The Primal Hunter

by Zogarth

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week.

Average chapter length: 2500

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course.

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Royal Writathon April 2021 winner
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Fledgling Reviewer (III)
Royal Writathon October 2020 winner
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Another Monday morning ago
Chapter 2 - Introduction ago
Chapter 3 - The tutorial commences ago
Chapter 4 - First battle ago
Chapter 5 - Big pig ago
Chapter 6 - Questioning ago
Chapter 7 - Training & rest ago
Chapter 8 - A wonderful night ago
Chapter 9 - Blood ago
Chapter 10 - Reflection & frustration ago
Chapter 11 - Friend or foe? ago
Chapter 12 - A splitting provocation ago
Chapter 13 - Nicholas (part 1) ago
Chapter 14 - Nicholas (part 2) ago
Chapter 15 - Diverging paths ago
Chapter 16 - A bit of hunting ago
Chapter 17 - Loot ago
Chapter 18 - Finding a challenge ago
Chapter 19 - Everybody Loves Blue Mushrooms ago
Chapter 20 - Death & courage ago
Chapter 21 - An impactful choice ago
Chapter 22 - Alchemy! ago
Chapter 23 - Progression ago
Chapter 24 - Palate of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 25 - Enjoying life ago
Chapter 26 - More skills! ago
Chapter 27 - Evolution ago
Chapter 28 - Base building ago
Chapter 29 - It's just logical ago
Chapter 30 - Preparations for evolution ago
Chapter 31 - Professional evolution ago
Chapter 32 - A very weird encounter ago
Chapter 33 - True Blessing of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 34 - Manipulation ago
Chapter 35 - Blood of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 36 - A battle of life & death ago
Chapter 37 - Leave nothing behind ago
Chapter 38 - Broken ago
Chapter 39 - Powershot ago
Chapter 40 - Defect & Meeting ago
Chapter 41 - Clash ago
Chapter 42 - Twin Fang Style ago
Chapter 43 - Big Pig II: Steeltusk Edition ago
Chapter 44 - "Partners" ago
Chapter 45 - Shadow Vault & Instincts ago
Chapter 46 - Unexpected Encounter (1/3) ago
Chapter 47 - Unexpected Encounter (2/3) ago
Chapter 48 - Unexpected Encounter (3/3) ago
Chapter 49 - Enemy of the people ago
Chapter 50 - Friendship ago
Chapter 51 - Meeting old friends (1/2) ago
Chapter 52 - Meeting old friends (2/2) ago
Chapter 53 - Goals ago
Chapter 54 - Class Evolution ago
Chapter 55 - Ambitious Hunter ago
Chapter 56 - Metal Savant ago
Chapter 57 - Metal & Nature ago
Chapter 58 - Herrmann Schmidt ago
Chapter 59 - Stamina ago
Chapter 60 - Idiots ago
Chapter 61 - A bitter end ago
Chapter 62 - Loot 2.0 ago
Chapter 63 - Arrows ago
Chapter 64 - Badger's Den ago
Chapter 65 - Chilling with badgers ago
Chapter 66 - The Notorious B.I.G Badger ago
Chapter 67 - Infused Powershot ago
Chapter 68 - Dungeon = Alchemy ago
Chapter 69 - Augur of Hope ago
Chapter 70 - Excelling ago
Chapter 71 - Dream ago
Chapter 72 - Den Mother ago
Chapter 73 - First quest & Venomfang ago
Chapter 74 - Practice & Ash ago
Chapter 75 - Scales of the Malefic Viper ago
Chapter 76 - Lucenti Plains ago
Chapter 77 - Pondering on ponds ago
Chapter 78 - Introspection ago
Chapter 79 - Moment of Curiosity ago
Chapter 80 - Cleaning up the plains ago
Chapter 81 - The Great White Stag ago
Chapter 82 - No rest for the wicked ago
Chapter 83 - Loot & Healing ago
Chapter 84 - True Protagonist ago
Chapter 85 - Into the dark ago
Chapter 86 - The right way ago
Chapter 87 - Dark Mana & Dark Tunnels ago
Chapter 88 - Many Rats! Handle it! ago
Chapter 89 - Dark Attunement ago
Chapter 90 - Nest Watcher ago
Chapter 91 - A final gift ago
Chapter 92 - Willful Ignorance ago
Chapter 93 - The Balance Broken ago
Chapter 94 - Beers & Exposition ago
Chapter 95 - Of Fate & Destiny ago
Chapter 96 - William & Jake ago
Chapter 97 - Spring cleaning = Loot 3.0 ago
Chapter 98 -Valley of Tusks ago
Chapter 99 - Going with the flow ago
Chapter 100 - The right way forward ago
Chapter 101 - Mana 101 ago
Chapter 102 - A thoughtful touch ago
Chapter 103 - Pigs for slaughter ago
Chapter 104 - Limit Break ago
Chapter 105 - Falling rocks ago
Chapter 106 - Horde Leader ago
Chapter 107 - Next target: King of the Forest ago
Chapter 108 - King ago
Chapter 109 - Eclipse ago
Chapter 110 - Fall ago
Chapter 111 - When the curtains fall... ago
Chapter 112 - Tutorial Rewards: Titles & Math ago
Chapter 113 - Tutorial Rewards: Narrowing down options ago
Chapter 114 - Tutorial Rewards: Getting stuff ago
Chapter 115 - Records ago
Chapter 116 - A Godlike Getaway ago
Chapter 117 - Danger Bath ago
Chapter 118 - Second part? ago
Chapter 119 - Embracing power ago
Chapter 120 - Defiance & Gains ago
Chapter 121 - You know, I'm something of a sage myself ago
Chapter 122 - Homecoming ago
Intermission 1 - Carmen ago
Intermission 2 - Noboru Miyamoto ago
Intermission 3 - Eron ago
Chapter 123 - The Blue Marble ago
Chapter 124 - One Step Mile ago
Chapter 125 - Pylon of Civilization ago
Chapter 126 - The Times They Are A-Changin' ago
Chapter 127 - Monsters ago
Intermission 4 - Matteo (1/2) ago
Intermission 4 - Matteo (2/2) ago
Chapter 128 - Living with the consequences ago
Chapter 129 - Points of view ago
Chapter 130 - Going down ago
Chapter - 131 - Two kinds of people ago
Chapter 132 - Big Blue Mushroom ago
Chapter 133 - Delegating (avoiding) responsibilities ago
Chapter 134 - Construction plans ago
Chapter 135 - First World Problems ago
Chapter 136 - How To Train Your Dragon Wings ago
Chapter 137 - I Believe I Can Fly ago
Chapter 138 - Viewing Party ago
Chapter 139 - Going Up ago
Chapter 140 - A Cloudy Forecast ago
Chapter 141 - Mana Bolt ago
Chapter 142 - Look at Me, I'm the Mage Now! ago
Chapter 143 - City Lord ago
Chapter 144 - Not Again ago
Chapter 145 - Visitors ago
Chapter 146 - Familial Conflict ago
Chapter 147 - Unbalanced ago
Chapter 148 - Incoming ago
Chapter 149 - Anger ago
Chapter 150 - Barely a Fight ago
Chapter 151 - A Bit of Self-Reflection ago
Chapter 152 - Killing Monsters = Loot 4.0 ago
Chapter 153 - An Agreement With the Incompetents(?) ago
Chapter 154 - Clouds & Brimstone ago
Chapter 155 - One-sided ago
Chapter 156 - Skills & Pylons ago
Chapter 157 - Arrow of the Ambitious Hunter ago
Chapter 158 - Why? ago
Chapter 159 - Under Pressure ago
Chapter 160 - Can I? ago
Chapter 161 - Towards the Horizon ago
Chapter 162 - Pecking Order ago
Intermission 5 - Meira ago
Chapter 163 - Helping Friends ago
Chapter 164 - Rituals ago
Chapter 165 - Taking Charge ago
Chapter 166 - Jake & Mystie Airlines ago
Chapter 167 - One-sided negotiation ago
Chapter 168 - Phillip ago
Chapter 169 - The Fort ago
Chapter 170 - The Battle of Fort's Deep ago
Chapter 171 - Perhaps Too Easy ago
Chapter 172 - A Monster To Hunt ago
Chapter 173 - Mental Magic ago
Chapter 174 - Minotaur Mindchief ago
Chapter 175 - A Journey of the Mind ago
Chapter 176 - From the Myst They Came... ago
Chapter 177 - To Pursue Perfection ago
Chapter 178 - Names ago
Chapter 179 - Baby Hawk ago
Chapter 180 - Fists of Fury ago
Chapter 181 - Methods of Improvement ago

