OH MY GOSH! IT WAS A SECOND LEO! He didn't lie to me! He really did have a twin! I peered over the boy who seemed to have molded with the floor of the abandoned building. There was food and drinks scattered all around him, but it didn’t seem like he touched any of it.


A shiver ran down my spine as the room shifted. The bottles of water turned into cans of cheap beer. While the pungent aroma of cigarettes strolled into my nostrils. My heart raced as I laid eyes on the matted embers of my mother’s hair. Just as fast as the image came, it left. Leaving Leo's reflection to take her place. I see, he's just like her then.


I commanded the wind to carry me toward the windowsill. Once I was close enough, I climbed over onto it. The kid had a good view here on the second story, it overlooked the roaring sea so perfectly. Too bad he’s too dead to enjoy it.


"Hoi-yahh theah! haow ahh ya cutie!" I cheered


He shifted a bit, but only curled up a little bit more.


"Elizabeth of the seven swordsmen?" He mumbled.


"Oh! yah've heahd of me!?"


"Have you come to turn me into one of your zombie slaves?" He sat up from the floor and leaned against the wall."I beg you, please don't make me hurt anyone else."


I see this kid really knows his stuff.


"Oolroight', on one cawndeetion thaen!"


"That being?"


"Yah answah ooll of moy questions! And leesten t' everything Oy hahve t' sie."


He sighed.


"Sure, I'm having a hard time understanding you. That might just be because I'm dehydrated though."


"Probahbly nawt! Ya say, Oy naevah foineeshed school, and bein eow' alone at sea raylly maesses weeth ya hayd."


"I apologize, I didn't mean to offend." He mumbled.


I forced out a laugh and slid down into the building.


"Nao, nao it's oolroigh'. even faw people weeth moy accent, Oy tohk a biieh' funny."


"I see, well, what can I help you with?"


Alright Elizabeth, speak like normal people! You can do it!


"Well, Oy heard yah wanted t' tohk t' someone who understands haow yah fayl. Sao, Oy figured Oy'd share moy storay weeth yah. Is that alright?"


He huffed.


"Sure, anything to not be a zombie."


Stryder would kill me…


"Waell, Oy'll stat off fram when Oy met Stryder." A smile etched itself onto my face as he came into mind. "Oy wanted t' keell him the most.”


He raised a brow.


"Why is that?"


"Because Oy hyted myself.”


“Huh? Isn’t that a bit paradoxical?”


I quickly shook my head.


“Oy didn’t want t' believe a good puhs'n existed. Loife was a lawt aysier when the wohld was dark, and everyone was just a monster loike me. It gyve me an excuse faw ooll the bad theengs Oy did, faw ooll the bad theengs that happened t' me."


Vergil started to cough and quickly covered his mouth.


"Are you alright!?"


He nodded and cleared his throat.


"Let me ask you, do you still feel it? The weight of everything you did?"


My palms started to tingle as his words came out. I moved my hand to my pocket and nodded.


"When Stryder shaehd his loife weeth me, Oy saw a man who hahd every raysawn t' hyte the wohld. T' attack ih', t' reject ih'. Buh' he deedn't. Nao mahttah what he was fyced weeth, he oolwhys stood tohl. He deedn't fall faw my chahms and deedn't stop chysin aftah me. He looked at me loike Oy was a puhs'n" The tears started to well up in my eyes and I had to stop. I took in a deep breath and refocused myself. "Then, Oy felt moy heartt staht t' open up. Oy rayloized that Oy'd dun sao many horrible theengs t' sao many people just loike hiiem. Oy felt deesgusted, buh' even sao. Even weeth that blood thaht stained moy feengahs, he believed in me. And saw me faw who Oy could be, nawt who Oy was."


I smiled at Vergil, a warmth rose inside me. Everything started to fall into place. Right, it's my turn. I can finally start repaying you for everything you've done for me. Maybe now I can walk beside you!


"How can you smile? You said it yourself, you killed innocent people! Did you just forget them!?"


He shouted with an intense glare.


"David, Sean, Kenneth, and Dennis. The leest goes on, Oy remembah ooll of thaeh names. Oy've also veezited ooll of thaeh graves and thaeh familydys." I started to play with my hair and I averted from his intense gaze. "Oy wahnt t' be a hero, just loike hiiem. Oy wahnt t' be able t' puh' a smoile on people's fuyces."


"Do you really think you have the right?"


"Vuhgil, ahh past doesn't defoine who we geh' t' be, and Oy wawn't let' ih' keep hawldin me daown. Stryder fough sao hard t' bryke these chines. Ih' would be an insult t' laeh' ooll hiies hahd work gao t' wuyste!"


"But that will never change what you did!"


"Oy knaow ih' wawn't, Oy'm nawt troyin t' justify moy existence. Oy'm gaowin t' be a hero because Oy wahnt t' be. Because he believes in me, because Oy wahnt t' finohly stawp hating myself! If Oy laeh' the darkness wiien, thaen whaht? Do Oy say t' everyone who's just loike me? Do Oy taell them ih' naevah gets bettah? Thaht nao mahttah haow hahd yah troy yah'll oolwhys be whaht yah weah!? Nao! Oy will nawt geeve in. Oy wahnt t' leeve and shaow people who ahh just loike me thaht ih' can geh' bettah."


Vergil looked away from me. I saw tears falling from his eyes.


"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I can't do anything right! I'm a mistake! I was just a tool! I wasn't even a tool that was wanted! How can I ever expect to be anything!? The world would be better off if I just disappeared."


"Do yah theenk Leo would agray!? He tawld me yah helped keell Jormungand. Yah weah an asset. Nao, thy wouldn't hahve even wawn if ih' wahsn't faw yah. yah stood up t' yoah abusah, even whaen yah weah scared. thaht tykes courage."


