The Primal Hunter

The Primal Hunter

by Zogarth

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

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On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week.

Average chapter length: 2500

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course. Also, this novel is only posted on Royalroad, Patreon, and my Amazon releases, so if you are reading it elsewhere, it's pirated and you suck if you keep reading.

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Table of Contents
247 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Another Monday morning ago
Chapter 2 - Introduction ago
Chapter 3 - The tutorial commences ago
Chapter 4 - First battle ago
Chapter 5 - Big pig ago
Chapter 6 - Questioning ago
Chapter 7 - Training & rest ago
Chapter 8 - A wonderful night ago
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Chapter 431 - Slow And Steady Wins the Race ago
Chapter 432 - Party Prepping ago
Chapter 433 - The Power of Booze ago
Chapter 434 - Outed ago
Book 2 of the Primal Hunter now out on Amazon + Coins. ago
Chapter 435 - Political Maneuvering & Preperations ago
Chapter 436 - Presence of a King ago
Chapter 437 - Discussing the Future of Earth ago
Chapter 438 - Paths To A Better Future ago
Chapter 439 - A Good Chat & Hidden Agendas ago
Chapter 440 - A Case of Bad Communication ago
Chapter 441 - The Right Path ago
Chapter 442 - Golden Opportunities Only A Moron Would Waste ago
Chapter 443 - Vampire Visit ago
Chapter 444 - The Sentiment of Vampires ago
Chapter 445 - Vampire Hoarders ago
Chapter 446 - Heart of the Alchemist ago
Chapter 447 - Momentum + Wealth = Progress ago
Chapter 448 - Unexpected New Paths ago
Chapter 449 - Oras ago
Chapter 450 - Comprehending the Incomprehensible ago
Chapter 451 - Ambermill: A Quaint Little Town ago
Chapter 452 - Friendly Advice & Competition ago
Chapter 453 - Earth Elemental Prima ago
Chapter 454 - The Great Escape ago
Chapter 455 - Grand Mangrove River ago
Chapter 456 - Bend! ago
Chapter 457 - The Depths of the Grand Mangrove River ago
Chapter 458 - Making "Friends" ago
Chapter 459 - Port City Changlun ago
Chapter 460 - Crossing the Great Pond ago
Chapter 461 - City-Hopping ago
Chapter 462 - Tracking & Danger Bird ago
Chapter 463 - Paradise ago
Chapter 464 - Gambling Time ago
Chapter 465 - The Importance of Keeping Up Appearances ago
Chapter 466 - The Salvento Family ago
Chapter 467 - Peak Family Drama ago
Chapter 468 - A One-Sided Family Feud ago
Chapter 469 - Catharsis ago
Chapter 470 - The Morning After ago
Chapter 471 - Jungle Hunting ago
Chapter 472 - Skills, Statuses, & A Stealthy Future ago
Chapter 473 - Covert Wills ago
Chapter 474 - Stealth Archer Training ago
Chapter 475 - Phantomshade Panther ago
Chapter 476 - In the Jungle... ago
Chapter 477 - The Mighty Jungle... ago
Chapter 478 - The Hunter Sleeps Tonight ago
Chapter 479 - A Step Forward For the Universe ago
Chapter 480 - Seat of the Exalted Prima ago
Chapter 481 - Unrealistic Planetary Standards ago
Chapter 482 - Path of Myriad Choices ago
Chapter 483 - A Very Different Life ago
Chapter 484 - Understanding Thyself ago
Chapter 485 - A Lonely Existence ago
Chapter 486 - Profession?? ago
Chapter 487 - A Path To Survival ago
Chapter 488 - The Faint Line Between The Virtual & Reality ago
Book 3 the Primal Hunter now out on Amazon/Audible! ago
Chapter 489 - Internal Developments ago
Chapter 490 - Beneath the Stars ago
Chapter 491 - Meetings & Leaving the Seat ago
Chapter 492 - Great Wonders & Wondering What To Level ago
Chapter 493 - Not Blackmail ago
Chapter 494 - Learning Styles & Internal Struggle ago
Chapter 495 - Two Geniuses Making Plans: Me & Myself ago
Chapter 496 - A Counter+Intuitive Fighting Style. ago
