Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

by Selkie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Winner of the 2022 Stabby Award!


Elaine is ripped from this world to Pallos, a land of unlimited possibilities made real by a grand System governing classes, skills, and magic.

An ideal society? What is this, a fantasy novel?

Adventures? Right this way!

A Grand quest? Nah.

Friends and loot? Heck yes!

Humans are the top dog? Nope, dinosaur food.

Healing and fighting? Well, everything is trying to eat her.

Join Elaine as she travels around Pallos, discovering all the wonders and mysteries of the world, trying to find a place where she belongs, hunting those elusive mangos, all while the ominous Dragoneye Moons watch her every move.

Hey! Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is my first writing effort, so please be kind, but don’t hesitate to point out the flaws.

The story starts off slowly, more like a slice of life than action-adventure, but it gets there!

I’m going to be posting M-W-F

I do know how the story ends, and I promise if it ever gets dropped, or I stop doing this, I will post the ending. There will be no random “this is the last chapter” out of the blue.



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78 Chapters
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Image Gallery! ago
Dedication ago
Chapter 1 - Rebirth ago
Chapter ???? – The Coven of Fabulous Witches 0 ago
Chapter ???? – The Coven of Fabulous Witches III ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.1 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.2 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.3 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.4 ago
Chapter 241 - Kickass Kissing ago
Chapter 242 - Stony Statues ago
Chapter 243 - Fall Festival I ago
Chapter 244 - Fall Festival II ago
Chapter 245 - Water Worries ago
Chapter 246 - Dancing in the starlight ago
Catchup Artwork! ago
Chapter 247 - Perilous Purses ago
Chapter 248 - Pound of Flesh ago
Chapter 249 - Caravan Concerns I ago
Chapter 250 - Caravan Concerns II ago
Chapter 251.1 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.2 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.3 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.4 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 252 - Immortality Investigations ago
Chapter 253 - The Never-Fading Star ago
Chapter 254 - The Sex Talk I ago
Chapter 255 - The Sex Talk II ago
Chapter 256 - Spinosaurus Surprise ago
Chapter 257 - Peer Pressure ago
Chapter 258 - Municipal Massacre I ago
Chapter 259 - Minor Interlude - Yigruk the Ogre ago
Chapter 260 - Municipal Massacre II ago
Chapter 261 - Municipal Massacre III ago
Chapter 262 - Municipal Massacre IV ago
Chapter 263 - Municipal Massacre V ago
Chapter 264 - Municipal Massacre VI ago
Chapter 265 - From Dawn till Dusk ago
Chapter 266 - Return to Remus ago
Chapter 267 - Homecoming ago
Chapter 268 - Mango Mania ago
Chapter 269 - Grouchy Guards, Corrupt Constables ago
Chapter 270 - Thundamoo Troubles ago
Chapter 271 - Hatching Hazards ago
Chapter 272.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun I ago
Chapter 272.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun I ago
Chapter 273.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun II ago
Chapter 273.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun II ago
Chapter 274.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 274.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 274.3 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 275 - Auri Anxiety I ago
Chapter 276 - Auri Anxiety II ago
Chapter 277 - Burning Brightly ago
Chapter 278 - On the road to Arminium I ago
Chapter 279 - On the road to Arminium II ago
Chapter 280 - Triumphant Return ago
Chapter 281 - Artemis!! ago
Chapter ??? - The Wish 1 ago
Chapter 282 – Family Reunion ago
Chapter 283 - Reporting back I ago
Chapter 284 - Reporting back II ago
Chapter 285 - Reporting Back III ago
Chapter 286 - Reporting Back IV ago
Chapter 287 - Reporting back V ago
Chapter 288 - The Endless To-do List I ago
Chapter 289 - The Endless To-do List II ago
Chapter 290 - The Endless To-do List III ago
Chapter 291 - The Endless To-do List IV ago
Chapter 292 - The Endless To-do List V ago
Chapter 293 - Emperor Augustus ago
Chapter 294 - Sentinel Smackdown ago
Chapter 295 - Injustice II ago
Chapter 296 - Negotiation Night I ago
Chapter 297 - Negotiation Night II ago
Chapter 298 - The Dawn of Change ago
Chapter 299 - The White Dove once again ago
Chapter 300 - The Triumph of Sentinel Dawn I ago

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This is a great story. I love the roman inspired setting, it a nice change from the more common medieval inspired fantasy stories.  The leveling system is well desinged and interesting to follow as well which is critical for LitRPG.   The main character can be childish at times, which is annoying, but i found this less of a problem as the story continued. 


