Year 952, day 227, Elfen territory, Center of Vila da Fronteira with Mercy, 08h.



          On a sunny morning like few others, the brother and sister are at the market in their village, looking for an old friend of their family.

— His tent was here ... — She says, unsure. — Right, Whiger?

— Calm down, I'm sure. It is at the end of the fair.

          As the boy said, the wooden stand is actually allocated at the end of the fair. In it, rare spices are sold, in sealed pots, in addition to various collector's items, mostly hunted by members of Guilds.

— Good day sir! — Kahyu says, waving his hand.

— How are you, Uncle? — Whiger asks.

— How long, kids! Have you finally started shopping for your father?

— One day we grow up, uncle!

— Your hair looks really cool, Whiger.

— Thank you very much! — He says with his face flushed. — Uncle, we want to know about something.

— You can talk, here I sell everything! What does your father want this time?

          The girl stands in front of her brother.

— Actually, sir. We want to sell something.

— What do you want to sell? — He crouches in front of the children, with a smile.

          The brothers nod to each other and Whiger says:

— How much would you buy an egg from Haast?

          The elderly and kind gentleman withdraws a little, thoughtfully.

— I've heard that name before, but I don't really remember. Is it a rare item?

— A man told me that it is a delicacy much requested by Guilds.

          The owner of the stall intertwines his big white beard and says:

— You didn't steal something important like that, right?

The two children shake their heads in denial.

— Look, if it is an item frequently requested by the Guild, then it will be here. — He takes with great difficulty, a large and heavy book from behind the tent. — This is a price book, basically.

"Here is the amount that the Guild would pay me for each of the items. I just have to follow what the book says ... How much was the commission? I thought! I have to pay them 20% less than the original amount, and that will be my profit when the Guild pays me ... "

— Did you find it, sir?

— Not yet. The name is Haast, right?

— Yes, Haast Argentavis.

          He keeps looking, going page by page while the little ones wait anxiously.

"I found it! Haast Argentavis ... ten gold coins ... Would I have to pay eight gold coins ?! That's more than I earn in years!"

— Sir? Did you find it?

          He closes and puts his book away. Worried and sweating, the merchant asks:

— Children, where did you get this? I don't have enough money to pay you!

          The children look at each other in amazement.

— How much is the egg, uncle ?!

— Eight ...

— Uncle, buy it please!

— With sixteen silver coins we could change the life of the father and mother completely! Buy tools, buy more animals, seeds ...

— Sixteen? Do you have two eggs like that ?!

— Yes! — Respond the two children, excited.

With a serious face, the merchant says:

— Children, buying is not a favor, I also earn from it. But you got it wrong. That egg, for whatever reason, costs eight gold coins! Of gold! I do not have that money! Putting all my silver and copper coins together, they give a maximum of two gold.

— Eight gold coins ?! — the two children shout.

          The merchant quickly covers the mouths of the two children with his hands.

— Shut up, kids! Do you want the whole village to know that?

          The brothers nod and then you take your hands out of their mouths. Whiger closes his hands very tightly, drawing all his euphoria on his face. Whispering, Kahyu asks:

— Sir, what do we do then?

— Kahyu, that gives about eighty silver coins! We need to sell this!

          The sister, embarrassed, hides her face with her hands while whispering:

— There are eighty silver coins ... They are eight hundred! You big asshole! I don't even know if we should sell this anymore! What are we going to do with so much? You can buy our house about ten times and there's still more!

          Whiger starts to shake with anxiety. Stuttering, he replies:

— Let's sell it anyway!

          The innocent and kind old man interrupts the children.

— There's something I can do. I had forgotten because I never needed ...

          The eyes of the two children shine. It seems that deep down, Kahyu also really wants to sell the eggs.

— Tell us, sir!

— Well, I can sign a contract, promising that I will sell the eggs and give you exactly the amount sold to you.

"I was just going to give him the eggs and wait for him to sell. This old man is smart!",thinks Whiger.

— This is perfect! Can you do this as soon as possible?

