Sylver Seeker

Sylver Seeker

by KingKennit

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

After fulfilling the duty all arch necromancers are tasked with, Sylver Sezari was not expecting to ever wake up again.

But he did.

And after crawling his way back into the land of the living, he’s alive once again. In a strange land, a strange time, and with a strange floating screen in front of his new face.

Either through plan or chance, he’s alive again, and planning to enjoy himself to his heart's content.

-The story isn’t grimdark, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. There will be lighthearted and positive moments, as well as some sad ones. That being said, it’s a whole lot more light than dark.
-This is a LITRPG story.

Chapters are published every 2 days at 21:00 GMT.

Author’s note:
-It can get very GORY. I’m somewhat desensitized to gore and violence. So while the story isn’t full of gore for the sake of gore, it can get a little too descriptive.
-The MC is a necromancer, so corpses and decay, and all the things that come with it, will be mentioned from time to time.
-I’m a huge fan of Egyptian, Slavic, and Greek mythology, so expect quite a bit of that. That said, so much is altered, you’ll be hard-pressed to guess how exactly it is being used.
-Despite being ‘immortal’ the MC can die. In the event he does, the story doesn’t end, simply time skips forward. Which in some cases is going to be worse than just dying.
-I love plot twists, as much as I love red herrings and Chekhov guns. Deus Ex Machina’s not so much.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch001-A False Start ago
Ch002-Hellos and Goodbyes ago
Ch003-Time Flies ago
Ch004-Starting Somewhere ago
Ch005-Already Dead ago
Ch006-Fee Fi Fo Fun ago
Ch007-Everybody Loves Large Chests ago
Ch008-The Calm ago
Ch009-Preparations ago
Ch010-Testing Your Might ago
Ch011-Three’s A Crowd, Nine’s An Army. ago
Ch012-On The Road ago
Ch013-There We Go ago
Ch014-Ooh You're A Cool Cat ago
Ch015-Dirty, Mean, And Mighty Unclean ago
Ch016-Blast From The Past ago
Ch017-Don't Bring Brawn To A Brain Fight ago
Ch018-And Now We Drink ago
Ch019-Coming Home ago
Ch020-Dark Alleyways Are Dangerous ago
Ch021-Back In Black ago
Ch022-Movin’ Out ago
Ch023-Now You’re Thinking With Portals! ago
Ch024-I’m Not Locked In Here With You ago
Ch025-New In Town ago
Ch026-Two For The Show ago
Ch027-Take Me To Your Leader ago
Ch028-Twists And Turns ago
Ch029-Straight Down The Middle ago
Ch030-What Makes A Good Man? ago
Ch031-The Good, The Bad... ago
Ch032-The Pathetic ago
Ch033-Ain’t No Rest ago
Ch034-Run Little Courier ago
Ch035-Choices, Choices, Choices ago
Ch036-Go Big! ago
Ch037-No Going Home ago
Ch038-Dust To Dust ago
Ch039-Blinded By The Dark ago
Ch040-Scientia Potentia Est ago
Ch041-A Hunting We Will Go ago
Ch042-Knock Knock ago
Ch043-The End Is Nigh ago
Ch044-The Long And Short ago
Ch045-Rise, My Glorious Creation! Rise! ago
Ch046-Getting Ready ago
Ch047-Day In The Sun ago
Ch048-Fear And Loneliness ago
Ch049-Skinning Cats ago
Ch050-Shifting Perspectives ago
Ch051-Friends! Friends! ago
Ch052-Can’t Play Dead ago
Ch053-Miracle Worker ago
Ch054-All The World’s A Stage ago
Ch055-Who Do You Think I Am? ago
Ch056-Sylver’s Day Off ago
Ch057-Friends Will Be Friends ago
Ch058-Who Are You? ago
Ch059-Mistakes, Misconceptions, Miscommunications. ago
Ch060-If You Can’t Walk Then Crawl ago
