Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

by Selkie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Winner of the 2022 Stabby Award!


Elaine is ripped from this world to Pallos, a land of unlimited possibilities made real by a grand System governing classes, skills, and magic.

An ideal society? What is this, a fantasy novel?

Adventures? Right this way!

A Grand quest? Nah.

Friends and loot? Heck yes!

Humans are the top dog? Nope, dinosaur food.

Healing and fighting? Well, everything is trying to eat her.

Join Elaine as she travels around Pallos, discovering all the wonders and mysteries of the world, trying to find a place where she belongs, hunting those elusive mangos, all while the ominous Dragoneye Moons watch her every move.

Hey! Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is my first writing effort, so please be kind, but don’t hesitate to point out the flaws.

The story starts off slowly, more like a slice of life than action-adventure, but it gets there!

I’m going to be posting M-W-F

I do know how the story ends, and I promise if it ever gets dropped, or I stop doing this, I will post the ending. There will be no random “this is the last chapter” out of the blue.



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Table of Contents
387 Chapters
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Chapter 1 - Rebirth ago
Chapter 2 - System Day I ago
Chapter 3 - System Day II ago
Chapter 4 - System Day III ago
Chapter 5 - System Day IV ago
Chapter 6 - Learning Skills I ago
Chapter 7 - Learning Skills II ago
Chapter 8 - Learning Skills III ago
Chapter 9 - The System Unlocks! ago
Chapter 10 - Girl Talk ago
Chapter 11 - Shadowing Guards ago
Chapter 12 - Artemis ago
Chapter 13 - Lessons on Magic ago
Chapter 14 - Decisions I ago
Chapter 15 - Decisions II ago
Chapter 16 - General Skills Bootcamp ago
Chapter 17 - The first Class-up ago
Chapter 18 - So many new skills! ago
Chapter 19 - Funeral ago
Chapter 20 - 6 years and change later ago
Chapter 21 - Catching up ago
Chapter 22 - Injustice ago
Chapter 23 - Level 100 I ago
Chapter 24 - Level 100 II ago
Chapter 25 - Level 100 III ago
Chapter 26 - Level 100 IV ago
Chapter 27 - The Ranger Squad ago
Chapter 28 - Healing ago
Chapter 29 - Secrets, Secrets, They're no Fun ago
Chapter 30 - A conversation ago
Chapter 31 - The Adventure Begins! ago
Chapter 32 – The woods are dark and deep ago
Chapter 33 – Verdant Village ago
Chapter 34 – How far does an Oath go? ago
Chapter 35 – Unless they’re shared with everyone! I ago
Chapter 36 – Unless they’re shared with everyone! II ago
Chapter 37 – On the road ago
Chapter 38 – Voting on Elaine ago
Chapter 39 – Sheep’s Ford ago
Chapter 40 – The road to Virinum I ago
Chapter 41 – The road to Virinum II ago
Chapter 42 – Arrival in Virinum ago
Chapter 43 –Virinum I ago
Chapter 44 –Virinum II ago
Chapter 45 –Virinum III ago
Chapter 46 –Virinum IV ago
Chapter 47 –Virinum V ago
Chapter 48 – Virinum VI ago
Chapter 49 – Classing up I ago
Chapter 50 – Classing up II ago
Interlude - The Magic Elements Explained! ago
Chapter 51 – New Skills I ago
Chapter 52 – Shield Skills with Artemis ago
Chapter 53 – Dodging the Guard ago
Chapter 54 – Shield skills with Maximus ago
Chapter 55 – Fire Training ago
Chapter 56 – Adventures in Virinum I ago
