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Chapter 370 - You get an item! And you get an item! Everyone gets an item!


Jake collected himself as he entered the booth again, shaking his head.

“That is that same thing…” Felicia muttered once he was inside.

“Yeah, it is,” Roman nodded.

“Is that the personification of the system?” Miranda asked curiously.

“Thinking about it is a waste of time… it simply is,” Jake just answered. “Trying to understand the ununderstandable will only lead to understanding what it wants you to understand.”

“That made no fucking sense,” Roman muttered.

“Neither does an omnipotent system taking a human-like form to hold an Auction for a bunch of D-grades,” Jake countered.

“Good point, I guess,” he answered. “But why is that damn thing not talking?”

“Because we are,” Jake guessed. When no one else said anything… the system entity began talking.

“This auction round has been awarded to the denizens of Earth due to exemplary performance during the Treasure Hunt event. All bidding will take place using Credits. All possibilities of borrowing Credits are no longer available. Only individuals who participated in the final phase of the Treasure Hunt will be allowed to bid during this round. Without further delay, let the auction begin.”

The moment it stopped talking, Jake registered it was as if everyone attending the event had heard it at the same time, even if clearly some like their group had made the entity delay. Time… does not work as it should. Perhaps reality itself is entirely controlled.

But focusing on the matter at hand, Jake was happy to see that the bidding was limited to participants of the final phase and that the borrowing option was gone. Hopefully, it would allow Jake not to waste as much money if something good did appear.

He was unsure what to expect as the being down on the central platform summoned the first item.

“The first item is a Heart of Darkness. This item can be used to improve skills of the dark affinity and works best with ones using purely the dark affinity. The bidding starts at two hundred million Credits.

This time, it appeared that they would not be shown simply through a system interface but be shown in reality. Due to this, Jake considered leaving the booth to get a better feel for the item, but just when he thought it, it was as if the entire frontal window of the booth disappeared and mana washed in. It was still blocking the outside from looking in, but it seemed like it allowed everything else to enter.

The first item looked like an impossibly black fruit about the size of an apple, and the mana that washed into the booth from the outside was purely black mana, far denser and potent than anything he had ever felt before, even than in the chamber with the Umbral Lotus.

Jake identified the item on offer… and it truly set the stage for this part of the auction event.

[Heart of Darkness (Unique)] – A Heart of Darkness offered directly by the system due to Earth’s performance during the Treasure Hunt event. Consume the Heart of Darkness to be filled with an intense amount of dark energy and experience potent Records of the affinity itself. Will greatly assist in improving any skill using dark mana. Uses remaining: 3/3
Requirement: D-grade

Without knowing for sure, Jake had a feeling this kind of item wasn’t just valuable by Earth standards, but on a multiversal level. The potential to upgrade a skill was nearly invaluable, especially considering how much the Viper praised Jake’s Path of the Heretic Chosen. To consume an item that would allow one to do that, not just once, but three times?

Sultan’s theory that the items offered were tailored to the participants in the final fights also just seemed more true than ever. This one was clearly aimed towards his brother and those from the Court of Shadows. Maybe even Jake himself a little. However, while Jake could use it for sure… then he wasn’t going to bet on it. One reason was that his brother needed it more, and the other was that the price had already reached nine hundred million Credits, and Jake wasn’t sure he wanted it that much.

The bidding functioned just like before using the same interface, and it still displayed the name of the bidder. The top one was Caleb, but a few independent factions were also bidding, as well as the undead also wanting it. Jake just sat back, a part of him feeling lucky one could no longer borrow money, as if one could, then Priscilla would have probably not lost to Caleb in the end, as his little brother got it for one-point-five billion Credits.

Based on the bidders, the ones who could take part were those that had chosen not to leave when given a chance to before the Monarch appeared. This still left thousands to bid, but as people couldn’t borrow money, then, in reality, it was only a select few with enough resources to participate.

Without any words or motions, a second item appeared. This one was a floating crystal, reminding Jake a bit of the Pylon of Civilization.

“The second item is an Intermediate Dungeon Core. Bidding starts at a hundred and fifty million Credits. Be warned that using a Dungeon Core without relevant skills or expertise will prove difficult.”

[Intermediate Dungeon Core (Unique)] – A Dungeon Core offered directly by the system due to Earth’s performance during the Treasure Hunt event. This Dungeon Core is of the intermediate level and can support monster spawning up to low-tier C-grade. Must have a suitable environment to activate and spawn the dungeon.
Requirements: Soulbound

Yet another item appeared of tremendous value. Offered so casually, it was almost a joke. Jake knew the value of Dungeon Cores simply due to random talks with Villy. A Dungeon Core allowed one to create their own true dungeon. Not just a subdimension, but one with all the dungeon features, including all of the different dimensional versions-shenanigans found in natural dungeons. It also allowed access to an entirely new kind of interface and power, though there were limitations.