Great novel, even if it falls a bit sometimes

Reviewed at: Chapter 294 - Sentinel Smackdown

Update: The story picks back up wonderfully after the weaker parts and also has some of my favourite character development arcs right after.

Overall: This is a really solid story, with interesting elements in all aspects, mainly on the worldbuilding and LitRPG system side, but it has a few problems in the overall story, mainly condensed in some specific points.

Style: The novel is written in first person and has one of my favourite LitRPG systems of any novel I've read. The writing style is not too complex and flows well and I haven't found myself skimming through any of the chapters. I also enjoyed that it alternates light hearted chapters/arcs with more serious ones, making it not too dark and gloomy but not just an OP power trip, either.

I also like the lack of a constant "BBEG is plotting against MC and humanity" that brings a sense of anxiety to many of the other novels in the genre.


Grammar: I haven't found any major grammar mistakes, just one or two typos but for almost 3k pages that's insignificant.

Story: The worldbuilding is really well done. It has a proper structure and it makes sense that both the cities and the organizations described exist inside the world, unlike most of the "Adventurer's Guild keeps the world going" novels. The LitRPG system integrates itself properly in the worldbuilding and doesn't ruin or invalidate everithing else.

Strictly regarding the story, there are a few parts that are far weaker than the average. The biggest instances of this, without spoiling for those who haven't already read it, are the part right before the pirates, the second half of the "Journey to the center" arc, and the part after the exit up until chapter 234 (current chapter at the time of writing this) and I imagine up until the end of the current arc. On the other hand, the rest of the story is consistently really good.

Outside of the main story the Major Interludes are a bit odd to me. They are so detached from the main story that I just can't see why they would be where they are. Even if in x hundred chapters (which could be years from now, or probably more if the pacing of the last 10 or so chapters is anything to go by) they become as important as the main story, I will probably have forgotten most of them and only remember that interlude MC is basically the opposite and the same of Elaine. The opposite because of the childhood events and the same because the rest of her story is an exact parallel of Elaine's, just in a different time and (maybe) place.

Characters: Character-wise, the worst part in my opinion is the first arc MC, simply because after some of the events that happen at the start, other events should not have happened. Specifically, after her childhood and the fact that she was a big reader in her previous life, the bamboo forest arc and the reason she got there in the first place shouldn't have happened, or at least should have started in a different way than some rocks blocking the road.

Other than that, characters are solid and only lack a longer description when they are presented, but that's just because I like long character descriptions.


Warning: Review will include spoilers.

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is a fun and satisfying romp through a world of magic and danger, filled with daring-do, heartfelt friendship and heroic tragedy. Humanity is far from the top dog - they are a people besieged, relegated to a relatively small corner of the earth, a single capital city and fortified towns. Enter Elaine - reincarnator extraordinaire, total ditz, and this story's erstwhile protagonist. 

Now, I will say that the first... two to three chapters were a bit off-putting. Mostly, it was due to bad editing - sometimes a lack of punctuation after quotes, or usage of asterisks where they're not needed - minor stuff like that that gives them a pretty unprofessional feel. 

Selkie, if you're reading this - edit those first few chapters! I know you're capable of better, because those kinds of mistakes quickly drop off into nonexistence. You've gotta put your best foot forward! You should do the same for your Kindle books! Honestly, if you can afford it, it would be worthwhile to get an actual editor to go through them, but even a second read-over and edit by yourself would result in a dramatic improvement. Again, those sorts of things only happen in the early chapters, so please don't obsess over it. Just clean-up those first chapters and continue doing what you're doing. I say all this as a fan of your writing, who almost missed out on your work because the quality of the first few chapters doesn't represent the rest of your work.

