Year 950, day 220, Elfen territory, Forest of the border town with Mercy, 20h.



              Performing small jumps to the ceiling, Kalui asks:

— Roldi! All right? They were passing by and wanted to meet us. They're my age!

"Damn he's giant!" ,think Kahyu.

"What is going on? There is no wind here! How are they like this? It looks like they are floating! Kalui is doing this? Is it a very rare attribute of air in particular? I have heard of people condensing the air to the point of almost stepping on on top of him, but this is even more surreal! "

— Kalui, is everything okay? How and who is doing this?

— Apparently it's me!

— You? As?

              The child stands on the floor and responds excitedly:

— After a long time playing, I finally managed to hit the hands and won both! Soon after I won our clothes started to move weird and when Kahyu jumped up to get up, she stayed in the air. And then we've been playing jumping for half an hour now! It's really cool, come too!

— Why do you think you are doing this?

              Jumping from wall to wall, he says:

— I just feel ... Something familiar at all. Then that same familiarity started to leak from me. When I noticed this thing leaking, I managed to concentrate on it and we got even lighter hahaha! Before, we needed to make an effort to go to the ceiling like that, now just give us a little push!

"Wait a second ... Half an hour? Is he unleashing his power for half an hour? And is he strong enough to keep three people in the air like that? Besides controlling the air to cushion the impact of the three constantly ... It's not possible . Not even the best air handlers could do anything close to that! "

              Roldi remained standing at the door, looking at nothing, completely silent.

— Kalui, I think you're not well, don't you think we should go and talk to him? — Kahyu asks thoughtfully, with his hand on his chin and his legs crossed, as he slowly falls from the ceiling to the floor.

— True Kalui, the big guy is shocked.

              Kalui and Whiger also slowly return to the ground.

              The boy with short black hair checks around and then everything goes back to normal.

— That! I managed to stop it! Cool right Roldi? — He celebrates with enthusiasm.

              Bewildered, you seem to come to yourself. He stops looking at nothing and slowly turns his gaze to Kalui. The gray-haired man comes out of the door, crouches in front of the child, holding his shoulders; comes with his face very close to the child and says anxiously:

— Kalui, what do you feel? What do you think you can do? Can you tell me?

              The frightened boy replies:

— I don't really know what I feel, but if I try to explain it to you, it's like everything is a small extension of me. It's strange ... I don't say separately, but the whole, you know?

              Everyone seems confused by the explanation, including Kalui.

— I think I feel it with the floor. I wouldn't explain it that way, but that's more or less. — Says Kahyu.

              The gentleman loosens the boy's shoulders and gets up.

— Boy, can you do what you did at the house, again? It was really amazing! — Says Roldi smiling.

              Euphoric, the child replies:

— Of course! I can try!

              Kalui closes his eyes and relaxes his body. Gradually, everyone feels lighter and in a few seconds, Kahyu and Whiger start to do slow somersaults in the air, while falling to the ground.

— I think I got it! How are you feeling, Roldi?

"Incredible ... Just incredible! Unbelievable! That's not the air trying to get up. Now I'm sure there's something different about Kalui! There's no reason to frighten the boy ... I don't want to be nervous again and traumatize him. This seems like a really fun power, so let's have fun, right, Boy? "

              Roldi propels himself slightly with his toes and slowly touches the ceiling with his fingertips. His large gray wavy hair resembles a lion's mane, thanks to Kalui's power.

              You look at the bottom of Kalui's euphoric face and say:

— I want to see you do the same.

              Then, after returning to the floor, he propels himself to the wall, sets his feet on it and starts running around the interior of the house, without stopping, with the ease of a spider.

— Wow, great sir ... In hours here we don't think about it! You are very creative! — Says Kahyu smiling as he sits on the floor next to Kalui.

Laughing, he replies:

— That was training for me once! It was the first thing I thought!

— I'll try it my way! — Whiger screams right after taking off his clothes and keeping only his clothes underneath.

              Whiger sits cross-legged, head down, almost on the floor. Soon after, great white hairs appear all over his body, his nails fall out and claws take over; bones and muscles move and transform under the skin. In a few seconds, Whiger turns into a white tiger, with large canine teeth protruding from its mouth. After transforming, he jumps on the wall trying to run, but in his second step, he pushes more than he should and flies with his back on the other wall.

