Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

by Selkie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Winner of the 2022 Stabby Award!


Elaine is ripped from this world to Pallos, a land of unlimited possibilities made real by a grand System governing classes, skills, and magic.

An ideal society? What is this, a fantasy novel?

Adventures? Right this way!

A Grand quest? Nah.

Friends and loot? Heck yes!

Humans are the top dog? Nope, dinosaur food.

Healing and fighting? Well, everything is trying to eat her.

Join Elaine as she travels around Pallos, discovering all the wonders and mysteries of the world, trying to find a place where she belongs, hunting those elusive mangos, all while the ominous Dragoneye Moons watch her every move.

Hey! Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is my first writing effort, so please be kind, but don’t hesitate to point out the flaws.

The story starts off slowly, more like a slice of life than action-adventure, but it gets there!

I’m going to be posting M-W-F

I do know how the story ends, and I promise if it ever gets dropped, or I stop doing this, I will post the ending. There will be no random “this is the last chapter” out of the blue.



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Table of Contents
387 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Image Gallery! ago
Dedication ago
Chapter 1 - Rebirth ago
Chapter 2 - System Day I ago
Chapter 3 - System Day II ago
Chapter 4 - System Day III ago
Chapter 5 - System Day IV ago
Chapter 6 - Learning Skills I ago
Chapter 7 - Learning Skills II ago
Chapter 8 - Learning Skills III ago
Chapter 9 - The System Unlocks! ago
Chapter 10 - Girl Talk ago
Chapter 11 - Shadowing Guards ago
Chapter 12 - Artemis ago
Chapter 13 - Lessons on Magic ago
Chapter 14 - Decisions I ago
Chapter 15 - Decisions II ago
Chapter 16 - General Skills Bootcamp ago
Chapter 17 - The first Class-up ago
Chapter 18 - So many new skills! ago
Chapter 19 - Funeral ago
Chapter 20 - 6 years and change later ago
Chapter 21 - Catching up ago
Chapter 22 - Injustice ago
Chapter 23 - Level 100 I ago
Chapter 24 - Level 100 II ago
Chapter 25 - Level 100 III ago
Chapter 26 - Level 100 IV ago
Chapter 27 - The Ranger Squad ago
Chapter 28 - Healing ago
Chapter 29 - Secrets, Secrets, They're no Fun ago
Chapter 30 - A conversation ago
Chapter 31 - The Adventure Begins! ago
Chapter 32 – The woods are dark and deep ago
Chapter 33 – Verdant Village ago
Chapter 34 – How far does an Oath go? ago
Chapter 35 – Unless they’re shared with everyone! I ago
Chapter 36 – Unless they’re shared with everyone! II ago
Chapter 37 – On the road ago
Chapter 38 – Voting on Elaine ago
Chapter 39 – Sheep’s Ford ago
Chapter 40 – The road to Virinum I ago
Chapter 41 – The road to Virinum II ago
Chapter 42 – Arrival in Virinum ago
Chapter 43 –Virinum I ago
Chapter 44 –Virinum II ago
Chapter 45 –Virinum III ago
Chapter 46 –Virinum IV ago
Chapter 47 –Virinum V ago
Chapter 48 – Virinum VI ago
Chapter 49 – Classing up I ago
Chapter 50 – Classing up II ago
Interlude - The Magic Elements Explained! ago
Chapter 51 – New Skills I ago
Chapter 52 – Shield Skills with Artemis ago
Chapter 53 – Dodging the Guard ago
Chapter 54 – Shield skills with Maximus ago
Chapter 55 – Fire Training ago
Chapter 56 – Adventures in Virinum I ago
