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            Year 952, day 226, Elfen territory, mountain valley, close to the Mercy border, 1 pm.



          Days ago, after seeing the nest for the first time, Kalui gave a cry that caught the eagle's attention, making it even more attentive in its surroundings. After a few days of observing the nest, Roldi put together a plan based on the information Kalui gave to the group. On the first day of watching, they saw something new for them; that bird was taking turns hatching the eggs equally. Every five hours the birds changed shifts, while one went to hunt for food, the other hatched the eggs. On the third day watching, Kalui noticed that the larger bird was tired before five hours passed, and that is what the plan came about.

"Now that we have confirmed Haast's pattern of tiredness, just take the eggs while she sleeps on duty.", thinks Kahyu.

— The time has come. The bug must be falling asleep already. We have less than an hour to pick up the eggs and run away! ����� Excited, he raises his arms — Come on Kahyu!

— I will not? — Whiger asks indignantly.

— Since it is not transformed, I thought I would not go. — Roldi answers.

— Don't be that way!

          Whiger's posture becomes slightly curved, the muscles of his entire body are enlarged and expanded, making him bigger and stronger, the hair grows quickly, almost instantly, the bones of his foot and leg twitch and change underneath skin, as well as those on your head. At the end of the transformation, Whiger is not a quadruped tiger, but a humanoid with the features of a tiger. Its normal height is five feet, but in its shape transformed into a humanoid tiger, it grows another six inches.

          Stretching her legs, the child asks:

— Can I go now?

"It is really surreal the speed at which he changes. Enion was reaching that speed when he was over twenty. He would freak out if he met this boy! I think we share this same dream of training someone more talented than us. Missing Enion. .. Will I ever find my pupil? Kalui is already like a son to me, but he is an elemental, unfortunately.— "Whiger cuts off Roldi's thought, disgusted by his reverie:

— Roldi !? Stop sleeping! Can I go or not?

— Sure, kid!

          Above the clouds, Kalui watches closely the gigantic and tired eagle, called Haast Argentavis, fixed on the peak of the highest mountain, which is surrounded by other slightly smaller mountains. The nest that she keeps is about six meters in diameter, being smaller than the eagle itself, when its wings are open. The majestic bird keeps heating up its four huge eggs, while waiting for the mother of its future children.

          The child not only observes, but admires the magnitude of the animal; its delicate red upper and lower sky blue feathers, its enormous wings and the curious fact that its beak, legs and legs are the same color as the lower feathers, making it easily camouflaged in the sky, when seen from below.

— Kahyu, show us where the climb starts.

— Yes sir!

          At that moment the girl raises her arms with wide eyes. Next to your arms, the holes in the imperfect and fickle terrain are shaped, leaving the path smooth and easy to run.

          The three run to the steep mountain, starting the climb. Roldi moderately strengthens his body, making it a little harder, stronger and faster; that is why the veins are not so protruding and your skin does not become red.

          Kahyu tries to climb once, but falls before climbing a single meter. Whiger smiles. The girl lying on the floor looks furiously at her brother's mocking face. He, in turn, uses all of his physical skill to climb very easily, jumping on the small stones and holes in the wall, instead of climbing it like a normal human. After a few seconds he overtakes Roldi, who is climbing normally, but at a very high speed.

— Take it easy on that forty year old!

          The girl looks at both of them and realizes that both are using their powers for such an act.

"It seems that I'm still naive. Why am I trying to climb like them, if I can climb my way? I may not climb that fast anyway, but at least I will climb!"

          She puts her hand on the wall, making a rectangular rise appear, making the grip firm and easy. After putting her feet on another step, she goes up little by little. Each step up, another rectangle appears. After climbing a little, she calls for Roldi, who is a few meters above her:

— Hey! I also made my way up! When they arrive, wait for me!

          When he sees that the girl is getting up, the gray-haired man stops going up, waiting for her.

— Lets go Girl! You can!

          After reaching Roldi with some speed, she asks:

— Did you like my idea?

— What an idea? — He looks more closely at her — Ah! You made a ladder on the wall! Great, my dear.

          Kahyu smiles, and Roldi adds:

— Could you do the stairs further ahead? How can I explain ... You make the steps appear when you put your hand on the wall, right?

