Sylver Seeker

Sylver Seeker

by KingKennit

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

After fulfilling the duty all arch necromancers are tasked with, Sylver Sezari was not expecting to ever wake up again.

But he did.

And after crawling his way back into the land of the living, he’s alive once again. In a strange land, a strange time, and with a strange floating screen in front of his new face.

Either through plan or chance, he’s alive again, and planning to enjoy himself to his heart's content.

-The story isn’t grimdark, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. There will be lighthearted and positive moments, as well as some sad ones. That being said, it’s a whole lot more light than dark.
-This is a LITRPG story.

Chapters are published every 2 days at 21:00 GMT.

Author’s note:
-It can get very GORY. I’m somewhat desensitized to gore and violence. So while the story isn’t full of gore for the sake of gore, it can get a little too descriptive.
-The MC is a necromancer, so corpses and decay, and all the things that come with it, will be mentioned from time to time.
-I’m a huge fan of Egyptian, Slavic, and Greek mythology, so expect quite a bit of that. That said, so much is altered, you’ll be hard-pressed to guess how exactly it is being used.
-Despite being ‘immortal’ the MC can die. In the event he does, the story doesn’t end, simply time skips forward. Which in some cases is going to be worse than just dying.
-I love plot twists, as much as I love red herrings and Chekhov guns. Deus Ex Machina’s not so much.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch001-A False Start ago
Ch002-Hellos and Goodbyes ago
Ch003-Time Flies ago
Ch004-Starting Somewhere ago
Ch005-Already Dead ago
Ch006-Fee Fi Fo Fun ago
Ch007-Everybody Loves Large Chests ago
Ch008-The Calm ago
Ch009-Preparations ago
Ch010-Testing Your Might ago
Ch011-Three’s A Crowd, Nine’s An Army. ago
Ch012-On The Road ago
Ch013-There We Go ago
Ch014-Ooh You're A Cool Cat ago
Ch015-Dirty, Mean, And Mighty Unclean ago
Ch016-Blast From The Past ago
Ch017-Don't Bring Brawn To A Brain Fight ago
Ch018-And Now We Drink ago
Ch019-Coming Home ago
Ch020-Dark Alleyways Are Dangerous ago
Ch021-Back In Black ago
Ch022-Movin’ Out ago
Ch023-Now You’re Thinking With Portals! ago
Ch024-I’m Not Locked In Here With You ago
Ch025-New In Town ago
Ch026-Two For The Show ago
Ch027-Take Me To Your Leader ago
Ch028-Twists And Turns ago
Ch029-Straight Down The Middle ago
Ch030-What Makes A Good Man? ago
Ch031-The Good, The Bad... ago
Ch032-The Pathetic ago
Ch033-Ain’t No Rest ago
Ch034-Run Little Courier ago
Ch035-Choices, Choices, Choices ago
Ch036-Go Big! ago
Ch037-No Going Home ago
Ch038-Dust To Dust ago
Ch039-Blinded By The Dark ago
Ch040-Scientia Potentia Est ago
Ch041-A Hunting We Will Go ago
Ch042-Knock Knock ago
Ch043-The End Is Nigh ago
Ch044-The Long And Short ago
Ch045-Rise, My Glorious Creation! Rise! ago
Ch046-Getting Ready ago
Ch047-Day In The Sun ago
Ch048-Fear And Loneliness ago
Ch049-Skinning Cats ago
Ch050-Shifting Perspectives ago
Ch051-Friends! Friends! ago
Ch052-Can’t Play Dead ago
Ch053-Miracle Worker ago
Ch054-All The World’s A Stage ago
Ch055-Who Do You Think I Am? ago
Ch056-Sylver’s Day Off ago
Ch057-Friends Will Be Friends ago
Ch058-Who Are You? ago