Chapter 57 – Adventures in Virinum II ago
Chapter 58 – Adventures in Virinum III ago
Chapter 59 – Adventures in Virinum IV ago
Chapter 60 – Adventures in Virinum V ago
Chapter 61 – Adventures in Virinum VI ago
Chapter 62 – Leaving Virinum ago
Chapter 63 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus I ago
Chapter 64 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus II ago
Chapter 65 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus III ago
Chapter 66 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus IV ago
Chapter 67 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus V ago
Chapter 68 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus VI ago
Chapter 69 – Classing up! ago
Chapter 70 – Arriving in Perinthus ago
Chapter 71 – Plague I ago
Chapter 72– Plague II ago
Chapter 73– Plague III ago
Chapter 74– Plague IV ago
Chapter 75– Plague V ago
Chapter 76– Plague VI ago
Chapter 77– Plague VII ago
Chapter 78– Plague VIII ago
Chapter 79– Plague IX – The Greater Good ago
Chapter 80– Plague X ago
Chapter 81– Plague XI ago
Chapter 82– Plague XII ago
Chapter 83– Plague XIII ago
Chapter 84– Plague XIV ago
Chapter 85– Plague XV ago
Chapter 86– Plague XVI ago
Chapter 87– Plague XVII ago
Chapter 87.5 Bonus Chapter: Julia and Elainus react to Elaine running away. ago
Chapter 88– Plague Aftermath ago
Chapter 89– Sing my name, for a thousand years ago
Chapter 90– Brigantium I ago
Chapter 91– Brigantium II ago
Chapter 92– Libraries and babies ago
Chapter 93– A Dozen Different Methods of Death ago
Chapter 94– Entering Ariminum, The Capital ago
Chapter 95– Minor Interlude – Julius Reports to Command ago
Chapter 96– Prelude to a meeting ago
Chapter 97– Reunion ago
Chapter 98– Government Vivisectionists ago
Chapter 99– The Grand Ranger Meeting ago
Chapter 100– Major Interlude – Iona – The Tunnel to Terrabethia ago
Chapter 101– Ranger Academy I ago
Chapter 102– Ranger Academy II ago
Chapter 103– Ranger Academy III ago
Chapter 104– Ranger Academy IV ago
Chapter 105– Ranger Academy V ago
Chapter 106– Ranger Academy VI ago
Chapter 107– Ranger Academy VII ago
Chapter 108– Ranger Academy VIII ago
Chapter 109– Ranger Academy IX ago
Chapter 110– Ranger Academy X ago
Chapter 111– Ranger Academy XI ago
Chapter 112.1– Ranger Academy XII ago
Chapter 112.2– Ranger Academy XII ago
Chapter 113.1– Ranger Academy XIII ago
Chapter 113.2– Ranger Academy XIII ago
Chapter 114.1– Ranger Academy XIV ago
Chapter 114.2– Ranger Academy XIV ago
Chapter 115.1– Ranger Academy XV- Classing up! ago
Chapter 115.2– Ranger Academy XV- Classing up! ago
Chapter 116.1– Ranger Academy XVI ago
Chapter 116.2– Ranger Academy XVI ago
Chapter 117.1– Ranger Academy XVII- Graduation ago
Chapter 117.2– Ranger Academy XVII- Graduation ago
Chapter 118.1 – Ranger Convocation ago
Chapter 118.2 – Ranger Convocation ago
Chapter 119.1 – A date ago
Chapter 119.2 – A date ago
Chapter 119.3 – A date ago
Chapter 120.1 – History Lessons ago
Chapter 120.2 – History Lessons ago
Interlude - Bonus Content - Black Crow//White Dove ago
Chapter 121 – Winding down ago
Chapter 122 – What to do with myself ago
Chapter 123 – Medical Manuscript ago
Chapter 124 – Preparing ago
Chapter 125 – Traveling to Deva ago
Chapter 126 – Deva I ago
Chapter 127 – Deva II ago
Chapter 128 – Deva III ago
Chapter 129 – Deva IV ago
Chapter 130 – Deva V ago
