Glacierwaif Act 1: Homefront

by Runt147

Original COMPLETED Comedy Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Grimdark Progression Slice of Life Urban Fantasy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Runt is a PT:DRVG (Pigmy Troll: Domestically Raised, Vat Grown) Trooper for a corporation known as Megacorp, in the Dastardly Dark Empire of Evil Bas...erm, Baddies.

The world he lives in is locked in a proxy war between the aforementioned nation and a nation known as the United Nations of Good Guys and Heroes. His purpose is simple: Protect the lives and property of all those who live in his nation. This first act focuses on his transfer to a new platoon and his exploration of Megacorp and its residents. 

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Bred to die is an endearing story about a vat grown troll's life as a soldier forced into a culture that promotes their own deaths. It provides an intresting veiw on culture and empathy with the main character making friends and being "cool".

I can only hope the author continues runt's story


Bred to Die is a story about a troll called Runt and his place in a company of huge gunslinging knuckleheads who were created for the sole purpose of fighting and dying for the glorious Dastardly Dark Empire of Evil Bastards. Unlike his other squadmates however, Runt is not that big and prefers reading instead of trolllike activities like boozing and gambling. This doesn't mean that he's the smartest person that exists though and his thoughts and actions, despite his few quirks, are distinctly "trollish".

The chapters are usually split between Runt's point of view and his journal entries(he's the record-keeper of his squad after all) and sometimes there's some propaganda from other nations to expand the lore and to show the readers what's happening elsewhere in the world.

I like the setting, the characters that have been introduced thus far and haven't noticed any huge spelling/grammar issues that would make one unable to enjoy and immerse themselves in the story.

I like the story and recommend it. Give it a try.