New Life of a Summoned Demoness

New Life of a Summoned Demoness

by Erios909

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Elania’s life is about to change in ways she could have never expected.

Summoned to a strange new world by demon-worshipping cultists, she flees before she is bound to their will by an unbreakable contract. 

Forced to fight for her survival against creatures she thought would only exist in a D&D manual while adjusting to her new body, what can a girl do when status screens and system elements have the power to change her very being?

In this action-packed LitRPG Fantasy Adventure, we follow Elania as she tries to find her own way back to the surface while seeking a way home.

Not currently updating. Kind of a bummer, but I am not sure when or if I will continue Elania's story. 


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1st Anniversary
Word Count (10)
Top List #60
Table of Contents
58 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Summoned ago
Chapter 2 - Complications ago
Chapter 3 - Escape ago
Chapter 4 - Conflagration ago
Chapter 5 - Stairs ago
Chapter 6 - Ecosystem ago
Chapter 7 - First Blood ago
Chapter 8 - Self Development ago
Chapter 9 - Domesticated ago
Chapter 10 - Mushroom Conflict ago
Chapter 11 - Hunter's Call ago
Chapter 12 - The Hunt ago
Chapter 13 - Diplomacy ago
Chapter 13.5 - (Bonus) Darkwalker Hunting ago
Chapter 14 - Mushroohum Siege ago
Chapter 15 - Hunter's Ascendance ago
Chapter 16 - King of Darkwalkers ago
Chapter 17 - Queen of Beasts ago
Chapter 18 - New Arrivals ago
Chapter 19 - Meetings ago
Chapter 20 - Questions and Answers ago
Chapter 21 - Manzitore ago
Chapter 22 - Waystation ago
Chapter 23 - Making Camp ago
Chapter 24 - Breaking Camp ago
Chapter 25 - Alpha ago
Chapter 26 - Contracts ago
Chapter 27 - Gathering ago
Chapter 28 - Razorscale ago
Chapter 29 - Two steps forward, one step back ago
Chapter 30 - The Wall ago
Chapter 31 - Final Push ago
Chapter 32 - Civilization ago
Chapter 33 - Waystation Four ago
Chapter 34 - Road to Neftasu ago
Chapter 35 - Machinations ago
Chapter 36 - Checkpoint ago
Art Things (Not Exactly a Chapter!) ago
Chapter 37 - Welcome to Neftasu ago
Chapter 38 - Taxes ago
Chapter 39 - Drifting ago
Chapter 40 – Bazaar ago
Chapter 41 - Artifice Denied ago
Chapter 42 - Merc Dist' ago
Chapter 43 – Tavernspot ago
Interlude - Tanyan / Gaston ago
Chapter 44 - Tessa ago
Chapter 45 - Tessa (Continued) ago
Chapter 46 - Maps and Thugs ago
Chapter 47 - Orphans ago
Chapter 48 - The Real Artificers ago
Chapter 49 - The Real Artificers (Continued) ago
Chapter 50 – Ranolf’s Artifice ago
Chapter 51 - Yolani ago
Chapter 52 - Collateral Damage ago
Chapter 53 - 15 Days Later ago
Chapter 54 - Dungeon (Part 1) ago
Dungeon (Part 2) ago

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Edit: I'll stand by my previous opinion.  It's not anything particularly novel, but it's tasty and it looks like it's going in a fun direction.  The MC might be a bit OP but as of yet not in a way that I feel ruins the story.  Certainly no more so than is common in many other litrpgs.


Chapters are short but really good, and they seem to be coming fast.  Kinda trope-ish start but the few characters thus far are intriguing enough and the world seems fun and interesting.  Good grammar and a fun style.  I'm excited for where it goes and I expect I'll be seeing this on trending soon enough if it continues as it has been.

If you like this genre, this is definitely worth your time to check out.


Short Chapters and Slow Pacing

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - The Hunt

Disclaimer: I’ve only read up to chapter 12, and decided that’s where I’ll drop the story. I like it, but I wish I liked it more to keep reading. This story has a lot of potential, and you should try reading it if you run out of things to read. Take my review with a grain of salt.

Review contains a minor spoiler of the early chapters.

Plot Summary - Elania is a college girl summoned by cultists as a [Lesser Demon]. Her interactions with the cultist in the early chapters is interesting. Unfortunately, after a while it became clear that social interactions will not be the focus of the story, at least for the first arc. Instead, it became a kind of generic survival isekai. It makes no difference if Elania was actually summoned as a demoness, or got isekai’d into a world with a System.

Pacing - The pacing is really slow, in the sense that not much has happened besides Elania learning some skills and getting some numbers on her stats for her survival in the cavern. The short length of each chapter doesn’t really help either. Since it resulted in not much happening in each chapter. Most of the chapter also ends in a cliffhanger (that doesn’t really feel like a cliff to me). I’d like to point out that this is my bias in reading, as I liked to read stories that have more ‘oomph’ and with fast pacing where the characters are always forced to make a choice. The early chapters held enough mysteries and intrigue for me to keep reading, but I don’t think the pacing will change much throughout the story so I’m dropping it.

World Building - It’s good. The author has managed to describe the setting well and set up the atmosphere accordingly. I can imagine being there with Elania, with the glowing moss to light up the cavern. What I think is lacking is the description of the animals and monsters she encountered later. I can’t really point out what I think is lacking, but I think the author can do a better job when describing these monsters.

Character - Elania is smart, calm, and collected. I have no issue with that. One thing I have an issue with is that she’s said that she’s scared of being in this new world. But, she’s treating this world with a mindset of a gamer approaching a game. That’s the impression I got. Maybe if the author showed her inner mental struggle and background story I’d still keep reading and didn’t drop the story.

