Sol Almas flowers were scattered throughout the flower field. Kevin’s eyes sparkled as he ran around, picking up these flowers, ten stalks in total.


“Ten stalks of Mystic Flora, one was enough to help my people, but what about ten?” asked Qirien.


“It’s better than great, but I need a few favors,” said Kevin glancing at the Queen.


The gall of this human male was astonishing to ask for a favor from a Queen in a direct manner. As if he was talking to a friend.


“You have done a great deed passing on such ancient knowledge to us Vindtra,” she gazed at him with a smile. “And as their Queen, a few favors are the least that I can do.”


She gave Kevin her words, and at least he felt reassured for his future plans. His attention then turned to the unconscious Kassmeaa.


“My Queen, can you please ask Chakar when will Kassmeaa wake up,” his gaze fulled of concern.


The Queen exchanged glances with Chakar.


“The fae needs one week to fully recover,” said Queen Qirien.


He lowered down his head, staring at the sight of the unconscious fae. Chakar flew above Kassmeaa.


“What is she doing?” he asked.


“Sending Kassmeaa to the Spirit Plane,” said Qirien.


Bright white lights engulfed Kassmeaa as her body dispersed into glittery dust until there was nothing left on top of Kevin’s palm.


Kevin wiped his arm across his face with his head still down. He knew it was inappropriate since Kassmeaa was still alive and not dead. It just remembering how selfless she was defending him made his heart ached.


“Let us return. We have ventured on the surface long enough,” said Queen Qirien.


The two returned to the forest floor, walking among the tall trees. There was only silence between them as Kevin had his mind occupied.


I need a few sets of skills. No matter how useless it will be in the future, but for now, I really need them.


He glanced at the Queen, who walked a few steps ahead of him, as something crossed his mind.


A Cherubic Vocalist, an epic-class that’s hard to obtain. No wonder she’s the Queen since it is a rather versatile class. But her power, that’s beyond my imagination, I didn’t think that she can one-shot that snake with a single skill. I wonder what her actual level is considering she said the snake is around level hundred or so.


His ponder stopped as he witnessed Queen Qirien standing still. A bad feeling encroached his will, as his head stood still while his eyes shifted around. Then, he heard it. A sound that was familiar to his ears. He wanted to look up, but Queen Qirien’s action took him by surprise.


She ran towards Kevin and the moment he was within arm’s reach, she pulled him close. A strong force pulled his body to the Queen as he felt the supple softness bumping over him. His reflex felt like backing up but a hand, held him by the waist, keeping him locked tight in this position.


The Queen then shrouded both of them with her dark green cloak. She whispered in a soft voice.


“Do not move and do not say a word.”


Kevin could feel her breath caressing the side of his cheek. Even her sweet smell drilled right through his nostrils as something unbecoming was awakened from within him.


Shit, not now! Don’t body, don’t!


While he was in his own predicament, the Queen’s eyes traced upwards as the cloak that covered them suddenly turned translucent.


Kevin, who was jutting out his rear-end a bit, was astonished seeing the sudden change in vision.


Woah, is this an invisibility cloak?


It was the only possible answer to what was going on.


“Do not move,” she reminded him as her hand pushed him closer.




Their bodies were glued together as Kevin gave up on dodging the inevitable.


I’m gonna die.


Queen Qirien had her eyebrows raised as she didn’t expect something else to greet her. She shot a glance at Kevin, who was looking back at her with a pair of dead eyes as if he had accepted his incoming fate. She wanted to say something, but then it came.


The canopy of the forest swayed around with the arrival of a high-pitched buzzing sound. It was close, and it was coming closer. Kevin, who had accepted his death by guillotine, realized the entity of that sound.


“A drone?” he whispered.


“Shh,” the Queen's raspy voice made him sealed his lips. Now he knew why they were in such a situation.


Within the silence of his own, he could hear the loud beating of his heart.


Lub-dub… Lub-dub…


There was no way for such contraption to exist in this world unless it came from a being like him.


The heroes already found me?


His heart beat faster as the thought of being murdered by his own people flashed by his mind. Unknown to Kevin, even his breath was becoming louder by the second.


His mind wandered to the dark possibilities of his future as he turned into a daze, yet a soft touch on the back of his head made him snapped out of it. He didn’t resist as the touch slowly brought his head resting upon the royal shoulder. He gazed upon the side of the Queen’s face as she leaned over to his head. She stroked her gentle soft fingers over the back of his head as her actions slowly calmed his nerve and slowing down his heartbeat.


The drone-like sound flew over past their head and continued on its path, not stopping over the location of the hidden duo. It lingered around for thirty minutes or so before it finally flew away.


The cloak unraveled the hidden duo into the open as they stared at the sky for quite a time.


“It flew away.”



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