Ch061- Necromancy Rocks! ago
Ch062-Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Die. ago
Ch063-Enough Crawling, Fly! ago
Ch064-You Can’t Handle The Truth! ago
Ch065-The Paved Road To Hell ago
Ch066-Demons, Deals, Dried Bread. ago
Ch067-Good News Everyone! ago
Ch068-When The Lion’s Hungry… (1/2) ago
Ch068-When The Lion’s Hungry… (2/2) ago
Ch069-Nice ‘n’ Easy ago
Ch070-Friends, Enemies, And The Rest(1/2) ago
Ch070-Friends, Enemies, And The Rest(2/2) ago
Ch071-A Rose By Any Other Name ago
Ch072-Damned If You Do(1/2) ago
Ch072-Damned If You Do(2/2) ago
Ch073-Buried Questions(1/2) ago
Ch073-Buried Questions(2/2) ago
Ch074-Glitter And Gold(1/2) ago
Ch074-Glitter And Gold(2/2) ago
Ch075-Halfway There(1/2) ago
Ch075-Halfway There(2/2) ago
Ch076-One Door Closes(1/2) ago
Ch076-One Door Closes(2/2) ago
Ch077-A Brisk Walk(1/2) ago
Ch077-A Brisk Walk(2/2) ago
Ch078-What A Lovely Day(1/2) ago
Ch078-What A Lovely Day(2/2) ago
Ch079-A Long Day(1/2) ago
Ch079-A Long Day(2/2) ago
Ch080-Sticks And Stones(1/2) ago
Ch080-Sticks And Stones(2/2) ago
Ch081-Fish In Water(1/2) ago
Ch081-Fish In Water(2/2) ago
Ch082-Brewing Storm(1/2) ago
Ch082-Brewing Storm(2/2) ago
Ch083-You Can’t Even Run(1/2) ago
Ch083-You Can’t Even Run(2/2) ago
Ch084-Big Words, Little Man(1/2) ago
Ch084-Big Words, Little Man(2/2) ago
Ch085-Lost And Found(1/2) ago
Ch085-Lost And Found(2/2) ago
Ch086-Bone Voyage!(1/2) ago
Ch086-Bone Voyage!(2/2) ago
Ch087-My Troubles Have Trouble With Me(1/2) ago
Ch087-My Troubles Have Trouble With Me(2/2) ago
Ch088-Staring Match With The Abyss(1/2) ago
Ch088-Staring Match With The Abyss(2/2) ago
Ch089-No Smoke Without Fire(1/2) ago
Ch089-No Smoke Without Fire(2/2) ago
Ch090-Hen In A Foxhouse(1/2) ago
Ch090-Hen In A Foxhouse(2/2) ago
Ch091-Not That Kind Of Story(1/2) ago
Ch091-Not That Kind Of Story(2/2) ago
Ch092-Collaborate And Listen(1/2) ago
Ch092-Collaborate And Listen(2/2) ago
Ch093-Reaping Rewards(1/2) ago
Ch093-Reaping Rewards(2/2) ago
Ch094-Games Of Chance ago
Ch095-Where Is The Justice ago
Ch096-Love Is The Answer ago
Ch097-Bring A Towel ago
Ch098-Cause For Celebration ago
Ch099-Goodbyes and Hellos ago
Ch100-Epilogue ago
Ch101-Leap Of Faith ago
Ch102-Smarter Than The Average Bear ago
Ch103-Made Them Equal ago
Ch104-Keep Calm ago
Ch105-Poor Alternatives ago
Ch106-No Place Like ago
Ch107-Eye For An Eye ago
Ch108-Luck Be A Woman  ago
Ch109-Get Comfortable ago
Ch110-Sentry Here! ago
Ch111-Can’t Touch This ago
Ch112-Would Smell As Sweet ago
Ch113-Tepid Welcome ago
Ch114-Blind Visions ago
Ch115-Stretch Goals ago
Ch116-Skip To The Good Bit ago
Ch117-Busy Bee  ago
Ch118-Snake Eyes ago
Ch119-Prep Work ago
Ch120-Clear Cut ago
Ch121-Rabbit Hole ago
Ch122-Trapped Rats ago
Ch123-Pride Goes Before ago
Ch124-Maze Walker ago
Ch125-Two Wrongs ago
Ch126-(Do Fear) The Reaper ago
Ch127-Win Some Lose Some ago
Ch128-David Meet ago
Ch129-Redacted ago
Ch130-Friend Or Foe ago
Ch131-Bada Bing ago
Ch132-Sink Or Swim ago
Ch133-Power Up ago
Ch134-All Aboard ago
Ch135-Tired ago
Ch136-Dots ago
Ch137-More Questions ago
Ch138-There’s Only One Solution ago
Ch139-Everything’s Bigger ago
Ch140-Jet Fuel ago
Ch141-Communicate ago
Ch142-Best Move ago
Ch143-Overkill ago
Ch144-Chicken Dinner ago
Ch145-Bath Time ago

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This is a story which starts off with a lot of potential. It wastes that potential quite quickly.


