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Shout outs! I have been shamelessly bribed into shouting out novels. Without further ado!

The Great Devourer!

The only true Light Novel that I know of on RR, the author is ALSO an AMAZING artist, and peppers his novel with gorgeous images. Like so:

A naive, pure-of-heart-and-mana girl ends up with Nox, the goddess of destruction stuck in her. They keep flip-flopping whose in control, and have wildly different goals and motives - and keep sabotaging each other. 
Will they figure out how to work together?
A wild story. Don't read it if you don't like seeing butts.
My only complaint with the story is the MC gets knocked out too often - but if you're reading this, you're a long-time BTDEM reader, and you know my hatred of convient knock-outs. 


But wait! There's more!

Vigor Mortis! It's worth AT LEAST three orphan souls to read!

Lemme put it this way: I'm stiny AF. Tomorrow I'm becoming a $50 tier patron of the novel. It's THAT GOOD. 
And what's going on currently in the patreon? Whoof. *fans self*

No shout-out would be complete without mentioning the shout-out king, Melas, and his novel, Salvos!

Follow the story of Salvos, a Demon girl with a penchant of making friends and punching jerks in the nuts. It's a lighthearted monster evolution adventure!
Seriously, someone needs to chat with Salvos about her groin-punching habit. Totally valid for self-defense. Casual insults?

From one of my beta readers is The Way Ahead!

A bit of a slower story, but one following a Physicist in his quest to learn the secrets of magical science! Oh, and probably find somewhere safe.


Going to scribblehub, we've got Soul Flames!

Of course, only now do I see the RR link. Oh well. 

Things are changing in the world, in ways that no one can imagine. Things long forgotten and lost are waking again, and like it or not, Chris and Rachael find themselves swept up in it all. And it has dragons ^^

I promise, there are more dragons in this book than just the shout-out. 
Like, the cover!

The trending meme king:

A LitRPG timeloop story of a young girl thrown into an ancient trial, forced to struggle against forces much larger than her.

With the comparison to MOL, the author's going to be constantly compared. Wonder if it'll hold up?

When doing shout-outs, Ravensdagger is always tricky, because he writes SO DAMN MUCH. Who knew a corvid was so good with a keyboard? 
The winner this time is - Lever action!

A goblin-exterminating bounty hunter finds herself caught in a conspiracy when she stumbles across some gnomish warmechs chasing down an elven prince. A normal fantasy story... with giant robot fights.


Lastly, one I've been binging on a recommendation - Fates Parrallel!

Quite honestly, I hate the cover. It reads like a first-time author, but don't let that dissuade you! With over 800 pages, I just can't put it down. 
No seriously. I'm skipping writing to read it. It's that bad. 
Magic, Martial Arts, and Cultivation all collide together, as our plucky heroine gets the chance of a lifetime. 

I opened my eyes, eager to see what I got, what the name of the skills would be, what level everything would hit. Before I could see anything, a powerful wave of nausea overcame me, the loss of the high-level skills hitting me hard. I turned over, tried to hold it in, failed, grabbed a random thing and vomited hard into it, retching and heaving as my empty stomach demanded that everything left, resulting in me spitting bile.

Wiping my mouth, I ignored the rest of my surroundings, the disgusted noises I heard, and immediately focused on my notifications.

I’d left the name of all of the skills to be something of a surprise. Well, except for the bloody Immortality skill, but I just had to know.

[*ding!* Congratulations! [Constellation of the Healer] has upgraded into [The Dawn Sentinel]!]

[*ding!* Congratulations! [The Dawn Sentinel] has leveled up to level 256->305! +3 Dexterity, +24 Speed, +24 Vitality, +170 Mana, +170 Mana Regen, +48 Magic power, +48 Magic Control from your Class per level! +1 Free Stat for being Human per level! +1 Mana, +1 Mana Regen from your Element per level!]

