The Primal Hunter

by Zogarth

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Magic Male Lead Mythos Progression Ruling Class Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week here to begin with. Will decrease as my backlog starts to run out.

Average chapter length: 2500 or so. I have a backlog of quite a few chapters to go through, but I will post faster than I can write in the beginning as I have a fulltime job.

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Another monday morning ago
Chapter 2 - Introduction ago
Chapter 3 - The tutorial commences ago
Chapter 4 - First battle ago
Chapter 5 - Big pig ago
Chapter 6 - Questioning ago
Chapter 7 - Training & rest ago
Chapter 8 - A wonderful night ago
Chapter 9 - Blood ago
Chapter 10 - Reflection & frustration ago
Chapter 11 - Friend or foe? ago
Chapter 12 - A splitting provocation ago
Chapter 13 - Nicholas (part 1) ago
Chapter 14 - Nicholas (part 2) ago
Chapter 15 - Diverging paths ago
Chapter 16 - A bit of hunting ago
Chapter 17 - Loot ago
Chapter 18 - Finding a challenge ago
Chapter 19 - Everybody Loves Blue Mushrooms ago
Chapter 20 - Death & courage ago
Chapter 21 - An impactful choice ago
Chapter 22 - Alchemy! ago
Chapter 23 - Progression ago
Chapter 24 - Palate of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 25 - Enjoying life ago
Chapter 26 - More skills! ago
Chapter 27 - Evolution ago
Chapter 28 - Base building ago
Chapter 29 - It's just logical ago
Chapter 30 - Preparations for evolution ago
Chapter 31 - Professional evolution ago
Chapter 32 - A very weird encounter ago
Chapter 33 - True Blessing of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 34 - Manipulation ago
Chapter 35 - Blood of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 36 - A battle of life & death ago
Chapter 37 - Leave nothing behind ago
Chapter 38 - Broken ago
Chapter 39 - Powershot ago
Chapter 40 - Defect & Meeting ago
Chapter 41 - Clash ago
Chapter 42 - Twin Fang Style ago
Chapter 43 - Big Pig II: Steeltusk Edition ago
Chapter 44 - "Partners" ago
Chapter 45 - Shadow Vault & Instincts ago
Chapter 46 - Unexpected Encounter (1/3) ago
Chapter 47 - Unexpected Encounter (2/3) ago
Chapter 48 - Unexpected Encounter (3/3) ago
Chapter 49 - Enemy of the people ago
Chapter 50 - Friendship ago
Chapter 51 - Meeting old friends (1/2) ago
Chapter 52 - Meeting old friends (2/2) ago
Chapter 53 - Goals ago
Chapter 54 - Class Evolution ago
Chapter 55 - Ambitious Hunter ago
Chapter 56 - Metal Savant ago
Chapter 57 - Metal & Nature ago
Chapter 58 - Herrmann Schmidt ago
Chapter 59 - Stamina ago
Chapter 60 - Idiots ago
Chapter 61 - A bitter end ago
Chapter 62 - Loot 2.0 ago
Chapter 63 - Arrows ago
Chapter 64 - Badger's Den ago
Chapter 65 - Chilling with badgers ago
Chapter 66 - The Notorious B.I.G Badger ago

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First of all, and one of the main reasons I love this novel: the "classes" the MC has. I read like dozens of novels and none had this particular combo, which paired with quite an interesting and somewhat balanced system makes it worth a read alone.

As regarding to the plot as it is I like it, I fear what awaits when the world will be explained further but I believe in the Author's skills.

But dude you have to chill, I know it is frustrating when people shit on a product you invested hours in, especially when you know there are hundreds of novels that are barely readable that don't get half of the shit you are getting. But you have to ignore all those readers whining.

Who cares, and at this point you should have already noticed no matter what some will whine anyways. 


I genuinely like your story, wish you luck and hope you will keep it up without getting too influenced by bad reviews.


This story is a different take on the usual "System comes and knocks everything over" trope. The system itself is interesting in how it combines Class, Profession, and Race levels. 

Grammar is good with little to no flaws that I can see.

The story itself has not yet gotten past the Tutorial by the time I'm writing this. There's a lot of potential in the story depending on how the author decides how the coming of the system affects Earth.


Characters must have had chunks of their brains removed when the tutorial started. If you don't want to think about what you are reading this is great but otherwise, it's just mediocre. The system set up and the beginning were well done but the author doesn't know how to write smart characters as every group interaction makes no sense. 

The factions leaders hedge retarded high-risk bets that are decided on the whim of the author. Sometimes characters get punished for having no brain activity and others just have nothing happen to them. 

The killing of the enemy faction leader after chapter 50 makes no sense and completely brought me out of the story. 

The characters are hit or miss with some being well developed and with clear motivations like Jacob or just pulled from another murder hobo novel like the main character. I want to like the main character but he has no personality and just bumbles his way to gaining strength. He also isn't consistent with him either being aggressive and kill hungry to being a blank slate. 

No major grammatical issues and I think the story is better than the sum of its parts but the author needs to seriously define the MC and think through the events he plans to happen throughout the chapters.


It's... Not bad, but it's nothing special. Just another System story with a fresh coat of paint, if you haven't read many of them you could probably enjoy it. But to me- who's read quite a few of them, it's dull and monotonous. Maybe I'll give it another go sometime, when I'm craving some junk food or another system. This is an above average system, even if some of the dilougue makes me cringe (I'm assuming most of that is on purpose), and there's not anything special about it, it does system and blood thirsty protagonist better then most other novels.