Chapter 497 - "So, you want to join the Order of the Malefic Viper?" ago
Chapter 498 - Minor Misunderstandings & Dungeon ago
Chapter 499 - Oversharing & One More Beer ago
Chapter 500 - Spontaneous Decisions Are The Best Decisions ago
Chapter 501 - Girl Time & Guy Time ago
Chapter 502 - Mushrooms... So Many Mushrooms. ago
Chapter 503 - Truly Evil Dungeon Design ago
Chapter 504 - Heroes of the Ninth Floor ago
Chapter 505 - Mushroom Massacre & Friend Visit ago
Chapter 506 - United In Hatred ago
Chapter 507 - Reflecting On Stats & Supreme Final Boss ago
Chapter 508 - A Rude Interruption ago
Chapter 509 - (Un)expected Situation ago
Chapter 510 - Reika & the Insurmountable Task Of Trying To Explain Jake ago
Chapter 511 - Friendships & The Question Of Why They Are So Damn Hard. ago
Chapter 512 - An Offer Difficult To Refuse ago
Chapter 513 - A Teaching Moment ago
Chapter 514 - Two Very Different Fates ago
Chapter 515 - “You are never going to let me live this down, are you?” - Jake Thayne ago
Chapter 516 - A Real Anomaly ago
Chapter 517 - A Small Shopping Trip ago
Chapter 518 - Equipment For Him & Her ago
Chapter 519 - Something Wrong ago
Chapter 520 - In An Instant ago
Chapter 521 - Celestial Alignment of Yore ago
Chapter 522 - Across The World ago
Chapter 523 - Just Sand-Witch Things ago
Chapter 524 - Into the Ground ago
Chapter 525 - Making (Unpleasant) Business Deals ago
Chapter 526 - Painting the Desert Blue ago
Chapter 527 - A Sandy Sand Worm ago
Chapter 528 - A Whole New Worm ago
Chapter 529 - Searching for a Path ago
Chapter 530 - A Logical Conclusion ago
Chapter 531 - Just Winging It ago
Chapter 532 - Godly Interference & Advice ago
Chapter 533 - Hunter Level 180 Skill Selection & Being Hunted ago
Chapter 534 - Snake Girl = Danger Noodle ago
Chapter 535 - Taking Status & Making Plans ago
Chapter 536 - Schemers ago
Chapter 537 - Rebuilding & Lots of Killing ago
Book 4 released on Amazon & Audible! ago
Chapter 538 - Chronicles of Skill Upgrades ago
Chapter 539 - Sky Whale & Old Acquaintance ago
Chapter 540 - Teaching How To Human & Angry Shark ago
Chapter 541 - Angry Shark, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo ago
Chapter 542 - A Bloody Mystery ago
Chapter 543 - What Even is a Health Potion? ago
Chapter 544 - The First Sage ago
Chapter 545 - Annoyingly Complicated ago
Chapter 546 - Sandy's Personal Aquarium ago
Chapter 547 - In This Time Of Change ago
Sick. ago
Chapter 548 - All Hail Sandy ago
Chapter 549 - Strategizing ago
Chapter 550 - Assessment & Preparation ago
Chapter 551 - Broken Sky ago
Chapter 552 - Unique Trump Cards ago
Chapter 553 - Sun & Rain ago
Chapter 554 - Miscalculations & A Third Meeting ago
Chapter 555 - 0/10 Master, Would Not Recommend ago
Chapter 556 - End of Conflict: The Start of Another ago
Chapter 557 - Towards Haven We Go ago
Chapter 558 - Bold Plans ago
Chapter 559 - World-Tier Preparation ago
Chapter 560 - Towards A Better Future ago
Chapter 561 - A Chill Trip ago
Chapter 562 - Family Time ago
Webtoon Announcement ago
Intermission 8/10 - Arthur ago
Chapter 563 - More To The Story ago
Chapter 564 - A Visit To the Resident Mad Scientist ago
Chapter 565 - Snake Friends Visit! ago
Chapter 566 - C-grade Checklist ago
Chapter 567 - Sensing the Missing Link In Monster Alchemy ago
Chapter 568 - A Feathery Reunion ago
Chapter 569 - The Eve Before the Third World Congress ago
Chapter 570 - The Third World Congress ago
Chapter 571 - Earth's Final Trial ago
Chapter 572 - A World That Makes Sense ago
Chapter 573 - Snake In The City ago
Chapter 574 - A Friend of A Friend Is A Rival ago
Chapter 575 - Back To School Season ago
Chapter 576 - Not That Dense... Okay, A Little ago
Chapter 577 - The Library of a Sage ago