— Yes. Do you want me to make them appear long before?

— That! So I can go up too. It seems to be much easier.

— Ah, it's easy!

          The girl concentrates for a second and a vertical ladder forms on the wall up to ten meters in front.

— Sugarplum. Very good Kahyu! Now, get on my back — your skin turns red — and let's get past Whiger!

— But I can do it myself!

— We waste a lot of time talking and I'm faster. How about joining my speed with your ladder? Don't you want to beat Whiger? He's already out of sight!

— Looking at it this way ... Okay, I really want to spend Whiger! Come on sir!

          Meanwhile, Whiger climbs the mountain easily, already managing to see the top, but he doubts his memory.

"As soon as we arrive, we should wait for Kalui's confirmation, warning that Haast is sleeping. Then what is it? Yes, then we ..."

          As he is reflecting on his memories, the young white tiger does not notice the presence of Roldi arriving.

          Climbing the ladder at high speed with Kahyu at his back, the pair overtake Whiger.

— Sorry boy! I'll go ahead! — You wave to Whiger, before climbing again.

          The girl also wants to tease her brother, but if she gets distracted for a single moment, she won't be able to create the ladder in time for Roldi, so she remains focused.

          Whiger is startled by the pair passing him, but then he goes back up as fast as he can, making higher and higher jumps. In a few jumps, he catches up with Roldi, who also accelerates even more.

— Calm down, grandpa! Don't think you're going to pass me like this!

          Distracted by the race, none of the three realizes that they are already getting close to the peak. Kahyu unconsciously continues to create a ladder, even though the mountain wall is gone. His brother, on the other hand, leans down with tiredness.

— I would consider it a tie ... — Says the boy while clapping lightly and watching his sister and Roldi continue climbing.

"Didn't they realize it's over !?", Whiger thinks, desperate.

          Luckily, this was not really the peak, just the highest part of where they started to climb. Unable to scream, Whiger kicks the ladder that his sister continues to create. Since the ladder now lacks support, it breaks where the wall ends. In the fall, Roldi immediately realizes what happened, picks up Kahyu in his lap and does a somersault, to fall with the minimum of noise. The frightened girl also thinks fast and shapes the earth where the stairs and her stone crumbs would fall, forming a downward ramp; consequently the sound of the damage is very low and the ladder that had already reached 3 meters without a wall, falls to the base of the mountain.

          The three crouched on the ground, tense by the minimum noise they made, as they can already see the nest a few dozen meters ahead.

          At the peak of the mountain, the wind is strong at all times, making everyone's hair and clothes sway endlessly.

          Scratching his head, Whiger comments:

— I think everything went well ...

Roldi and Kahyu shake their heads in agreement.

          The girl looks up with her hand on her face to reduce the hassle of looking at the sun.

— Is that point in the sky Kalui?

— Yes! He's waving his arms. I think the animal hasn't slept yet ... — Whiger replies.

— Seriously, I don't understand. How does he constantly use two different powers like that and not even tired? Just building this ladder, I'm already starting to get breathless! Unfair!

          Roldi looks at them both with a raised eyebrow and a confused face.

— You do not know? Or didn't they notice? — He ruffles the girl's hair with his gigantic hand — Don't compare to Kalui ... I'll explain later.

— What? — Kahyu asks.

          Whiger turns back to enjoy the landscape they have struggled to see.

— Guys, there's a huge bird hovering over there ...

          Everyone faces the eagle, distant, almost a small spot in the sky.

          With a calm and velvety tone of voice, Roldi takes the reins of the situation:

— He's hunting nearby or looking for things to fortify the nest. Let's do this as soon as possible! She never broke the pattern of exactly five hours, so we still have half an hour to pick up and go. Don't be scared and let's go!

          The sibling couple responds immediately, speaking softly and slowly:

— Yes sir!

          Still above the clouds, Kalui gradually increases his weight, to get closer to the nest and check if the animal finally fell asleep.