The idea is interesting - a powerful, centuries old necromancer dies and returns to his world many years later, but now a system is in place. This could be a solid plot, but we quickly get bogged down in a dozen little things.

How long has it been since Sylver died? Why hasn't he found some sort of reference to figure out when in time he is? What is the world around him like? What country is he in? Is it a country he knows or is it entirely new?


There's a lot of praise for the world in these reviews, and I don't see why. The world building is pretty lackluster at best and the system is poorly designed - level seems largely meaningless yet characters look down on the MC for his low level. The world feels empty. I don't know how many races live there, who the major political powers are, or any identifying cultural aspects beyond generic fantasy town. The most detail we have is about crime syndicates which are both somehow amazingly powerful and a bunch of thugs living in the woods.


The story is limited as well. There isn't any driving force behind Sylver's actions. He isn't driven to seek out his apprentices who might have survived him, or any other Immortal beings whom he once knew. No, instead he plays around, kills a frankly obscene number of bandits (why are there so many bandits, it's ridiculous), and earns levels. He is supposed to be new to the system, but he doesn't try to study it or explore, he just accepts what it tells him and rolls with it.


The grammar is fairly good. There are a lot misplaced commas, but most of the flow is solid.


The characters are the weakest part of the story. The MC, Sylver, is meant to be a wise, powerful necromancer with centuries of experience. Instead he comes off as an impatient teenager rushing from thing to thing. He acts wildly different in different situations. Sometimes he is calm, collected, and ruthless, while at others he can barely control his anger and kills in a fit of rage.

Other characters aren't much better. Most exist either for the MC to give a speech about moral relativity or to hire in some sort of weird business-progression subplot.


This is not a revolutionary story, or a genre-defining one. It's not even particularly good as litrpg or even generic fantasy, with it's weak world building and lackluster characters.

One final note is the "gore". Most of the gore descriptions are short and honestly don't fit the flow of the narrative. It feels like the author really wanted gore in a story, so we get lots of gore spraying everywhere. The MC gets covered in blood constantly or does horrible invasive surgery on living torture victims but his main undead force are shadows, not rotting corpses. It's an incredibly awkward dichotomy, where the obvious gore is missing and instead it gets added in at strange parts to punch up a scene - need to show a dramatic fight? Have someone cut off a limb and spray blood everywhere.

Dark Jester

I decided to give this story a second chance and am really glad i did. There is was a phase of where i was worried about a lack of conflict but the author has found a way to keep escalating the stakes and by focusing on more long term goals we get a more satisfying story.

ive read up to chapter 100 on patreon and I cant wait tor more.

original review below:

I really enjoyed this story when if first came out. I read every chapter as they came out and really liked the MC's volce. However, It has become more and more clear that the MC will never face a challenge he can't trivialise and that has taken any tension out of the story.

My second issue is that it seems quite episodic in nature with each arc doing little to build on what came before it. This takes out any feeling of progress the story might have for me.


Amazing story really caught my attention good job I loved how you put the litrpg into your story and didn't over do it. I do hope you keep writing this story it has enormous potential and I wish you good luck. I am doing this last sentence so I can get 50 words I am almost done bye!


Necromancer feels emotions? OP done right!

Reviewed at: Ch033-Ain’t No Rest

Sylver is an OP necromancer done right.

1) Character: He is a necromancer, so that means he kills people, does human sacrifices, etc. Many stories have evil necromancers, or just necromancers who don't care about the lives of others. Sylver, instead, has morals- he's a utilitarian (with higher importance given to friends) that only commits atrocities because they allow him to save more people/do more good. Plus, he really cares about his friends, and has decided to trust easily instead of living in paranoia. All together, he's an extremely interesting, refreshing, rational take on the necromancer trope.

2) OPness- it's very hard to write an OP character well and still have challenges that aren't just interpersonal/social challenges. This story adequately challenges Sylver in a good way: He has knowledge and can do things no one knows about, and yet his raw power is still so much lower than his enemies because Sylver hasn't gotten that much power from the System yet.

AKA we can read OP Sylver and still see him be not OP at the same time.



The main con is that some of the action scenes are described weirdly and it's hard to understand what's going on. Still, this is a minor flaw.

Also the first couple chapters makes Sylver seem like a worse person than he actually is- so don't drop this without reading further.


So, I'm writing this because I got pissed when I saw that the author got less than 4 stars in "character score". Really? How come?