Chapter 131 – Returning Home I ago
Chapter 132 – Returning Home II ago
Chapter 133 – Returning Home III ago
Chapter 134 – Returning Home IV ago
Chapter 135 – Returning Home V ago
Chapter 136 – Returning Home VI ago
Chapter 137 – Returning Home VII ago
Chapter 138 – Returning Home VIII ago
Chapter ???? – The Coven of Fabulous Witches 0 ago
Chapter ???? – The Coven of Fabulous Witches III ago
Chapter 139 – After Action Report ago
Chapter 140 – Smoke and Mirrors ago
Chapter 141 – Autumn ago
Chapter 142 – Schools ago
Chapter 143 – Companion information ago
Chapter 144 – Adventurer’s Guild ago
Chapter 145 – Sentinel Dawn ago
Chapter 146.1 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.2 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.3 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.4 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.5 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.6 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.7 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 147 – A day in the life I ago
Chapter 148 – A day in the life II ago
Chapter 149 – Massage ago
Chapter 150 – Formorians I ago
Chapter 151 – Formorians II ago
Chapter 152 – Formorians III ago
Chapter 153 – Formorians IV ago
Chapter 154 – Formorians V ago
Chapter 155 – Formorians VI ago
Chapter 156 – Formorians VII ago
Chapter 157 – Formorians VIII ago
Chapter 158 – Formorians IX ago
Chapter 159 – Formorians X ago
Chapter 160 – Formorians XI ago
Chapter 161 – Formorians XII ago
Chapter 162 – Celestial Class up! I ago
Chapter 163.1 – Celestial Class up! II ago
Chapter 163.2 – Celestial Class up! II ago
Chapter 164.1 – Celestial Class up! III ago
Chapter 164.2 – Celestial Class up! III ago
Chapter 165 – Skills Skills Skills ago
Chapter 166 – Party ago
Chapter 167 – Mourning ago
Chapter 168.1 – Aftermath ago
Chapter 168.2 – Aftermath ago
Chapter 169 – Sentinel Meeting ago
Chapter 170 – Heading Out ago
Chapter 171 – Let’s go fly a kite ago
Chapter 172 – The Formorian Lands I ago
Chapter 173 – The Formorian Lands II ago
Chapter 174 – The Formorian Lands III ago
Chapter 175 – The Formorian Lands IV ago
Chapter 176 – Dwarves I ago
Chapter 177 – Dwarves II ago
Chapter 178 – Dwarves III ago
Chapter 179 – Dwarves IV ago
Chapter 180 – Dwarves V ago
Chapter 181 – Dwarves VI ago
Chapter 182 – Dwarves VII ago
Chapter 183 – Dwarves VIII ago
Chapter 184 – Dwarves IX ago
Chapter 185 – Dwarves X ago
Chapter 186 – Dwarves XI ago
Chapter 187 - The Dragoneye Moons I ago
Chapter 188 - The Dragoneye Moons II ago
Chapter 189 - The Dragoneye Moons III ago
Chapter 190 Minor Interlude – Autumn – The Letters I ago
Chapter 191 Interlude - The Letters II ago
Worldbuilding - What caused the deadzone? ago
Chapter 192 – The Fall ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.1 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.2 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.3 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.4 ago
Chapter 193 – Major Interlude – Iona – Julie d’Audrey I ago
Chapter 194 – Major Interlude – Iona – Julie d’Audrey II ago
Chapter 195 – Major Interlude – Iona – Julie d’Audrey III ago
Chapter 196 - Journey to the center of Pallos I ago
Chapter 197 - Journey to the center of Pallos II ago
Chapter 198 - Journey to the center of Pallos III ago