— Sure, my kids. The coach to Elfen leaves in three hours. I've never been to Mercy's guild, because small merchants like me get eaten there! Haha ha!

"I will profit from these eggs more than I profit in years. The history of the golden eggs has never made more sense to me than now!"

          Without really understanding what you meant, Whiger replies:

— Ah ... Of course. Haha ha...

— Let's go home and get the eggs! Come on, brother!

— Kahyu, I don't think I understood it very well ... Weren't you the one who thought it was better for us not to sell? — He says sarcastically, with a look of mockery. — Did I hear things?

          She looks at her brother with an angry smile, her eyes blinking frantically.

— Very funny ... Now let's go home and get the eggs.

— Go, children. I will make the contract in the meantime.

          At the same time, the children bow and say:

— Thank you!

          On the way home, almost at the end of the fair, three children shout for their brothers from a window.

— Hey! Whiger! Kahyu!

          They both look for where the voice came from, but it is a difficult task with so many people around, passing from side to side. Until Whiger's eye meets the children at the round window; they are on the second floor of a four—story building, something very common in the village. When the little bald child realizes that the two brothers found him, he asks:

— Shall we play after lunch ?!

          Waving a hand, Whiger yells:

— Today I can not! Excuse!

          Kahyu also says goodbye, with just a single wave of his hand. Seeing the girl say goodbye, the bald boy comments with the two friends while hugging himself:

— Ah! I love her even when she doesn't care about me!

          A few minutes later, the brother and sister arrive at their home.

— Each one gets an egg, do we understand?

          Sarcastically, Whiger replies:

— Yes, miss, princess, queen of the unbearable.

          Upon hearing the sound of his children arriving, the gray eyed man asks from the kitchen:

— Are you back, kids?

— Yes father! We are going to sell the eggs now. We have already arranged everything with your friend from the end of the fair.

— Ah! Did he welcome you? He was always very kind to us. I don't think I told you, but the few tools we had at the beginning, when you were very small, he gave us.

— I did not know that. He was really nice to us! Let's go get the eggs for him right now. — Answer Kahyu

— If they sell it to me, I can rest easy. Good luck kids!

          On the way to the stall, the size of the eggs draws people's attention a lot. The two children are barely able to carry them, having to stop to rest with the eggs on the floor at all times.

          Arriving at the humble merchant's stall, the two children deliver the eggs to the humble merchant.

— Leave them here under the counter. In no more than an hour I will be with your product on the way to the Elfen guild.

          Unable to control the animation, the two children jump in celebration.

— Stop it! — He takes a greenish paper, with its front completely filled with letters; a bronze stamp in the lower right corner and signed by the merchant himself. — Here's the contract. Keep it very well and give it to your parents. Of course, I will pay you even without a contract, but it is necessary to keep that. In a month I should be back. Now go, children.

          The two children bow in awe and say at the same time:

— Thank you sir!

          The merchant strokes their heads and says:

— I thank you.





              Year 952, day 232, Elfen territory, Vila da Fronteira com Mercy, House of the Nevin family, 12h.



          In the Nevin family's kitchen, Bend is cooking a vegetable stew for his guests, Kalui and Roldi. Your kitchen is equipped with some wooden shelves and cabinets, a flat rock table and a small and simple wood oven. His visitors are seated at the table, along with his wife, Laruel and their children.

— So, Uncle Roldi, what will we do today?

          Laruel leans forward slightly, paying attention to the conversation.

— Today, my dear little fellow, we will do totally pure combat training.

— Hey! — Whiger and Kalui shout.

— What do you mean "pure"? — Asks Kahyu.

— Good question, my dear! I bought this two years ago, as soon as I arrived in the village. Remember what you have in my house?

— No ... — Says Kahyu.

          With an evil smile on his face, Roldi replies:

— Yes...

          Noticing Mr. Gray's face, Kalui also says:

— No...

— Yes ... — Responds Whiger and Roldi.

— I am an elemental maiden, I refuse to use swords and shields!

