The Primal Hunter

The Primal Hunter

by Zogarth

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week.

Average chapter length: 2500

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Another Monday morning ago
Chapter 2 - Introduction ago
Chapter 3 - The tutorial commences ago
Chapter 4 - First battle ago
Chapter 5 - Big pig ago
Chapter 6 - Questioning ago
Chapter 7 - Training & rest ago
Chapter 8 - A wonderful night ago
Chapter 9 - Blood ago
Chapter 10 - Reflection & frustration ago
Chapter 11 - Friend or foe? ago
Chapter 12 - A splitting provocation ago
Chapter 13 - Nicholas (part 1) ago
Chapter 14 - Nicholas (part 2) ago
Chapter 15 - Diverging paths ago
Chapter 16 - A bit of hunting ago
Chapter 17 - Loot ago
Chapter 18 - Finding a challenge ago
Chapter 19 - Everybody Loves Blue Mushrooms ago
Chapter 20 - Death & courage ago
Chapter 21 - An impactful choice ago
Chapter 22 - Alchemy! ago
Chapter 23 - Progression ago
Chapter 24 - Palate of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 25 - Enjoying life ago
Chapter 26 - More skills! ago
Chapter 27 - Evolution ago
Chapter 28 - Base building ago
Chapter 29 - It's just logical ago
Chapter 30 - Preparations for evolution ago
Chapter 31 - Professional evolution ago
Chapter 32 - A very weird encounter ago
Chapter 33 - True Blessing of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 34 - Manipulation ago
Chapter 35 - Blood of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 36 - A battle of life & death ago
Chapter 37 - Leave nothing behind ago
Chapter 38 - Broken ago
Chapter 39 - Powershot ago
Chapter 40 - Defect & Meeting ago
Chapter 41 - Clash ago
Chapter 42 - Twin Fang Style ago
Chapter 43 - Big Pig II: Steeltusk Edition ago
Chapter 44 - "Partners" ago
Chapter 45 - Shadow Vault & Instincts ago
Chapter 46 - Unexpected Encounter (1/3) ago
Chapter 47 - Unexpected Encounter (2/3) ago
Chapter 48 - Unexpected Encounter (3/3) ago
Chapter 49 - Enemy of the people ago
Chapter 50 - Friendship ago
Chapter 51 - Meeting old friends (1/2) ago
Chapter 52 - Meeting old friends (2/2) ago
Chapter 53 - Goals ago
Chapter 54 - Class Evolution ago
Chapter 55 - Ambitious Hunter ago
Chapter 56 - Metal Savant ago
Chapter 57 - Metal & Nature ago
Chapter 58 - Herrmann Schmidt ago
Chapter 59 - Stamina ago
Chapter 60 - Idiots ago
Chapter 61 - A bitter end ago
Chapter 62 - Loot 2.0 ago
Chapter 63 - Arrows ago
Chapter 64 - Badger's Den ago
Chapter 65 - Chilling with badgers ago
Chapter 66 - The Notorious B.I.G Badger ago
Chapter 67 - Infused Powershot ago
Chapter 68 - Dungeon = Alchemy ago
Chapter 69 - Augur of Hope ago
Chapter 70 - Excelling ago
Chapter 71 - Dream ago
Chapter 72 - Den Mother ago
Chapter 73 - First quest & Venomfang ago
Chapter 74 - Practice & Ash ago
Chapter 75 - Scales of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 76 - Lucenti Plains ago
Chapter 77 - Pondering on ponds ago
Chapter 78 - Introspection ago
Chapter 79 - Moment of Curiosity ago
Chapter 80 - Cleaning up the plains ago
Chapter 81 - The Great White Stag ago
Chapter 82 - No rest for the wicked ago
Chapter 83 - Loot & Healing ago
Chapter 84 - True Protagonist ago
Chapter 85 - Into the dark ago
Chapter 86 - The right way ago
Chapter 87 - Dark Mana & Dark Tunnels ago
Chapter 88 - Many Rats! Handle it! ago
Chapter 89 - Dark Attunement ago
Chapter 90 - Nest Watcher ago
Chapter 91 - A final gift ago
Chapter 92 - Willful Ignorance ago
Chapter 93 - The Balance Broken ago