ANYWAY, that aside, I really enjoyed the story so far. Elaine's choice to go the healer route has made things very interesting, as it's the only place where her scientific earth knowledge wasn't REDACTED by the god who reincarnated her. She's a very passionate, principled, brave, and daring character, and her imperfections also serve to highlight her qualities. She's not hungry for power and money, which serves to differentiate her from a lot of LitRPG protagonists, but she's not any kind of pushover either and still seeks to find ways to secure her own protection and finances in a world that tries to limit her independance.

I think the sexism of the world is actually rather well done, as well. It's not gratuitous, and shows how women still manage to exert power and influence from within a sexist system, and those that strive stand outside of it. The reasons for that sexist society are actually pretty internally consistent. Sure, with stats an levels, women and men have a rough parity on force. Theoretically. But how it actually plays out is that there's an endless war against a never ending wave of monsters, and humanity has to regularly throw young men into that meatgrinder. Women are spared because, well, if you throw women through the meatgrinder, how the fuck are you gonna get new people to throw into the meatgrinder next generation? And who's going to take care of all the real work that still needs to be done on the homefront? Also, when the way to achieve superpowers involves risking your life against monsters, with a high fatality rate, it makes sense that men would participate more in that sort of activity. Biologically, men are more likely to take part in high-risk professions and activities, and are in general more aggressive as well. A lot of men die in the process, but at the end of that the ones who survive are way more physically powerful. Of course, when they come home, that discrepancy in power would effect large societal shifts, such as the sexist society portrayed here. It's actually a lot less sexist than it could be, as it still recognizes and makes use of the women who are exceptions, instead of suppressing them. Makes sense, what with them needing every warm body they can get.

Elaine's ditzy nature was sometimes offputting, more so at the beginning when it felt like an excuse for her not knowing basic things about the world so that there could be some timely exposition. After the basics of the worldbuilding were out of the way, her ditzyness felt more natural and even a little endearing. It made the minmaxer in me cry, but honestly as far as character flaws go it was well executed. Reading the same omni-competent min-maxer protagonist can get old.

 All the rest of the cast of characters were wonderful, one of the most fun and interesting parts of the story. They make most scenes enjoyable and add a good deal of tension, because Selkie ain't afraid to pull a GRRM on you. It all came together for a fun and engaging read. 

My biggest gripe is that I'm all caught up!



I really want to like this story. It has a pretty girl healer in a fantasy world going on adventures.

But, if it is possible for the main character to mess up, she will make that choice most of the time. 

Healer Elaine must pay the consequences.

This story is well written.

*edit August 10, 2021: Raising star score due detailed world-building.*


Great book, read past and judge after child arc!

Reviewed at: Chapter 170 – Heading Out

Definately a story that gets better with time. Something the author acknowledges. 

Besides the somewhat debatable start, the story is extremely well done, the progression of Elaine from her self at chapter 2 to chapter 170 was painful at times but definately a logical and overall fun one. My main point is the switch between "happy fun celebrating while practicing skills" to "mourning our dead comrades" was a bit sudden at times but it's pretty meh in the scale of things. The grammer was good not much to say here besides the fact that it is a lot better than tolerable, I liked the style which is a blend between humour and seriousness while also keeping things mostly lighthearted, and the characterisation was well thought out for Elaine(she was definately in her established character, for all that some readers don't enjoy her character) and the supporting characters, the ranger squad were definately well done.

Now for some common dislikes for the book:

I think that a lot of the dislike, and a lot of the comments dissing this book, were from either 1: the MC's general airheaded and childishness and 2: The sexism.