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I've lurked for years, and its always nice to stumble along a hidden gem. I found this just casually browsing, and really wasn't expecting too much, but so far, the plot and lore have been interesting, the characters have good depth, although a little bit of plot armour, but the story is fantastic and has been a really engaging read. This is the reason why i search through royal road for novels


Read if You're on the Fence ig

Reviewed at: Chapter 158 - Why?

Brub i swear I'm hooked on this like AHHHHHHH. Jake literally the protagonist I've been looking forrrrr. He's suicidal, first off, because he likes fighting life or death battles because it "isn't fun if there's no danger of dying" and the way he interacts with other people isn't annoying. He has morals, but he also lacks the common sense other people have and its funny reading about him not understanding the mentality of other people 🤣. Also, there's no romance (and personally I prefer it that way) so if you're looking for or are into that I'll have to disappoint you. Could go on, but ill spare you (because fr we could be here all day :P)


Weirdly, I have fallen in love with the game like system of this genre ... and been binging them none stop, but LIKE isekai's most of them are UTTER garbage... like I have phone in fantasy land or whatever more BS concept is out there. What I have found that The Author loves to go somewhat deep into emotional understanding of our being... which a lot of book/show/movies try to bring into their fould but fail at miserably because they shy away from being truly gritty... and showing how most humans are pieces of shits and how to find those they may not resamble those pieces so much. 

