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              Year 938, day 020, