The Primal Hunter

The Primal Hunter

by Zogarth

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

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On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week.

Average chapter length: 2500

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course. Also, this novel is only posted on Royalroad, Patreon, and my Amazon releases, so if you are reading it elsewhere, it's pirated and you suck if you keep reading.

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Table of Contents
323 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Another Monday morning ago
Chapter 2 - Introduction ago
Chapter 3 - The tutorial commences ago
Chapter 4 - First battle ago
Chapter 5 - Big pig ago
Chapter 6 - Questioning ago
Chapter 7 - Training & rest ago
Chapter 8 - A wonderful night ago
Keep reading/listening on Amazon's Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Audible! ago
Chapter 206 - A Real Shitfest ago
Chapter 207 - Enhanced Splitting Arrow ago
Chapter 208 - Dervish ago
Chapter 209 - Worthy Opponents ago
Chapter 210 - Rules of Monkey Hunting ago
Chapter 211 - Matriarchs ago
Chapter 212 - City/Monkey Management ago
Chapter 213 - Monkey Business ago
Chapter 214 - Enjoyment ago
Chapter 215 - Fragmented ago
Chapter 216 - The Calm Before the Politics ago
Chapter 217 - The World Congress Begins ago
Chapter 218 - World Congress: Friendly Talks ago
Chapter 219 - World Congress: Reunion ago
Chapter 220 - World Congress: A Quick Vote ago
Chapter 221 - World Congress: "Confrontations" ago
Chapter 222 - World Congress: On The Flip Of A Coin ago
Chapter 223 - World Congress: System Events ago
Chapter 224 - World Congress: Challenge ago
Chapter 225 - World Congress: Master Negotiator ago
Chapter 226 - World Congress: Final Talks ago
Chapter 227 - Shopping Spree ago
Chapter 228 - A Question of Morality ago
Intermission 6 - William (1/3) ago
Intermission 6 - William (2/3) ago
Intermission 6 - William (3/3) ago
Chapter 229 - A Healthy Diet ago
Chapter 230 - This Chapter Contains Alchemy ago
Chapter 231 - Man Cave(s) ago
Chapter 232 - Nanoblade ago
Chapter 233 - Evil Incarnate ago
Chapter 234 - Questionable Choices ago
Chapter 235 - Golden Mushroom ago
Chapter 236 - Deepdwellers vs Cave Troll (feat. Jake) ago
Chapter 237 - The Paragon Option ago
Chapter 238 - A Distraction ago
Chapter 239 - Justice From Above ago
Chapter 240 - To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade, That Is The Question. ago
Chapter 241 - The Morality of Domination ago
Chapter 242 - Righteous Crusade ago
Chapter 243 - Schemes Of An Old Man ago
Chapter 244 - Heartwarden ago
Chapter 245 - Assessment ago
Chapter 246 - Census Taking (Hard Mode) ago
Chapter 247 - Gravity Is Your Friend ago
Chapter 248 - Minor Miscalculations ago
Chapter 249 - Priorities ago
Chapter 250 - Altmar Signet ago
Chapter 251 - Stats, Tables & Gear - all the LitRPG! ago
Chapter 252 - Something Long Overdue ago
Chapter 253 - Leatherworkers ago
Chapter 254 - Personal Improvement ago
Chapter 255 - Temple & Blessings ago
Chapter 256 - Servant & Territory ago
Chapter 257 - Will of the Chosen ago
Chapter 258 - Jake the Corpse Merchant ago
Chapter 259 - Taking Advantage of Mistakes ago
Chapter 260 - Keeping It Friendly ago
Chapter 261 - Introspection & Self-Control ago
Chapter 262 - Sultan ago
Chapter 263 - "I don't like you." - Jake Thayne, Year 1, 93rd Era. ago
Chapter 264 - Executive Decision ago
Chapter 265 - Concessions Today, Profits in the Future ago
Chapter 266 - Sultan Has Wares, If You Have Coin ago
Chapter 267 - Five Lights in the Darkness ago