— You will not always be able to count on your powers, maiden.

— Roldi, I even accept training this, but it has to be with Whiger! — Kalui sulks.

          Looking down and speaking softly, Kahyu says:

— Ah, if I go with you, I don't care that much ...

— Then it's agreed.

— Mr. Roldi, do you really not want to live closer to the city? — Asks Laruel.

— Look, in the forest I don't need to pay for the land, as long as there is no trail or road connecting my house here.

— But it's worth! Here it is safer and more practical.

          While talking, the children look from side to side, whenever one of the two speaks.

— The truth is that I will not stay here forever or take root. I must be gone in a few years.

— Why? Didn't like the village?

— That's not it ... I just can't stop in one place. I love to be always on the move, you know?

— I see ... — She says, sketching a displeased face.

          Kahyu gets up from the chair, putting his hands on the table and saying:

— Are you leaving?

— Don't go away Uncle Roldi!

          Scratching his head, Roldi replies:

— Calm down children. It will take a good few years. Rest assured and don't think about it.

          The smell of the food arrives in the room. Everyone sat at the table salivating with desire.

          Holding a large pot with protective gloves, Bend appears.

— The food is here! — Bend says as he puts the pot on the table. — Help yourself!

          After a few minutes of conversation, Laruel interrupts:

— Whiger, didn't you have something to show your friend?

— Ah! Truth! — He says with shining eyes. — Pay attention, dear commoners. — The child gets up from the chair and covers his face with his hands. — Who am I?

— Get your hand off the face we say! — Answer Kahyu.

          Laruel and Bend start to beat the table like a drum, to create a suspense. As Whiger removes his hands from his face, his hair grows, ceasing to be wavy and becoming straight, shoulder—length and black. As he takes his hands completely off his face, he says:

— It's me, Kalui!

          Everyone is amazed at the similarity. It does not become identical, as there are some small differences, such as the size of the head, which remains the same as before and other small things that do not let it be exactly the same. However, the color of his eyes, his mouth, nose, cheek, among other parts of his face, become exactly the same as Kalui's.

          While everyone is amazed at the resemblance, Kalui is deeply frightened, falling on the floor behind the chair.

— What the fuck !? My God, that scare Whiger! — Kalui exclaims.

          With the exception of Roldi, everyone at the table starts laughing, including the child lying on the floor.

          The gray haired gentleman leans forward while a big smile slowly grows on him. Excited, he says:

— Whiger!

          The boy and his mother are startled by Roldi's call.

— Whiger, you are awesome! I definitely didn't expect this one! — The big gray haired man starts laughing too. — Took me by surprise! Did you know that he could do things like that?

"Enion will die of envy.",thinks Roldi.

          Whiger's parents burst out laughing. When they calm down, Laruel says:

— He saw his friend's grandfather doing this to scare his grandson. He came home excited and said he would train to do the same with Kalui!

— But how long ago? — Asks Roldi, containing his excitement.

— Ah yes. A little over a week ago, I think. Bend and I helped him by saying if he looked like it or not! Haha ha.

— One week!? — He asks getting up from the chair. — Sorry for the lack of control, but you have no idea how incredible this is.

          Whiger watches Roldi with a disbelieving face, raised eyebrows and pinched eyes.

— Uncle, I'm not Kalui. I won't be rolled up that easy!

          The gray—haired man does not understand what he meant, nor do his parents.

— What do you mean, boy?

— You sometimes deceive Kalui by letting him have false expectations just for fun. I like it too, it's really funny. But I will not be deceived! Hahahaha ... But the performance was good.

— Whiger, you look a lot like Kalui and you did it only with his memories and in less than a month. That's inc— — The boy with the short hair cuts him, saying no with his index finger.

— No use, Uncle Roldi. I told you, I'm not going to fall for that. A friend of mine left his face exactly like that of a guy walking down the street just by seeing him twice. It was much faster than two weeks.

          Roldi sits up abruptly in the chair, not satisfied.

"Stopping to think, he better think it's normal. It's good not to let his ego go up. But wow ... His friend is really much more unbelievable."