Written upon reading: Ch 16


What can I say I really liked this story. The system is very familiar but got its own twist to make it interesting, but it won't redefine the genre or anything.

The story is also good, though it has its ups and downs. The main character isn't super involved, but more off doing his own thing. I do really like it though, and I look forward to where it goes. There is also hints and a lot of nice world building.

For style then it is rather simple, with perhaps a bit too many Pov chapters. I like most of them, but not all. I do think they make the story overall better though.

Grammar is good, but I am no expert. It didn't annoy me so that is 5 stars in my book.

Characters are a bit of a mixed bag outside og the main character, but that is what I have come to expect. As for the main character, I like him a lot and he is definitely not a mary sue. In fact, it feels like side characters have more plot armor than him. Some of them also make some pretty silly decisions.

Overall I can heartily recommend it for anyone who likes litrpgs. We are still very early in the story, and in my opinion it is only looking up from here.


Really good, but may have some goggles on

Reviewed at: Chapter 63 - Arrows

I personally love this novel, I believe the characters are intriguing, absolutely impeccable world building, and amazing and well thought out fight scenes. Of course even with my postive evaluation, I will not state it is a perfect novel, while I enjoy the POV chapters, I do understand everyone's gripe with them. If on a purely practical and logical mindeset, I would have rated this novel 4-4.5 stars. It's a very good novel, with small issues that are most likely brought about by only being in the tutorial so far. Yet for some reason I enjoy so much more then I should, I read no other novel on royal road as religously as I do this novel. So from my personal experience with The Primal Hunter, I believe it is a 5 star novel. 


Really the only complaint that I have is that the dialogue feels stilted and unnatural at times. The conversations are written with perfect grammar most of the time, which just isn't how people talk irl. Other than that I enjoy the story, keep on writing and don't let people get you down. 


Story a knack to portray hatefull side Characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 50 - Friendship

Good setup and likeable MC. The World seems interesting even though as of chapter 50 we are still in "tutorial" stage.


System is pretty good also. But gets too cluttered in later stages, I wish the aquirement of skills would slow down to be honest.

Author has a knack to make EVERYONE except MC despiseable. One of the strong points of this story actually.

BUT, and this is why it gets only 4.5 stars, Characters dont stay consistent and instead force the plot through their actions. Normally I would give 4 stars but the rest of the story is THAT good.

As soon as the focus is not on these  side characters the story is a solid  5 star.

This is a story of coming to grips with the reality that you no longer recognise. It is also a story of someone who has to accept themselves for who they are before they could unlock their full potential and completely blossom. 
While still in its beginning stages, the story follows the MC who is just a regular joe working a 9-5 job. However, as the world turns upside down, we get to see the guy outside of that time frame. We get to know his history and his lost-passion. We see him embrace his passion with open arms and accept the consequences that came with it.
The MC is an introvert and we actually get to see this. It is not like those cases where MC is supposed to be an introvert but is the most likeable person around. If you look closely, you’d see how the situation could have been handled better but the MC didn’t because of his lack of people skills.
The world-building is fairly decent at this point, but it hints at larger things in play. Why is there a tutorial?? Who set it up? What happens to the world while humans are gone? All these questions are left to be answered later.
Grammar is fairly good and the sentences flow nicely. The dialogues are natural, which is a plus point. Overall, this is a good novel.

To begin with, I do like the story and the world the author introduces. The class system seems interesting and the MC is a character I like.

That said I will not continue reading this story, even though I enjoyed my time with it for the most part (well, until I decided enough is enough)

If you enjoy very detailed descriptions of actions performed in combat scenes and of reasoning behind choices made, then by all means give this story a try.
Though if those points raise some concerns do continue reading this review, where I'll point out what I disliked about this story.

An often noted issue people have with this story is the heavy focus on characters that are not very likeable and even though I agree, this is NOT the reason for why I have to drop this.

It is the very detailed description of every little thing the MC does, his reasoning for his choices, his actions in combat, just everything is detailed out at every given point in time.
Every now and then, especially for important choices or strong enemies I appreciate a detailed description of what is going on, but reading every combat encounter in detail gets tedious and I do not see the point of giving a long reasoning for all his skill choices every time they occur.
A few important skills, difficult choices between two or similar skills, sure that's welcome, but not ALL and for sure not every time. 
Not only is it tedious reading everything happening with the MC in such detail it also reduces the pacing of the story to a snails crawl whenever the chapter has the focus on the MC.
As such, I actually welcomed the chapters focusing on sidecharacters because it usually means that there will be some progression at the point we switch back to the MC.

I would have liked if instead the pacing was faster and thus we would be further in the story, or focus more on the psychological side of what is happening to the people in the tutorial and how they come to the drastic decisions they make just days in the tutorial.

I mean, they kill each other just DAYS in the tutorial GUESSING that the tutorial gives better rewards for fewer survivors (it's only stated that it is based on the amount of survivors).

Instead this is sadly brushed aside and we only get insight into one particularly unlikeable character (we all know who I am referring to).

Now, the focus on the psychological side is only a suggestion for what could have been done with the freed up space form increasing the pacing on MC's chapters and would have required the author to do further research regarding this, so it only stands as a suggestion and not as critique.