The author wrote a character with enough depth that you can believe that he's centuries old, with stories and trauma aplenty. The character already had a Modus Operandi to deal with absolutely everything, and now he has to think other ways to accomplish what he wants, since He's not used to being weak. 

Now, I could get behind some of you giving less than 5* in style, because some of the flashbacks could get pretty confusing (even though I loved them. It was amazing reading about his past, even though the experience could be a little jarring sometimes).

Now, I'm screwed. English isn't my first language and Advanced reviews must have at least 200 words and I have no idea what to write anymore. Let's see...

Oh, story. So, we have a monster like genius that loves to plan and prepare to deal with absolutely everything. The amazing thing is, even though our MC has almost everything accounted for, every single time some random thing happens and his plans goes up in flames, so he has to improvise. It's fun to read when the MC got pissed because random things just screwed him over, and now he wants to kill someone for it. Heh


Strong case of isekai protagonist.

Reviewed at: Ch036-Go Big!

The MC suffers from a strong case of "isekai protagonist". A cold hearted killer with many justifications of why he's allowed to kill. He has just enough brain cells to make up bullshit justifications, but not enough creativity to ever do anything without copious amounts of violence. And even though he is a mage and knows magics from every affinity, he like sticking daggers into people, and frequently gets injured for no good reason. He's honestly just a dumbass. So many of the things he does is just for the cool factor, even though his stupidity makes it all very uncool.

His stupidity really shines when he is unsure about the System, but immediately starts progression through it instead of using the tried and true methods of gaining power as a mage. Every perk in the system has a downside, while the same is not true for the natural learning of magic. One would think a top tier mage such as himself would know ways to progress quickly without using the System, but he never even tries. Instead he just goes around doing stupid shit for the sake of "plot" that the author seems to barely think through.

I'm pretty sure there isn't any storyboarding being done, because the plot is so inane that it has to be off the cuff.


My best way to explain what makes this story good is to say that the author is very very good at making stuff sound interesting.

The magic system so far does not seem incredibly indepth/hard. Above average, but nothing absurd.

But every time the author describes a ritual, a magic concept, a spell cost. Anything it sounds dope. It feels like a professor who is really patient about the class topic explaining something. 

If that does not make sense idk what to say. It's just super clear that the author is very very smart in how they write. It's not a perfect story, but the things the author focuses on feel very close to perfect.


EDIT: as of about chapter 60 the cracks have opened in the story. The progression has just started treading water. There are events that sound interesting layed out, but they are just so far off. The story has become side track simulator where the MC falls in line with the rest of the world grinding levels with him constantly making previous tasks that he described as a nuisance sound like a now 100 year process. 

I get it I really do. It's part of the story. Hes being influenced yadda yada stuff that's been there since chapter 1. But it's just not interesting. The MC not doing cool stuff for the sake of the plot just is not fun.


Interesting story, worth a read. Though interactions and dialouge can be unrealistic or at least feel artifical and out of character at times. The best i can describe the feeling i am getting is by calling the MC a boomer for whom reality bends for, to accommodate his at times almost child like thinking, which heavily clashes with his "old and powerful Arch Necromancer" background.

A good example for this is during the early chapters where at some point he talks about how he doesn't have to justify himself for his actions/abilties, all the while making super long moral arguments and listing justifications. I think this was also partly done to explain some of his abilities, but this isn't the only moment bullshit dialouge like this happens.

Though the storyline itself is great so far, so one can easily overlook this I think.  


Very good writing. The story feels natural, things are shown and not just explained.

The story feels natural. The fights and related violence feel realistic - no gratuitous violence, but not PG whitewashed either.
Interesting MC that actually has a personality. 
The gaming system is not in your face and feels liberal enough to allow for more organic development than a purely hard-coded  system would.


An attempt at an edgy unknown badass.

Reviewed at: Ch034-Run Little Courier

The story is not bad but I found it increasingly frustrating to read.

The story is rife with narrative dissonances:
- The main character is dealing with many large unknown quantities and jumps into largely unknown danger; and the main character has a plan where everything is under controll.
- The main character is a consumate badas far more competent than everyone else; and the main character is the underdog.
- The capabilities of the main character are largely unknown and unexplained; and most of the tension and exitement in the story comes from conflics resolved though the main characters capabilities.

Based on my interpretation of the story and author notes; I think the points above are intentionally put into the story. If that is the case then i applaud the attempted innovation, despite it's failure (failure in my eyes). Otherwise I think the author is trying realy hard not to make a power fantasy; while making a realy edgy power fantasy.