[Semi-Webtoon] Shifters

by Gaburieru

In the 21st century 90% of the earth was decimated by an energy called Ether in an event known as the great shift of 2030.  New beings able to use this power called Shifters emerged, and for 200 years their countless wars divided what was left of civilization into two areas: The city-states controlled by the crime fighting SPA, and the badlands controlled by lawless bandits


Ever since he was a child, Axel, a Shifter from the badlands has had vivid dreams of one day joining the SPA and defeating the evil king Darius, bringing peace to his home. In a world of super powered adversaries his only power seems to be these realistic dreams that border on the edge of reality. Feeling hopeless he desperately reaches out to a strange SPA agent who explains his dreams are suppressing his true power. As the lucidity of his visions become more and more intense he begins to get closer and closer to the truth of his powers and also to the future where he defeats Darius.


Shifters is a light novel of Axel's journey with occasional illustrations and manga panels along the way. Join me in creating the story that will one day become a manga that will reach the world!

All artwork is done by My man Mo!(I think his name is dayo tho...lol) Im a horrible artist! 

Heres his instagram https://www.instagram.com/degamishiro/

And heres mine! Tho I'm rarely on it https://www.instagram.com/gaburierusenpai/

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Word Count (11)
Royal Writathon October 2020 winner
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 1 (SCS Arc) Chapter 0: D.R.E.A.M.S ago
V.1 Chapter 1: Back to Reality ago
V.1 Chapter 2: SCS ago
V.1 Chapter 3: Enter Henriette O'brian! ago
V.1 Chapter 4: Lance's Promise ago
V.1 Chapter 5: Measuring up ago
V.1 Chapter 6: Darkness PB The Unwakeable Nightmare ago
V.1 Chapter 7: Intro to Ether 101 O'Brian's 50/50 ago
V.1 Chapter 8: The Room of White ago
V.1 Chapter 9: The boy with the barcode! Axel's new friend ago
V.1 Chapter 10 : Lily Ringo The three Librateers ago
V.1 Chapter 11 : The Safe Haven part 1 (My favorite Chapter!) ago
V.1 Chapter 11: The Safe Haven part 2 (My favorite Chapter!) ago
(Updated) A note Regarding the Royal Road Contest ago
V.1 Chapter 12: Silence Ended PB's Rampage ago
V.1 Chapter 13: Return To The Past The Secret Of The Man In Flames ago
V.1 Chapter 14: Axels Awakening part 1 ago
V.1 Chapter 14: Axels Awakening part 2(not illistrated) ago
V.1 Chapter 15: Awaken! Axels Fist of Retribution! ago
V.1 Chapter 16: The man who hurt my friend! Jeffs Counterattack ago
V.1 Chapter 17: The Verge of Death Axels Defeat ago
V.1 Chapter 18: Alive! Axel's Rejuvenation ago
V.1 Chapter 19: The Hiatus (Volume 1 Ending) ago
A note from Gaburieru ago
Volume 2 (SPA Exams Arc) Chapter 1: The Reunion ago
V.2 Chapter 2: Grant's Arrival! A Colonel of the SPA! ago
V.2 Chapter 3: "Kids in the SPA?" Grants Proposition ago
V.2 Chapter 4: The Real Exam Begins! Axel vs Grant ago
V.2 Chapter 5: Time up! Axel's Final Gambit! ago
V.2 Chapter 6: Slumber Party! The Night Before The Gauntlet! (not illistrated) ago
V.2 Chapter 7: No Rest In Sight! Riley's Midnight Attack!(not illistrated) ago
V.2 Chapter 8: The Gauntlet Begins ago
V.2 Chapter 9: Axel vs Harley! ago
V.2 Chapter 10 : The Best Cadet In The SPA? Alexander Hendrix ago
V.2 Chapter 11: Reggie Vs Mame Spider! ago
V.2 Chapter 12: B vs Misa! ago
V.2 Chapter 13: Beauty vs The Beast Lily vs Riley Part 1 ago
V.2 Chapter 13: Beauty vs The Beast Lily vs Riley Part 2 ago
V.2 Chapter 14 Lance Vs Jade ago
V.2 Chapter 15: Setting the Stage! Ravens Arrival ago
V.2 Chapter 16 Part 1: Chirality Battle! Axel vs Alex! ago
V.2 Chapter 16 Part 2: Chirality Battle! Axel vs Alex! ago
V.2 Chapter 17: The Casualties of Battle! 6 vs Jeff! ago
V.2 Chapter 18: Enter Raven! PB's Act of Insanity ago
V.2 Chapter 19 : The Casualties of Battle 2! Reggie vs PB! ago
V.2 Chapter 20: Battle of the Avengers! Axel vs PB! Part 1 ago
V.2 Chapter 20: Battle of the Avengers! Axel vs PB! Part 2 ago
V.2 Chapter 21: Goldfish In A Fishbowl! Jades Secret Revealed! (Volume 2 Ending) ago
Volume 3 (SPA Investigations Ark) Chapter 0: The Briefing! ago
Update/Hiatus ago

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