Chapter 268 - Stupid Monkeys & Their Many Uses ago
Chapter 269 - Singular Focus ago
Chapter 270 - Presence ago
Chapter 271 - Memories of (Questionable) Past Deeds ago
Chapter 272 - Skill Choices Are Hard... ago
Chapter 273 - Birds of Prey ago
Chapter 274 - Beatdown ago
Chapter 275 - Teaching the Young ago
Chapter 276 - Sylphie Gets a New friend ago
Chapter 277 - Union Oath ago
Chapter 278 - A Higher Power? No Thanks. ago
Chapter 279 - Scorching the Plains ago
Chapter 280 - Bow & Blade ago
Chapter 281 - Better Boots ago
Chapter 282 - The Power of Haven ago
Chapter 283 - Treasure Hunt? "Let's <CENSORED> Go!" ago
Chapter 284 - Treasure Hunt: A World of Mist ago
Chapter 285 - Treasure Hunt: No Flying Too High ago
Chapter 286 - Treasure Hunt: Fire & Ash ago
Chapter 287 - Treasure Hunt: History Lesson ago
Chapter 288 - Treasure Hunt: Armor of Mist ago
Chapter 289 - Treasure Hunt: The Girl & The Hawk ago
Chapter 290 - Treasure Hunt: Viscount & Count ago
Chapter 291 - Treasure Hunt: Annoying Boss Fight ago
Chapter 292 - Treasure Hunt: Count Down for the Count ago
Chapter 293 - Treasure Hunt: Thief! ago
Chapter 294 - Treasure Hunt: Judging Stuff ago
Chapter 295 - Treasure Hunt: Puzzle ago
Chapter 296 - Treasure Hunt: Collaborative Project ago
Chapter 297 - Treasure Hunt: Pure Ones ago
Chapter 298 - Treasure Hunt: Blood ago
Chapter 299 - Treasure Hunt: Broken Tower ago
Chapter 300 - Treasure Hunt: Root of Resentment ago
Chapter 301 - Treasure Hunt - Count Hunting ago
Chapter 302 - Treasure Hunt: Actual Speedrunning (mostly) ago
Chapter 303 - Treasure Hunt: Blades & Brothers ago
Chapter 304 - Treasure Hunt: Punching Back ago
Chapter 305 - Treasure Hunt: Invincible ago
Chapter 306 - Treasure Hunt: Unreasonable People ago
Chapter 307 - Treasure Hunt: Exchange ago
Chapter 308 - Treasure Hunt: Phase Two ago
Chapter 309 - Treasure Hunt: Vaults ago
Chapter 310 - Treasure Hunt: Out Of Place ago
Chapter 311 - Treasure Hunt: Arrogant Young Master ago
Chapter 312 - Treasure Hunt: Test of Character ago
Chapter 313 - Treasure Hunt: Rubik's Cube ago
Chapter 314 - Treasure Hunt: Valuable Asset ago
Chapter 315 - Treasure Hunt: Another Collaborative Project ago
Chapter 316 - Treasure Hunt: The Importance of Word Choice ago
Chapter 317 - Treasure Hunt: Not Extortion ago
Chapter 318 - Treasure Hunt: Spatial Storage & Parting ago
Chapter 319 - Treasure Hunt: Vault Run = Loot 5.0 ago
Chapter 320 - Treasure Hunt: Submerged ago
Chapter 321 - Treasure Hunt: The Depth of Water ago
Chapter 322 - Treasure Hunt: Be Like Water ago
Chapter 323 - Treasure Hunt: Boss Room, Please? ago
Chapter 324 - Treasure Hunt: A Scaly Intermission ago
Chapter 325 - Treasure Hunt: Serenity & Conflict ago
Chapter 326 - Treasure Hunt: Arrow Time ago
Chapter 327 - Treasure Hunt: The Final Stage ago
Chapter 328 - Treasure Hunt: Starting Shots ago
Chapter 329 - Treasure Hunt: Quite the Mix ago
Chapter 330 - Treasure Hunt: Proposition ago
Chapter 331 - Treasure Hunt - Target Prioritization ago
Chapter 332 - Treasure Hunt: Will of the True Ancestor ago
Chapter 333 - Treasure Hunt: A Leveled Look at Power ago
Amazon Announcement + AMA! ago
Chapter 334 - Treasure Hunt: One Down ago
Chapter 335 - Treasure Hunt: Paths ago
Chapter 336 - Treasure Hunt: Countermeasures ago
Chapter 337 - Treasure Hunt: Holy Blade ago
Chapter 338 - Treasure Hunt: A Final Fight ago
Chapter 339 - Treasure Hunt: Vanity & Patience ago
Chapter 340 - Treasure Hunt: Limit Shatter ago
Chapter 341 - Treasure Hunt - The Duel Begins ago
Chapter 342 - Treasure Hunt: Passion ago
Chapter 343 - Treasure Hunt: Misconception ago