This one was only an intermediate core, allowing one to at most spawn weak C-tier creatures within… but that was still more than enough for any faction to instantly gain a lot of power. They all knew it as the bidding began.

“Will Haven attempt to buy this?” Sultan asked.

Miranda just shook her head. “We have no Dungeon Engineers among us, and we already have a natural dungeon.”

The man just nodded and smiled. “Then don’t mind if I give it a shot… the resale value alone makes it worth it.”

Jake said nothing as the price climbed, soon reaching over a billion. At that point, Sultan had already bowed out, too stingy to truly invest. It was down to the Holy Church and the Risen bidding against each other, with Casper facing off against Jacob. In the end, Casper won, with the price reaching one-point-seven, the most expensive item sold yet.

“The third item is a necklace created only to be used by a true master of vital energy. Bidding starts at fifty million Credits,” the system being said the moment it had sold the core. A necklace that looked to just be a small crystal on a chain appeared, glowing slightly.

And if the items before had seemed aimed at specific people, now it was just shameless.

[Life’s Immortal Mind (Legendary)] – A necklace offered directly by the system due to Earth’s performance during the Treasure Hunt event. This necklace holds a vast storage within of pure vital energy and can store incredible amounts more. Allows the user to use this vital energy to create a shield around the soul, protecting against soul and mental attacks. Infusing the vital energy storage with power is a slow and arduous process. Enchantments: Life’s Immortal Mind.
Requirements: lvl 130+ in any humanoid race. 100,000+ Health Points.

Jake looked at it as he just laughed out loud. He couldn’t help himself at the ridiculousness. Jake had a lot of health himself for his level, and yet he only had a measly thirty thousand compared to the required hundred thousand.

Anyway… Eron bought it for a hundred and thirteen million Credits, the price only going as high as it did as others purposefully increased the price. Jake didn’t, as he saw no reason to annoy the guy and knew the pain of assholes forcing you to spend more Credits on items you would obviously need. It was a no-brainer that the madman would buy it. His biggest weakness was mental magic, and now he was offered a way to use his vital energy to create a barrier to defend against even that.

And the item clearly made for Eron was apparently not the only one.

“The fourth item is for those who treasure their blades above all else. Bidding starts at fifty million Credits,” the system said as the second shameless display appeared. It was a simple-looking scabbard that appeared far too large for any sword, but Jake saw why that didn’t matter when he Identified it.

[Scabbard of the Treasured Blade (Legendary)] - A scabbard offered directly by the system due to Earth’s performance during the Treasure Hunt event. This scabbard will take the shape of any bladed weapon inserted and slowly bond with the blade, taking on properties related to it. This scabbard will protect the blade from any damage, slowly repair it from any damage taken, and consistently keep it in peak condition. While the blade is sheathed, it will be infused with energy from the scabbard based on the blade’s properties. This energy can be released all at once when drawn for a mighty blow, with remnant energy lingering for a period afterward. Enchantments: Treasured Blade.
Requirements: N/A

The target of this item couldn’t be more obvious. It was tailor-made for the Sword Saint, and the old man was also the first one to place a bid. However, this was not an item only he could actually use, contrary to the necklace. In fact, there were many sword-users. Heck, even Jake could use it as it did not specify it needed to be a sword necessarily.

Sadly for everyone else… the old man had not been bidding much in prior rounds. But he had been selling. The price quickly climbed, and it ended up going for three-hundred and seventy-seven million Credits. Jake now sat with high expectations and prepared for his present to appear. Because it was practically just presents given, even if they did have to pay for them themselves.

Now he was ready. The Sword Saint had just gotten something, so surely it was Jake’s turn.

“The fifth item is a cursed wooden spike. It is a perfect weapon for any curse master, while only a burden for those without the expertise to use it. Bidding starts at fifty million Credits.”

Okay, it was now Casper’s turn. That was fine, and Jake was happy for his friend. The spike was able to improve the power of any curse channeled through it and could even replicate itself. It looked like a perfect weapon for the Risen and his curse powers in all ways. He also learned that using curses wasn’t that mainstream as the price only went up to a hundred and fifty-one million, and that was only because the Holy Church were being dicks.

“The sixth item are gloves made for those who prefer to use their fists, viewing their own body as the best weapon. Bidding starts at fifty million Credits.”

Oh yeah, Carmen also needed her stuff. It was understandable; she did well during the fight too. The gloves were also great, just like the spike, and made all melee attacks better, but more than that, they would originally reform if the hands or arms were damaged, along with being incredibly resilient. They even said that any skills working with fists would function as if they made actual skin-to-skin contact.

Surely. Surely, it was Jake’s turn.

“The seventh item is a shield for those willing to give up their own life for others. Bidding starts at fifty million.”