Chapter 578 - Profession = Done ago
Chapter 579 - The Importance of Time ago
Chapter 580 - Focus Perfected ago
Chapter 581 - Choice ago
Chapter 582 - An Eternal Shadow ago
Chapter 583 - An Even More Prodigious Prodigy ago
Chapter 584 - (Mostly) Checked Off Checklist ago
Chapter 585 - A Whale of a Time ago
Chapter 586 - Soul Tree & Fire Bears ago
Chapter 587 - Promise of a Good Thing ago
Chapter 588 - Blinding Gleam + Author Note Rant ago
Chapter 589 - Always Has Been ago
Chapter 590 - A Final Act of Vanity ago
Chapter 591 - C-Grade ago
Book Five Out on Amazon! ago
Chapter 592 - The Ups and Downs of Evolution ago
Chapter 593 - A Way More Professional Evolution ago
Chapter 594 - An Even More Skilled Heretic-Chosen ago
Chapter 595 - An Impossible Path ago
Chapter 596 - The Status of a C-grade & Silliness ago
Chapter 597 - A Childish Apocalypse ago
Chapter 598 - A Wise Choice In Retrospect ago
Chapter 599 - Complicated Rituals & Annoying Issue ago
Chapter 600 - Experiments Requiring Varying Degrees of Violence ago
Chapter 601 - Extremely Difficult Questions of Varying Complexity ago
Chapter 602 - A Conversation Long Overdue ago
Chapter 603 - Meeting Before the Meeting ago
Chapter 604 - The Most Important Aspects Of Culture ago
Chapter 605 - Complicated Confusions & Blowing Off Steam Time ago
Chapter 606 - Blackpoint Nanoblade ago
Chapter 607 - Hive Dive Time ago
Chapter 608 - Carefully Calibrated Preparations ago
Chapter 609 - A Wholly Unrecommended Experience ago
Chapter 610 - What Does That Even Mean? ago
Chapter 611 - An Offer Jake Can('t?) Refuse ago
Chapter 612 - "Don't Falter Too Fast." ago
Chapter 613 - A Petrifying Experience ago
Chapter 614 - All For the Hive ago
Chapter 615 - The Endless Empire ago
Chapter 616 - Rules Are Made To Be Broken ago
Chapter 617 - Passing Down One's Records ago
Chapter 618 - A Hundred Eggs ago
Chapter 619 - Origin Core ago
Chapter 620 - Vespernat Hive Queen ago
Chapter 621 - The Great Lineage Wall ago
Chapter 622 - Vespernat Metamorphosis ago
Chapter 623 - The Significance of a True Royal ago
Chapter 624 - A Long Overdue Decision ago
Chapter 625 - Happy Little Accident ago
Chapter 626 - Getting To Know One Another & Equipment Status ago
Chapter 627 - Shopping & Business Meeting ago
Chapter 628 - Shopping Trip = Loot 6.0 ago
Chapter 629 - A Big Surprise For Everyone Involved ago
Chapter 630 - Lack of Humor ago
Chapter 631 - Getting That Booty ago
Chapter 632 - Surreal ago
Chapter 633 - Same Same. But Different. But Still Same. ago
Chapter 634 - Mysteries & Intrigue ago
Chapter 635 - Questions For the Altmar Empire ago
Chapter 636 - Complicated Gift Plans & Surprise Chosen ago
Chapter 637 - Lodge Meeting ago
Chapter 638 - Towards the Order They Go ago
Chapter 639 - The Power of Jinxing ago
Chapter 640 - ”The time has come." ago
Chapter 641 - Chosen of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 642 - Any Questions? ago
Chapter 643 - A Grand Declaration ago
Chapter 644 - “Why does it have to be so complicated?” ago
Update+Book FIve Audiobook+Those Coins Again ago
Chapter 645 - Party Introductions ago
Chapter 646 - Chosen Ceremony = Loot 7.0 ago
Chapter 647 - Behold, The True Vision Of the Malefic Viper's Chosen! ago
Chapter 648 - A Private And Totally Not Contentious Meeting ago
Chapter 649 - Leaving the Nest ago
Chapter 650 - An Old Man's Assessment ago
Chapter 651 - Nature's Attendant ago
Chapter 652 - Onwards, To Nevermore ago
Chapter 653 - Nevermore City ago
Chapter 654 - Nevermore Leaderboards ago
Chapter 655 - Last Say ago
Chapter 656 - Into the Abyss ago
Chapter 657 - Nevermore: First Floor ago
Chapter 658 - Nevermore: The Dina Show ago
Chapter 659 - Nevermore: The Worst Floor ago
Chapter 660 - Nevermore: Monarch of the Skies ago