Chapter 199- Journey to the center of Pallos IV ago
Chapter 200 - Journey to the center of Pallos V ago
Chapter 201 - Journey to the center of Pallos VI ago
Chapter 202 - Journey to the center of Pallos VII ago
Chapter 203 - Journey to the center of Pallos VIII ago
Chapter 204 - Journey to the center of Pallos IX ago
Chapter 205 - Journey to the center of Pallos X ago
Chapter 206 - Journey to the center of Pallos XI ago
Chapter 207 - Journey to the center of Pallos XII ago
Chapter 208 - Journey to the center of Pallos XIII ago
Chapter 209 - Journey to the center of Pallos XIV ago
Chapter 210 - Journey to the center of Pallos XV ago
Chapter 211 - Radiance Class-up I ago
Chapter 212.1 - Radiance Class-up II ago
Chapter 212.2 - Radiance Class-up II ago
Chapter 213.1 - Shiny New Skills! I ago
Chapter 213.2 - Shiny New Skills! I ago
Chapter 214 - Shiny New Skills! II ago
Chapter 215 - The Golden Cage I ago
Chapter 216 - The Golden Cage II ago
Chapter 217 - The first escape attempt! I ago
Chapter 218 - The first escape attempt!! II ago
Chapter 219 - Alone in the Dark I ago
Chapter 220 - Alone in the Dark II ago
Chapter 221 - Beneath the Dragon’s Eyes I ago
Chapter 222 - Beneath the Dragon’s Eyes II ago
Chapter 223.1 - Beneath the Dragon’s Eyes III ago
Chapter 223.2 - Beneath the Dragon’s Eyes III ago
Chapter 224 - Flying Free ago
Chapter 225 - Free Butterfly ago
Chapter 226 - A campfire meeting ago
Chapter 227 - Shimagu ago
Chapter 228 - Biohazard ago
Chapter 229 - Barbeque ago
Chapter 230 - On Immortality ago
Chapter 231 - Elvish Adventures! I ago
Chapter 232 – Elvish Adventures! II ago
Chapter 233 - Centaurs ago
Chapter 234 - Traveling through the plains ago
Chapter 235 - The Hydra I ago
Chapter 236 - The Hydra II ago
Chapter 237 - The Hydra III ago
Chapter 238 - The Hydra IV ago
Chapter 239 - Afterparty ago
Chapter 240 - Minor Interlude - Rostellio ago
Chapter 241 - Kickass Kissing ago
Chapter 242 - Stony Statues ago
Chapter 243 - Fall Festival I ago
Chapter 244 - Fall Festival II ago
Chapter 245 - Water Worries ago
Chapter 246 - Dancing in the starlight ago
Catchup Artwork! ago
Chapter 247 - Perilous Purses ago
Chapter 248 - Pound of Flesh ago
Chapter 249 - Caravan Concerns I ago
Chapter 250 - Caravan Concerns II ago
Chapter 251.1 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.2 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.3 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.4 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 252 - Immortality Investigations ago
Chapter 253 - The Never-Fading Star ago
Chapter 254 - The Sex Talk I ago
Chapter 255 - The Sex Talk II ago
Chapter 256 - Spinosaurus Surprise ago
Chapter 257 - Peer Pressure ago
Chapter 258 - Municipal Massacre I ago
Chapter 259 - Minor Interlude - Yigruk the Ogre ago
Chapter 260 - Municipal Massacre II ago
Chapter 261 - Municipal Massacre III ago
Chapter 262 - Municipal Massacre IV ago
Chapter 263 - Municipal Massacre V ago
Chapter 264 - Municipal Massacre VI ago
Chapter 265 - From Dawn till Dusk ago
Chapter 266 - Return to Remus ago
Chapter 267 - Homecoming ago
Chapter 268 - Mango Mania ago
Chapter 269 - Grouchy Guards, Corrupt Constables ago
Chapter 270 - Thundamoo Troubles ago
Chapter 271 - Hatching Hazards ago
Chapter 272.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun I ago