Chapter 57 – Adventures in Virinum II ago
Chapter 58 – Adventures in Virinum III ago
Chapter 59 – Adventures in Virinum IV ago
Chapter 60 – Adventures in Virinum V ago
Chapter 61 – Adventures in Virinum VI ago
Chapter 62 – Leaving Virinum ago
Chapter 63 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus I ago
Chapter 64 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus II ago
Chapter 65 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus III ago
Chapter 66 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus IV ago
Chapter 67 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus V ago
Chapter 68 – Adventures on the way to Perinthus VI ago
Chapter 69 – Classing up! ago
Chapter 70 – Arriving in Perinthus ago
Chapter 71 – Plague I ago
Chapter 72– Plague II ago
Chapter 73– Plague III ago
Chapter 74– Plague IV ago
Chapter 75– Plague V ago
Chapter 76– Plague VI ago
Chapter 77– Plague VII ago
Chapter 78– Plague VIII ago
Chapter 79– Plague IX – The Greater Good ago
Chapter 80– Plague X ago
Chapter 81– Plague XI ago
Chapter 82– Plague XII ago
Chapter 83– Plague XIII ago
Chapter 84– Plague XIV ago
Chapter 85– Plague XV ago
Chapter 86– Plague XVI ago
Chapter 87– Plague XVII ago
Chapter 87.5 Bonus Chapter: Julia and Elainus react to Elaine running away. ago
Chapter 88– Plague Aftermath ago
Chapter 89– Sing my name, for a thousand years ago
Chapter 90– Brigantium I ago
Chapter 91– Brigantium II ago
Chapter 92– Libraries and babies ago
Chapter 93– A Dozen Different Methods of Death ago
Chapter 94– Entering Ariminum, The Capital ago
Chapter 95– Minor Interlude – Julius Reports to Command ago
Chapter 96– Prelude to a meeting ago
Chapter 97– Reunion ago
Chapter 98– Government Vivisectionists ago
Chapter 99– The Grand Ranger Meeting ago
Chapter 100– Major Interlude – Iona – The Tunnel to Terrabethia ago
Chapter 101– Ranger Academy I ago
Chapter 102– Ranger Academy II ago
Chapter 103– Ranger Academy III ago
Chapter 104– Ranger Academy IV ago
Chapter 105– Ranger Academy V ago
Chapter 106– Ranger Academy VI ago
Chapter 107– Ranger Academy VII ago
Chapter 108– Ranger Academy VIII ago
Chapter 109– Ranger Academy IX ago
Chapter 110– Ranger Academy X ago
Chapter 111– Ranger Academy XI ago
Chapter 112.1– Ranger Academy XII ago
Chapter 112.2– Ranger Academy XII ago
Chapter 113.1– Ranger Academy XIII ago
Chapter 113.2– Ranger Academy XIII ago
Chapter 114.1– Ranger Academy XIV ago
Chapter 114.2– Ranger Academy XIV ago
Chapter 115.1– Ranger Academy XV- Classing up! ago
Chapter 115.2– Ranger Academy XV- Classing up! ago
Chapter 116.1– Ranger Academy XVI ago
Chapter 116.2– Ranger Academy XVI ago
Chapter 117.1– Ranger Academy XVII- Graduation ago
Chapter 117.2– Ranger Academy XVII- Graduation ago
Chapter 118.1 – Ranger Convocation ago
Chapter 118.2 – Ranger Convocation ago
Chapter 119.1 – A date ago
Chapter 119.2 – A date ago
Chapter 119.3 – A date ago
Chapter 120.1 – History Lessons ago
Chapter 120.2 – History Lessons ago
Interlude - Bonus Content - Black Crow//White Dove ago
Chapter 121 – Winding down ago
Chapter 122 – What to do with myself ago
Chapter 123 – Medical Manuscript ago
Chapter 124 – Preparing ago
Chapter 125 – Traveling to Deva ago
Chapter 126 – Deva I ago
Chapter 127 – Deva II ago
Chapter 128 – Deva III ago
Chapter 129 – Deva IV ago
Chapter 130 – Deva V ago