— Hey, boy! You have to be careful with each step! A little force back and you fly! — Says Roldi, laughing as he runs.

              Seeing all the joy, Kalui decides to try to make everything even lighter, closing her eyes tightly. After a few minutes, Roldi asks:

— Kalui, what are you doing? It's been like this for a while ... Is it difficult to maintain?

              After hearing the question, Kalui breathes and relaxes his eyes and his body as a whole. Moments later, everything becomes even lighter. Whiger, who was beginning to understand how to run on the wall and Roldi, who was running smoothly, flew and hit each other on the back; and instead of falling slowly, they floated.

— Hey, hey, hey, hey! I'm not falling! Amazing! — Whiger exclaims.

— Fantastic Kalui! — Says the girl, while taking her brother's foot and spinning him in the air.

"Um ... What would it be like if I threw up?" ,thinks Whiger.

— Boy, you're amazing!

              Sweat starts to flow from the boy and he opens his eyes suddenly; at the same time, Roldi falls on his stomach and Whiger falls on all fours, stepping on his tail with his front paw. Upon hearing their impact on the floor, Kalui quickly looks back in fright.

— Are you okay? Sorry, it got too heavy!

              Still on the floor, laughing, Roldi replies:

— Calm down, Kalui, we're fine.

— Speak for yourself. My tail hurt! — Whiger says as he returns to his human form.

              Whiger's underclothes retract as he shrinks. Just like Enion's.

— Anyway, boys, I'm tired. I will continue to sit here and then I will go home.

Whiger gets up and puts on his tunic. Kalui gets up quickly without the help of his hands.

"I felt tired, but I can move normally ... How strange."

— Kids, do you want to eat something? I bought meat and several other things.

              The great man guides the three children to his cart, takes two chairs he had bought and sets them side by side saying:

— Sit down, Kalui's friends. Visits first.

— And where am I going to sit? — Question Kalui indignantly.

— Learn to be courteous. Your friends are your visit, they have priority. You can sit, children.

              Kind of embarrassed, the children sit gently. Roldi removes dry wood from his cart — which is being covered by a brown cloth — and builds a fire in front of the chairs. You sit in front of the two children and say looking at Kalui:

— Come on, sit on the floor.

              Kalui angry, obeys.

— Well, my name is Roldi. I am responsible for Kalui. I don't know you well, but I already know you are incredible. I know at most two children who are able to transform themselves into an animal so quickly; and the two are older than you. Congratulations, young man. And you, girl, are amazing for not being shocked or scared by the power of Kalui, in addition to being extremely polite, your parents must be proud!

"I wasn't scared either ..." ,thinks Whiger.

— Thank you, Mr. Roldi, but I am also very powerful!

— Yes, thank you very much, sir. It is an honor to hear this from a metamorphic companion! — Whiger says putting his hand behind his head.

— I know it's strange, but I'm a fortifier! — He says, smiling.

— Ah, I've heard of people with the wrong eye. I thought it was a lie ... They are both strangers! haha ha! Like father Like Son!

              Kahyu discreetly nudges his brother in the arm, while whispering:

— Don't say something like that, you rude man!

              Roldi notices the young girl's action and says:

— You can rest assured! I didn't find it offensive or anything. But then, children, who are you?

              Kahyu raises his hand by stretching his arm as far as he can, and excitedly says:

— My name is Kahyu. I am an amazing stone elemental! My family says that I am the most powerful in the village! — pointing to her brother, she adds in disdain — My brother is just a normal metamorphic, his name is Whiger and he is very rude!

"I can speak for myself ..."

— Don't say that, my dear. Your brother is amazing! I don't know how strong you are, but he is still strong because you are more!

              Kahyu crosses his arms, his cheeks flushed.

— Thank you, Mr. Roldi! — he stares at his sister — My sister is sick ... she suffers from acute self-centeredness ...

              She looks at him in fury:

— How dare you? I v-

              Standing calmly, you say:

— Relax ... I'll get something to eat. Finishing up, I'll take you home, okay? I bought fresh pork, ready-made and seasoned on a spit. The seller prepared free of charge as a courtesy to the new resident! I will always buy from him now! — Says Roldi smiling.

