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Hired on by the ridiculously influential Lauds Inc., Bec Namiko is soon to be one step closer to her dream of exploring the great cities of Earth—or at least what is left of them. Everything seems to be falling into place for her... except for one small issue. Her contract didn't specify where she'd be exploring.

Stuck on an alien planet called Dust armed with nothing but an ominous tablet, an AI with a death wish, and an odd power with no tutorial, Bec seeks answers for all of her questions both big and small such as: Why am I here? What does this thing called a Word do? And how the %@$# is this tablet telling me about my death?

(Updates on Monday and Friday until my backlog runs out and bonus chapters when I feel like it.)

Cover Art by: KrazeKode

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - World Premiere ago
Chapter 1.1 - Dust to Dust ago
Chapter 1.2 - Dust to Dust ago
Chapter 2 - Bullet Points ago
Chapter 3 - Blood Simple ago
Chapter 4.1 - Wavering ago
Chapter 4.2 - Wavering ago
Chapter 5.1 - Garbage Day ago
Chapter 5.2 - Garbage Day ago
Chapter 6.1 - Blast from the Past ago
Chapter 6.2 - Blast from the Past ago
Chapter 7 - Fabrication ago
Chapter 8 - Bettor and Bettor ago
Chapter 9 - Cagey ago
Chapter 10 - Brilliant ago
Chapter 11 - Blood, Sweat, and Tears ago
Chapter 12 - Time to Hit the Lab ago
Chapter 13 - Go for Broke ago
Chapter H.1 – Fly ago
Chapter 14 - Green ago
Chapter 15 – On the Other Side ago
Chapter 16 - Crossroads ago
Chapter 17 – Some Other Time ago
Chapter 18 – Masque of the Green Death ago
Chapter 19 – Time to Go ago
Epilogue – Positive Reinforcement ago
Book 2: Chapter 0 - Reprisal ago
Chapter 1 - Handle with Care ago
Chapter TW.1 – Welcome to the Game ago
Chapter 2 – Embark ago
Chapter 3 - Sō ago
Chapter 3.1 – What Happened In Between: Scarlet ago
Chapter 3.2 – What Happened In Between: Black ago
Chapter 3.3 – What Happened In Between: Scarlet and Black ago
Chapter 4 – Entry ago
Chapter 5 – Avalon ago
Chapter 6 – Smashed ago
Chapter 7 – Inexorable ago
Chapter 8 - Gamer ago
Chapter 9 – Page One Rewrite ago
Chapter 10 – Mix up ago
Chapter 11 – Remuneration ago
Chapter 12 – Unknown Quantity ago
Chapter 13 - Opening Ceremony ago
Chapter 2.TW ago
Chapter 14 - Second Sun ago
Chapter 15 - Interesting Times ago
Chapter 16 – Farewells and Hellos ago

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The book might be a few chapters in, the words are well over 15k. This is my review of the book so far.

The Style.

Omniscient third person narration. 

How is the author using it? Brilliantly. He's able to project the emotions, feelings and perspectives of the various characters into the readers in a brilliant way.

The Story.

It follows the tale of Beck Namiko who was hired by the powerful Lauds Inc. With this, she was about to realize her dream of exploring the great cities of Earth—or its remains. Everything seems to be falling into place for her, except that her contract took her to an alien planet called Dust. Armed with nothing but an ominous tablet, an AI, and an odd power with no tutorial, Bec seeks answers for what was going on and her survival.

Right from the synopsis, the author is able to draw the attention of the readers, and once they start reading, very difficult to stop. The story is keeping to the plotline, so far. And the worldbuilding is greatly done,

The grammar.

Top quality. From the little I've readnof the story, the grammar is great quality. Nothing major that could affect the story's flow.

The character.

The characters are well made. The author is able to arouse different feelings in the readers concerning each character. This shows how well defined the characters are. Perfectly fitted to their roles. Especially the MC, Beck, and the AI. Great characters.

Great work author. Keep up the good work.


A great read and a unique post scarcity story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - Sō

Great story with prose smooth as butter. It is amazing to see how much Baps was able to squeeze into 200 pages. The first book gives a short glimpse into the world of immortals in a post-scarcity society.

We start off with Beck getting hired by the notorious Lauds Inc to explore alien environments and soon realize this job is anything but normal. Becks is a wonderful MC that you can't help but root for. Baps did a stellar job in fleshing her out and the characterization is spot on. Most of the fun is seeing her fumble around trying to figure out the shit that she is in. I don't want to give away too much since there are few interesting twists in there that I was not expecting.

The power system is also quite novel. It is the first time I'm seeing this particular system used in a sci-fi setting. The finale is a high stakes game of cat and mouse and the system complimented that scene beautifully.

Book one finished on a high note with just enough intrigue to leave you wanting more.

All in all a great read. Here is to Book two and may it be just as great as the first one.