After getting approval to use magic from Luis, I started training my flying and transportation magic immediately.
That being said, I was able to master both in less than a week.

Luis was astonished when he learn that I can use magic without chanting, but then Marlow convinced him for me with some explanation.

At that time, I was busy dancing in joy and didn't listen to their conversation.

I was like; YES! Finally I could go to meet with Elizabeth-tan again.
and just when I was about to take off, Luis asked for me my destination.

So I told him honestly that I was going to a neighboring country. Then, all of a sudden, Marlow and Luis open their eyes widely and their faces started to turn blue.

This two are really alike, huh?
I was impressed by their identical reaction.... That is when Luis told me that it is against the international law to transport between countries without a permit.

And yes.... I got lectured for a long time afterward.

Luis emphasized how even a prince cannot go in and out of the Duke's premises without permission.

Well.... I guess it's only natural to think about it now, but at that time I was only thinking about meeting Elizabeth-tan....

it seems like I was not only trespassing the Duke's property, but also the country itself....

Anyway, if this crime of mine got surfaced, in the worst case scenario, I might not be able to enroll in to the same school with Elizabeth-tan.

That is not fair!

That why now all I can do is be patient and wait until the school start. sigh....

Argh.... I really want to meet Elizabeth-tan soon....

I was mourning so at first.
But then, I realized that I could use this time to worthfully devise plans to capture Elizabeth-tan.

In the game, Elizabeth-tan likes the gentle and strong side of the blonde prince.

Thus, I might get a shot if I can appeal to Elizabeth-tan that I'm stronger (and of course more gentle) than the blond prince.

Thinking so, I devoted myself to master swordsmanship and magic.

Days passed by, and when I realized it, I was already ten years old.

"Umm.... Lord Orlando, what are you doing in an apron?"

I was whisking some eggs when Marlow showed up and gave me a suspicious look.

"Oh, this? Well, actually, I started baking cakes today!"

Five more years to go until the school start.

I managed to perfect my swordsmanship and magic skills in just three year.
So now I'm cultivating a new plan to surely capture Elizabeth-tan's heart.

"The prince.... is baking cake?"

"Oh! Well, you see. Since I was able to master swordsmanship and magics for my plan A; "Look at me, I'm stronger Elizabeth!" to capture Elizabeth-tan's heart. I thought that now is a good time to prepare for my new amazing plan"

According to the setting, Elizabeth-tan loves all cakes in general.

You know what they say; the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach.

So naturally, my second plan is to grab her heart with my handmade cake!

"Let see.... In the future that Lord Orlando foresaw, Elizabethan will become a fiancée of another prince. That's why you were working on plans to steal her away"

"Yeah, that's right! I will definitely make Elizabeth-tan my wife, even with dirty trick!"

I said so passionately, but Marlow gave me a pity look for some reason.

"....I think there are more dirty tricks than baking cakes.... but yes, I understand the price of your great ability, my lord...."

What is Marlow talking about? I got such an advantage knowing about Elizabeth-tan's favorite food. It is quite dirty I have to admit. But hmmm.... Something even more dirty~.

Since Elizabeth-tan is not a heroine, love event will not occur.

I will surely take away all her event from the prince, if only she has one.

"Ummm.... Do you have any good idea?"

I asked seriously, but Marlow returned me with a cold look.
Gee.... Why are you so cold to me, Marlow? You are supposed to be my aid.

"Excuse me, my Lord. But if Elizabethan were to be a fiancée of another prince, it is better that you gave her up gracefully. You know.... like a prince "

Hah?! What is the meaning of me being reincarnated in this world if I have to give up on Elizabeth-tan without trying first?

"I would just quit being a prince if I have to give up on Elizabeth-tan"

Then I will move to live in the same country as Elizabeth-tan~. Teehee.

"HUH?! ....My lord! .... Uhh....! This flour! Let me help you measure it! Err.... The amount.... The book.... Okay I got it!"

With that being said, Marlow started to help me passionately.

What's going on with him? He was giving me such a cold look just a while ago. What has changed his mind?

Is it just me, but Marlow looks pretty desperate....
Wait. Maybe he wanted to learn how to bake but was just being shy? Kids are really hard to understand.

I was baffled by Marlow's sudden change, but somehow managed to finish baking the cake.

I was good at cooking since my previous life, so the outcome of the cake is pretty good.

Un-huh~! It looks delicious from the appearance. I seriously have great skill! Hehe.

"Wow, you actually did it.... All this in exchange with your intellect...."

Marlow mumbled something while staring at the cake we just made.