Chapter 131 – Returning Home I ago
Chapter 132 – Returning Home II ago
Chapter 133 – Returning Home III ago
Chapter 134 – Returning Home IV ago
Chapter 135 – Returning Home V ago
Chapter 136 – Returning Home VI ago
Chapter 137 – Returning Home VII ago
Chapter 138 – Returning Home VIII ago
Chapter ???? – The Coven of Fabulous Witches 0 ago
Chapter ???? – The Coven of Fabulous Witches III ago
Chapter 139 – After Action Report ago
Chapter 140 – Smoke and Mirrors ago
Chapter 141 – Autumn ago
Chapter 142 – Schools ago
Chapter 143 – Companion information ago
Chapter 144 – Adventurer’s Guild ago
Chapter 145 – Sentinel Dawn ago
Chapter 146.1 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.2 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.3 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.4 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.5 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.6 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 146.7 – Major Interlude – Iona – The 300. ago
Chapter 147 – A day in the life I ago
Chapter 148 – A day in the life II ago
Chapter 149 – Massage ago
Chapter 150 – Formorians I ago
Chapter 151 – Formorians II ago
Chapter 152 – Formorians III ago
Chapter 153 – Formorians IV ago
Chapter 154 – Formorians V ago
Chapter 155 – Formorians VI ago
Chapter 156 – Formorians VII ago
Chapter 157 – Formorians VIII ago
Chapter 158 – Formorians IX ago
Chapter 159 – Formorians X ago
Chapter 160 – Formorians XI ago
Chapter 161 – Formorians XII ago
Chapter 162 – Celestial Class up! I ago
Chapter 163.1 – Celestial Class up! II ago
Chapter 163.2 – Celestial Class up! II ago
Chapter 164.1 – Celestial Class up! III ago
Chapter 164.2 – Celestial Class up! III ago
Chapter 165 – Skills Skills Skills ago
Chapter 166 – Party ago
Chapter 167 – Mourning ago
Chapter 168.1 – Aftermath ago
Chapter 168.2 – Aftermath ago
Chapter 169 – Sentinel Meeting ago
Chapter 170 – Heading Out ago
Chapter 171 – Let’s go fly a kite ago
Chapter 172 – The Formorian Lands I ago
Chapter 173 – The Formorian Lands II ago
Chapter 174 – The Formorian Lands III ago
Chapter 175 – The Formorian Lands IV ago
Chapter 176 – Dwarves I ago
Chapter 177 – Dwarves II ago
Chapter 178 – Dwarves III ago
Chapter 179 – Dwarves IV ago
Chapter 180 – Dwarves V ago
Chapter 181 – Dwarves VI ago
Chapter 182 – Dwarves VII ago
Chapter 183 – Dwarves VIII ago
Chapter 184 – Dwarves IX ago
Chapter 185 – Dwarves X ago
Chapter 186 – Dwarves XI ago
Chapter 187 - The Dragoneye Moons I ago
Chapter 188 - The Dragoneye Moons II ago
Chapter 189 - The Dragoneye Moons III ago
Chapter 190 Minor Interlude – Autumn – The Letters I ago
Chapter 191 Interlude - The Letters II ago
Worldbuilding - What caused the deadzone? ago
Chapter 192 – The Fall ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.1 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.2 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.3 ago
Chapter ??? - Dragoneye Mortis 1.4 ago
Chapter 193 – Major Interlude – Iona – Julie d’Audrey I ago
Chapter 194 – Major Interlude – Iona – Julie d’Audrey II ago
Chapter 195 – Major Interlude – Iona – Julie d’Audrey III ago
Chapter 196 - Journey to the center of Pallos I ago
Chapter 197 - Journey to the center of Pallos II ago
Chapter 198 - Journey to the center of Pallos III ago