[Bulwark of the Martyr (Legendary)] - A shield offered directly by the system due to Earth’s performance during the Treasure Hunt event. This shield is incredibly durable, and anything blocked releases a pulse of healing energy, restoring health to everyone around the user. Does not heal the user. As a true martyr, sacrifice your own life energy to restore the health of another. The user can also choose to sacrifice their own life, releasing a pulse of healing energy that restores Health Point corresponding to the maximum Health Points of the user. Enchantments: Martyr
Requirements: Soulbound

… Bertram did help, sure. That big powerup where he practically killed himself did some serious damage to the Monarch, so Jake recognized his contribution for sure. It was brief but powerful, so it was only fair he also got an item. Though Jake found the entire naming and sentiment of the shield a bit funny… is it really martyrdom to sacrifice yourself when you can just resurrect again? Honestly, that part of Jacob’s class was the most overpowered.

It barely needs to be said that the Holy Church bought the shield, but they did have to spend over two hundred million on it because the undead wanted to be assholes back. As far as Jake knew, they didn’t even have health points, making the shield entirely useless to them.

By now, Jake was certain it was bow time.

“The eighth item is a quiver-“

Oh no you fucking don’t, Jake thought as it continued.

“-for one who has embraced the power of fire and their bow alike. Bidding starts at fifty million Credits.”

Jake felt a wave of relief wash over him as this item was not the one aimed at him. Instead, it was clearly made for Maria, and when Jake identified it, that only became more clear. It was a quiver able to store arrows of pure magic, and from the description, it apparently contained a space filled with intense fire energy to nurture arrows placed within and even allowed Maria to summon arrows using the fire mana stored.

Maria was also the one bidding on it, and there really was no competition. This item was just so specialized, making it only go for eighty-two million Credits. Jake once more had no interest in taking what in his mind belonged to someone else, and besides, he had already gotten a legendary quiver he believed was better.

“The ninth item is a ring able to contain the powers of lightning and darkness. Bidding starts at fifty million Credits.”

Caleb’s turn. Jake wasn’t even mad anymore. Why be mad? It would be his turn, eventually, right? Caleb got it for a hundred and two million due to this one also being rather specialized. But Jake was fine. It was his turn now, right? Who else was there?

Well… except Sylphie.

“The tenth item is one suited for wind elementals with untapped potential. The Gift of the Wind is only useful for wind elementals, and any other race fusing with it will suffer damage or death. Bidding starts at five hundred million.”

[Gift of Wind (Unique)] - A Gift of Wind offered directly by the system due to Earth’s performance during the Treasure Hunt event. The Gift of the Wind is created by countless wind elementals of varying races to give to one of their young in an attempt to create a champion. Any wind elemental consuming it will be able to stray closer to its true Origin.

Jake frowned as he checked the description of the item. Visually the thing itself was also surprising as it was a small transparent creature. Was it even an item? Jake wasn’t sure… whatever this Gift of Wind was, it kept changing as it took the shape of birds, clouds, just a wing, a small tornado, and a plethora of other forms every single second.

He began to doubt if Sylphie could even use it… Sylphie wasn’t an elemental as far as he knew. Elemental-adjacent, sure, but an actual elemental?

But her reaction upon seeing it dispelled that doubt as she began flapping her wings and making noises, and from Jake’s connection with her, the message was clear… she wanted it like she had wanted nothing ever before. Even more than head-pats.

Jake didn’t hesitate to place the first five hundred million bid. He sat ready to fight whoever dared try and steal the item from Sylphie. The minimum bid on this item was the highest so far, so he knew it had to be good.

Five seconds passed without anyone else bidding. Then seven. Eight. Nine. And without anyone else even trying, ten seconds passed, and Jake got the Gift of Wind.

“The item has been sold for five hundred million Credits.”

The moment the words were spoken, the thing appeared right beside Jake, likely because it couldn’t be put in spatial storage. Jake barely had time to wonder what to do with it as it flew over to Sylphie by itself and began zooming around her as Sylphie also flapped her wings happily.

“I guess that answers all doubt if you can use it,” Jake said with a smile.

Sylphie responded by snapping her small beak forward and gulping down the weird Gift of Wind in a single move. Then she just settled down as if Jake’s head was her nest. She then closed her eyes and seemed to doze off as she went to sleep.

Jake couldn’t help but smile and lifted his hand to pet her a bit as she seemed to be dreaming. Sure, he hadn’t gotten a bow, and now the system had decided to return to selling unique items, so Jake had resigned himself for the worst. But at least Sylphie had gotten something good.

And then… then it happened. A mythical event spoken of for ages. Prophesized and wished for, yet never seen. For but a moment, the stars aligned as destiny was realized and wishes came true.

“The eleventh item is a bow for a hunter that stands atop the food chain. Bidding starts at fifty million Credits.”

It was a fucking bow.

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