Chapter 272.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun I ago
Chapter 273.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun II ago
Chapter 273.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun II ago
Chapter 274.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 274.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 274.3 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 275 - Auri Anxiety I ago
Chapter 276 - Auri Anxiety II ago
Chapter 277 - Burning Brightly ago
Chapter 278 - On the road to Arminium I ago
Chapter 279 - On the road to Arminium II ago
Chapter 280 - Triumphant Return ago
Chapter 281 - Artemis!! ago
Chapter ??? - The Wish 1 ago
Chapter 282 – Family Reunion ago
Chapter 283 - Reporting back I ago
Chapter 284 - Reporting back II ago
Chapter 285 - Reporting Back III ago
Chapter 286 - Reporting Back IV ago
Chapter 287 - Reporting back V ago
Chapter 288 - The Endless To-do List I ago
Chapter 289 - The Endless To-do List II ago
Chapter 290 - The Endless To-do List III ago
Chapter 291 - The Endless To-do List IV ago
Chapter 292 - The Endless To-do List V ago
Chapter 293 - Emperor Augustus ago
Chapter 294 - Sentinel Smackdown ago
Chapter 295 - Injustice II ago
Chapter 296 - Negotiation Night I ago
Chapter 297 - Negotiation Night II ago
Chapter 298 - The Dawn of Change ago
Chapter 299 - The White Dove once again ago
Chapter 300 - The Triumph of Sentinel Dawn I ago
Chapter 301 - The Triumph of Sentinel Dawn II ago
Chapter 302 - Musings on the 3rd class I ago
Chapter 303 - Musings on the third class II ago
Chapter 304 - Three Curses ago
Chapter 305 - The Most Dangerous Game I ago
Chapter 306 - The Most Dangerous Game II ago
Chapter 307 - Minor Interlude - Auri - Left Behind ago
Chapter 308 - Moments before disaster ago
Chapter 309 - The Midas Touch ago
Chapter 310 - The Last Supper ago
Chapter 311 - End of an Era ago
Chapter 312 - Dawn of the Longest Day ago
Chapter 313 - The Longest Day ago
Chapter 314 - Minor Interlude - Night - The Relentless Passage of Time ago
The problems with Beneath the Dragoneye Moons ago
Chapter 315 - Minor interlude - Julia - Life goes on ago
Chapter 316 - The Beginning, Once Again ago
Chapter 317 - The Dingpocalypse ago
Chapter 318 - Slow and Steady ago
Chapter 319 - They Meet in a Tavern ago
Chapter 320 - Major Interlude - Iona - They Meet in a Tavern I ago
Chapter 321 - Major Interlude - Iona - They Meet in a Tavern II ago
Chapter 322 - Hunted Existence ago
Chapter 323 - Vorlers, Spiders, and more! ago
Chapter 324 - The Distance Traveled ago
Chapter 325 - To the School of Sorcery and Spellcraft! ago
Chapter 326 - Entrance Exams I ago
Chapter 327 - Entrance Exams II ago
Chapter 328 - Entrance Exams III ago
Chapter 329 - Entrance Exams IV ago
Chapter 330 - Minor Interlude - Mormerilhawn - Dominance ago
Chapter 331 - Scholarships and Scoldings ago
Chapter 332 - Papers Please! ago
Chapter 333 - They Were Roommates! ago
Chapter 334 - Orientation ago
Chapter 335 - Advisor Meeting ago
Chapter 336 - The Medical Manuscripts ago
Chapter 337 - The Big Book of Classes and How to Get Them ago
Chapter 338 - The Third Class I ago
Chapter 339 - The Third Class II ago
Chapter 340 - Student of the Ages ago
Chapter 341 - Getting to the first day of class ago
Chapter 342 - First Day of Class I ago
Chapter 343 - First Day of Class II ago