"First, I have to know where I'm going and take the weight off that spot beforehand, inches before I get there. Now I repeat the process and slowly float to the nest while breathing out enough air not to fall. So far so good! so much more practical to simply reduce the weight of a larger area ... No! Roldi said to do it like this, so I must do it like this! Back, where was I? Yeah, now I keep releasing air from my torso, feet, legs and arms, maintaining a perfect balance, as if he were not floating. This! I have done this a few times, there is no reason to be nervous. I will not make any mistakes. Courage! Let's get those eggs! "

          The boy descends from the skies towards the nest, composed of branches and thin trunks. Getting close enough to hear the animal's breathing, he takes constant care that the wind emanating from him doesn't wake him up. He looks closely at the huge eagle, which sleeps peacefully with the large eggs on its wings. After a few minutes of watching the eagle, he pulls away again to warn that the animal is finally asleep.

          Kalui's shadow covers the entire mountain peak.

"It's really cool to see him like this! I'll still be able to get wings in my tiger form ..."

          Roldi waves his hand for Kahyu and Whiger to go to the nest. As he is now close, the impatient tiger-boy jumps four meters high, instead of climbing to the nest normally; however, before falling close to the eggs, Kalui reduces the weight around him and manipulates the air around him, making him land silently in the nest. Whiger's face when he falls is the same as the one who sucked on a lemon with all his might.

"I think I'll get a nice scolding later ..."thinks Whiger.

          At the same time Kahyu raises this time a large rock staircase, step by step, up to the nest. After that, she goes up to Roldi, like a real lady.

          For the first time, you and the couple of brothers spot the huge Haast Argentavis eagle, sleeping calm and peaceful with the eggs under their wings. Whispering, Roldi says:

— Moment of truth, children. They already know what to do!

          Kahyu takes a deep breath, deeper than at any other time in his life. Then she simultaneously raises four stone arches close to the animal's body, in strategic locations: one on its trunk, one on each wing and one on its head.

Together with his sister, Whiger releases his deadly claws and strikes the feathered windpipe. The jet of warm blood that gushes from the bird is enough to bathe it completely. Something out of the ordinary for the two children, who are used to killing small animals to eat.

          Roldi waves his arms overhead, in a request for Kalui to come down.

— I arrived! — He says landing in the nest. — Congratulations guys! Our Whiger, you are very dirty!

          With a smirk, he says:

— Yeah ... But my blow was impeccable. He didn't even suffer long before he died, right, Roldi?

          The gray-haired man strokes Whiger's head and says:

— Yes boy. His strike was accurate. He must not even have understood what happened and died in seconds. Keep calm. — He shakes the young tiger's short white hair, changing his tone from calm to lively — Cheer up boy! Many old people did not have the honor of killing such an animal! Many guild hunters in big cities will die without facing one of these!

— Seriously? Because? — Whiger replied, delighted.

— This animal is very difficult to find, as well as its nest, as they usually hatch their young in places where the man does not go. They multiply very easily as well as being solitary and smart predators. Most of them don't come close to a human. When they detect our presence, they flee immediately, and there is no one to reach them, as they can fly for hours at an absurd speed.

— So we found them thanks to Kalui's flight training! — Says Kahyu.

— Just to remember, their mother should be back anytime. — Says Roldi.

— Truth. Come on, phase two is up to me!

          The boy reduces everyone's weight, but the wind blows hard at all times, simultaneously expelling the four from the mountain, making them fly together — less than two meters away — including the eggs. Kahyu in desperation grabs his brother's hand, who is also desperate.

— We're going to die! — Screams Whiger.

— Help! — Kahyu exclaims.

— Boy, do something!

          Before Roldi even said, Kalui was already in action. He moves his arms up and down in a circular motion. At the same time, a vortex of wind starts around everyone, grouping them together as they spin wildly. Whiger vomits everything in his stomach and slightly hits his sister's arm and leg. With all of them together, the child undoes the air vortex and keeps his friends afloat, just as he does with himself, increasing and decreasing the wind force used depending on the wind that blows against them. Each one holds an egg and in a few minutes, all land safely in a small opening in the dense forest.

          Whiger looks at the mountains, which even though surrounded by tall trees, were still visible.

— Wow ... In a few seconds we came to a distance. I thought you were going to take us flying!

