously noticed and contextual information they have learned.  Not to mention the fact that the MC's personality doesn't have a solid foundation but is instead slanted by each new life makes it challenging for readers to really understand the MC's essence as a character.  It's an interesting challenge, but does overall reduce reader empathy.  I do feel that the current place in the story has had too many male incarnations in a row, because the gender flexibility of the MC was one of the first traits I really noticed and liked about them in the first arc of the story.

That said, I don't like the thief.  I like sister slime, the goblins, Piotr, I'm frustrated that the plot seems to be opposed to the MC's personal growth.  I like it when the MC has a spiritual or philosophical epiphany, but then the MC seems to get punished into forgetfulness. To show how the plot progression is sort of fighting itself as well: the mystery of the dungeon's turbulent past and the hero cultists is one of my favorite parts of the story, but the MC has been hurried and/or killed past two different places that would have been perfect for finding out more about that plot thread so far.  So that's also frustrating.  I was eagerly expecting the stained glass windows in the church to turn out to be a clue related to this, but it turned out not to be, as far as I could tell.

Grammar, not to much to say here; it's quite good except for the occassional mix-up of similar sounding words, and the fact that "tell you what" always compels me to mentally 'correct' it to "I tell you what".  That last thing might be just me though.

Style, I am freaking impressed with the atmospherics and themes here.  This story is right on the edge of being too traumatic for my personal tolerance, but it's all quite artistic or philosophical trauma that doesn't feel gratuitous.  (Except maybe the moral of being an ooze didn't quite fit with the story's other themes; not quite sure if that was intended to build on the rats or not.)


Slow burn, but it absolutely works

Reviewed at: Chapter 80

Most of the more negative reviews came at chapter 20 or before, and it's not hard to see why. Respawn Condition: Trash Mob has a slow pace, particularly for the first dozen chapters or so, and at that point the plot was pretty shallow. Even I was close to dropping it and writing the story off as a dull slice of life. But fortunately, I decided to give it a chance and see if the plot got a little more interesting. 

My expectations were blown out of the water. Here at chapter 80, where the plot is thicker than jello and each question answered just prompts several more, I'm left wondering where the simplicity of the early chapters went. Respawn Condition is slow, but it's actually necessary for proper plot development. The answers are far more satisfying when the lore is uncovered piece by piece in an intriguing manner, rather than stuffed down the reader's throat with info dumps in an attempt to keep a fast pace going. 

Respawn Condition is suprisingly complex and quite unlike anything else on Royal Road. If you like unconventional stories, mysteries, time loops, dungeons, or pixel art then click the "start reading" button already. 

But if you don't have enough patience to get past the early chapters or expect to be spoon-fed the plot, then this story is not for you. 


A highly subjective review

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

This is a weird review for me, because this is a weird fiction. You can see from my rating that I love everything about this except for the story, but we'll get to that.

Razzmatazz's style of writing is... polarising, to say the least. I'm all over the comments praising the way the story is written but I've noticed other reviews criticising the same things I love about it so it must be a subjective thing. Either you'll love it or hate it, and I unabashedly love it. It's oddly melancholy and anyone who has experience with dementia patients will relate to the dsijointed, stream-of-consciousness type of writing in this story. It does change a bit as the MC gains more power but the essence is definitely there.

The story though, I have to criticize. The plot moves at a glacial pace. This could be the greatest plot since A Game of Thrones but we'd only find out at chapter 500 lol. I can't give it under three stars because I did legitimately enjoy it, but tbh if this style of writing didn't uniquely appeal to me, I would have dropped it after 10 chapters of literally nothing happening.

Grammar is great tbh. I always find this section weird as I'm yet to review a story with grammar so bad I have to deduct stars but yeah, it's a smooth reading experience. The author fixes any typos pointed out fairly quickly, so full five stars.

The MC is quite likeable, he finds happiness where he can in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. I especially like how the body he's in has a tangible effect on the way he thinks and acts. You can tell Razzmatazz has thought about this.

All in all, if you don't mind a slower paced story, this is definitely for you. This is a "comfy chair by the hearth in the late evening" type of story. The kind you'd read when winding down from a long day at work. Followed and favourited


Appreciating the little things

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

If anyone else were stuck in this story as the MC, this would be a horror story. The MC is stuck in an eternal loop of reincarnating and getting brutally murdered by the hero. The fact that it reads like a slice of life is a testament to the magnetic optimism and graciousness of this particular MC that makes it impossible not to root for them.

The MC is struggling to retain their individuality and memories against the pressure of the dungeon that wants them to be a trash mob. While the MC can overcome many of the dungeon instincts, as the story progresses it becomes clear that they're not as much in control of they're own mind as they claim. Well written, one of the biggest strengths of the story.

“I appreciate the dungeon-master, he really tries his best. He’s calculating, methodical. He has a plan. A plan that has never-ever worked, granted. But a plan nonetheless.”