Now, I'm not going to try to justify the latter on either side, I can see the points of both and honestly there was a decent discussion on one of earlier chapters when this was introduced. What I do want to say is that there is merit to both sides, and to not just dismiss the book for the inclusion of sexism in a world with the system and stats. However, this and the stuff I mentioned above, got me to drop a half star from the story score.

Now for the other major complaint I see, the main character's well... character.

My answer to that is 1: the author was learning when they started and so the child arc has the expected problems, they improve and the issue is lessened drastically as the time goes on. 2: the "air headedness" is because Elaine has ADHD and has trouble focussing, something that she herself knows(we can see her trying to fight against in the later chapters) and she isn't the usual generic 'average MC' so some variation should be expected. 3: The whole Oath thing is restrictive but it is a deliberate attempt at exploring a different angle to the whole litRPG thing and if anyone is butthurt that Elaine isn't yet another 'EPIC MC' off to fight the "BIG BAD DR*GON" then they really should look for a different book. Also, she manages to still do badass things with the oath later into the story.


The Sexism comments are pretty ridiculous

Reviewed at: Chapter 168.2 – Aftermath

This is definitely one of the better stories on the site. Giving it one star because of "sexism" when the sexism in the world is simply one to one based on ancient civilization is just a bit ridiculous. 

Also no the MC isnĀ“t perfectly rational at all times and always makes the best decision. This is not some mistake by the author. Nor should it be considered a negative yet apperantly people do? RR reviews are weird. 


It starts of as you're normal above average litrpg story and slowly evolves into something more...

I just finished basically binge reading it and well... the last 50 chapters or so have been amazing. 

The author doesn't waste time with fillers, other than the occasional interlude and each character, event, location and their place in the plot is fully fleshed out as well as justified.

The main characters have back-stories that aren't needlessly complicated wholst still feeling real. The journey our dear Elaine is on, is one of the most fascinating tales I've ever read.

A lot of thanks for the hours it must've took to write, edit and re-edit this.


One of the best stories on Royal Road

Reviewed at: Chapter 229 - Barbeque

An excellent, consistently well-written story. One of the best ones I've found on Royal Road.

There's a few world building and character decisions that I wasn't initially a fan of, but the author pulls it all together quite nicely. The story is engaging and well written. I haven't noticed any issues with the grammer, and MC is likeable.


I don't usually like extremely kind or 'soft' characters. But while the main Character fits into that category for me, she is also fairly reasonable so quite like her when I find myself unable to read stories about other extremely kind characters. 

Other than that, I love the characters the author creates. They are believable and likeable. The author also does comedy pretty well, and I find myself laughing quite often. But there is also awesome action, magic and leveling up which feeds my power-loving side. 

All in all a great read although I'm not completely finished yet, I wanted to review while I had the motivation (XD). I'm at around chapter 150 now.


A well written slow burn with a fun MC.

Reviewed at: Chapter 71 – Plague I

Overall, I really enjoy this series. It took it's time in the beginning to establish the MC and the supporting cast, and I appreciate that. The author's style is fine and effective and engaging, and they aren't afraid to mix it up a bit when it suits the story.

Grammar is solid (and I assure you, there are many stories I would not say that about. I've stopped reading some RR stories because the grammar literally gave me a headache. I notice bad grammar). I've noticed a few very minor things here and there (though I'm also reading older chapters, so it's hypothetically possible they were oringally worse, but the author get points for going back and making corrections, if that's the case).

As I said in the title of the review, the story is a slow burn. It has plenty of slice of life moments. But it also has wins (and losses) for the MC, and a nice variety of issues for her and the people around her to deal with. Not every encounter is a win, which I appreciate. So obviously, if you don't like slice of life chapters being common, or an MC who doesn't win win win (though she does win a lot, the story is genearlly pretty posistive, but not always), this story may not be for you. But I would suggest anyone give it a shot, if they have any patience at all for world building and character building.

Finally, I really like the characters. They are interesting, and they have flaws and peresonalitiies. I don't want to say too much more, for fear of spoilers, but I'll just say that I would like to be friends with the MC from this story, if we could somehow meet up.