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The story is awesome and engaging written I follow the story now for almost a year and I can not remember a moment where it let me down. It has steady uploads long enough chapters to keep you engaged every single day. A excellent main character and multiple well written characters with interesting viewpoints. There are very few grammatical and spelling errors in the story and the few that are there the Author always fixes. 


Started listening to the first one on Tokybook and was hooked after that. Some minor overuse of words in the beginning books, but writer was much better by the 3rd. All caught up, and looking forward to more.

I had no idea the scope of the world the writer was creating, but the direction it went felt original and well done. 

Audiobooks were well done. 

Overall I really like the series.  


To begin with, I do like the story and the world the author introduces. The class system seems interesting and the MC is a character I like.

That said I will not continue reading this story, even though I enjoyed my time with it for the most part (well, until I decided enough is enough)

If you enjoy very detailed descriptions of actions performed in combat scenes and of reasoning behind choices made, then by all means give this story a try.
Though if those points raise some concerns do continue reading this review, where I'll point out what I disliked about this story.

An often noted issue people have with this story is the heavy focus on characters that are not very likeable and even though I agree, this is NOT the reason for why I have to drop this.

It is the very detailed description of every little thing the MC does, his reasoning for his choices, his actions in combat, just everything is detailed out at every given point in time.
Every now and then, especially for important choices or strong enemies I appreciate a detailed description of what is going on, but reading every combat encounter in detail gets tedious and I do not see the point of giving a long reasoning for all his skill choices every time they occur.
A few important skills, difficult choices between two or similar skills, sure that's welcome, but not ALL and for sure not every time. 
Not only is it tedious reading everything happening with the MC in such detail it also reduces the pacing of the story to a snails crawl whenever the chapter has the focus on the MC.
As such, I actually welcomed the chapters focusing on sidecharacters because it usually means that there will be some progression at the point we switch back to the MC.

I would have liked if instead the pacing was faster and thus we would be further in the story, or focus more on the psychological side of what is happening to the people in the tutorial and how they come to the drastic decisions they make just days in the tutorial.

I mean, they kill each other just DAYS in the tutorial GUESSING that the tutorial gives better rewards for fewer survivors (it's only stated that it is based on the amount of survivors).

Instead this is sadly brushed aside and we only get insight into one particularly unlikeable character (we all know who I am referring to).

Now, the focus on the psychological side is only a suggestion for what could have been done with the freed up space form increasing the pacing on MC's chapters and would have required the author to do further research regarding this, so it only stands as a suggestion and not as critique.


This story has to be one of the best on RR.  What makes it so good? I would love to say it's simple, here is why.  But it's not 1 simple reason why it is so good. There are many layers to this story, the 1st piece of why it's great is it's length.  It is long.  Really long.  BUT it doesn't get stale.  The entire story has a whole bunch of different things going on, and you get the sense the author has mapped out a long journey for the protagonist that has a LOT of layers. 

And that's another reason why it's great.   The author gets you settled in for a ride, you find yourself getting comfortable, then maybe just a teensy bit bored with a little bit of repetition and BAM.  A new direction.  Sometimes so fast you are almost getting whiplash.

The author deals with some pretty dark topics, like slavery, murder and rape.  These are dealt with in context and not glorified.  In all honesty, the story is elevated because it doesn't shy away from giving real challenges to it's characters.  We can see some real moral & ethical questions the lead characters face, and in some cases these take a long time to be resolved.  Much like real life.  


  • Style: A Post Apocalypse story told through the eyes of the main character who is going through massive progression in a litRPG world.
  • Story: The story opens with a total and radical change to our world that moves rapidly into a phenomenally complex and well thought through piece of world-building, that never stops.  We see continually new and fresh takes on the genre the story is being written in
  • Grammar:  Technically this is extremely well written.  The occasional mistake is so minor it can't even be noticed.
  • Character: The main character has a rich and complex development, and many side characters are thoroughly rounded and developed as well.   The single character development flaw can be summed up as the main character is a bit of a Mary Sue.  It is a common trope and doesn't really break the story hardly at all.  There is also a very good explanation developed over an extended period for the character's ability to overcome anything thrown at him, but this is the reason I couldn't give the story a full 5 stars.  Having said this, being ridiculously overpowered does not stop the character's overall development and he is fully fleshed out.  