Ch059-Mistakes, Misconceptions, Miscommunications. ago
Ch060-If You Can’t Walk Then Crawl ago
Ch061- Necromancy Rocks! ago
Ch062-Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Die. ago
Ch063-Enough Crawling, Fly! ago
Ch064-You Can’t Handle The Truth! ago
Ch065-The Paved Road To Hell ago
Ch066-Demons, Deals, Dried Bread. ago
Ch067-Good News Everyone! ago
Ch068-When The Lion’s Hungry… (1/2) ago
Ch068-When The Lion’s Hungry… (2/2) ago
Ch069-Nice ‘n’ Easy ago
Ch070-Friends, Enemies, And The Rest(1/2) ago
Ch070-Friends, Enemies, And The Rest(2/2) ago
Ch071-A Rose By Any Other Name ago
Ch072-Damned If You Do(1/2) ago
Ch072-Damned If You Do(2/2) ago
Ch073-Buried Questions(1/2) ago
Ch073-Buried Questions(2/2) ago
Ch074-Glitter And Gold(1/2) ago
Ch074-Glitter And Gold(2/2) ago
Ch075-Halfway There(1/2) ago
Ch075-Halfway There(2/2) ago
Ch076-One Door Closes(1/2) ago
Ch076-One Door Closes(2/2) ago
Ch077-A Brisk Walk(1/2) ago
Ch077-A Brisk Walk(2/2) ago
Ch078-What A Lovely Day(1/2) ago
Ch078-What A Lovely Day(2/2) ago
Ch079-A Long Day(1/2) ago
Ch079-A Long Day(2/2) ago
Ch080-Sticks And Stones(1/2) ago
Ch080-Sticks And Stones(2/2) ago
Ch081-Fish In Water(1/2) ago
Ch081-Fish In Water(2/2) ago
Ch082-Brewing Storm(1/2) ago
Ch082-Brewing Storm(2/2) ago
Ch083-You Can’t Even Run(1/2) ago
Ch083-You Can’t Even Run(2/2) ago
Ch084-Big Words, Little Man(1/2) ago
Ch084-Big Words, Little Man(2/2) ago
Ch085-Lost And Found(1/2) ago
Ch085-Lost And Found(2/2) ago
Ch086-Bone Voyage!(1/2) ago
Ch086-Bone Voyage!(2/2) ago
Ch087-My Troubles Have Trouble With Me(1/2) ago
Ch087-My Troubles Have Trouble With Me(2/2) ago
Ch088-Staring Match With The Abyss(1/2) ago
Ch088-Staring Match With The Abyss(2/2) ago
Ch089-No Smoke Without Fire(1/2) ago
Ch089-No Smoke Without Fire(2/2) ago
Ch090-Hen In A Foxhouse(1/2) ago
Ch090-Hen In A Foxhouse(2/2) ago
Ch091-Not That Kind Of Story(1/2) ago
Ch091-Not That Kind Of Story(2/2) ago
Ch092-Collaborate And Listen(1/2) ago
Ch092-Collaborate And Listen(2/2) ago
Ch093-Reaping Rewards(1/2) ago
Ch093-Reaping Rewards(2/2) ago
Ch094-Games Of Chance ago
Ch095-Where Is The Justice ago
Ch096-Love Is The Answer ago
Ch097-Bring A Towel ago
Ch098-Cause For Celebration ago
Ch099-Goodbyes and Hellos ago
Ch100-Epilogue ago
Ch101-Leap Of Faith ago
Ch102-Smarter Than The Average Bear ago
Ch103-Made Them Equal ago
Ch104-Keep Calm ago
Ch105-Poor Alternatives ago
Ch106-No Place Like ago
Ch107-Eye For An Eye ago
Ch108-Luck Be A Woman  ago
Ch109-Get Comfortable ago
Ch110-Sentry Here! ago
Ch111-Can’t Touch This ago
Ch112-Would Smell As Sweet ago
Ch113-Tepid Welcome ago
Ch114-Blind Visions ago
Ch115-Stretch Goals ago
Ch116-Skip To The Good Bit ago
Ch117-Busy Bee  ago
Ch118-Snake Eyes ago
Ch119-Prep Work ago
Ch120-Clear Cut ago
Ch121-Rabbit Hole ago
Ch122-Trapped Rats ago
Ch123-Pride Goes Before ago
Ch124-Maze Walker ago
Ch125-Two Wrongs ago
Ch126-(Do Fear) The Reaper ago
Ch127-Win Some Lose Some ago
Ch128-David Meet ago
Ch129-Redacted ago
Ch130-Friend Or Foe ago
Ch131-Bada Bing ago
Ch132-Sink Or Swim ago
Ch133-Power Up ago
Ch134-All Aboard ago
Ch135-Tired ago
Ch136-Dots ago
Ch137-More Questions ago
Ch138-There’s Only One Solution ago
Ch139-Everything’s Bigger ago
Ch140-Jet Fuel ago
Ch141-Communicate ago
Ch142-Best Move ago
Ch143-Overkill ago
Ch144-Chicken Dinner ago
Ch145-Bath Time ago