Chapter 344 - Springtime Advent ago
Chapter 345 - Peak of Humanity ago
Chapter 346 - Summer Rain ago
Chapter 347 - A (Potentially) Momentous Duel ago
Chapter 348 - To the End ago
Chapter 349 - After the Hunt ago
Chapter 350 - Reflecting On A Loss and the Question of What the Hell A Transcendence Is ago
Chapter 351 - Combat Styles ago
Chapter 352 - Travel Preparations ago
Chapter 353 - Road Trip Entertainment: Vampire Lore ago
Chapter 354 - Unexpected Visitor ago
Chapter 355 - Visiting Skyggen & Skyggen ago
Chapter 356 - Family Reunion ago
Chapter 357 - Exploring Relationships ago
Chapter 358 - Umbral Lotus ago
Chapter 359 - Sorting Time ago
Chapter 360 - To sell or not to sell, that is the question ago
Chapter 361 - The Auction (Read: Alchemy) Begins! ago
Chapter 362 - A Brief Intermission ago
Chapter 363 - An Epic Mixed Bag ago
Chapter 364 - A Cursed Intermission ago
Chapter 365 - Actually Buying Things ago
Chapter 366 - Bees, Pants & the Geopolitical Landscape ago
Chapter 367 - The Legendaries Cometh ago
Chapter 368 - Scammed ago
Chapter 369 - A Unique Encounter ago
Chapter 370 - You get an item! And you get an item! Everyone gets an item! ago
Chapter 371 - The Good Stuff ago
Chapter 372 - Soul Renewal ago
Chapter 373 - Time Wizard & Future Plans ago
Chapter 374 - Jake's Laboratorium & To-do List ago
Chapter 375 - Oh Gosh, It's a Time Skip! ago
Chapter 376 - A King Reborn ago
Chapter 377 - Jake vs the King (Rematch?) ago
Chapter 378 - Unique Lifeforms ago
Chapter 379 - A Truly Cursed Ritual ago
Chapter 380 - Hunger ago
Chapter 381 - Eternal Hunger ago
Chapter 382 - Progress Through Cursed Slaughter ago
Chapter 383 - Skills & Paths ago
Chapter 384 - Fumigation ago
Chapter 385 - A Path From Inferiority ago
Chapter 386 - First Contact: C-Grade ago
Chapter 387 - Underground ago
Chapter 388 - Onwards! To Haven! ago
Chapter 389 - A Good Eye For People ago
Chapter 390 - A Monumental Monument ago
Chapter 391 - Clearing Up Misconceptions Left & Right ago
Intermission 7/9 - Holyland: All By the Grace of the Holy Mother ago
Chapter 392 - Off He Goes ago
Chapter 393 - Designing the School Uniform ago
Chapter 394 - To Feel the Shroud ago
Chapter 395 - The Weight of Time ago
Chapter 396 - Finding the Purpose ago
Chapter 397 - A Shroud of Stars & School Life Dangers ago
Chapter 398 - School Preparations ago
Chapter 399 - A New Era ago
Chapter 400 - A Diverse Crowd ago
Chapter 401 - Dungeon: Order of the Malefic Viper D-grade entrance-test ago
Chapter 402 - You Win Some, You Lose Some ago
Chapter 403 - Elective Tests ago
Chapter 404 - Readiness Not Found ago
Chapter 405 - Angry Transmutation ago
Chapter 406 - Pretty Easy ago
Chapter 407 - Dominating the Test ago
Chapter 408 - Meeting Expectations ago
Chapter 409 - Extra Credits Hydra ago
Chapter 410 - Beast vs Man ago
Chapter 411 - A Legendary Warrior ago
Chapter 412 - Fangs of Man ago
Chapter 413 - The Human Has Fangs ago
Chapter 414 - Academy Entry Token ago
Chapter 415 - A Different TIme ago
Chapter 416 - An Uncertain Future ago
Chapter 417 - Rules & A Very Good Question ago
Chapter 418 - "The Positive Side" ago
Chapter 419 - Conversations Are Hard ago
Chapter 420 - Blaze It! ago
Chapter 421 - A Life of Punishment ago
Chapter 422 - First Lesson ago
Chapter 423 - Willpower, Flames & Dragons ago
Chapter 424 - Mysterious Senior ago
Chapter 425 - Soulflame & Exposed ago
Chapter 426 - A New Path ago
Chapter 427 - Windy Times Ahead ago
Chapter 428 - Bit of Dragon Lore ago
Chapter 429 - The History of Bloodlines ago
Chapter 430 - Relationships Are Hard. Oh, and Neurotoxins ago
Chapter 431 - Slow And Steady Wins the Race ago