          After lunch, it's time for training. The great lord and the children leave on their way to the forest.

          Waving their hands, the siblings' parents say:

— Train hard, kids!

          In the forest, the four start running at the same time, without any warning.

— So kids, did you like the eggs? They are more salty than normal eggs, aren't they?

          Whiger lowers his head, nervous. He feels his heart tighten as he runs. Watching his brother, Kahyu says:

— They were great! We ate both cooked. Each egg lasted a whole day with the whole family eating!

— Oh! Glad you liked it. Kalui and I ate for lunch! Of course, most of it was for me hahahaha!





              Year 952, day 232, Elfen territory, Village Forest bordering Mercy, 13h.



          In the humid forest, the refreshing wind shakes and knocks the leaves off the trees. In front of the gray—haired lord's house, Kalui and the couple of brothers are each equipped with a sword and shield. Already equipped, Roldi points to Kalui and Whiger, while positioning himself against Kahyu.

"The heat here doesn't reach hell's feet in the capital of Elfen ...",thinks Roldi.

          After everyone is ready and positioned, the gray—haired man tosses a coin in the air with his thumb. At the exact moment when it hits the leaves lying on the ground, everyone advances against their respective opponent. Roldi and Kahyu charge against each other, while Kalui and Whiger do the same.

          The boys' wooden swords cross strongly. They push against each other, but neither can move forward.

— Worth everything or just swords? — Asks Kalui.

          Loudly and clearly, Roldi replies:

— All. Just remember not to really hurt.

          At the very moment you replied, Whiger released his white tail and moved closer to Kalui, standing a few inches away, with swords glued together, almost in each other's faces. The tiger boy curls his long tail on his opponent's left leg and pulls it to the side, causing him to unbalance and fall with his legs spread, almost like splits.

          Smiling victoriously, Whiger throws his shield on the ground, raises his sword and tries to hit his opponent hard, but before he can, Kalui retaliates by wrapping his leg around his opponent's and knocking him down with a leglock. Along with the fall, Kalui rides on his belly, who is still confused by having fallen suddenly.

          At the same time, Kahyu pressures Roldi, striking him non—stop while forcing him to walk away, but I try all the attacks blocked by the gray—haired lord's shield.

          Frustrated, she decides to use everything she can. A thin wall rises in front of Roldi. Without fear, he dismantles the wall with a kick. Along with the blow, the clever girl punctures the sword, crossing the earth wall while still being undone by Roldi's kick. Unfortunately for her, her teacher blocks her again with the shield, taking another step back. Instead of his feet touching the ground, he falls in amazement with his back in a small ditch recently formed by his opponent, who during the fall, jumps on top of him, driving the small wooden sword into the earth beside his head.

"Wow ... This girl is really amazing!"thinks Roldi.

          Excited and screaming, Kahyu celebrates:

— Yes! Won! I do not believe!

          Hearing his friend's screams, Kalui presses his knee to Whiger's chest and the moment he takes his sword towards his opponent's neck, the tiger boy manages to release his right hand that was held by the weight of Kalui's leg and, quickly grab your sword—wielding arm, while starting to transform your body, gradually increasing your muscles. In contrast, the black—haired boy continues to try to sink his sword with all his might.

          Noticing Whiger's arm getting bigger, Kalui closes his eyes for a second and the air around his opponent's head starts to spin faster and faster.

"I can not breathe..."thinks Whiger.

          Observing the fight, Roldi comments to Kahyu:

— Kalui still can't just keep the air from entering somewhere, so to get air out of someone he needs to keep moving a certain place without stopping. It is not practical, but it is valid.

— And my brother?

— I think he wins if he can handle the shortness of breath for a few seconds. Increasing the muscles in your body instead of becoming a tiger is a wise choice, as it is not a fight to the death or anything.

          Kalui can no longer keep his sword close to Whiger's neck, even using the weight of his entire body. His arm goes further and further, as the tiger boy is getting absurdly muscular.