Chapter 199- Journey to the center of Pallos IV ago
Chapter 200 - Journey to the center of Pallos V ago
Chapter 201 - Journey to the center of Pallos VI ago
Chapter 202 - Journey to the center of Pallos VII ago
Chapter 203 - Journey to the center of Pallos VIII ago
Chapter 204 - Journey to the center of Pallos IX ago
Chapter 205 - Journey to the center of Pallos X ago
Chapter 206 - Journey to the center of Pallos XI ago
Chapter 207 - Journey to the center of Pallos XII ago
Chapter 208 - Journey to the center of Pallos XIII ago
Chapter 209 - Journey to the center of Pallos XIV ago
Chapter 210 - Journey to the center of Pallos XV ago
Chapter 211 - Radiance Class-up I ago
Chapter 212.1 - Radiance Class-up II ago
Chapter 212.2 - Radiance Class-up II ago
Chapter 213.1 - Shiny New Skills! I ago
Chapter 213.2 - Shiny New Skills! I ago
Chapter 214 - Shiny New Skills! II ago
Chapter 215 - The Golden Cage I ago
Chapter 216 - The Golden Cage II ago
Chapter 217 - The first escape attempt! I ago
Chapter 218 - The first escape attempt!! II ago
Chapter 219 - Alone in the Dark I ago
Chapter 220 - Alone in the Dark II ago
Chapter 221 - Beneath the Dragon’s Eyes I ago
Chapter 222 - Beneath the Dragon’s Eyes II ago
Chapter 223.1 - Beneath the Dragon’s Eyes III ago
Chapter 223.2 - Beneath the Dragon’s Eyes III ago
Chapter 224 - Flying Free ago
Chapter 225 - Free Butterfly ago
Chapter 226 - A campfire meeting ago
Chapter 227 - Shimagu ago
Chapter 228 - Biohazard ago
Chapter 229 - Barbeque ago
Chapter 230 - On Immortality ago
Chapter 231 - Elvish Adventures! I ago
Chapter 232 – Elvish Adventures! II ago
Chapter 233 - Centaurs ago
Chapter 234 - Traveling through the plains ago
Chapter 235 - The Hydra I ago
Chapter 236 - The Hydra II ago
Chapter 237 - The Hydra III ago
Chapter 238 - The Hydra IV ago
Chapter 239 - Afterparty ago
Chapter 240 - Minor Interlude - Rostellio ago
Chapter 241 - Kickass Kissing ago
Chapter 242 - Stony Statues ago
Chapter 243 - Fall Festival I ago
Chapter 244 - Fall Festival II ago
Chapter 245 - Water Worries ago
Chapter 246 - Dancing in the starlight ago
Catchup Artwork! ago
Chapter 247 - Perilous Purses ago
Chapter 248 - Pound of Flesh ago
Chapter 249 - Caravan Concerns I ago
Chapter 250 - Caravan Concerns II ago
Chapter 251.1 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.2 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.3 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 251.4 - Ethical Examinations ago
Chapter 252 - Immortality Investigations ago
Chapter 253 - The Never-Fading Star ago
Chapter 254 - The Sex Talk I ago
Chapter 255 - The Sex Talk II ago
Chapter 256 - Spinosaurus Surprise ago
Chapter 257 - Peer Pressure ago
Chapter 258 - Municipal Massacre I ago
Chapter 259 - Minor Interlude - Yigruk the Ogre ago
Chapter 260 - Municipal Massacre II ago
Chapter 261 - Municipal Massacre III ago
Chapter 262 - Municipal Massacre IV ago
Chapter 263 - Municipal Massacre V ago
Chapter 264 - Municipal Massacre VI ago
Chapter 265 - From Dawn till Dusk ago
Chapter 266 - Return to Remus ago
Chapter 267 - Homecoming ago
Chapter 268 - Mango Mania ago
Chapter 269 - Grouchy Guards, Corrupt Constables ago
Chapter 270 - Thundamoo Troubles ago
Chapter 271 - Hatching Hazards ago
Chapter 272.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun I ago