Chapter 94 - Beers & Exposition ago
Chapter 95 - Of Fate & Destiny ago
Chapter 96 - William & Jake ago
Chapter 97 - Spring cleaning = Loot 3.0 ago
Chapter 98 -Valley of Tusks ago
Chapter 99 - Going with the flow ago
Chapter 100 - The right way forward ago
Chapter 101 - Mana 101 ago
Chapter 102 - A thoughtful touch ago
Chapter 103 - Pigs for slaughter ago
Chapter 104 - Limit Break ago
Chapter 105 - Falling rocks ago
Chapter 106 - Horde Leader ago
Chapter 107 - Next target: King of the Forest ago
Chapter 108 - King ago
Chapter 109 - Eclipse ago
Chapter 110 - Fall ago
Chapter 111 - When the curtains fall... ago
Chapter 112 - Tutorial Rewards: Titles & Math ago
Chapter 113 - Tutorial Rewards: Narrowing down options ago
Chapter 114 - Tutorial Rewards: Getting stuff ago
Chapter 115 - Records ago
Chapter 116 - A Godlike Getaway ago
Chapter 117 - Danger Bath ago
Chapter 118 - Second part? ago
Chapter 119 - Embracing power ago
Chapter 120 - Defiance & Gains ago
Chapter 121 - You know, I'm something of a sage myself ago
Chapter 122 - Homecoming ago
Intermission 1 - Carmen ago
Intermission 2 - Noboru Miyamoto ago
Intermission 3 - Eron ago
Chapter 123 - The Blue Marble ago
Chapter 124 - One Step Mile ago
Chapter 125 - Pylon of Civilization ago
Chapter 126 - The Times They Are A-Changin' ago
Chapter 127 - Monsters ago
Intermission 4 - Matteo (1/2) ago
Intermission 4 - Matteo (2/2) ago
Chapter 128 - Living with the consequences ago
Chapter 129 - Points of view ago
Chapter 130 - Going down ago
Chapter - 131 - Two kinds of people ago
Chapter 132 - Big Blue Mushroom ago
Chapter 133 - Delegating (avoiding) responsibilities ago
Chapter 134 - Construction plans ago
Chapter 135 - First World Problems ago
Chapter 136 - How To Train Your Dragon Wings ago
Chapter 137 - I Believe I Can Fly ago
Chapter 138 - Viewing Party ago
Chapter 139 - Going Up ago
Chapter 140 - A Cloudy Forecast ago
Chapter 141 - Mana Bolt ago
Chapter 142 - Look at Me, I'm the Mage Now! ago
Chapter 143 - City Lord ago
Chapter 144 - Not Again ago
Chapter 145 - Visitors ago
Chapter 146 - Familial Conflict ago
Chapter 147 - Unbalanced ago
Chapter 148 - Incoming ago
Chapter 149 - Anger ago
Chapter 150 - Barely a Fight ago
Chapter 151 - A Bit of Self-Reflection ago
Chapter 152 - Killing Monsters = Loot 4.0 ago
Chapter 153 - An Agreement With the Incompetents(?) ago
Chapter 154 - Clouds & Brimstone ago
Chapter 155 - One-sided ago
Chapter 156 - Skills & Pylons ago
Chapter 157 - Arrow of the Ambitious Hunter ago
Chapter 158 - Why? ago
Chapter 159 - Under Pressure ago
Chapter 160 - Can I? ago
Chapter 161 - Towards the Horizon ago
Chapter 162 - Pecking Order ago
Intermission 5 - Meira ago
Chapter 163 - Helping Friends ago
Chapter 164 - Rituals ago
Chapter 165 - Taking Charge ago
Chapter 166 - Jake & Mystie Airlines ago
Chapter 167 - One-sided negotiation ago
Chapter 168 - Phillip ago
Chapter 169 - The Fort ago
Chapter 170 - The Battle of Fort's Deep ago
Chapter 171 - Perhaps Too Easy ago
Chapter 172 - A Monster To Hunt ago
Chapter 173 - Mental Magic ago
Chapter 174 - Minotaur Mindchief ago
Chapter 175 - A Journey of the Mind ago
Chapter 176 - From the Myst They Came... ago
Chapter 177 - To Pursue Perfection ago
Chapter 178 - Names ago
Chapter 179 - Baby Hawk ago
Chapter 180 - Fists of Fury ago
Chapter 181 - Methods of Improvement ago
Chapter 182 - Just Getting a Few Samples ago
Chapter 183 - Important Jobs ago
Chapter 184 - Divine Influence ago