The MC is always finding small things to appreciate, whether it's the aethestics of the dungeon or the uniqueness of each creature they're reincarnated as. The MC refuses to blame others for their suffering despite having plenty of justification to. Reading such an appreciative, thoughtful MC is refreshing.

Yes, the pacing is slow. I don't think it's that much slower than many other slice of life stories, though. I think what's really slowing down readers is the paragraph length.

To the author: please, please, go back and break up paragraphs. A lot of people read RR on mobile — go to a random chapter and try resizing your browser window to very narrow. Having all large paragraphs is intimidating. Your prose flows smooth as butter, so I think if you break up the paragraphs, readers will fly through chapters. This story is super bingeable.

On that note, the writing is great. The voice is tremendous.

I think some reviewers may be confusing the very colloquial voice of the MC for poor grammar/style. The MC is laid-back and uses relatively simple speech, and a lot of the sentences are very short, but the prose is strong. Grammar is great save for a few tense shifting issues in the early chapters (didn't see them later on), and some comma splices which most RR readers don't care that much about.

For the Author: Writing Critique


Tense Shifting

In the early chapters, there's a lot of slipping into the past tense. It might be worth going back and hammering out all the past tense slippage back into present tense. I've left comments on some of the chapters with tense slippage.

Comma Splices

There're pretty common on RR, and this story doesn't have too many of them. I've left some comments highlighting comma splices.

Also, I've never seen "oof" spelled "uf." Not important but it struck me as odd.


I like the style. Break up the paragraphs.


Review writen after Chapter 162 (most recent right now):

A nice, slow paced story. Tha MC is quite interestin and at least to me represnting a new aproach.
The story develops rather nicely and until now changes are rather logical inside the consturcted world. If you´re looking for a new story to read definitely check this one out if you´re willing to be in for a long and nice trip.
There are action elements but they´re not dominating. If you are looking for another fantasy action beatdown maybe look for somehing else. Here you´ll be more likely to find a story talking about many things some more some less deep anf acompanyiing the MC through their story.

A nice, slow paced story. Tha MC is quite interestin and at least to me represnting a new aproach.
The story develops rather nicely and until now changes are rather logical inside the consturcted world. If you´re looking for a new story to read definitely check this one out if you´re willing to be in for a long and nice trip.
There are action elements but they´re not dominating. If you are looking for another fantasy action beatdown maybe look for somehing else. Here you´ll be more likely to find a story talking about many things some more some less deep anf acompanyiing the MC through their story.

I encourage you to just try the first few chapters and then judge for yourselves. :)

Things to look out for (wether positive or negative is up to you) WARNING: This might contain minor spoilers. Realy just minor though.

- Lewed content being teased lightly but until now nothing explicit.

- Some darker emotions and realizations by the MC.

- Non human perspectives from the MC.

- Some Dungeon and LitRPG elments without actualy leaning into any sterotypes associated with such stories.

- Partly amnesia on the side of the MC.

- An slightly underpowered MC. (Might change)

Once again, I encourage you to just try the first few chapters and then judge for yourselves. :)


So, as a reviewer, i read a lot of books. This one shouldn't be listed as comedy. Its just not funny at all.  To be honest. Its rather boring.  The whole forget everything and start over ramble is what does it, its pretty hard to read what amounts to the same thing rephrased slightly different every chapter.  Oh, and its not a slice of life either.  You could change the title to "A boring story of an amnesiatick trash mob soul." And get a perfect descriptor of what the story is like.  


Keep writing though, and don't bother rewriting, because thats the death of a story, and you need practice to make stories interesting.


Sorry, somebody has to call it like it is.


The writing is good and the plot interesting. The story is a stream of consciousness, where the MC narrates what is happening. The plot is basically that an aware entity is born into a trash mob, killed by the hero, and then entity is reborn again into a different trash mob. This reincarnation cycle has been going on for a very long time. The entity can’t say how long, it imperfectly carries its memories into the next host, before being killed again. (There is the implication that the amount of grey matter in the mob dictates how clearly the memories transfer.)

A good alternate title for this story would be “Sympathy for the Dungeon Creature.” The MC is unrelentingly optimistic and constantly pep-talking itself, but the conditions and experiences it goes through are wrenching and horrible. (a particularly bad life was when

it was a dragon cub and was used as a shield, because the papa dragon wouldn’t hurt his child


) The author creates empathetic touchstones of the least dungeon creature and seems to ask, “Is it okay to kill something, no matter how dumb, even if it was created expressly to be killed?” The author seems to be leaning towards “no.”

The story is slow. That comes from 2 sides, one in that the pacing needs help and one in that I want the MC to succeed in its goals. 

Lowered my rating and dropping. 

I'm not enjoying this one anymore. 

Jean Fere

Slow Burn? More Like Dead Snails Pace

Reviewed at: Chapter 54

54 chapters in and it;s still the equivalent of the MC forgetting where they left their car keys and looking for the eye glasses on the top of their head. The prose and the character is fun for a little while but without other elements the story just doesn't move.

Bedt way to get it, is read the 1st chapter then imagine doing that 53 more times