Overall I REALLY enjoy this story.  The pacing is great, the charachters keep me engaged and I still want to see what is going to happen next, after well over a million words.  Keep it up Zogarth!


Weirdly, I have fallen in love with the game like system of this genre ... and been binging them none stop, but LIKE isekai's most of them are UTTER garbage... like I have phone in fantasy land or whatever more BS concept is out there. What I have found that The Author loves to go somewhat deep into emotional understanding of our being... which a lot of book/show/movies try to bring into their fould but fail at miserably because they shy away from being truly gritty... and showing how most humans are pieces of shits and how to find those they may not resamble those pieces so much. 

What I have found in PH has, great MC though process (IN CERTAIN certain scenarios), intressting concept behind the whole game system that LITrpg have, some TRULLY great side characters, great description of scenes, but leaving a lot to your imagination still so not be over descriptive... as I have found online a lot of people find it weirdly irrateting? 

the stuff that could have some improvment:
-Fights.... I love them in someways but.... maybe it is that MC's can't die thus my enjoyment of Jake's figts are ... quite limited I don't know why but in this book those fights are NOT stale... but without a flare it may be done to so several factor or only one but I couldn't tell you what it is...

-Not nearly enough for shadowed stuff.... it's OOOWH so satisfying to remember a small detail that was ONCE or twice mentioned and feeling like you are a benevolent god in the universe of the story and watch it with intrest instead of a reader of it.... (this may be redone later as to I'm only at 100 chpt ) 

-I KNOW it's really hard but I'm quite afraid of some kind of power crep of happening in the story that turns me of... where the MC gets a power as an acheivment for something that he done and it becomes a main part of him... this could be nice in some cases and it hasn't happened so far but I'm just saying I'd love to say "Well I was wrong, nice power scaling"

this is all I had for today.... go home now


This story is currently in the first place for popularity so I thought to give it a try and I honestly don't understand why it's placed so high. It just has so many problems that completely overpower all of the good and enjoyable parts. It keeps making the same mistakes with no signs of improvement or change, so if you don't like the beginning you will probably not enjoy the rest of this story.

On the other hand it is popular and it has relatively high rating so maybe I'm the problem. Take into account that this is just my opinion and that your reading experience might be different.


Let's go over some good things about this story.

Overall combat is good. In many fights MC approaches fights tactically, thinks how best to use his skillset against that specific enemy and doesn't just go into every fight axe swinging and wins through sheer stubbornness and plot armor.

System seems well thought out. Skills are interesting and can add additional depth to subsequent fights. Stats actually affect physical world and are not just numbers on a page. Upgrading skills requires more understanding into those skills and can even be influenced by MC discovering different ways to use resources and merging those effects into existing skills. So over time his skills reflect more and more his fighting style and his class is tailored specific for him and his, lets call it, way of life.


Something that isn't really bad or good and is more expected from this genre of stories.

Multiple times MC does risky, tough and often times things that should end in his death but somehow powers through them and in the end gets better and better rewards.


Now for bad things.

First and foremost POV changes. To say that they are done badly would be an understatement. In the tutorial arc alone (around 110 chapters), there are so many different POVs that eventually lead to absolutely nothing. I'm not kidding. Throughout that whole arc I thought that author is trying to build a villain that will eventually culminate in an epic fight to the death with the MC, but that is not what happend. This whole parallel storyline is entirely pointless and can be skipped completely. Everything that is important to the story MC finds out without all of those side POVs. And that is without even looking at that villain and the content of those chapters. Pure existence of those chapters hurts this story more than it adds anything to it. This is the first time in my life where I have read a story where a villain has a bigger plot armor than the MC. Multiple times, people that want to kill him decide against it with some poor excuses that no human alive would ever make. What is even worse, those people are supposed to be smart and when they act like idiots those chapter become even more of a joke.

If you decide to read this story I promise that you will have a better reading experience if you skip all side POVs from inside the tutorial. You can read Jacobs POV starting from around chapter 70 if you want to understand what exactly happend but even that is not really that necessary because MC will find out most of the important details that happend behind the scenes and you will most likely be able to connect the dots.

The only reason that I can see for those side POVs existing is that without them there wouldn't really be any other characters because MC doesn't really interact with other people throught this story that much.

This trend with side POVs unfortunately continues even after the tutorial is over. You are forced to read about characters that you simply don't care about. Some of those chapters get even worse by not really containing anything relevant to the story. They are just introspections about shallow characters that just add more word count and nothing else.