— I can't guarantee that nobody will fly. Landing is easier. — He raises his eyebrow and smiles wickedly — Or would you rather take a chance?

— Fearful like that, he'll run away! — Kahyu says, with a disdainful smile. — He even threw up on me ...

          Everyone looks at her, amazed at the tranquility that she said that. Incredulous, Roldi asks:

— Kahyu ... What did your brother do?

— That scared man threw up on — She looks at his arms and legs. Then the blood begins to rise to the head. — You threw up on me! Try cleaning it up right now!

          Whiger, knowing what would happen, does not undo his transformation and starts running with the eggs in his hand.

— We live together! You can't get away from me! — She says as she punches her hands.

          Kalui takes the girl's shoulder and says:

— Kahyu, leave him alone! Clean up soon and let's go home. The mother must be coming!

— Get out of that tree soon, Whiger. Let's run home. As Kalui is making us and the eggs light, it won't be a problem. Right!?

          Whiger puts his face out of the tree.

— Yes sir!

          Halfway home, Whiger interrupts the race by shouting:

— Are you forty years old !?





              Year 952, day 226, Elfen territory, Forest of the border town with Mercy, 16h.



          Later in the day, Roldi cooks those giant eggs while Kalui salivates in hopes of getting ready. At the same time, at the Nevin family home, Whiger and Kahyu's father yells for them at their home window. A house made entirely of smooth stone, painted in a very light purple color, with round wooden windows and wooden doors.

— The soup will get cold!

— I'm coming, dad!

— Oops! Food!

          The parents waited for their children to have lunch, as they knew they were on a mission with their mentor Roldi, who is respected and loved by everyone in the family.

          His parents are tall, thin and slim. The mother, named Laruel, has short dark blond hair, at the height of her neck; wearing a brown and beige peasant dress. His father is called Bend, his hair is black and very close; he wears a red jumpsuit and a beige blouse. They both work hard, living off their own crops and the eggs of their six hens, both selling and eating them. Even in this arduous life, they manage to provide a pleasant, peaceful and happy life for their skilled children.

          With everyone sitting at the table and eating, Bend begins the lunch conversation:

— So, kids, how was today's adventure? They didn't — Whiger cuts his father excitedly.

— Dad!

          The mother smiles seeing her son's euphoria.

— Say it! — Bend answers, just as excited.

— I thought of a way to maybe win a good amount of coins! Hehehe...

          Parents look at each other with laughter. This time his mother replies:

— Our son, how amazing! You can tell your idea.

          Kahyu looks at his brother suspiciously.

— Do you know the two eggs we brought? I think they can be worth many, many, many coins!

          When saying this, Kahyu kicks his brother's leg under the table with all his strength, the fright, makes him spill the soup from his plate all over the table.

— Ah! Whiger! Look what you did ... As you must be tired today, I'll clean it for you.

          Head down, he replies:

— Sorry, mom ...

— But he is a really big baby ... Do you want me to clean, Mother?

          Taking the cloth off the wooden table, Laruel replies:

— Stay calm, daughter. You are also tired. Relax and eat, I already removed the cloth.

— I help you dear!

          Parents leave the house, pick up a clean cloth on the clothesline. As soon as they pass through the door, Kahyu begins to argue with his brother.

— Whiger! Roldi said not to sell the eggs under any circumstances! The way they are hungry, they must be devouring the eggs right now!

— I know, but they don't care about coins! They live in the middle of the forest, eat what they hunt and are happy. We can sell and help Dad and Mom!

          The girl walks away a little, thoughtfully.

— And who guarantees that someone will give some money for that?

— You do not remember? He said how rare it was to find these animals ... — He gets up from his chair, slapping his hands on the table. — Think how expensive an egg must be! Will someone buy to shock or just to eat like Mr. Roldi? Don't you think it's worth a try?

          She walks further away, arms crossed.

— I ... I think it might be a good idea. They have been working a lot here. I saw mom and dad trying to convince the uncle of the seeds to give some of them away for free ... I'm with you on this one.

          The boy celebrates:

— That! We are going to surprise them. I just hope these eggs don't hatch until tomorrow. Let's sell them early!

— Mother is coming, sit down!


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