Cha-CHING. Holy stats. I’d what, doubled my mana and mana regeneration in one go? Yikes. That was good stuff. No wonder Artemis had seemed so much stronger than everyone else. No wonder Sentinels were so powerful.

Then again, [The Dawn Sentinel] was by all accounts an absurdly powerful class. The only other person I knew of with a dark green class was Arthur, but on the other hand, I didn’t know the quality of the other Sentinel’s classes.

Magic claimed his were pink, but that was probably a lie designed to throw me off. I really hoped we’d screwed up, and the ever-paranoid, always-cautious dude would show up again.

Back to my new skills!

[*ding!* Congratulations! [Warmth of the Sun] has upgraded to [Cosmic Presence!]]

Cosmic Presence: The cosmos is omni-present, always roiling and moving, always reshaping itself over eons. Your presence is like the cosmos, omni-present around you, and you renew and fix those around you. Increase the natural healing of everyone around you. Increased speed and range per level. Passive skill, costs 7777 Mana Regeneration.

First new skill! [Cosmic Presence] sounded totally cool, and I was excited to see it in action, to see what it could do.

[*Error* You have lost the skill [Medicine]]

I had this sudden moment of horror. What if I was completely wrong, and I wasn’t getting a replacement skill for quite some time? What if I’d just screwed myself hard?

[*ding!* Congratulations! [Center of the Galaxy] has upgraded into [Center of the Universe]!]

Center of the Universe: Your ego has only grown over time. From the center of the galaxy, you now see yourself as the center of the universe, as all of existence revolves around you. Improved pain resistance and mental stability per level.

[*ding!* Congratulations! [Phases of the Moon] has upgraded into [Dance with the Heavens]!]

Dance with the Heavens: The heavens cycle above you, each object participating in the grand dance of life. The sun heals and restores, the moons remove that which does not belong, while the stars adjust everything to their proper place. Panacea skill. Improved efficiency per level, improved power per level.

I was thrilled with the new name, but I wasn’t completely sure what the leveling up would do. I already had a terrifying amount of power, and I was pretty darn efficient with my images.

Then again, with losing [Medicine] my efficiency was going to dip a hair.

[*ding!* Congratulations! [Moonlight] has upgraded into [Wheel of Sun and Moon]!]

Wheel of Sun and Moon: Your power to restore life comes from the sun, as your power to remove harmful substances comes from the moon. Now, heal those that are touched by either the sun or the moon! Ranged healing. Range increases per level. Penalty reduced per level.

[*Error* [Veil of the Aurora] has downgraded into [Mantle of the Stars]]

Mantle of the Stars: You weave a cloak of starlight to wear for yourself. Improved manipulation and defense per level.

[*Error* You have lost the skill [Vastness of the Stars]]

[*ding!* Congratulations! For hitting level 300, you’ve unlocked the Class skill [Solar Infusion]!]

Solar Infusion: The sun burns brightly, forever fueled, immune and immutable. With this skill, you’ll be able to impart your healing on someone else, letting the power persist in them, keeping them hale and whole. When they are further away from you, the skill will also increase and improve their natural healing. Increased radius where [Dance with the Heavens] applies per level. Increased amount of mana that can be placed in the skill per level. Increased efficiency at transforming their mana regeneration into natural healing.

The skill had almost double the range of [Wheel of sun and Moon], and it came without the distance penalties, along with letting me donate more and more generously into the “mana pocket” that came with the skill. Situations like Brawling being cut in half wouldn’t be nearly so dire. Still bad, I’d probably still need to help, at least until the skill leveled up a ton, but it was better than what I had before.

I could also disable someone’s mana regeneration. I was fairly certain that since it was a healing skill, [Oath] would apply when I tapped someone with it, which meant a corresponding increase in the maximum amount of mana regeneration I could “eat” from them. Or, putting it another way, I felt more comfortable disabling someone, without worrying about a skill coming out of the blue and killing me.

[*ding!* Congratulations! For hitting level 300, you’ve unlocked the Class skill [Sunrise]!]