Chapter 272.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun I ago
Chapter 273.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun II ago
Chapter 273.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun II ago
Chapter 274.1 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 274.2 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 274.3 - Major Interlude - Iona - Sigrun III ago
Chapter 275 - Auri Anxiety I ago
Chapter 276 - Auri Anxiety II ago
Chapter 277 - Burning Brightly ago
Chapter 278 - On the road to Arminium I ago
Chapter 279 - On the road to Arminium II ago
Chapter 280 - Triumphant Return ago
Chapter 281 - Artemis!! ago
Chapter ??? - The Wish 1 ago
Chapter 282 – Family Reunion ago
Chapter 283 - Reporting back I ago
Chapter 284 - Reporting back II ago
Chapter 285 - Reporting Back III ago
Chapter 286 - Reporting Back IV ago
Chapter 287 - Reporting back V ago
Chapter 288 - The Endless To-do List I ago
Chapter 289 - The Endless To-do List II ago
Chapter 290 - The Endless To-do List III ago
Chapter 291 - The Endless To-do List IV ago
Chapter 292 - The Endless To-do List V ago
Chapter 293 - Emperor Augustus ago
Chapter 294 - Sentinel Smackdown ago
Chapter 295 - Injustice II ago
Chapter 296 - Negotiation Night I ago
Chapter 297 - Negotiation Night II ago
Chapter 298 - The Dawn of Change ago
Chapter 299 - The White Dove once again ago
Chapter 300 - The Triumph of Sentinel Dawn I ago
Chapter 301 - The Triumph of Sentinel Dawn II ago
Chapter 302 - Musings on the 3rd class I ago
Chapter 303 - Musings on the third class II ago
Chapter 304 - Three Curses ago
Chapter 305 - The Most Dangerous Game I ago
Chapter 306 - The Most Dangerous Game II ago
Chapter 307 - Minor Interlude - Auri - Left Behind ago
Chapter 308 - Moments before disaster ago
Chapter 309 - The Midas Touch ago
Chapter 310 - The Last Supper ago
Chapter 311 - End of an Era ago
Chapter 312 - Dawn of the Longest Day ago
Chapter 313 - The Longest Day ago
Chapter 314 - Minor Interlude - Night - The Relentless Passage of Time ago
The problems with Beneath the Dragoneye Moons ago
Chapter 315 - Minor interlude - Julia - Life goes on ago
Chapter 316 - The Beginning, Once Again ago
Chapter 317 - The Dingpocalypse ago
Chapter 318 - Slow and Steady ago
Chapter 319 - They Meet in a Tavern ago
Chapter 320 - Major Interlude - Iona - They Meet in a Tavern I ago
Chapter 321 - Major Interlude - Iona - They Meet in a Tavern II ago
Chapter 322 - Hunted Existence ago
Chapter 323 - Vorlers, Spiders, and more! ago
Chapter 324 - The Distance Traveled ago
Chapter 325 - To the School of Sorcery and Spellcraft! ago
Chapter 326 - Entrance Exams I ago
Chapter 327 - Entrance Exams II ago
Chapter 328 - Entrance Exams III ago
Chapter 329 - Entrance Exams IV ago
Chapter 330 - Minor Interlude - Mormerilhawn - Dominance ago
Chapter 331 - Scholarships and Scoldings ago
Chapter 332 - Papers Please! ago
Chapter 333 - They Were Roommates! ago
Chapter 334 - Orientation ago
Chapter 335 - Advisor Meeting ago
Chapter 336 - The Medical Manuscripts ago
Chapter 337 - The Big Book of Classes and How to Get Them ago
Chapter 338 - The Third Class I ago
Chapter 339 - The Third Class II ago
Chapter 340 - Student of the Ages ago
Chapter 341 - Getting to the first day of class ago
Chapter 342 - First Day of Class I ago
Chapter 343 - First Day of Class II ago

