Ever since I bought Melfi her clothes three days ago, she has been smiling at me. It was cute at first, but it became awkward because her brother would join with a glare.

I've been practicing Maessene, too, and it was going well. I couldn't really use other elements because every time I did so, the wind whistled so loud I couldn't think of anything but it. So, I decided to stick with it. It turned out pretty good, to be honest.

I was able to do a technique I called "Wind Blast," which does basically what it meant. I tested it with Mazuk as my "volunteer"—he was thrown five meters away from me afterward. Since that day, he became so fond of Maessence and asked me to teach him, but I didn't have the time, so I shrugged it off.

Today, I didn't really have a plan. We had plenty of coins—aside from the stashed coins I have been saving—so we didn't really need to steal.

I sat in the corner, inside the lair, observing what the boys and the girls did. As usual, the boys were talking about things, sometimes they read a book, too. Hold on, why didn't I copy the most famous novels from Earth and sell it here? I could make a lot from that! But it would take a lot of time to gain popularity, so I set it aside for now.

While my eyes darted around the room, it landed on the piles of stuff at the corner. Those were the stolen goods that weren't sold—weapons, in particular. Then, I remembered about Opeas, who told me to come back another day when I sold some clothes to her. Right, I should go back.

"Yo, boys. I'm gonna need five of the strongest from you—we'll sell those weapons," I had no other thing to do, so I just moved on planning on selling them.

As usual, those five were Hanon, Liq, Calbur, Polpitt, and Sares. Malon would always tag along with us before, but now, he passed since he wanted to "spend time with her own sister to re-wash her brain from thinking of some other guy." Who cares? Melfi liked me more, hahaha.

Weapons were illegal, so I had to think of a way to smuggle them to the 'Midnight Star' inn without being seen. After I saw the rolled carpets and furs, I thought it'd be nice if I hid them there. The weapons were mostly bladed—long swords, daggers, short swords, and one-handed ax—there were two bows, two quivers of arrows, and a wooden staff.

"Wrap those bladed weapons with the carpets. As for the rest, hide them in the furs." I ordered. They immediately moved about.

I almost forgot. I wasn't sure if Opeas was there, so I had to go there first to inform her of the business.

It was already afternoon, so the streets had a lot of people wandering about as usual. I beelined my way to the inn, and once I reached it, I greeted Gatrus, and hurriedly went to the room where Opeas usually slept. I knocked on the door thrice, and a response came afterward.

"Hold on!"

It was Opeas' voice. She wasn't as tired now. The opened door revealed the same woman in her early twenty's, wearing a linen shirt and pajama.

"Oh, ya 'gain? Now, what d'ya need?"

"I told you about the weapons, right?'

She laughed.

"I thought ya were kiddin'? Are ya for real?"

"Do you think I would lie? I sold you some leather armors; naturally, there are weapons too."

"Now, now. Calm down, ye brat. How 'bout we talk inside? Ya never know there're ears payin' heed on us some'ere 'round."

Her accent really was so different I couldn't get used to it. Either way, I went inside her room and sat on the chair. She locked the door and took the other chair opposite from me.

"Do ya have an inven'try?"

I took the rolled parchment tucked inside my shirt and gave it to her. Opeas began reading it as her head bobbed, humming in agreement.

"These 'r fine, brat. Are ye sure these aren't fake?"

I was beginning to feel irritated because of how she always treated me as a kid. Like what the fuck, she doesn't trust me? Well, whatever. Being angry leads to ruin, but I was still angry.

"Goddamnit, woman. How many times do I have to tell you? Yes, the boys and I got those. We have loads of stuff piled in our lair, and I'd appreciate it if you buy all of them."

"Yer mouth's filthy than a kid's. A'right, show me what ya got."

"I proceeded here alone to confirm whether you're here. Now, I must go back first and fetch all of it."

"A'right. G'luck from the guards out 'ere."

I left the room and sprinted to the lair. I arrived there panting, but I didn't waste any time to tell the boys that our customer was there, so they immediately carried the things. We went through the hideous alleys to avoid attracting attention, which turned out well. Then, we had to be extra careful since we were approaching the main street. Although there weren't that many guards patrolling around, it still made us anxious as we made our way to the inn. Arriving at our destination, we couldn't help but sigh in relief.

"I'm back with the goods," I said after knocking on the door. It opened, with Opeas wearing the dark cloak she used when we first met her.

"Put 'em inside."

The boys separated the weapons from the furs and carpets and laid them out on the table. While they did this, Opeas was astonished.

"Ya guys sure have screws loose in yer heads."

She should say that to the guards.

Shortly after, I shooed the boys out and closed the door, leaving Opeas; and I seated in the same position as earlier.

Opeas checked the weapons if they were still good. Some of it was chipped, but the rest were fine, so I expected to make big. I took advantage of it being illegal so that I'd be able to sell it at a high price.

"Don' tell me yer gon' make a huge demand 'gain?"

"Yeah. 10 lugs."

Opeas smiled and immediately took the offer. Did I somehow fail to recognize how much it'd cost? I wanted to take that back, but it was already sealed since she shook my hand immediately. Dang it, now I gotta learn from this mistake.

"How about the others? Are you planning to buy them?"

She then eyed the other goods where we hid the weapons. They were in good quality, too.

"Some of me cust'mers may like it, so why not?"

And I got 3 lugs and a few other coins from that. In total, I made 13 lugs, 6 lofs, 1 lid, and 4 lecs. It was a nice deal, but I regretted how much I got from the weapon.

She began storing the weapons and the other goods in the sack, so I figured I should leave, but before I could even reach the door, she called me.

"Hey! Um, what's yer name? I remembered I didn't get it. It's kinda confusin' dealin' with a cust'mer I don' even know the name of."

"It's Raven," I said curtly before I resumed walking, but then I was called again.

"Yer thieves, right? Ya and yer boys."

"Yeah, and what of it?"

"Why don' ye try joinin' the Thieves Guild? There's only one 'ere, but I can send you there."

Oh… There's Thieves Guild, too? I thought they only existed in videogames. Either way, this was another world. Everything said by anyone was mostly bound to be the truth. But Thieves Guild, huh? What should be the purpose of it? A place where thieves would gather? For what?

I asked these concerns of mine to Opeas, who answered it.

"Ya join, and when ye become a member, ya can deal with cust'mers gathered there to buy stolen goods at a low price. Illegal items such as these weap'ns were sold there, natch. Also, ya can share information with yer fellow thieves there. Who knows, a rumor might lead you to a treasure."

That doesn't sound bad. Pickpocketing was kind of easy for us since we had a strategy, but we didn't earn enough from that.

The merchant caravan we raided ended up being successful, so we were able to sustain ourselves for the past four months. Since then, I have been thinking about what kind of rackets we should do to make good money.

If I—or any members of my group—were to join this Thieves Guild, then we could steal stuff and sell it to them, but I figured it would be much better to sell directly at Opeas since we might get in trouble with the guild's customers if I tried to haggle for a great profit there. Also, one of its perks was it being an information center, just like what Opeas said. Still, I needed to weigh many things, and depending on the results—I might join.

"I'll need to think of it. But for now, are you willing to become my regular?"

Opeas laughed.

"Oh my, brat. Yer thinkin' of me as a cust'mer?"

"That's how it is... right? You buy things from me, and I sell it to you."

"Ye really are different," Opeas muttered, followed by a sigh.

Well, I was reincarnated—what could I say? What I was thinking of was whether I should join that guild. Maybe I should give it time to think. Who knows? It might lead me somewhere.

After that, I left her room, keeping the thieves' guild in mind.



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