Was Marlow this kind of character? I thought he would be more outspoken, since he is a sharp tongue character in the game.
Is it because he is still young?

I cut the cake while wondering so.

Okay, Let's eat!
And right at that moment. "That thing" came.

"Kukukuku, I came to visit you, human!"

The fairy king; who began to appear quite often after that flew in from the window.

At first, it keeps declaring how it will surely scare me this time around, and trapped me in different dimension.... It seems to be some kind of pranks that I don't quite understand.

Anyway, all I have to do is give it something sweet to eat and it will release me real quick.... Seriously, why are you here?

Seems like it has finally given up on pranking me recently and just simply came to ask for candy.

Since it is a fairy king, I thought it could make it itself. But apparently it is only able to use space magic.

So yeah. the Fairy King was a surprisingly poor character for its name.

Thereby, it appears that I have tamed the Fairy King.
Never feed wild animals .... I should have known better.

"Here you go"

With that being said, Marlow offered a slide of cake to the Fairy King.

The fairy king is mischievous only towards me. So surprisingly, these two are getting along well.

I didn't play the hidden route, so I only know that the fairy king has a mischievous personality.

All the other information that I know about him is from some internet forums that I peeked at to kill time.

According to that, all heroine needs to do is walk around the forest. Once the fairy king appeared, it will starts to annoys heroine from thereon.

By the way, it seems like fairy king is quite easy to capture. The key is to choose the most gentle line of all option.

I guess all I have to do is wait for the encounter event between the fairy king and heroine to occurs. Then naturally, it will starts to annoy heroine instead of me. Just five more years....

"Yippee~! Such a delicious scent~!"

Fairy king drooled at the smell of the cake, and started eating right away.

Apparently, the fairies in this world really love sweets.

"Um.... Lord Orlando. Isn't it easier to make a cake by using magic, rather than handmade?"

Marlow asked me so, when hand me my slide of cake.

"Well, that's true, but handmade is full of love, you know?"

"....Love.... Yes, of course...."

When school starts, and I present Elizabeth-tan with a perfectly baked cake, maybe she'll go "Urgh~ I don't really want it, but since it is your handmade, maybe I'll give it one bite" and shyly eat my cake.... HEHEHE.

Ah~, school life! Wonderful life!

I was called back by the cheerful voice of the fairy king before sinking in to my own daydreams.
Geez.... I was at a good place.

"Kukukuku. Since handmade is more delicious than magic, it sure will earn a lot of love!"

"So you understand about love too, huh?"

Although I only feed it with magically made candy apples.

"Well, of course I do! The fruits grown in the fairy forest taste a thousand times better than the ones created by human's magic! So it is only natural that handmade ones are better!"

The fairy king said so proudly.

Oh, that's right. Fairy king actually gave me these strawberries to decorate on today's cake.

A few days ago, I muttered about how I wanted to start baking cake. Then, the fairy king came by yesterday and brought me these with sparkling eyes.

Somehow, it is really passionate about these strawberries.

I couldn't sense any magic from strawberries it gave me. So I was quite surprised to learn that these grew naturally.

Well, you see.
In this world, all commercially available products are created by human magic.
and the taste depends on the delicate adjustment of the amount of magic power's output.

By the way, according to the feedback from the fairy king, the food I made was "not bad for a human being".

And it pridefully added that the ingredients grown in the fairy forest are the most delicious.
Well, that's just what the Fairy King says.... I thought so lightly and took a bite.

"! .... Uh, this is good!"

This is more delicious than I had expected!

The texture, sweetness, and fragrance are all completely different from those created by magic. This is amazing!

"Fufufufu. That's right! It's a taste that can only be found in the fairy forest!"

"Wow, this is seriously good! Hey, are there other fruits too? Can I go pick it up?"

Seeing me all hyped up, fairy king grinned and folded its arms.
Big attitude as usual.

"Humph! The answer is NO! The fairy forest is not a place where ordinary people can just come in and out!"

"Oh come on. We are not strangers! I'll prepare you something very special in return, okay?"

".... Something very special⁈ Umm.... Then I guess it can't be help. This is only because I like you, so I'll give you special permission!"

"Seriously?! Thanks!"

You're way to easy. Fairy king.

"Fufufu. You can thank me some more!"

YES! I get the access to valuable ingredients!

All that's left to do is improve my baking skill until the school starts.

Capturing Elizabeth-tan's stomach and heart with my delicious cake. Oh, what a perfect strategy~! I'm so smart!

Let's give it all I have! Alrighty!

Marlow gave me a very cold look, but I managed to harmonize it with my enthusiastic passion.


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