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A lot of good parts mixed in with some bad.

Reviewed at: Chapter 168.1 – Aftermath

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is a 5/5 story if you can read it without thinking about what you are reading at all. If you start questioning any of the main or side characters actions, motivations, the human society or the world that they inhabit, you will find that many of them are not grounded in reality. I think that the core issue here is that the author wanted to write two different stories in one. First story is a fun LitRPG with a juvenile MC that goes around on adventures and has fun, and the second is a dark story with slavery and sexism, a never-ending war with an invasive species that is hellbent on destroying humanity. While this book is focused on the first story there are almost no problems. The world and the System are created with the first story in mind, but when the elements for the second story are just dumped in, without spending the effort to make it work, then the problems start to pop up everywhere.

Let’s start with the System. I would call the System here omnipotent. When I say that, I’m talking about the sheer variety of classes that have been shown so far. For every single conceivable activity there might be a related class. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who has a dream of being a dog gets a class that helps him with that. I think that the author showed all of the quirky classes for comedic effect but they set a precedent for all of the possible classes that can be found in this world. Now, in the first type of story that wouldn’t be a problem, but in the second it is. Let’s say that there is a noble that likes to torture people. It wouldn’t be surprising for an organization to exist that provides that kind of service. There might be a person that has a class with skills whose effects would help while being tortured. Maybe a skill that offers increased regeneration while being tortured, pain nullification, pain conversion to pleasure, increased acting skill while being tortured, pain sharing, the effect can be almost anything. Something that is established in this book is that the more specialized the class for a certain situation, the more powerful it is in that situation. A high-level Farmer could have skills that multiply his stats while farming, increase crop resistance and yield. Imagine any activity and there will be a class that makes them excel at that activity. Now ask yourself a question, why would anyone buy a slave that doesn’t have a related class? A high-level Farmer, Gardener or a Maid would be a luxury, not a common commodity that people can buy in the market. They would be a time and resource investment that you would want to keep loyal. If you have two job offers and you know that one is better than other, then you would choose the better one. Maybe they are allowed by law to treat people like slaves and everyone obeys that law? But the law doesn’t shape the society, the society creates the laws. The administrators would be in charge of administering, the generals would be in charge of the army, healers would be in charge of the healing and so on. A simple soldier could never do a better job than a general, no matter their level difference, because the general has skills that directly help him with commanding an army. Rulers wouldn’t have combat classes, they would have classes that would make ruling better. You could say that people with combat classes would just kill everyone else in their way and overpower everyone, but rulers would have skills that would help them rule. Which means, skills that would make everyone fall in line, skills that would instill loyalty in their subjects. Human stupidity wouldn't be a factor when the skills do all of the work.

Again, when there are people specialized for every conceivable activity, why would anyone buy slaves? You would lose money like that. It would make a lot more sense that the nobles would have families, that they took care of, who had family occupations. Farmers, Miners, Masons, Architects, Teachers, Guards, you could be educated for that class by your family or there could be schools that offer teaching for a certain class.

This is just one example of trying to integrate a powerful System in the world. If this story was just a fun adventure, then it wouldn’t be a big deal if the author didn’t bother spending the effort and pages on boring societal structures but when it’s trying to tackle serious issues then that effort needs to be invested.

It makes me sad that the author spent almost no effort trying to integrate such a powerful System. The whole human culture would be shaped by it. Instead, we have a medieval society with fantasy elements thrown in the mix with almost no effort to make a cohesive whole that supports the rest of the story.


Something else that you should keep in mind about how people should be treated is the existence of people who could kill whole towns without too much effort. It would take only one to bring irreparable damage. Maybe a runaway slave managed to level up. Maybe a high-level adventurer fell in love with a girl, and while he was on a quest, she was kidnapped by a noble who thought he was untouchable. By the time that person was killed they would have enough time to destroy multiple towns. It would take one assassin to bring the half of the Empire to it’s knees.


Let’s go over the unending war a little bit. I might be wrong, but I don’t think that war was covered until later in the story. Maybe some small hints were dropped here and there, but I don’t really remember it. Imagine Vikings for a moment. Their whole culture is based on battle, raiding and killing each other. It was an honor to die in battle and be worthy of joining other warriors in Valhalla. Now imagine that there is a great, unending war. Children would be brought up with stories about bravery and valor of the army that is fighting that war. Considering how integral and important that war is for humanity there should be songs about warriors fighting on the front lines, children should be playing in the streets humans vs formorians, wives should be proud of their husband and sons going into the Great Fight, fighting for humanity. Maybe the most important piece of worldbuilding is glossed over until it becomes relevant to the MC. That would be the same thing like watchers of LotR movies learning about Sauron when Frodo reaches Mordor.


As far as sexism is concerned, the only thing that I can say is that I don’t know why it’s even in this story. The only influence of sexism in this story is in the beginning. It’s the main factor for MC leaving her home to start her adventure. That is, it. We constantly hear how sexism makes life difficult for women in this world but that is never truly shown after the beginning. Being female never got in the way for the MC to do whatever she wanted. Sexism in this story is as follows: MC meets someone and tells them they are doing everything wrong, they answer that MC doesn’t know what she is talking about because she is a woman, MC shows them that she knows what she is talking about, they accept. There are some minor exceptions to this but in most cases it’s like this. You might find that when a teenager comes to a professional and tells them that what they have been doing their whole life is wrong, gender isn’t really a factor in that equation. None of the side characters are sexist, MC’s gender is of no influence to the story, you might even forget it exists until the author sneaks up on you and slaps you with a sexist stick in the face out of nowhere and for no reason.  The consequences that sexism exists are so minor that there is no point in it even being in this story. And of course, the world that the author has created doesn’t support sexism in any way, but enough reviews have gone over why that is the case so I’m not going to repeat them.