I'm guessing that the author wanted to add deapth and scale to the story but it simply falls flat. If i am supposed to care about anything other than the MC, than he should get involved with those characters. Why should I care about some random character if the only thing that the MC cares about is fighting stronger beasts and getting stronger.

The second really bad thing about this story is the pacing. In the first arc I don't think that there is enough content for even 50 chapters. Every time the MC gets to choose a skill he usually gets offered around 5 skill options and every single time there is an overly long description of those skills with an in depth explanation of how MC thinks those skills work and why he doesn't want to pick them. This is made worse by those skill usually consisting of 4 weak or useless ones and 1 good, so there isn't really any choice or question of which skill he will pick. Chapters are constantly plagued by inner monologues of choices, decisions, thoughts about every conceivable thing that you can think of, that in the end just stall the story and bring the pace to a snails crawl.

If the author went back and removed all of the uneccessary parts, there might be 40 chapters left out of 110. Just so you understand how empty this story is I'll add in the spoiler below overall content in the first arc, I'm not going to say what happend but it might spoil the story a little bit and I might miss some things.

First you have the introduction like in every other isekai or post system apocalypse story, nothing special. One challenge dungeon, some alchemy, four normal dungeons and a final boss of the tutorial. There are some character interactions, not many, maybe four chapters worth after the introduction. There are as far as I can remember six enemy types with some of them having elite or boss variants without counting the final boss. I might have forgotten some but not many. Outside of the dungeons there are a few fights, mostly in the beginning. And that is it.

The reason why I gave it such a low rating, at least for RR, is that all of the problems continue after the tutorial arc. There has been ample feedback, some more rude which is not OK than other, in the comments but nothing seems to be changing.

Overall this is not a bad story. It can be fun if you skip or skim all of the unimportant content. And that is in my opinion the most grievous mistake an author can make when writing a story. There are whole chapters that you can straight up skip and not feel lost when reading further. There shouldn't be a single paragraph that you should be able to skip in a story without feeling lost.


I don't want to get too much into characters but they are your RR average even though a lot of chapters are devoted to side characters. Considering the effort put into side characters they should be a lot more fleshed out. MC is your typical psychopathic protagonist.


In closing I would recommend reading this story once a month, just so you can skip all of the filler and get some progress out of it anyway, which isn't really possible if you read chapters as they come out.


Keep on going with your gut author

Reviewed at: Chapter 159 - Under Pressure

By far one of my most favorite stories on here. There's always going to be people that hate the book but I have always believed that the book is primarily a function of the author not the reader. If you like the story then you can write it and anyone else can shut up. I think it's exceptional and can't wait to see jake throw down with the best of them, whether it's a smack down or drawn out brawl! Long live the primal hunter!!


Read if You're on the Fence ig

Reviewed at: Chapter 158 - Why?

Brub i swear I'm hooked on this like AHHHHHHH. Jake literally the protagonist I've been looking forrrrr. He's suicidal, first off, because he likes fighting life or death battles because it "isn't fun if there's no danger of dying" and the way he interacts with other people isn't annoying. He has morals, but he also lacks the common sense other people have and its funny reading about him not understanding the mentality of other people 🤣. Also, there's no romance (and personally I prefer it that way) so if you're looking for or are into that I'll have to disappoint you. Could go on, but ill spare you (because fr we could be here all day :P)


What you would expect from a story like this

Reviewed at: Chapter 429 - The History of Bloodlines

System hits and integrates Earth into a larger multiverse. Apocalyptic scenario. Anti-social main character who likes fighting rises to the top. System shenanigans sends him into different places where he does more fighting.


One thing that other reviews don't mention is that the writing style needs work. Author SEVERELY overuses the conjunction "as". It's stuck into almost every single sentence, even when it doesn't makes sense. There needs to be more variety. Use "when", "before", "and", etc... It's like a needle that is constantly poking me in the eye as I read.



Writing quality has continued to drop. With how well this story is doing on Patreon, the 50 chapter backlog, and you admitting english isn't your native language, there's really no excuse for you to not have hired an editor at this point. Please get on it author.


Good novel! Uses the system apocalypse trope well and is unique enough that it doesn't feel like a copy of another novel. The grammar and spelling is good with very few, if any, mistakes. The chapters are long enough to progress the story but they leave you wanting more. Overall this book quickly climbed my favorites list and is in the top 3. Would recommend.