Chapter 185 - Progress For Everyone! ago
Chapter 186 - One Step Closer ago
Chapter 187 - Sylphian ago
Chapter 188 - A Plan Brought to Fruition ago
Chapter 189 - Press F for Fungus ago
Chapter 190 - Sensing the Arcane ago
Chapter 191 - Cloudy with A Chance of Powershots ago
Chapter 192 - Hierarchy & Doubt ago
Chapter 193 - A Cursed Touch ago
Chapter 194 - Grades & Impatience ago
Chapter 195 - D-grade ago
Chapter 196 - Expanding in Scope ago
Chapter 197 - Keep Things Simple ago
Chapter 198 - D-grade Class Selection ago
Chapter 199 - Avaricious Arcane Hunter ago
Chapter 200 - A Sculptor of Haven ago
Chapter 201 - A Brave New World ago
Chapter 202 - An Even More Professional Evolution ago
Chapter 203 - A Heretical Chosen ago
Chapter 204 - The Wyvern of the Desolates ago
Chapter 205 - An Improved Palate ago
Chapter 206 - A Real Shitfest ago
Chapter 207 - Enhanced Splitting Arrow ago
Chapter 208 - Dervish ago
Chapter 209 - Worthy Opponents ago
Chapter 210 - Rules of Monkey Hunting ago
Chapter 211 - Matriarchs ago
Chapter 212 - City/Monkey Management ago
Chapter 213 - Monkey Business ago
Chapter 214 - Enjoyment ago
Chapter 215 - Fragmented ago
Chapter 216 - The Calm Before the Politics ago
Chapter 217 - The World Congress Begins ago
Chapter 218 - World Congress: Friendly Talks ago
Chapter 219 - World Congress: Reunion ago
Chapter 220 - World Congress: A Quick Vote ago
Chapter 221 - World Congress: "Confrontations" ago
Chapter 222 - World Congress: On The Flip Of A Coin ago
Chapter 223 - World Congress: System Events ago
Chapter 224 - World Congress: Challenge ago
Chapter 225 - World Congress: Master Negotiator ago
Chapter 226 - World Congress: Final Talks ago
Chapter 227 - Shopping Spree ago
Chapter 228 - A Question of Morality ago
Intermission 6 - William (1/3) ago
Intermission 6 - William (2/3) ago
Intermission 6 - William (3/3) ago
Chapter 229 - A Healthy Diet ago
Chapter 230 - This Chapter Contains Alchemy ago
Chapter 231 - Man Cave(s) ago
Chapter 232 - Nanoblade ago
Chapter 233 - Evil Incarnate ago
Chapter 234 - Questionable Choices ago
Chapter 235 - Golden Mushroom ago
Chapter 236 - Deepdwellers vs Cave Troll (feat. Jake) ago
Chapter 237 - The Paragon Option ago
Chapter 238 - A Distraction ago
Chapter 239 - Justice From Above ago
Chapter 240 - To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade, That Is The Question. ago
Chapter 241 - The Morality of Domination ago
Chapter 242 - Righteous Crusade ago
Chapter 243 - Schemes Of An Old Man ago
Chapter 244 - Heartwarden ago
Chapter 245 - Assessment ago
Chapter 246 - Census Taking (Hard Mode) ago
Chapter 247 - Gravity Is Your Friend ago
Chapter 248 - Minor Miscalculations ago
Chapter 249 - Priorities ago
Chapter 250 - Altmar Signet ago
Chapter 251 - Stats, Tables & Gear - all the LitRPG! ago
Chapter 252 - Something Long Overdue ago
Chapter 253 - Leatherworkers ago
Chapter 254 - Personal Improvement ago
Chapter 255 - Temple & Blessings ago
Chapter 256 - Servant & Territory ago
Chapter 257 - Will of the Chosen ago
Chapter 258 - Jake the Corpse Merchant ago
Chapter 259 - Taking Advantage of Mistakes ago
Chapter 260 - Keeping It Friendly ago
Chapter 261 - Introspection & Self-Control ago
Chapter 262 - Sultan ago
Chapter 263 - "I don't like you." - Jake Thayne, Year 1, 93rd Era. ago
Chapter 264 - Executive Decision ago
Chapter 265 - Concessions Today, Profits in the Future ago
Chapter 266 - Sultan Has Wares, If You Have Coin ago