Chapter 432 - Party Prepping ago
Chapter 433 - The Power of Booze ago
Chapter 434 - Outed ago
Book 2 of the Primal Hunter now out on Amazon + Coins. ago
Chapter 435 - Political Maneuvering & Preperations ago
Chapter 436 - Presence of a King ago
Chapter 437 - Discussing the Future of Earth ago
Chapter 438 - Paths To A Better Future ago
Chapter 439 - A Good Chat & Hidden Agendas ago
Chapter 440 - A Case of Bad Communication ago
Chapter 441 - The Right Path ago
Chapter 442 - Golden Opportunities Only A Moron Would Waste ago
Chapter 443 - Vampire Visit ago
Chapter 444 - The Sentiment of Vampires ago
Chapter 445 - Vampire Hoarders ago
Chapter 446 - Heart of the Alchemist ago
Chapter 447 - Momentum + Wealth = Progress ago
Chapter 448 - Unexpected New Paths ago
Chapter 449 - Oras ago
Chapter 450 - Comprehending the Incomprehensible ago
Chapter 451 - Ambermill: A Quaint Little Town ago
Chapter 452 - Friendly Advice & Competition ago
Chapter 453 - Earth Elemental Prima ago
Chapter 454 - The Great Escape ago
Chapter 455 - Grand Mangrove River ago
Chapter 456 - Bend! ago
Chapter 457 - The Depths of the Grand Mangrove River ago
Chapter 458 - Making "Friends" ago
Chapter 459 - Port City Changlun ago
Chapter 460 - Crossing the Great Pond ago
Chapter 461 - City-Hopping ago
Chapter 462 - Tracking & Danger Bird ago
Chapter 463 - Paradise ago
Chapter 464 - Gambling Time ago
Chapter 465 - The Importance of Keeping Up Appearances ago
Chapter 466 - The Salvento Family ago
Chapter 467 - Peak Family Drama ago
Chapter 468 - A One-Sided Family Feud ago
Chapter 469 - Catharsis ago
Chapter 470 - The Morning After ago
Chapter 471 - Jungle Hunting ago
Chapter 472 - Skills, Statuses, & A Stealthy Future ago
Chapter 473 - Covert Wills ago
Chapter 474 - Stealth Archer Training ago
Chapter 475 - Phantomshade Panther ago
Chapter 476 - In the Jungle... ago
Chapter 477 - The Mighty Jungle... ago
Chapter 478 - The Hunter Sleeps Tonight ago
Chapter 479 - A Step Forward For the Universe ago
Chapter 480 - Seat of the Exalted Prima ago
Chapter 481 - Unrealistic Planetary Standards ago
Chapter 482 - Path of Myriad Choices ago
Chapter 483 - A Very Different Life ago
Chapter 484 - Understanding Thyself ago
Chapter 485 - A Lonely Existence ago
Chapter 486 - Profession?? ago
Chapter 487 - A Path To Survival ago
Chapter 488 - The Faint Line Between The Virtual & Reality ago
Book 3 the Primal Hunter now out on Amazon/Audible! ago
Chapter 489 - Internal Developments ago
Chapter 490 - Beneath the Stars ago
Chapter 491 - Meetings & Leaving the Seat ago
Chapter 492 - Great Wonders & Wondering What To Level ago
Chapter 493 - Not Blackmail ago
Chapter 494 - Learning Styles & Internal Struggle ago
Chapter 495 - Two Geniuses Making Plans: Me & Myself ago
Chapter 496 - A Counter+Intuitive Fighting Style. ago
Chapter 497 - "So, you want to join the Order of the Malefic Viper?" ago
Chapter 498 - Minor Misunderstandings & Dungeon ago
Chapter 499 - Oversharing & One More Beer ago
Chapter 500 - Spontaneous Decisions Are The Best Decisions ago
Chapter 501 - Girl Time & Guy Time ago
Chapter 502 - Mushrooms... So Many Mushrooms. ago
Chapter 503 - Truly Evil Dungeon Design ago
Chapter 504 - Heroes of the Ninth Floor ago
Chapter 505 - Mushroom Massacre & Friend Visit ago
Chapter 506 - United In Hatred ago
Chapter 507 - Reflecting On Stats & Supreme Final Boss ago
Chapter 508 - A Rude Interruption ago
Chapter 509 - (Un)expected Situation ago
Chapter 510 - Reika & the Insurmountable Task Of Trying To Explain Jake ago
Chapter 511 - Friendships & The Question Of Why They Are So Damn Hard. ago