All of the dark and gritty elements of this story maybe constitute 5% in all. Sexism is important in the beginning and later on is almost forgotten, it’s usually MC saying how a life for a woman is hard and nothing else. Slavery is mentioned a few times but is ultimately pointless. My only problem with the war is that something that important is not really set up correctly, but in the end it’s not a huge issue. Almost all of this story is written like a fun adventure. Yes, there are sad and difficult moments, but the MC is the same naïve, bumbling idiot from the beginning. I don’t know why the author decided to put in all of the darker stuff in, they are not a big part of the story, they are not explored in any way, and the only thing that they do is hurt the fun adventure that is the 95% of this story.

Aside from that small percent of stuff that doesn’t belong in this story, everything else is a good, fun LitRPG story. Some of the fights are honestly not that great in my opinion. They are usually dragged out because we are stuck in the MC’s head during the fight. Tons of introspection. Upgrading the class is one of the worst parts of this story for me. It usually takes multiple chapters where nothing is happening. Instead of getting a list of classes and getting it over with, we get class after class that the MC knows she won’t pick even before looking at upgrades. Classing up is not done very often so it’s not a huge issue, but those chapters are completely skippable, which should never be the case in a book.

Unfortunately, after the extremely boring first 20 to 30 chapters the quality of arcs goes up and down. Most are great, few not so much, but you can power through them. The bad parts are not too bad, just a little bit boring.

Characters are serviceable. There isn’t really any character growth for the MC. Even when she grows up, she still behaves like a kid. A kid that killed quite a lot of people, but I guess murder doesn’t change you in fantasy land. Considering that we are stuck in MC’s head for most of this story, side characters are quite decent.

Grammar is ok.

Almost every great thing in this story is tainted by something bad, be it worldbuilding, the story or the characters, but if you can look over all of the bad parts, you are left with a really fun and entertaining story.

Forrest Andar

So, I've been reading this pretty much all of my free time for the last few days and finally caught up to the current chapter. I'd have to say I definitely like it and I'm looking forward to more.

Style: I've got no real complaints. The exp notifications can sometimes be difficult to read, but that is just a litrpg thing.  The colors of skills can sometimes be difficult to interpret.  

Grammar: I've caught a few spelling errors, but nothing terrible, just typos I think.  I haven't once found myself wondering if English is their second language :D 

Story: It's fun and engaging, occasionally sad/dark.

Character: Really like the main character and her motivations. Her ADHD is sometimes distracting, but so is having ADHD :D  As a fellow mango lover, I look forward to seeing what she gets into next.


I don't know how many words I've already written, but apparently it wasn't 200.  Maybe this will bring me over the limit. Sheesh, I'm a reader here, not a writer.  Nope.  Still not enough.  What do you want from me Royal Road!?!  This is why I don't do advanced reviews, but the author asked so nicely for them in like every single chapter's notes. So I'm trying to get this to submit.....


Overall a quality story, Decent world building, not just cookie cutter LitRPG fantasy world Inetesrting background characters, although many in the middle of the book seemed excessively detailed for the amount of use they were actually put to in the story (here I'm mainly talking about the other trainees at the school, Now I presume they'll pop up later in the tale, but there weren't really enough connections made between the Main Character and the other students whilst she was there)

the main character is occasionally irritating, but that's the way she started, and you can see her developement although it is occasionally judderingly slow. however it is all internally consistent and fits together without relying on standard tropes. So individual enough to truly interesting, not someone who had me sat thinking "Oh god, here we go again"

The Grammar and style are both excellent, with the occasional error, but no more then the majority of published books. the rythm of the word use storytelling is excellent. and any novel where the main character is getting annoyed because they're being talked into quoting huge sections of Homer once again for the entertainment of the others has a few more layers than standard hack / slash / zap / burn storytelling


David Turner

What started off as a happy go lucky fast paced story has slowed down to a crawl, I’ve unfortunately had to downgrade my rating from 4.5 to a 4. 

While i havttaken any personal objection with the recent direction the author has taken that others have commented on; I am sitting looking at the most recent chapter on my follow list thinking “can I be bothered to read this? Is it going to be entertaining? Eh, I’ll read it later.” While I’m not dropping the series   Its definitely lost it’s lets read this every day appeal. 