He buried his face in his hands and started balling. I moved over to him and took his hands into my own. Then pulled them down to see his face.


"Vuhgil, yoah loife mahttahs. Oy heard abeow' yoah mother. Ih' hurt leo t' tohk abeow' ih'. Buh' he tawld me about her, faw you. He said t' taell yah t' remembah yoah mothers love and hiies love. yah mahttah t' a lot of people."


"Do you think….that my mom would still love me? Even after all of this?"


"Vuhgil, Oy can't answah thaht faw yah. Buh' she doesn't sound loike the type t' geeve up on hah kids. She sounds loike the type who'd foigh' faw yah, nao mahttah whaht happened. And don’t fohgeh' ya bruthah." I chuckled. "He mie be ruff around the edges, buh' look at ooll the food heah. it's because he caehs abeow' yah."


He sighed and wiped his eyes with his shirt sleeve.


"Can I really be someone like you? Am I allowed to?" He mumbled.


I smiled and rested my hand on his cheek, then turned him to face me.


"Yah daon't need me t' validate that. Yoah loife is enough t' sie yah cahn change."


He nodded and more tears ran down his face. He smiled and kept wiping his eyes.


"I-I’m sorry, I just-" He moved his hands over his face again and his body shook. "It feels like you just gave me wings!"


I smiled and pulled him into me, and he buried his face into my chest. Then he just continued to ball his eyes out.


"hy vuhgil, whoy daon't yah come weeth me?" I giggled. " Oy'll haelp yah on yoah pahth t' redaemption!"




"Īkagen'ni shite!" Weis screamed as he charged at the cutie with the dreads.


The wind that coiled around the dread head had me puzzled. It wasn't harsh, but his entire body was blurry. The flow of wind was all over the place. It was like the wind was trying to fight Weislung, while the wind almost seemed nonexistent on him. Weis slashed at his head and he managed to dodge it. The wind propelled dread head’s leg up as he kicked for Weis’s side, who parried just in time with his blade.


What's with this guy? He has such control over the wind. He's controlling four different currents at once! How can he think straight right now!?


"Ms. Elizabeth, I think I can stand on my own now," Vergil grumbled.


I looked down at a rosy-cheeked Vergil, Who was cradled in my arms like a baby.


"Oh! r-roigh'!" I descended down and let Vergil out of my arms. "Troy spraydin yoah weengs."


He nodded and stumbled to his feet, I wondered if the anamorphic types need to stretch their animal parts from time to time. Oooh! Maybe if I think about it real hard I can get shark parts! Wait! Would Stryder still think I’m cute if I did that!? My mind swirled with thoughts but soon came to a stop as I saw Vergil start changing. Blue scales slowly consumed his body, and his bat-like wings sprouted from his back. It was like watching a horror movie! Awesome! His wings stretched out and I immediately ran my hands over the leather-like surface.


"Oooh!" I purred.


"Vergil!" Leo yelled.


I turned back and saw a fully draconic Leo flying over to us. He dropped down next to me and smiled wildly. Vergils eyes grew wide and he immediately looked away.


"Hey, how are you-" Leo started to talk, but Vergil interrupted him.


"I'm sorry."




"You fought so hard for me to be free, and I was so caught up in my own self-pity. I'm sorry, I almost wasted my chance."


Leo stared speechlessly at Vergil. His wings started to vanish, and soon he was just a normal human again. Then, he punched Vergil in the face. Making him dropped onto the ground.


I immediately flew in front of him.


"Whaht was thaht faw!" I yelled.


However, Leo wasn’t even looking at me. He was looking past me at Vergil.


"You better be sorry!" Leo roared. "You really had me scared, ya know?"


His voice shuttered at that last part, and I lowered my guard. I remember a time when he said he wanted to kill his whole family. Now, look at him. I turned to Stryder, who was watching Weis and the cutie go back and forth.


You really are amazing, and you don't even know it.


Then in the midst of the fight, Weis stopped and looked over in our direction. The wind stopped and the dread head landed.


"Dragon!" Weis yelled and squatted down.


White energy coiled around his leg, and he leaped over to Vergil. Then started to run all around him.


"He was like this when I first fully changed,” Leo mumbled.


"I. Want. It." Weis said in his best english accent I’ve ever heard.


"Ummm, thaht's a puhs'n Weis," I mumbled.


A see-through screen popped up in front of them.


'Become dragon samurai class'


I blinked a few times.


"Whaht's hahppenin!? cahn yah myke thiies naow!?" I screeched to Weis.


Leo looked over to Vergil, who was just now sitting up and rubbing his face.


"What's happening?" Dread head called out.


"Train. I train." Weis forced out and pointed to the screen.


"Well hold on let's not rush anything," Leo called out.


"We don't even know what this mea-"


Before Leo could finish. Weis had clicked the yes button for Vergil. The screen vanished and a blue katana dropped from the sky and landed on his chest.


Then we all were silent.


"Dragon! Mine!" Weis cheered.


Then Leo decked him in the face.


"What the hell did you just decide for my brother! Baka!"


Weis got up and clocked Leo in the face. Then they started going at it. I walked over to Vergil and kneeled down.


"Oy'm sohry faw thaht. He cahn be-"


"No, I'm actually happy." Vergil hummed and reached down for the katana handle.


He took it in his hand and lifted it up.


"This is my chance at a fresh start right? I can let go of everything. With this change, I won't be Elo anymore." He chuckled happily.


I smiled and ruffled his head.


"Then waelcome aboahd. Oy'm yoah captian, and Weis is yoah sensei!" I giggled.


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