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It's always a pleasure to find Litrpg where the game mechanics supplement good writing rather than compensate for a lack thereof.  The story starts a bit rush and awkward, but the author really hits their stride after a few dozen chapters, and even the early ones are still decent.

The author's handling of sexism grows more nuanced and natural with the rest of their writing.  Elaine (the protag) faces a nice mix of personal and systemic problems.  She's a bit scatterbrained at the start, but it's kinda hard to tell whether that's on purpose or part of the author learning to write.

The worldbuilding, what little we've seen of it, is well done.  Armies fighting an eternal war against monster ants makes a lot more sense than paying poorly regulated mercenaries to keep your country safe (*cough* adventurers *cough*).  Julien's reaction to Elaine talking about dragons sells their danger and mystique better than any trite info-dump could have.

Er... two hundred words... The system is a nice mix of original and familiar.  The worldbuilding takes some of the practical consequences of certain people being massively stronger/faster/tougher than others into account.

Advice for the author... try to keep the big picture in mind.  We haven't encoutered much by way of economics and politics because Elaine hasn't and isn't terribly interested in it, so it's hard to tell if you have a long-term plan or not.  I'd recommend the occasional interlude from another character's perspective - lots of opportunity for context and to fill in certain things that the protag just doesn't care about.

Gravy digger

Too much slice of life, but no tag added. I just read whole chapter of hatching feeding. I've read passages and chapters about socks, bathing, sex ed which lead nowhere. Occasionally story is really good, shame author focuses on word count instead of plot. First two books have best balance.

Mr Mouse

I read the first 140 chapters in a day...

Reviewed at: Chapter 155 – Formorians VI

And thoroughly enjoyed it.

The story is well written, and decently paced. There were several captivating moments, particularly within the Plague arc, but the underlying story was more than compelling enough, to carry me through the lull between. I will say, I've not greatly enjoyed the interludes, thus far, but I'm hopeful they turn out to enrich the story directly or the world at large.

The work is either excellently written, or even more excellently beta-ed; It doesn't do anything revolutionary with it's grammar, but most don't, so who gives a shit, it gets it's point across.

Probably the biggest complaint I've seen is the characterisation, particularly that of the MC. While at times, particularly to begin with, I'm forced to admit she can come across as stilted and unable to focus on the now, let alone learn from her past, she shows clear growth as the series progresses, and I find the continued improvement in writing, and the author's explanation/examination of her character more than satisfactory.

That all said, I've just finished reading the first 2 chapters of Book 4, and as ever, find myself, hungry for more.

And, just in case the author happens to see this; I'm not sure if you've noticed, but someone appears to have accidentally placed a dragon on your cover art. Terrible mistake I'm sure, but you may want to fix it, before Night starts having a panic attack.


I thought I should finally put my thoughts down

Reviewed at: Chapter 109– Ranger Academy IX

I have a mixed opinion of this story. On one hand its an entertaining story without any major flaws, on the other it's not at all what one might expect going into it.

The title, cover, and description, at least in my mind make the book seem to be more like Azarinth Healer than what the book actually is. I also dislike some of the pacing choices and other small details like that.

Now this isn't to say the book is bad, I would say the oppisite in fact. It's a different take on the genre and is well thought out with interesting charcters. The characters all have solid reasons for what they do and there are no glaring issues in formatting, grammer, or continuity. The world is also an amazing thing, it, at least for me, allows the rder to get a sense of culture and the like and draw compaisons to things like the roman empire.

Basically this is a fun stoy that's less about fighting and more about healing but it isn't represented that way. That's the only real issue I have with the book.


Honestly one of the best novels I've read in a long time. The main character is not ridiculously overpowered, and she doesn't get benefit after benefit.

She works hard, struggles, has a fair bit of luck, but also misses opportunities that would rapidly boost her growth. She isn't oblivious to them, just unable to feasibly attain them. It's just so well balanced and well paced. 

Speaking of balance, the main character isn't overpowered. She has a significant boost to her ability, but it comes with some pretty harsh restrictions. It adds a certain depth that I really appreciate.

Don't even get me started on the worldbuilding!!! I absolutely love how the abilities work, once again, very balanced, with a nice bit of variety. It's also remarkably refreshing, considering how different it is from the normal system based fantasy genre.

