The Dragon Realms Saga

by Fancyotter98

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

Young Elucard is thrown headlong into the ruthless world of the assassin clan: The Black Rabbits. There he must survive the grueling training, deal with cutthroat competition, and wrestle with the vastly different morality of being a killer. 

The Dragon Realms Saga is a sprawling epic that features, assassins, ancient magic, heroes and larger than life villians. I tried to capture an anime fantasy feel with over the top fight scenes and action, centering around an anti-hero along with moral compass characters that try to infulence him

This will span 5 volumes

Vendetta's Rise, Blood and Bounty, Wayward Hawk, The Mage King, and finally Wintertide!

Stay tuned!

Chapters are posted Fridays and Sundays

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A Solid Story With Abundant Potential

Reviewed at: Vendetta's Rise: Ch 24

When starting a novel that is more on the newer side here, I find it can be hit or miss, at least for me. But as I read through this here story, I have become surprising pleased.

No doubt that this is not the only instance where someone has written about 'being taken in by a shady organization of assassins/thieves/rogues/etc...' However! Why can something with the same-ish idea not have it's own uniqueness? There are precedents.

This story has the assassin thing goin on, sure. It has also nice character development, instead of what is typically the 'edgy', 'broody', for almost the sake of it like some stories with the same themes like to do. Some could say it's here too, however, I would at least say it's not as prominent. I'm not adverse to that sort of thing in the first place.

The world is showing itself one step at a time with the use of alternate viewpoints from different characters, which is nicely done. Maybe a few times the character interactions could be cheesy

Like when Elina, whom I thought was gonna be pretty important and powerful foe for the Cloaks, got beat down in like two seconds, by a recruit no less, then was like "ope guess I'm helpless now"

Or the interaction between Elucard and Wiccer when they first meet and fight. Elucard gets whooped, for some reason, then they exchange names like it was the worthiest battle, while he's just sat on the ground defeated. If I recall.

These are a few examples.

Small gripes aside, I have high hopes for this story. I find it highly entertaining, even enough to read in one sitting. The writing and grammar is extremely professional, and the 'feel' that the author said they were going for I feel is pretty accurate. Reading this I would say it feels light novel-esque indeed.

I wish it the best of luck for this story gaining more exposure, because it's clear that the author cares about it. Keep up the good work!


This is gonna keep me awake all night!!

Reviewed at: Vendetta's Rise: Ch 1

This is really gonna keep me awake all night, I love it so much. First of all I love the name elucard for some reason.

I love the character design so far, it is making me feel their feelings and stuff. Although there is not much drama, like the first chap



second: the grammar is really good, or should I say top level. I love third person pov novels, this is really great find for it.

third: The usage of power words is really amazing. Not just grammar wise but reading wise I love the usage if words. I hope I can one day reach that level.

The only problem I have is... Black rabbits.. Come on you could've come up with better name. 😌


A magnificent dragon realms saga

Reviewed at: Vendetta's Rise: Ch 8

This book is going to be great on RR. The setting is already made.

Style is from the third person pov. The author also uses some great proses that brings out the beauty of the fantasy. The characters emotions and actions are told in a great way. The pacing is very good for this type of epic fantasy 

Story is a sprawling epic fantasy that involves assassins, magic, heroes and villains. It follows the tale of Elucard who was thrown into the world of assassins where he must survive the hard training of be becoming an assassin. The story line is already epic and when the readers start to read, they will be amazed. Great fantasy book.

Grammar is excellent. The author must be an excellent editor to produce a work with no major errors.

Characters are extremely good. They are a strong aspect of the work. Elucard in particular is awesomely made. They create emotional monentsin the readers. We can only love them and watch their development.


Way more than an assassin story

Reviewed at: Vendetta's Rise: Ch 24

Story: Honestly, every time I try to get into a book based on assassins, I get bored. This was completely different, though. This has a lot of action, but not mindless action. There is enough of the world told throughout the chapters that you understand what's going on, but there are cracks of mystery in the foundation that make you want to learn more. The world-building is fantastic. It's not a bunch of shadowy figures on rooftops. There is more at stake than just a high mark. This story will keep you engaged and wanting more.

Style: Clear prose. Sharp action scenes, and not a bunch of 20 paragraph boring fights. You won't skim through paragraphs. The dialogue is well crafted and very realistic.

Grammar: Grammar is excellent. It's clean with little to no errors. There's nothing that will catch your attention. You'd have to read like a proofreader. And why would you do that? I'm not a grammar pro, but nothing stood out to me. It's a glossy manuscript.

Character: The characters are great. They're not stale and unchanging. You see their growth as the story moves on. The author has done an excellent job in that regard. You can feel what they feel. I always think of it this way, if the character died, would I care? If something terrible happens to them, does it bother me in some way? Yeah, you care about what happens to the main characters. They're well developed.

This is a well-written novel, one that the author put a lot of time into planning and crafting. Building a world and connecting the strings to be pulled. I'd recommend this to anyone. 


I like the cast, characters are interesting most of the grind is time skipped and we get to enjoy ther progress, them learning and making life changing decisions.

Grammar is good, story is fun, PoV changes were done nicely. 

Overall a solid novel, that doesnt get stale, things happen there were minimal to no info dumps, it all happens as the story goes so yea thumbs up !


I would continue to read it

Reviewed at: Vendetta's Rise: Ch 4

When i read the story so far, the grammar is excellent, nothing that i noticed out of the ordinary. The prose helps make the story easy to follow and helps you to connect with characters. I will admit, i do like the story so far, especially with the story being to become interesting.

I will continue to read on as i go. I will say to the author: Excellent job!

Mister Op

Amazing Story! Expecting Great Things!

Reviewed at: Vendetta's Rise: Ch 29

The story feels alive. The characters are vivid and lifelike, and I can have a clear image of them in my mind. Their actions are natural and emotions real. The plot is quite unique and clearly, the author knows what he's doing.

Overall, the story is a masterpiece in making. I'm expecting great things from it, and hope it has many chapters (so I can entertain myself for a long time to come).