What I have found in PH has, great MC though process (IN CERTAIN certain scenarios), intressting concept behind the whole game system that LITrpg have, some TRULLY great side characters, great description of scenes, but leaving a lot to your imagination still so not be over descriptive... as I have found online a lot of people find it weirdly irrateting? 

the stuff that could have some improvment:
-Fights.... I love them in someways but.... maybe it is that MC's can't die thus my enjoyment of Jake's figts are ... quite limited I don't know why but in this book those fights are NOT stale... but without a flare it may be done to so several factor or only one but I couldn't tell you what it is...

-Not nearly enough for shadowed stuff.... it's OOOWH so satisfying to remember a small detail that was ONCE or twice mentioned and feeling like you are a benevolent god in the universe of the story and watch it with intrest instead of a reader of it.... (this may be redone later as to I'm only at 100 chpt ) 

-I KNOW it's really hard but I'm quite afraid of some kind of power crep of happening in the story that turns me of... where the MC gets a power as an acheivment for something that he done and it becomes a main part of him... this could be nice in some cases and it hasn't happened so far but I'm just saying I'd love to say "Well I was wrong, nice power scaling"

this is all I had for today.... go home now


First of all, and one of the main reasons I love this novel: the "classes" the MC has. I read like dozens of novels and none had this particular combo, which paired with quite an interesting and somewhat balanced system makes it worth a read alone.

As regarding to the plot as it is I like it, I fear what awaits when the world will be explained further but I believe in the Author's skills.

But dude you have to chill, I know it is frustrating when people shit on a product you invested hours in, especially when you know there are hundreds of novels that are barely readable that don't get half of the shit you are getting. But you have to ignore all those readers whining.

Who cares, and at this point you should have already noticed no matter what some will whine anyways. 


I genuinely like your story, wish you luck and hope you will keep it up without getting too influenced by bad reviews.


Good novel! Uses the system apocalypse trope well and is unique enough that it doesn't feel like a copy of another novel. The grammar and spelling is good with very few, if any, mistakes. The chapters are long enough to progress the story but they leave you wanting more. Overall this book quickly climbed my favorites list and is in the top 3. Would recommend.



Have you ever wondered how "Spidey Sense" works?

Reviewed at: Chapter 159 - Under Pressure

There are so many good things about this series! But you can read about that in dozens of other reviews. I'm going to talk about one tiny tiny thing that amazed me when I read it.

One (of many) applicaitions of the MC's power is a type of Spider-man-esque Spidey Sense.

Have you ever read a Spider-man comic and seen him use his Spidey Sense to dodge some attacks but not others? How about when he detects crime by being nearby?
There are no rules to Spidey Sense. It's a narrative device used by writers to create plot or increase dramatic tension.
Zogarth (the author) must have sat down one day and said to himself, "This is dumb. How is this supposed to work in reality? What can and can't it do? How would you actually get around it to kill Spider-man?"

The MC of Primal Hunter tests his ability, discovers the rules, and the author sticks to that unwaveringly. It is not used as a lazy-writer Macguffin.
I finished the parts where the MC figured all this out and was floored. It makes SO much sense!! Spider-man is ruined forever for me because compared to Primal Hunter, the comic book writers are lazy hacks!

Such a small detail. But it's indiciative of the intelligent thought put into the world-building of this novel.

Now go read the story!

Chr Gor

This is a really great read, and I recommend you check it out.

There is a proper flow to the story, the characters have proper growth and dont do random shit, Its interesting, has proper grammar and structure, all in all just a great read.

While the main character does have an op advantage, its not the be all end all kind of thing. There is still tension, he could still die, it isn't like he can suddenly just do anything and solve anything. This story does it right.


Keep on going with your gut author

Reviewed at: Chapter 159 - Under Pressure

By far one of my most favorite stories on here. There's always going to be people that hate the book but I have always believed that the book is primarily a function of the author not the reader. If you like the story then you can write it and anyone else can shut up. I think it's exceptional and can't wait to see jake throw down with the best of them, whether it's a smack down or drawn out brawl! Long live the primal hunter!!


Reviewed as of chapter 159:

At first i thought it was just another Legend of Randily Ghosthound offshoot, but I’m surprised by the depth of this story so far. Things take their time as they should, and there is A LOT of potential plot for the future. things are still at their very beginnings but so far so good, no major stupid troupes or pitfalls and quite a few surprises.

Story is well structured and well written (some mistakes here and there but nothing significant).

Congrats to the author for the story and the publishing schedule we, your readers, know it is not easy to keep such a schedule.


This is a great story that I immediately read every time it updates. 

The MC has interesting and unusual classes.

The world seems large enough to have good potential, but the author doesn't drown us in tens of names we will not remember when they are mentioned again six months from now. 

Grammar and style are both good, hence the five stars...