There is the issue of sexism in the novel, however it is well placed and poignant. While it would be incredible to live in a world without sexism, not all made up worlds won't have it. This novel succesfully integrates a tought topic, and while it isn't a major theme, it is underlying and insidious. It promotes character development, and keeps the character struggling against the glass sealing.  

Furthermore, it makes sense in the novel, although many reviews have said it doesn't. Here's the cold hard truth,,, a system doesn't fix everything. Sure, it gives anyone the potential to be just as powerful as anyone else, but that doesn't solve the innate biological skews that develop in a society. Childbearing is a long procedure, and while magic can ease the birthing process, it cannot speed up the development of the unborn child (to our knowledge). Because of that, recouping a population's losses after a war or an attack takes a while. As such, many incredibly socially underdeveloped societies will develop some form of sexism as they progress from Hunter-Gatherer civilizations to the Bronze-Age. In this specific story, when the civilizations were developing, women were likely left at home so they could help rebuild the population if a bunch of men died on a hunt, and thus had less opportunities to level up, resulting in a skewed societal structure. 

It is very disheartening to see such blatantly sexist characters, however they do drive the story forward, and it gives this fantasy novel a sense of realism. 

I do have a couple more gripes... ((SPOILER WARNING)) After being reincarnated by the god Papilion, the main character soon realizes she can pray to gods or goddesses. That is,, in my opinion, severely undervalued. She hasn't had any sort of existentialism about being reincarnated (although I guess that can be attributed to her relatively relaxed demeanor), or any desire to interact with the god that placed her in this new world. 

Conversely, Papilion has seemingly done nothing to check in on his little experiment. Maybe this is because the 16(?) years it has been is inconsequential for a god? But,, wouldn't a god know how much a human can develop in that amount of time? Maybe Papilion took a nap, idk. Regardless, I'm really looking forward to seeing their first interaction!!!! 

^^The lack of further Divine Interference does make sense though... I will begrudgingly admit that. I suppose it contributes to the balance of the story, as the character still has to struggle through her shit, and isnt just whisked away due to divine interference. I can appreciate that. HOWEVER, I really just wanna get answers from Papilion!!!! WTF IS THE GOLDEN CROW!?!? I've been dying of anticipation since the first few chapters, and my need to know only grows with each chapter that question remains unanswered 😭😭.

Francesco Francesco

Really like the story and decided to do an advanced review

Style: I find the pacing to be just right, not too fast to leave pieces of the story behind, an not so slow to forget what happened previously. Although i read of pepole thinking the pacing was slow so it might just be me.

Story: I like the direction this story  is going and the tradeoffs associated with skills and attributes, the magic system is through and polished, with clear effort put in by the author. The story arcs sre complete and well correlated.

Grammar: As a non native speaker i can't find any errors that break the immersion, but to an english major tis might seem like heresy

Character: All charachters have a purpose and flow pretty smoothly, without lying to themselves, the author is not afraid of killing off some characters if they should die, and there is no evident plot armor

Overall the story is consistent and competently written, the author also expressed a want to finish the story even if he can't spare much time for it.

I can't find anything more to write but i still haven't reached 200 words, i can't even copy paste the review to see at how many words i am


While I do believe this is a good overall story, it had some really rough spots in the begining. If i had to wait days to get through them I probably would have droped. For the first 30-40 odd chapters the MC is stuipidly scatterbrained and trusting. To be fair she's working with teenager wetware so its somewhat understandable, but its still pretty hard to read.  She does get better, and makes real progress both in mental disipline (possibly due to skills) and in building truthful and trustworthy relationships. While 'clever' doesn't fit with either the story or the MC, i think she might end up wise when its over. 

While in some ways the setting is well thoughtout in how the government handles the massive power dispaarity between high level classers and most people, in other ways such as how magical technology (not even getting into magitek, just how the presence of magic alters the economy) and why sexism is so prevelent when differences in system classes are so much more important is not. recently the MC is getting more involved in politics, hopefully this will come with some exposition to help stabalize the worldbuiding.

