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Interlude - Bonus Content - Black Crow//White Dove


A note from Selkie

A Patreon bonus material being made public. Enjoy!


Reminder! There's an art contest going on!

Black Crow! White Dove!
There was once a pale woman, who nearly every living being must meet. And yet, they feared this meeting, ran from her, shunned her. Loneliness was her only companion.
So she split herself in twain, so she would always have a friend.
White Dove offers wings to those who are ready to meet their end. Black Crow violently wrenches away those who stubbornly cling to life.
They are two sides of the same coin. Never apart, never seen together, there is only one. A coin, flipping eternally.
But two.
White Dove//Black Crow also curse all humanoids (I'm not cursing turtles) who are unable to meet them naturally. Some races are naturally long-lived, and the curse is racial. Others find their way to immortality their own way, and get a unique curse. A few I know so far:
1) Elves are cursed to be stubborn and aloof
2) Trolls are cursed to petrify under the sun
3) Vampires are cursed to lose all System blessings under the sun
4) Liches are cursed to be unable to reproduce
5) Ents are cursed with being deliberate - they must be Very Certain of what they are doing before they do it.
6) Demons are cursed to chase mortal pleasures, but unable to properly enjoy them
7) Sphinxes speak in riddles
8) Dryads are bound to their tree
A few creatures are extraordinarily long-lived, but not properly immortal. This includes:
1) Giants - they have a lifespan measured in 5 digits, but they can die of old age.
2) Most dinosaurs
Notable exceptions:
1) Phoenixes do die - they're just one of the only creatures that can come back. White Dove//Black Crow has given up on them - they are dying after all....
I know I've missed dozens of humanoids - let me know who else I'm missing!
Cheers, hope you enjoy the bonus content.

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