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Tom Hanks

It's entertaining. I caught up to the current chapter, so it's obviously not terrible. But in my opinion, it's a cheaper version of defiance of the fall. Many similar things happen in the stories. I even feel like there were times where zogarth threw shade at the first defiers story. Which wasn't bad. Funny even. I liked the concept of the MC becoming friends with the god and how he can resist the pressure from his aura. 

I don't like Jake's back story. He becomes this adrenaline junkie who love a challenge and hates to lose. That's why he becomes super strong. But that comes out of nowhere. His life before the system is totally different. He gives up on relationships totally because 1 girlfriend cheats on him. 

The writing isn't bad, but it upsets me how long fights are dragged out. Fighting 1 guys shouldn't be dragged out for 15 chapters. After the treasure hunt, it's almost 30 chapters In a row of fighting 2 people. Really? 6 weeks of chapters for that? I would be pissed if I was waiting for 1 chapter a day. That was the worst, but the fight scenes in general just last too long. Along with the over analyzing of which skills to choose. I admit, I skipped and skimmed through more than a few chapters because I just got bored. Definitely a web serial. 


I also think it's kinda sad that the author is venting in the author notes. I lost count how many times they mention quitting writing this story because of poor reviews, but at the same time makes bank on Patreon, While also publishing the story. 


Primal Hunter starts a little shakey, but once you cruise past the opening it settles into a groove. Then it digresses for a very long time with an out of left field crafting section. While this section does end eventually and the story gets back on to solid ground, it is a perfect example of why I've decided to drop this serial. Long sections which are essentially level grinding.

Chapter after chapter is the character leveling up and many of these levels are inconsequential or feel totally unearned. There are three separate leveling systems: class, profession, and race. That last one levels up due to the other two going up levels. Each of these also features evolutions and ability choices at specific intervals. For every single level, we get a breakdown and the character's thoughts on that level. Each ability or evolution choice is outlined and followed by a paragraph or two of the character's thoughts on it. Then, after making a choice, we get more paragraphs of the character justifying their decision.

After a certain point, the level-ups feel meaningless. They happen so frequently that huge chunks of this story are just levels and level analysis. It is too much of a good thing. It doesn't feel special or interesting. It doesn't feel like the protagonist earns most of the levels. They just sort of happen.

There is little actual plot development across the 81 chapters I have read. Very little has happened and what is on the docket isn't that engaging. It isn't so much that hunting beast lords and the king of the forest is boring, but that the execution is a slog. Clearly, the author is trying to make the various battles and hunts varied and interesting, but how many ways are there to write about grinding out badgers and stags?  Just skip over them! Use a sentence or two to describe how badass and cool the hunting is and then get to the fight that really matters: the boss.