The story is well written overall, and while I'm a pretty poor proofreader I havent noticed any grammer mistakes, the sentence structure is nicely varied, and the prose mostly flows well. In particular i find the author has done an good job in managing pacing with in-world time. I don't feel like we've missed anything relevent when performing time skips, and they've keep the stoy flowing and the MCs growth realistic. 

While leaning on many standard tropes of the genre, Beneth the Dragoneye Moons is notable in that the MC takes a very restrictive oath early, and while she put too little thought into it, and has perhapse too little difficulty with it, she does have to consider her philosophy and how it works in the violent real world, all the while if she breaks it suffering not only the loss of the power that provides her independence but suffering unknown backlash. that childhood oath ends up a cornerstone in the story in a way thats definitly unuseal. 



I was quite suspicious after reading the synopsis. I started the novel some time after Azarinth Healer and thought it was more or less a cardboard copy. Boy was I wrong!


Elaine and Ilea sound pretty similar, but while one is more or less a murderhobo, growing in her own kindergarten, the other has to overcome her own difficulties. She is hobbled by a unique kind of skill, that may give the MC an awesome power up, but the story lives and gets interesting with the MC trying to fight against her own power.

I definitely recommend this story for everyone who is still undecided.


I really appreciate this story because of one simple thing which the vast majority of novels on this site can't manage.

that being side characters that seem realistic in there thoughts and actions as in they feel like they could be real instead of your typical npc drone or random villain background characters.

keep up the good work.


LitRPG with classic fantasy feel, story over gimmi

Reviewed at: Chapter 115.2– Ranger Academy XV- Classing up!

Overall, I can confidently say this is one of the better things I've read on Royal Road of late.

To start with, style which feeds into worldbuilding. To address the elephant in the room: yes, prejudice towards women is very much a thing in this world. Contrary to some reviews, I think the issue of stats building off base states and the war all of humanity is in addresses the reason behind that prejudice existing well enough. Some people are bound to find it uncomfortable, but it seems realistic to me- societal repression doesn't fold over a few exceptions. It's a pervasive source of conflict throughout the story, but not in what I feel is a preachy or unrealistic way. Aside from that, I think the worldbuilding is solid. The author makes mention that there is no 'adventuring guild' because governments aren't fond of losing a monopoly on effective violence, this is another example of an author who has thought about their setting and found some atypical but solid conclusions.

Grammar - it's a solid read, but the author's POV of a reincarnated MC does sometimes lead to some odd phrasing and it's not perfect throughout.

Story- the word I'm looking for is 'dramatic but with common sense'. I actually think the plotline is one of the biggest strengths of the story, but it is probably not up everyone's alley. There is no lack of bandits, monsters, mysteries, and training-from-hell. But the MC is not really a total cheat character and people do die. While the MC's ascent to power is meteoric by local standards, in terms of narrative I'm sure some people will wonder when the asskicking starts, especially given the MC really is a healer first and foremost. The conflicts are more personal to Elaine and her ambitions, rather than immediately pushing to the level where the world depends on her. Overall, it's more like a normal book you'd read than a cheap powertrip despite LitRPG grinding throughout.

Which brings me to character. Elaine, the MC, is not really an unusual character for a fantasy story but she's a bit rare by the standards of Royal Road. There are definitely points in early chapters where 'child brain' seems to be the point behind some mistakes, but this and harboring prejudices from her earlier life are a solid explanation for that. At the same time, nothing she does is really too unlikely and her perspective is more realistic than many MCs. I think the way characters in the story beyond the MC have their own reasons for doing things and react to Elaine realistically rather than all being sympathetic or persecuting is a strength of the series. You can point to most any character with screentime and say 'this is probably what they want from life', and rarely does it involve Elaine.

So overall? Pretty typical fantasy, done well, in a LitRPG setting with a reincarnated character. It's noteworthy that the author manages to blend the latter two things into a setting that feels so realistic. Definitely worth a read.