Examples include a 4 chapter fairly uninspired ethical analysis by the protagonist. A chapter of descriptions of loot, a two chapter sex ed talk, which have turned what was a show don’t tell story in to the reverse. 

There are still many great things about the story. The sense of danger high level opponents give off,  the characters relationships in Remus, the feel of a pseudo roman society with levels.  


But I’ll definitely take a break on this one and try a catch up binge in 6 months time.



Mad Mardigan

I saw this series recommended on a discord channel  while I was struggling to find something decent.  

This series of 3 books is outstanding.  Yes I'm sure theirs some critiques.  If you are looking for something to read.  Read this.  It's good.  

Female MC, gamelit with stats, MC is a healer it's a great change of pace and hit the right spot with being something different to read.  Theirs only so much time loop, OP MC, or harem I could do.  Expand your mind man. This book made me think their was a reason people were into TV shows like House, ER, Greys Anatomy.  No love interest so far with MC.  the philosophy on making medical decisions can provide the same action sense a battle does.  

characters are real, grammar is fine, story is outstanding, style hit the spot.

I rarely log into RR.  Normally I read logged off on my phone at work.  This is one of the few books I logged into and reviewed.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.  

how many more words does a review need holy mangoes.  By the way I signed up to authors patreon I was hooked and didn't want to stop

oh my god, more words?!  This is why I don't do reviews.  I'm at work and don't have time for this.  Typing paragraphs on my phone is annoying as well.


Wish there were more healer fic like this

Reviewed at: Chapter 157 – Formorians VIII

The start is a bit rocky, with some inconsistencies, especially in how the characters interacted with each other. 

Improved massively after the first 20-30 chapters and it's now one of my most liked stories on RR at the moment.

I especially liked how the author stopped the MC from throwing modern knowledge everywhere and start a nuclear arms race in a fantasy world. A very ingenious way to solve it with a sort of Hippocratic oath. Never seen that in a story before.


I'd like to be able to point some kind of flaw with the story or author, but it is a solid and consistent novel. The pace is rather slow, but the characters and world are fleshed out, you can really come to care about them, most times feeling like you're hearing the tales from a friend. On that same note, the main character is no Mari sue or know it all reincarnator, her mental age grows with the passing of the story and she commits mistakes, but more importantly, you can feel pride from seeing her learn. When coming to the game like elements, it is simpler to compare the world itself to a wuxia novel, everyone is special in their own area of speciality, but the system does not restrict learning, instead encoraging it through the amount of skills and the way with which it guides most actions.

On another topic, the first patreon tier is one dollar and allows for five chapters in advance, so if after reading the novel a lot you still feel like you don't see that as a great news, than it just isn't for you. ( I myself became the 500th patreon, yay).


LITRPG, but not too heavy on stats. A kind of Isekay and a strong, but not overpower character.

This novel goes to something that is similar to a medieval fantasy at the begining, but as the world is presented it shows that it is very original.

I like the way that this story looks very familiar but at the same time very original. The way that stats and skills are ver important, but they are not the whole of power.

Very good 3D characters.

Ozack 91

Doesn't really go anywhere or achieve anything.

Reviewed at: Chapter 324 - The Distance Traveled

I've read this book for a long time, far longer than I should have. 

One thing that is very consistent in this book is it's ability to disappoint. It builds up so many great ideas, plot points, romantic interactions, possible fight scenes, mystery, possible world shaking encounters and so much more and then completely and utterly fails to deliver on any of them.


MC is a failure, most side characters are the same. Even the adorable phoenix is currently a failure world building is the same, same with the system and so much more.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the book at least not anymore but I this point I have come to realize the problem I have with this book is that it is not particularly good at anything but starting ideas.

So at the end of the day it is like 80% of the books on this site a failed potential.

Mr Tibbles

MC is really annoying, story is good tho

Reviewed at: Chapter 129 – Deva IV

As I said in the title, the MC is annoying and the author seems to be really hung up over the gender inequality in this novel over other more general things such as poverty or class gaps but the story is solid with a good system and LitRPG aspects that keep me very much entertained.