          Eight seconds have passed since the wind started to whirl in Whiger's head. Shortness of breath begins to roll your eyes. Until Kalui releases his sword while turning his body to the ground. Before Whiger even managed to raise his arms again, Kalui raised his leg and straddled his opponent's belly again, but this time also holding both arms. At the same moment, Whiger with his extraordinary strength begins to lift Kalui and push him backwards, but before he succeeds, the wind boy supports his left arm on the ground, so as not to fall and throws a strong right cross precisely on his chin. opponent, who was already breathless and tired, making him pass out.

Before getting up, Kalui shakes Whiger to wake him up, worried.

— Wake up Whiger! You punched me a lot harder last time! Let's go man! Wake up!

          Sleepy, Whiger slowly opens his eyes and replies:

— In a minute...

          The worry on his face disappears in a second and Kalui jumps up.

— I won! — Humming while dancing, he continues his celebration. — Oh yeah, I won! Weak whiger, Kalui strong! Oh yes! Who won the tiger? I won the ti- Roldi lightly punches Kalui's head with a punch.

— Stop being boring, boy. — He complements laughing. — First time you win and is it like this ?!

          Kalui lowers his head and replies:

— My bad...

          Kahyu snickers and Roldi exclaims to everyone:

— That's it for today! I'll take you home and hope you sleep and eat a lot!

— Yes sir! — Answer the girl.

— Of course! — Answer Kalui.

— Girl, wake up your brother and let's go.

          On the way home, Kalui and Whiger go all the way playing, exchanging light punches.

— Next time I win again. — Says Whiger.

— Oh, sure. — Kalui replies, mockingly.

          Meanwhile, Roldi and Kahyu talk about the food of Bend, his father.

— I've never eaten anything so well seasoned.

— I'll tell him you liked it, Mr. Roldi. He will be very happy!

          A little awkwardly, he changes the subject:

— I remembered something important now. You are not to compare yourself to Kalui.

— And why not?

— Kalui, Whiger, come here. One thing I forgot to explain and will be useful in the future.

          The two boys stop punching each other and get close to the gray haired man.

— Then, I'll be direct.

— I'm curious, speak up!

— The elementals are basically like glasses of water. You are born with an almost empty glass of water and fill it during your training. However, you cannot increase the "cup", let alone change it.

          Impatient, Kahyu interrupts.

— I already know that, Mr. Roldi ...

— I'm not finished yet. There are four normal and two rare elements. At least, that's what we thought. Apparently Kalui has a seventh element ... A rare third element. In one of the places I visited, they believed that there are actually eight elements, simply because of a painting on an ancient temple wall. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Returning to the subject, being a rare element, its container is automatically a bucket. All those who are born with the power of lightning or ray, have their amount of power absurdly greater than the most powerful elemental existing of normals. How they use and dominate it is beside the point, but their "cup" of power is absurd.

— I think I understand what you mean. — Answer Kahyu.

— I'm not finished yet ... There is a woman in Elfen, the general general of the army. They say that it alone is capable of disappearing or emerging an entire mountain without great difficulties, because it not only has the power of lightning, it also has the power of the earth. Thanks to her and the Elder's existence, Elfen is an absolutely respected and intimidating military power. In conclusion, because it has the power of lightning, its "cup" is gigantic and, not only the lightning but also the earth use the water of this huge container.

— I think we understand. — Laughing, Kahyu continues. — You are always very explaining!

— ungrateful girl. Jokes aside, understand? It is not a merit of Kalui that he does not tire easily using his power. In addition to not being something you will achieve.

— But what about my brother? Why don't you ever get tired?

          Scratching his head, Roldi replies:

— Metamorphics are completely different ... Their limitation is just knowledge. I thought you would know that, wise lady!

— Got it ... — Kahyu replies, sulking.

          Pointing to Kalui and Whiger, Roldi says:

— Anyway, you two can beat each other again and we'll leave you at home soon. Are you going to sleep there, Kalui?

          Whiger and Kalui lean on each other and say:

— Of course!


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