Grammar and Style - I didn’t catch any mistakes but apparently it’s because the author has fixed them by suggestions from the comment sections. Nothing wrong with that. One thing I didn’t like is with the chapters already as short as it is, some chapters still have a good portion of it taken up for the [Status] window. I don’t know how to fix that, but I’d like to just point it out.

Conclusion - I like the story but I wish I liked it more. The writing isn’t bad, but there isn’t much to compel me to continue reading. If you’re okay with short chapters and slow pacing, then try to read this! But If you’re not maybe you’ll find yourself disappointed.

Final Score - 8/10. Above average, but a bit flat for my taste.

P.S. For the author, don’t get discouraged by this review, I’m just a reader who has a different taste than what your story offers. I hope you keep writing for those who really liked it. Thanks!


Good premise, has lots of potential, but I think there is a higher chance of a hiatus, than it being completed, simply because of the time it would take for completion. The story, characters and grammar are good and combine into a nice story. But if it stays with this slow release date and small page number per chapter this will end in a few years. So, yeah it is good, but there are a lot of directions this could go to.


Honestly had given up on the "X gets reincarnated as devil/demon/evilmonstery thing" kind of book for a bit. This is really done proper though, no MC that randomly becomes a psychopath overnight, no overreliance on litrpg elements, no world full of half-baked characters, and I have to say I really like the wide variety of both physical and societal challanges introdroduced to the MC, too. 

Entitled Infracaninophile

Getting better every chapter - exciting!

Reviewed at: Chapter 30 - The Wall

This story is getting better by the chapter. The beginning felt a bit slow and detached, but by now (Chapter 30) it has become really good. Writing is excellent, I only encountered a single potential grammar problem, if at all (not entirely sure). Style is quite dark, and the main character is falling into her role more and more naturally. I almost gave up after the first chapters, but now am very glad I didn't. Lots of thanks to Erios909 for writing and sharing this!


Interesting premise but could be better

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 – Bazaar

Feels like reading a solo D & D campaign at most parts. Fantastical creatures, cultures a la D & D but with the added ©litrpg element.

But it also feels like elements of this story follows a generic isekai protagonist formula. 


The MC seems to implicitly claim that she is not a nerd and is simply surviving on expectations from her experiences dating a 'closet otaku' ex-boyfriend, but her IP references are comfortable enough to end up backfiring and not supporting this claim. She strikes me as hardcore a nerd as her ex. She's more of a person that hums misty mountains cold when she's reminiscing of earth instead of somebody who does not do that.

Anyways, I also feel as if certain arcs go totally off track - there is a 



arc that I felt dragged on too long, and had parts that simply could be replaced with "She leveled up for days/weeks like this", speeding up the story's pace, and giving the author room to further exploit the premise instead of meandering.

The MC is really part of an interesting plot, and some of the dramatic irony has me wondering just how grand of a mess some elements of plotlines she is in really are. 

Not too keen on some parts of the story, though. There's this one fight scene with

a giant magical murderpanther


 that left a bad taste in my mouth. Which, a fight scene with

a giant magical murderpanther


 is something I would never speak negatively about, but there it is.

I love to hate

Marcus. Total sleazeball, and strikes me as a serial roofie-slipper. I'm not just disgusted with him, I'm terrified for Elania every second she's around him and is vulnerable, and praying that she surrounds herself with less predatory people ASAP.


Kudos to the author on creating a villain that brings these intense reflexive emotions.


A human soul clad in a demon body

Reviewed at: Chapter 17 - Queen of Beasts

This is the story of what happens to a woman that is summoned into the body of a demon and right afterwards the cultists who summoned her a massacred by a paladin who is not able to kill her for some reason, and then she escapes to wander the underdark. 

So far, the story doesn't really seem to have a direction yet but it is still the beginning of the story and it is still getting going. The pace of the story is going at a fairly good clip and the author has not introduced any unneccessary story elements that just draw things out. 

The characters and their conflicts seem to be understandable and reasonable so far. The characters are fairly believable. The MC, Elania, is just a scared and confused woman that is trying to figure out what the heck is going on. She stumbles trying to figure out what everything in the system means and what her situation really is. I really can't blame her for being freaked out at first. 

With solid grammar, I would have to give this a solid 4.5 with the possibility of a raise when everything gets fleshed out more. So far, the story has been interesting and fairly unique so I would recommend anyone give this one a go. 


I'm really enjoying this book and would like to recommend it to all fantasy lovers. Without providing any spoilers, let me say the premise seems well thought out and the author seems to have a clear idea of where they're headed. The protagonist is not a "mary-sue", so for anyone who had that fear you can rest at ease. The jokes that occur aren't any knee slappers to tell your friends about later but in the context of the story, they are fully enjoyable. chapters don't feel too long but let me assure you, there is a lot of information to take in with what seems like your common videogame-esque magic system in place. Everything is well described so picturing the setting isn't difficult at all. I've already set a reminder and I think if you check this story out you will too, because this one will definitely 'hook' you.


Grammar: Good, little to no mistakes

Story: The premise is good, just a bit slow paced. In my opinion the beginning is pretty boring, but it gets more interesting.

Characters: Pretty good, not too flat, but also not that realistic. I personally think the MC is a bit stupid, but that's my opinion.

This story is worth a read, so try it.


Enjoyable but not Memorable

Reviewed at: Dungeon (Part 2)

I find the story at the bottom of my follow list on hiatus.   The MC is tossed into a fantasy world with a system, and she's a demoness.  That's a great hook, and the chapters where she establishes herself and learns about her powers flow well.  The story got her into a city after creating a world with depth and then just stopped.  Leaving a review to thank the author and remind me I did like what I read, should the author ever return.