I am the commander of our reconnaissance group. Together with my two companions we were sent on reconnaissance missions to this new world. It consists of estimating the power of the gods inhabiting it and possibly starting the extermination of all living beings. In case we meet strong opponents, we have to go back to the main army and report.

"How is it going?"

"Almost ready"

"As soon as we open the passageway, we enter the three of us and wait for the gods of this world. And then you know it according to plan."


After a few minutes, the portal opens. You can't see what's on the other side but the very fact that it opened means that we managed to break through the barrier protecting this world.

"Ready. Let's go."

We pass through the portal. On the other side we levitate a few dozen meters above the ground, and below us we see a dense forest full of strange creatures.

"Now we wait for the hosts to show up."

We wait while levitating in place.


I felt that beings from outside have entered our world.

I open my multicolored reptile eyes and raise my head with my snake body and look towards our uninvited guests.

"Fucking idiots"

I take on my humanoid character and open the passage to the realm of mortals.


[Get ready, I'll open the passage in a moment.]

"I get it."

I take my cup and stand next to the place where the portal should appear.

[Lets a go!]

"Ah... You and your jokes"

After a while, a transition appears. I come up to it and watch it. It looks like a high steel gate with many symbols engraved on it, a bone frame with countless skulls.

I go through the portal to the other side.


When everyone stands around me and congratulates me, something extraordinary happens.

The sky became gray, the stars disappeared and complete silence fell. Everyone stopped clapping, silenced themselves and began to look around with terror in their eyes without knowing what was going on.

"I don't know what's going on, but one thing I know for sure the gods are angry. Fortunately, not on us."(high priest)

"Hopefully, whatever it is, they'll be able to handle it."


Waiting finally comes to an end when a man with gaudy eyes appears before us. Just like us, he levitates in the air. After a while we only realize how powerful he is.

"We don't stand a chance against him."

It doesn't change anything, even if it kills our body, we just go back to the main army and report back. If we hurry up, we even manage to reconstruct our bodies before the attack.

"It doesn't matter, he can't stop us anyway."


He starts to laugh hysterically, as if he had heard the funniest joke that exists.

Right behind him, large steel gates suddenly appear which slowly begin to open. When they open slightly, a huge amount of death energy emerges from the center, there is so much of it that you can see it with the naked eye under the forms of thick fog.

My companions and I are starting to feel an enormous amount of fear. Our hands are starting to shake, and drops of sweat are flowing down our foreheads.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that."

When the gate is half open, a voice comes from the inside, whose sound paralyzes me and makes me know that no matter what we do we will not escape.

At this point, a huge four-eyed man comes out from inside. This fog is coming out of him, and this, in turn, can only mean one thing.

"It's a god with a domain of death. We're fucked."

"C- Can you let us go? We will make sure that the army withdraws and will never come back."(Companion)

That's very wise. As soon as the army commanders find out that there are two such monsters here and that one of them is this type of god, they will shit themselves out of fear and run away. They are also in the same way, they obviously do not want an invasion of their own world.


"What?! Why?! Why do you want your world to be attacked?"

"Attack? Haha... Why would I reject such an opportunity when dinner comes to me by itself?"

"Dinner? What do you mean?"

"All of you are my dinner."


A member of my group didn't even manage to finish the sentence when our opponent appeared before him. An ethereal goblet appeared in his hand, one peek is enough to say that it is an extremely high-quality artifact.


My companion started screaming when his soul was torn out of his body and placed in an artifact and then it was annihilated and converted into energy.

At the same time, I notice that this second native god of this world hits my second one kicked in the face with his fist, making his head explode into a puddle of blood, bones and brain and splash around. It strikes so hard that it causes a gust of wind among the trees below us, pulling out a few of them along with their roots. His soul, on the other hand, despite his resistance, is drawn to the goblet and ends up like the previous one.

I get up, call up my sword and despite the lack of hope for survival, I decide to fight and move towards the god with the reptile like eyes.

"Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?"

Before I can answer, the previous opponent in an unknown way appeared behind me grabs my shoulder and learns to draw my soul out of my body.

I try to resist, but I can't do much. All I can do is delay the inevitable.

After a while, I find myself inside the goblet and in great suffering I am annihilated.


I take a sip of the essence and am impressed. It tastes brilliant, maybe because it comes from the gods at rank 2.

'I wonder how stronger ones taste'

I quickly take a second sip, drinking the rest of the contents. This gives me a small amount of information about the enemy army.

"They have three commanders. Each of them is a god of rank 5. Besides, they have 200 gods of rank 2 and 3, there are about 800 angels, but these are insects that are not even worth bothering about."

"I didn't need to worry all this time. Well, it's time for you. I don't want to break the world's balance for too long. The longer you're here, the harder it will be for me to fix it."

The Order opens the gates once again, and I'm going back to my realm. When they close behind me, they disappear and the sky returns to normal.


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