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crazy cupcake wizard

At first, I absolutely loved this story. It had its flaws, but the main character and the fun way combat was detailed was fascinating. And then I kept reading. The more it went on, the longer combat lasted without actually contributing to the story in an interesting way. The main character had growth, but what started as impactful, crazy scenarios to push him turned into long, boring self reflections about the same 3 ideas multiple times. 

So I skimmed the combat, since while the power was scaling, the layout was not. And then it talked about alchemy, which was pretty fun, until it'll be the only actual content in a chapter for about the 25th time. And then there are the multiple perspectives. The coolest combat scenes? The ones where Jake really does something cool. Like shoot at a cloud from miles and miles away. It didn't last long, the end result was the same as any other, yet it didn't take a week to make.

William's actually the best character here. Yeah, I said it; despite what looks like 70% of all readers disagreeing with me. The thing with him is that, unlike pretty much every other character for me, the more I read about him the better he gets. He goes on his own story, but it's actually centered on the people he interacts with, instead of just going into a cave for 20 chapters and having 'development' there. It's just a shame that he represents probably the biggest problem I have with this story.

Diction: the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing. 

Villy, an immortal god who's lived through the creation of universes has the same pattern of speech as our main character. Jacob, a ruler of a city and a follower of fate, talks like our main character. William, a mostly-psycopath trying to find his own road in life, talks like our main character. They have their own quirks and types of discussion, yet the diction remains the same. Who uses 'rad' in their own heads?! What kind of cold-blooded, PTSD inducing people say things like 'epic'?! It's easily my biggest issue. Please author, I'm begging you. On my knees and head to the floor: have your characters use different types of diction. 

This story starts out fun, but the same flaws don't improve over time. Read it if you're bored, or don't want to read Azarinth anymore as at least this story actually does contain development and deep magic laws. 


Primal Hunter starts a little shakey, but once you cruise past the opening it settles into a groove. Then it digresses for a very long time with an out of left field crafting section. While this section does end eventually and the story gets back on to solid ground, it is a perfect example of why I've decided to drop this serial. Long sections which are essentially level grinding.

Chapter after chapter is the character leveling up and many of these levels are inconsequential or feel totally unearned. There are three separate leveling systems: class, profession, and race. That last one levels up due to the other two going up levels. Each of these also features evolutions and ability choices at specific intervals. For every single level, we get a breakdown and the character's thoughts on that level. Each ability or evolution choice is outlined and followed by a paragraph or two of the character's thoughts on it. Then, after making a choice, we get more paragraphs of the character justifying their decision.

After a certain point, the level-ups feel meaningless. They happen so frequently that huge chunks of this story are just levels and level analysis. It is too much of a good thing. It doesn't feel special or interesting. It doesn't feel like the protagonist earns most of the levels. They just sort of happen.

There is little actual plot development across the 81 chapters I have read. Very little has happened and what is on the docket isn't that engaging. It isn't so much that hunting beast lords and the king of the forest is boring, but that the execution is a slog. Clearly, the author is trying to make the various battles and hunts varied and interesting, but how many ways are there to write about grinding out badgers and stags?  Just skip over them! Use a sentence or two to describe how badass and cool the hunting is and then get to the fight that really matters: the boss.

This is not a bad story, but it moves at a snail's pace because every little detail is covered. Every trash mob, every level, and every thought the character has is detailed. It feels like each chapter only has a paragraph or two of actual plot development. There are interesting things being set up and I call tell there is a narrative there worth following, but it is buried underneath so much noise.

Archer Sterling

First 100 chapters does this story no favors

Reviewed at: Chapter 101 - Mana 101

Author needs to go back to the first 100 chapters and cut out chapters or condense it greatly.  Too many chapters conveying information readers already know or doesn't need to know.