This is not a bad story, but it moves at a snail's pace because every little detail is covered. Every trash mob, every level, and every thought the character has is detailed. It feels like each chapter only has a paragraph or two of actual plot development. There are interesting things being set up and I call tell there is a narrative there worth following, but it is buried underneath so much noise.

Chr Gor

This is a really great read, and I recommend you check it out.

There is a proper flow to the story, the characters have proper growth and dont do random shit, Its interesting, has proper grammar and structure, all in all just a great read.

While the main character does have an op advantage, its not the be all end all kind of thing. There is still tension, he could still die, it isn't like he can suddenly just do anything and solve anything. This story does it right.

Arcane Entity

This is something that I am almost certain has been said before, but please. PLEASE. Stop trying to push William to become the primary antagonist, It has not worked and will never work.

The biggest problem is that you absolutely CANNOT have you protagonist beat the shit out of the Antagonist and literally kill him and still have the readers take him seriously, even more so when after being revived you have Eversmiles inner monologue about William and Jake shouldn't meet for a very long time, by having a god, a Primordial, literally one of the strongest beings in the universe straight up admit that having them meet would be a bad idea only cements the fact that William Could not, Would not and Will not win.

It would be a different thing if they had both come out of that fight, Alive but severely injured. But the fact is, you can make William as strong as you want. Give him literal divine items and still I will not be able to forget the fact that the MC has killed him before.

I understand what you are trying to do, but I am sorry, from the moment he lost the first battle against Jake I could never take him seriously.

Joshua Resendez

I'm writing this after chapter 88

The first dozen chapters were pretty good. The author started fleshing out the characters but as of chapter 80-something they still feel like NPCs. 

There is very little story here considering the amount of words written. It's mostly stats and the MC fighting mobs alone. It feels like an RPG with mostly random mop encounters with a talking NPC ever now and then.

It might be good if 80% was removed.

The grammar and prose were acceptable


The story is bog standard filled with common trops you find throught everyone one of these apocolypse rpgs, but where as others try to at least have some form of cast to carry the plot this story has the MC as a anti-social psycopath (literaly) whos only goal is to get stronger.

The story is rife with cliches and deus ex to keep the MC OP and on top with the MC arragonlty declaring himself better then professional athlete because "he reads more and some times practises" and the story makes sure that he's proven right in this assertion at every turn.

The story is basically a poor mans defiance of the fall and baring that equal to any OP isekai story.


Edit: added spoilers for story stuff. Sorry for that.

First thing to take out the way. Grammar. It's good. Nothing really jumps to mind in regards to mistakes. That being said, English is my second language, so there may be things I did miss.

Secondly, Style. Solid. But also not fantastic or awe-inspiring.

Character and Story. That's where things dip a little and need a longer explanation. I also think they both should be talked about at the same time, as their quality heavily relies upon each other.

The first thing to say, the characters are good. Personalities, goals, motivations, and all that stuff are good and consistent. POVs of all the other characters are enjoyable. It was really cool to see one of the antagonists' backstory. What is bad is how characters and MC interact. Or, better said, not interact. It is really strange how the author balances the story like that, because when they do interact? It is good. Very, very good, but instead of capitalizing on that, the author instead is keen on isolating the MC from all other people time and time again. You can see examples in the spoiler below.

First, it was a dungeon where Jake spends almost 20 chapters by his lonesome doing alchemy. Not gonna lie, to this day it is the worst part of this story. Seeing Jake doing nothing interesting while we are fed POVs of faction war and drama by secondary characters was very frustrating and made me gloss over most of his scenes just to get to interludes faster. They were the only thing keeping me from ditching the story.

Now, instead of a dungeon, Jake isolates himself from his own settlement by the mysterious and scary persona he created. Not only that, but Miranda, the one person willing to speak to him like a normal human being, is now afraid to offend him because of reasons. Granted, she is getting better now and her reasons are understandable (if a bit extreme IMO), but still. Is all that in character? Yes. Is it good to have MC not interact with others and put focus on fights? Not if you want to get a good story.

Honestly, it feels like a deliberate move by the author, but I just can't understand why if that's the case. They can do characters, they can do interactions and dialogue, why don't they do it more often?