Sunrise: Good morning, rise and shine! Have a nice big cup of sunshine, and be awake, alert, and energetic, ready to meet the day! Warning: Not a sleep substitute.

[Sunrise] and [Solar Infusion] starting off at level 1 each was going to be painful. Then again, I felt like I had unlimited mana and regeneration, and I could just spam the skills non-stop to help level them up. Onto the level up notifications!

[*ding!* [Celestial Affinity] leveled up! 256 -> 305]

[*ding!* [Center of the Universe] leveled up! 256 -> 285]

[*ding!* [Dance with the Heavens] leveled up! 256 -> 305]

[*ding!* [Wheel of Sun and Moon] leveled up! 256 -> 271]

[*ding!* [Oath of Elaine to Lyra] leveled up! 256 -> 270]

[*ding!* [Sentinel’s Superiority] leveled up! 256 -> 305]

[*ding!* [Learning] leveled up! 256 -> 280]

[*ding!* [Bullet Time] leveled up! 256 -> 268]

Sweet, sweet levels. Yessssss. I looked over my new and improved stat sheet.

[Name: Elaine]

[Race: Human]

[Age: 19]

[Mana: 153790/153790]

[Mana Regen: 133517 (+98425.6)]


[Free Stats: 51]

[Strength: 293]

[Dexterity: 347]

[Vitality: 2176]

[Speed: 2176]

[Mana: 15379]

[Mana Regeneration: 15379 (+9842.56)]

[Magic Power: 7897 (+106609.5)]

[Magic Control: 7897 (+106609.5)]

[Class 1: [The Dawn Sentinel - Celestial: Lv 305]]

[Celestial Affinity: 305]

[Cosmic Presence: 231]

[Solar Infusion: 1]

[Center of the Universe: 285]

[Dance with the Heavens: 305]

[Wheel of Sun and Moon: 271]

[Mantle of the Stars: 256]

[Sunrise: 1]

[Class 2: [Ranger-Mage - Radiance: Lv 256]]

[Radiance Affinity: 256]

[Radiance Resistance: 256]

[Radiance Conjuration: 256]

[Shine: 111]

[Sun-Kissed: 256]

[Blaze: 256]

[Talaria: 256]

[Nova: 256]

[Class 3: Locked]

General Skills

[Identify: 151]

[Pristine Memories: 200]

[Pretty: 152]

[Bullet Time: 268]

[Oath of Elaine to Lyra: 270]

[Sentinel's Superiority: 305]

[Persistent Casting: 189]

[Learning: 280]


Oh. My. Goddesses.

That was insane.

Over 200,000 mana per hour when in sunlight?

Over 110,000 magic power and control when healing?

A mana pool over 150,000?

Heck, with that Power and Control, anything that didn’t instantly obliterate my entire head I could recover from at least once. I was unwilling to put that hypothesis to the test, but given that I could immediately restore half of Brawling in a single go, and I’d just gotten a massive jump to both my power, control, and mana, it seemed likely.

Also, I’d fixed my little problem. Previously, I had so much effective Magic Power when healing that I could instantly drain my entire mana pool in a single sitting. I had Magic Power in excess, which was a waste. Now I didn’t, and while I didn’t think it’d matter on a direct basis, it was a nice little bit of efficiency gained.

Having finished basic processing of my new abilities, I decided to focus on the world around me. My mouth still tasted foul. I groaned, as muscles protested and joints creaked from being still way too long, never mind the emergency ‘find a place to vomit’ from earlier. I hit myself with [Sunrise], and smiled as energy flooded through me, and my muscles became loose and limber.

[*ding!* [Sunrise] leveled up! 1 -> 2]

Heck yes. Even better.

“Welcome back Dawn.” A distinctly unamused Night said, wrinkling his nose at the mess I’d made.

Plate of food, rumbling stomach, mug of water and parched throat. A standard “I’ve been under how long!?” combo. [Sunrise] was obviously useless for food and drink, and I started to chow down without a word.