As for reading this?

It's another litrpg story that follows the same formula often found within this genre.  If you've read litrpg stories you know what to expect by now when it comes to the main character and  story beats.  Jake is a cardboard cutout of a litrpg main character.  The guy's introverted, lacks social skill and likes to keep to himself.  Before his new life?  It was boring and mundane and he felt like he's was always missing something until now.  Now, he revels and excel in the new setting he's found himself in.  Sound familiar?  Yeah it's been done over and over, again, and again. 

You're gonna find Jake training a lot.  Looting a lot.  Fighting a lot on repeat.  God, there is so much chapters focus on pointless details and combat you can just skip most of it and you wouldn't be missing out on much.  All it does is stall the story to a glacial and boring pace.


Stone o'Mountain

It's a decent story, I find the characters largely believable and their actions understandable with some exposition.

Some spelling and language mistakes, but then I've seen a lot  worse,  and they do get fixed quickly when mentioned.

As to the system and 'rules', I read for pleasure and don't geek out on a numbers game, so I can't comment on that, but it's not too excessive.

At this point  it's  a good read overall, unless you are someone who needs a trigger warning on a hunting video, or can't accept someone else'  point of view without going into a autistic screeching rage.

North Wind

I am really enjoying the story so far. The classes and system are great, and the MC isn't gifted an OP class just because he is the MC. He starts from the beginning, and works for his power. The story is progressing well, and I really like how he is a loner. He does make contact with other people for plot progression, but he mainly works alone, which is great. I don't like city-building stories, but fortunately this doesn't turn into one. Some LitRPG's are ruined for me because of this.

He does become a Lord of a city, but it looks like he will give some people the power to manage his city, while he is the figurehead and benefits from this, and then goes on his way to get stronger.

Also, I like the class that he starts with, it was my favorite option, I like hunters and people with bow and arrows. I am happy he also embraces the melee option of the hunter. There are versions of hunter or ranger where they have a bow and arrow, and are told their class is good with short ranged weapons like daggers and shortswords, but instead they only have one tiny dagger for almost the whole story and whenever they lose their bow, they can't do anything with their dagger.

I also really like his proffession, alchemy and making poisons. That is another really cool thing that I enjoy. He also does have a bit of magic, but it isn't really prominent, which is great, because it is more fun to read about someone fighting with someone else, not throwing bolts from behind tanks and just repeating the same thing each time, just with more advance spells. In addition, as of now, there is no romance, which is awesome. He did have a short crush, but it didn't last too long, didn't have a meaningful role on the story, and unlike other novels, his crush didn't just instantly through herself at his feet as soon as he gets slightly stronger than everyone else. Romance usually subtracts from the story, with the MC struggling with the girl and she has him wrapped around her finger.

The story is a lot of fun to read, the characters are great, and overall, I really like this story. Thank you for Primal Hunter! :)


Many times i feel frusturated at book for many minor or major flaws.

This 1 is almost perfect in any sense, highly recomended!

Story line, logic(in the bounds of the World created in the book), pace, kindness&ruthlessness, suspense, characters, grammer, and style all very well executed.

I hope the story would keep going, it has much potential, i would keep a close Watch! 


Like the setting and character personality and i'm excited for the future of the story !

Hope there are many more chapters to come in the future .

Great story overall and also very fun . Cool Mc and i like the archer + poison build type right now .



This book has the many things required to have a good book so let's give 1 for each star

1. Actual character development

2. A great sense of humor

3. The worlds(multiverses) lore is great, makes sense, and isn't just there so the mc can do whatever he wants

4. Challenges for the mc. You'd be surprised how hard it is to make the things the protagonist faces hard for them

5. The protagonist has flaws and he actually recognizes it and trys to improve himself 

Tar Eressea

One of my favorite novels. I wait every night at the same time to have the chapter of the day.

No grammar issues, the style is good. The characters are good, funny, complex and deep. The story is good too. Love it

...Yeah I suck at writing reviews. But try this novel, it deserves it.



there's some parts i didn't like but the story as a whole is definitely one of the best on here and won't be leaving my library unless something massive happens.

i need more words in my review, purple green whale yellow because elephant jeans more words please let me post it now thanks