The fights themselves are not bad, but they are not a substitute for the story, especially if they don't carry any weight behind them besides a desire for leveling. It is cool to see how Jake can take that monster or the other, but I would rather read more of Jake actually interacting with people instead of another mindless monster fight or profession grinding. There needs to be a balance between them all, but all I can see is alchemy technobabble and fight scenes outweighing all other parts of the story.

Thankfully, it seems that a major event will soon begin and I can only hope that meeting all other powerful people there will result in interactions between them. The presence of the samurai elder who is personally interested in Jake as well as his coworkers and family is bound to make it interesting. Hopefully, it will be more than just Jake telling Miranda to deal with it and going away to fight monsters alone. Again. 

Despite all my criticism, it is still a good story. Not great or without flaws, but enjoyable nonetheless. And I'm very eager to see how it'll continue. I just wish the author played more to their strength and put more emphasis on characters and dialogue rather than getting MC more powerful and making numbers go up.


It's an interesting novel but after returning to earth I can't help but think there's nothing to challenge the MC remains. He lives alone, wears a mask, refuses to let people get close because he feels it would only put them in danger, and sees problems as things only he can fix. He's dark and broody... point is, he went from an interesting character that cared about other people to a knockoff, superpowered batman.

His character has no growth other than stats meanwhile every encounter went from. "How's he going to survive this divine deer? Is he going to run? Haha, poison for the win!" to "Oh a far more powerful class D being. Something that can or already has slaughtered countless people without breaking a sweat? He's going to shoot it with his bow and kill it... yep, I was right." What's the point of having a higher evolved class of being if someone on a lower level can kill it with such ease?

Eh, at least the author didn't make the MC all that plus being a mouthbreather with a harem.

North Wind

I am really enjoying the story so far. The classes and system are great, and the MC isn't gifted an OP class just because he is the MC. He starts from the beginning, and works for his power. The story is progressing well, and I really like how he is a loner. He does make contact with other people for plot progression, but he mainly works alone, which is great. I don't like city-building stories, but fortunately this doesn't turn into one. Some LitRPG's are ruined for me because of this.

He does become a Lord of a city, but it looks like he will give some people the power to manage his city, while he is the figurehead and benefits from this, and then goes on his way to get stronger.

Also, I like the class that he starts with, it was my favorite option, I like hunters and people with bow and arrows. I am happy he also embraces the melee option of the hunter. There are versions of hunter or ranger where they have a bow and arrow, and are told their class is good with short ranged weapons like daggers and shortswords, but instead they only have one tiny dagger for almost the whole story and whenever they lose their bow, they can't do anything with their dagger.

I also really like his proffession, alchemy and making poisons. That is another really cool thing that I enjoy. He also does have a bit of magic, but it isn't really prominent, which is great, because it is more fun to read about someone fighting with someone else, not throwing bolts from behind tanks and just repeating the same thing each time, just with more advance spells. In addition, as of now, there is no romance, which is awesome. He did have a short crush, but it didn't last too long, didn't have a meaningful role on the story, and unlike other novels, his crush didn't just instantly through herself at his feet as soon as he gets slightly stronger than everyone else. Romance usually subtracts from the story, with the MC struggling with the girl and she has him wrapped around her finger.

The story is a lot of fun to read, the characters are great, and overall, I really like this story. Thank you for Primal Hunter! :)

This is a story of coming to grips with the reality that you no longer recognise. It is also a story of someone who has to accept themselves for who they are before they could unlock their full potential and completely blossom. 
While still in its beginning stages, the story follows the MC who is just a regular joe working a 9-5 job. However, as the world turns upside down, we get to see the guy outside of that time frame. We get to know his history and his lost-passion. We see him embrace his passion with open arms and accept the consequences that came with it.
The MC is an introvert and we actually get to see this. It is not like those cases where MC is supposed to be an introvert but is the most likeable person around. If you look closely, you’d see how the situation could have been handled better but the MC didn’t because of his lack of people skills.
The world-building is fairly decent at this point, but it hints at larger things in play. Why is there a tutorial?? Who set it up? What happens to the world while humans are gone? All these questions are left to be answered later.
Grammar is fairly good and the sentences flow nicely. The dialogues are natural, which is a plus point. Overall, this is a good novel.