— I accept!

— Count on me to eat!

— Thank you, Mr. Roldi. We haven't eaten pork in a long time!

              You get on your wagon, open a wooden barrel and take two large skewers of meat. The three children salivate, drooling with anxiety.

              After a while, having finished eating, it is time for the brother and sister to return home.

— Children, before I go, I have a favor to ask ...

— You can say, sir! — Says Kahyu

              Roldi leans forward, lowering his head with his hands clasped.

— I know that you are good children and that at this age it is difficult to understand certain things, but I ask that you please keep the power of Kalui a secret. You can talk freely to your parents who came here, ate and played with him, but don't talk about his power. I heartily ask for this! — Kalui raises his left eyebrow looking at Roldi — They can't imagine how cruel the world is with what they don't understand ... I know it's wrong to ask them to omit this from their parents and I also know that they wouldn't do anything, but they can tell someone else and so sometime everyone will know. It's for the sake of your new friend! Please don't talk about your power!

              Whiger stands up quickly, putting his hand on his chest in awe.

— Don't worry, Mr. Roldi, I know how to keep a secret!

— Don't worry, sir. We will not say anything. But in return — she smiles big — next time I want you to tell us some adventure!

"I hope I can count on childlike innocence."

              Roldi gets up and signals Kalui to do the same.

— I am immensely grateful to you. I'm going to take you home now, it's too late. Your parents must be very worried ...

— They're not! We already spent days out! Nothing can stop a frightening tiger.

— Haha ha! Really, young Whiger. But always be careful! Well then, let's go. Kalui, do you want to stay here or come along?

— I'm sure I'll go with you.

"I'm not going to be lucky next time and someone strange appears ..."





                      Year 950, day 221, Elfen territory, Forest of the border town with Mercy, 00h.



              After leaving the brothers at home, Kalui and Roldi returned to their home. The return trip was silent with just the two of them; Kalui appeared to be very sleepy.

— We're here, boy! Before bed, can we talk?

              Yawning, the child replies:

— Does it have to be now? — yawning as he stretches, he finishes — I really want to sleep now ...

— I mean what I couldn't say before. Can you stay awake for a few more minutes? — Roldi pleads warmly.

— Um ... I can take it, okay.

— To start, our Kalui, you are amazing! I think its power goes beyond the wind! Who would say em? You were in doubt if you were an Elemental and not only an Elemental, but one never seen before by me!

"I've never seen Roldi like this ... This time he doesn't seem to be deceiving me!"

              The child with a sparkle in his eyes, opens a big smile as he says:

— Seriously? Have you never seen anyone make people light before? Am I elemental than then?

— I have no idea! — Ruffling Kalui's hair, he asks gently — Help me get the chairs inside. Tomorrow I'll show you everything I bought, but for now, let's talk.

— Roldi, first of all, Whiger and Kahyu told me that their parents never made him train like you do with me! You said that everyone did that! Why does it make me train so much?

              Surprised, Roldi responds with a laugh:

— Why do I want it, boy! First, adults rule children. Second, I train hard! Then you must also train! Wouldn't it be unfair to leave a poor man training alone?

— Ah ... Ma-

— Let's get in soon!

              Roldi takes the bed from the cart and takes it into the chair.

— Sit down.

              Kalui pulls out the chair and sits in front of the great man.

"So you asked them to keep it a secret for fear of coming after me?" Is my power that rare? How do you know? You scared me ...

— Don't worry, boy, I'm with you. But yes, you better be afraid. I have traveled across the continent since I was young and I have never met anyone with similar power. That's how rare you are, Kalui. Unfortunately, thanks to that, none of my friends can help you with this power, much less me and, unfortunately, humanity does not like news, child!

— Why? Isn't it cool new things? I like new things ...

— Me too. How can I explain ... We cannot think that everyone will think like us. The world belongs to the cruel. Bad people don't have weaknesses like feeling, family, empathy ... They do what needs to be done for their good. Run away from people like that, Kalui!

Kalui swallows and asks him worriedly:

— What do I do then?

— Live hiding your power or stay strong. Strong enough to be good and not hide!