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Haphazard, inept, boring

Reviewed at: Ch025-New In Town

The first chapter is a great hook, but everything fell apart from there.

Review as of chapter 25, where the glaring flaws of the story has made me decide to drop it


 Characters in this story are one-dimensional, the author is incapable of writing one with any depth.

The main protagonist is supposed to be a wise and weary old man "reincarnated", but in reality he is written like a delusional teenager who thinks he is above everyone else - how a clueless person would imagine a wise person. He is lackadaisical, has no sense of propriety, his morals are self-servingly arbitrary. He likes to go on long tirades as the first response against anyone who disgrees with his morals, while making no effort on his part of understand any other character in his vicinity. His motivations are almost non-existent, despite his outlined goals he is not assertive and things seem to just fall into his lap instead.

Other characters are one-dimensional NPCs designed only to show how "smart and wise" the mc is supposed to be. They have no depth and only operate as per their most basic designated tropes, and are all assigned an IQ under 90. They also serve as very convenient expostiton dumps that launch into a tirade at the most brief inquiry from the mc. 

A woman in possession of a special ability that contributes greatly to city security (she even has shadow guards) easily reveals her secret to the mc on their first date, in a public location.

An innkeeper who does not act with any etiquette and has no consideration towards his customer's privacy nor secrecy, so as to play up his mysterious aspects.

A guild receptionist completely inept at her job, who freaks out at the first unexpected event and is never shown to converse in a professional manner.

A high ranking member of the guild who shows up personally at the public reception area, grabs the mc by the hand without a word,  leads him into his private office to inquire about matters that need to be kept secret, and demands the mc keep the matter under hush in a gruff, thuggish manner. 

A liaison of a supposedly massive and powerful secret society tacitly admits to her real identity after just one teasing line from the mc, in the presence of her entourage. 



<Story, and the Litrpg system>

The story manages to establish an interesting premise in the first few chapters, but they are never expanded upon. The mysteries fall by the wayside to be replaced by random adventures that the mc just happens to stumble into, because he has no clear goals nor the assertiveness to move along the plot. By the 25th chapter the mc has been involved into multiple adventures that came out of nowhere, that somehow conveniently reward things he need to progress towards his goal. Even then it is deeply unsatisfying because despite these easy handouts the mc makes no effort to progress in matters within his personal purview to improve his understanding of the world and his own situation, every event is based on his passivity.The pacing and order of events are also all over the place. This screams bad planning, the author seems to only have the barest of an outline for the plot and builds upon it haphazardly with random and poorly thought out miniarcs to check the boxes. 

The litrpg system has the potential to be complex and interresting, but unfortunately it is never explored. Despite its complexities and mysteries the ever passive mc shows no inclination towards researching it despite his supposed scholary disposition. The discrepancies between the skill level of the residents of the post-system world and the pre-system mc's is an interesting point that never gets expanded upon beyond stroking the mc's ego with "system bad im so skilled that i barely need it". 

The story also suffers from an egregious lack of worldbuilding, the world feels barren and nothing and no one is described aside from the most barebone mentions of object, locations and characters on the mc's path. It reflects badly on the mc as it implies he barely observes the world around him.

Text flows well enough, but due to the aforementioned lack of worldbuilding it gets very hard to immerse in the barren, isolated atmosphere.


Acomma hell, the author likes to put commas in places where they should not be. This is quite annoyingly as it can unexpected halt a reader's momentum. 



In conclusion, Sylver Seeker is yet another to add to the list of "how is this popular" on RR. It is bad in just about every aspect. 


Sylver Seeker is all about Sylver, what he see and that's the only thing you see the things that happening in the background will not show up until Sylver see it, so there's no BS MC that knows something that we don't know that just comes up no where and the only answer is the MC somehow calculate the matrix or something.

And also the best thing in this is that Dues Ex Machinima Is non existant "bUt HoRaMbErG rEmEmBeR tHe TiMe WhEr-" DID I STUTTER? Ehem anyway did you know that Sylver have his own morality?! Shocking right! This should not be shocking but most of the MC we read today are either God sent or Psychopaths there's no middle thing, the funny thing is that's why I love this story Sylver is Selfish(not evil selfish), Prideful(A reasonable one), etc, We all have that we are humans that's why I love this story because its just a normal being that gain power through hardship, have relationship, have something that he cares about... He is a person that anyone with a braincell can understand... This story is about Sylver trying to get his family and not like wife, children what I mean the people he treats like family he Is the person who will do anything he will bomb an orphanage without hesitance If thats how hes going to find the person he cares about, the things happening here in this story is just a wall that stopping him from getting to his distinatioan, do you want to see how he will overcome it and reach his distination and see the problem he will face going to it? Well there's only one answer to that.... To just Read it


Good but MC get on my nerve

Reviewed at: Ch026-Two For The Show

Mc act mighty and all when he is just a newbie. And he get rekt for it. And he still don't understznd that this is a new life and idk he need to lvl up fast or something. He could do some monster killing ez pz to go to lvl 100 but he just idle around doing random stuff. Not realising he is not a lvl 1000b arch lich but just some noob necromencer.

In the last chapter I read he need to protect something/someone. He could have a nice compromise with ennemy1 but no he rekt him and spend all his mana on it. So now he can t do a shit cause no mana and get rekt by a nobody. U should be a hundread of years old.. u just compromise your mission because of arrogance. Il usualy ok with it when you are good and can back it up but there MC feel like "arrogant young master template that slap people because he can and want it then get rekt".


If you can deal with it, the story is nice.


Bad english sorry.

I think I didn't spoil so i didnt put the tag here. Will modify if people think im wrong.