“You said you were going to be fast!” Arthur glared at me accusingly, and I looked around the tent.

Toxic was seated at the table with Night, Nature, and Brawling, dice, drinks, and tokens scattered all over the table. Hunting was in another cubby, the curtains half-heartedly closed. He was sitting on a cot, looking away from us. A few kegs had found their way into our tent, and from the look – and the smell – there were more empty kegs than people. Destruction was in a third cubby, small motes of light around him indicating that he was also classing up.

Upgrading his mythical third class.

I idly wondered if he was getting the level 8 or the level 32 class up, before physical needs reminded me that they needed tending to.

I held one finger up in a “wait one moment” gesture as I grabbed the water and drained the entire thing in one go, taking huge gulps as I tried to get water back into me. I put it down, smacking my lips.

“Right. Sorry about that. I was spending the entire time working on my class-up. I promise!” I said, looking at Arthur’s raised eyebrow. “Somehow, I was given the chance to customize and make my own class. I was given the chance to grab whatever skills I wanted, and have them do whatever I wanted. It took me some time to properly build the best possible final healer class I’d ever take.”

Poker face. Gotta keep a poker face. I should really keep this a secret –

“Or it might not be my final healer class.” I said with what I hoped was a mysterious grin. I wasn’t going to say more than that but – I was just too excited!

Night slowly turned and looked at me.

“Tell me about it.” He said, and I explained about the door, the constellations and the starlight, and how extra starlight turned into stats.

“Fascinating.” He said, tone of voice back to the normal aloof and superior tone. “That sounds remarkably similar to my last class-up, however, I had tables and chalices to fill with blood whereas you had constellations and stars to ignite with starlight. I have only rarely heard of similar occurrences, but then again, the number of individuals who wish to share the going-ons of their class-ups is exceedingly rare. Nevertheless, it is a golden opportunity for those who properly seize it, and from your description and the time taken, I do believe you have.” Night said, once again using fifty words instead of fifteen.

“So… did everything go ok?” I asked. I mean, Night and company were back, which implied things went well, but hey. I’d been out of it.

I got the first look of real joy on Night’s face. Sure, I’d seen him smile. I’d seen him laugh; I’d seen him happy. It was always careful though. Always thought out. Not that he was wearing a mask or being manipulative or anything, but this was pure, unfiltered joy on his face.

“Victory.” Night said, raw jubilation in his voice. Thousands of years of combat, and this was it. He finally declared victory. “The Formorian Queens have been slain, and most of the Formorians are likewise dead.”

“Not all of them.” Hunting yelled with a pained voice; grief raw. The jubilation I’d been feeling got instantly erased at the sound of his voice.

I briefly wondered what could’ve happened, before settling on the most obvious solution.


I looked around the room.

“Who?” I asked, trying to keep an even tone. I was mentally cursing myself for ditching parts of [Center of the Galaxy]. I wasn’t enjoying this emotional rollercoaster one bit.

Toxic, Nature, and Brawling all looked at Night. The responsibilities of leadership.

Didn’t help that they all looked sloshed.

Night’s face grew sober as well.

“Sealing is dead. Sky is presumed dead. Magic is, as of now, officially missing in action, presumed dead.” Night slowly pronounced.

I closed my eyes, each name like a punch in the gut. I curled up, and buried my face in my knees. I didn’t want to let the others see me cry.

“Katastrofi.” A tortured sound came out of Hunting’s throat. “Katastrofi’s also dead.”

“Their sacrifice was not in vain.” Night said. He didn’t need to say more.

More dead friends. More names to carve on the Indomitable Wall. More people to grieve.

Some soft sobbing let me know that Hunting was being significantly more open about his grieving.

Night could clearly read the room.

“We shall properly celebrate their lives, and mourn, this evening once Bulwark has returned.”

That was good enough for me.

A note from Selkie

Emotional whiplash!
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