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Thank you all for checking out The Primal Hunter, but sadly you won't find the princess book here.

Royalroad and Patreon allowed me to get to this point and I want to thank you all for your continued support. It has allowed me to get signed with a publisher and actually get my book published and even an audiobook made. It has allowed me to "take it to the next step."

So, once more, thank you all, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story - be it on Amazon, here, or on Patreon.

Book One is coming out on the 8th of March 2022 to Kindle Unlimited and Audible - click blue text to go to links!

If you want to read more into it, check out the book one announcement: Amazon Announcement + AMA

There will continue to be updates here on Royalroad and on my Patreon for current readers ahead of the Amazon books, but due to the rules of Kindle Unlimited, chapters will be removed from here and Patreon as the books come out on Amazon. This will happen around two weeks before every book release.


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