— What better way for me to be able to travel everywhere like you ?!

"I'm not going to tell him that the best way is for him to hide his power, even though it is a safe option, one day it might not be enough ... In fact, he has a third option."

— The best way is to stay strong without ever showing your power. That way you can live freely and if something happens, you will be able to defend yourself.

— Okay ... And what do I do to be powerful enough for that?

— My training with you is a start, it will already guarantee your physique; in addition, a friend of mine will come to teach you about your air element. Now, about your other power, only you can do something. I hope that your learning with air can be replicated in your other power!

— Will a friend of yours come to train me? Training the air seems a lot more fun than trying to hit you!

— Ah, thank you! Haha ha! You will probably change your mind soon! Now, about your mysterious power, do you want to hear an interesting story? — Says Roldi as he bends forward supporting his elbows on his thighs and his chin in his clasped hands.

— Of course! You never tell me bedtime stories! Kahyu said that her mother counts every day!

— Haha ha! I don't think this is a bedtime story! It's more like something that will pique your curiosity about the world ...

— Tell me soon!

              The child gets excited in the chair, shaking his thin little legs.

              With a lower tone of voice than usual, Roldi tells his story:

— On one of my trips, I met a hiker from the great distant lands ... He told me stories every day, all day! I never believed anything coming from him, but he was a great time spent in the caravan. The only story I did not forget was that of a powerful man who rules the entire length of the great lands with an iron fist. This man was described by the wanderer as an unknown Elemental, with a power that no one has ever seen before, or after him. In his story, the traveler said that all those who defied such a man, died. Regardless of distance, size, or power, everything and everyone who challenged him perished wherever they were. Of course, I don't remember the details — Roldi returns to his normal posture, leaning his back on the chair and talking again in his standard voice — but that's the short story. I never forgot that because besides being very interesting, the story came directly from someone who was said to be from the great distant lands. I think, you have a unique power like his. Or who knows what he does.

— Wow ... Do you think I'm going to be that strong?

— I have no idea. But I know that if you are somebody strong someday, you will be a kind person and not a murderer! Always remember Kalui, but

— Killing people has no turning back. You will always be a murderer and you will have nightmares until the end of your life. Never kill someone unless it is absolutely necessary for self-defense or to save someone dear. I must never be what I don't like and always do what I would like to be done with me, etc ... — Kalui says shaking his head.

— That's right! Very well. So, tomorrow I will show you the beautiful clothes I bought for you! In addition to some tools and things that will make this place feel more like a home!

— One thing! What is "great distant lands"?

— This is for another day. Now go pee to sleep!

              The child gets up quickly.

— Thank you very much pa -... — He is ashamed, lowering his head for a moment. However, he immediately raises her up, smiling. — Roldi!

"Yeah, I don't know how to react to that ..."

— You're welcome! Let's go to sleep!

��� Ah, Roldi, when is your friend coming?

— Well, the time I don't know for sure. Before, they took turns and came every four years. But Enion came three years earlier this time, so I don't know if Jehan will come before or after four years.

              Kalui sits on the chair again, throwing himself.

— Four years! Four! Years?! Why so long?

— Um ... — Roldi scratches his head — I can't tell you ... But in the meantime you train with me!

— It was better not to have told me then ...

— Excuse! Hahaha ... Let's sleep. Ah, Kalui, remember, don't say any of this to anyone. Absolutely no one!





                    Year 952, day 221, Elfen territory, mountain valley, close to the Mercy border, 1 pm.



              The beams of afternoon sunlight pass through the clouds with ease. The sky is blue and the clouds are white as snow.

              Dressed in a very light green T-shirt and dark green shorts, a little boy with long black hair, he is inside the gigantic clouds in the sky. The boy seems concentrated, trying to see something far ... Until the clouds come out he can see a nest on the top of the mountain below him. At the very moment he sees such a nest, he shouts with all his might:

— Found it! It's right on the peak of this mountain!

              On dry land, very far from the flying boy, Whiger's tiger ears react to the scream.

— Roldi! Kalui found it! It is at the peak of the mountain.

              Sighing, the gray-haired sir says:

— Ah Kalui ... Why did you shout?


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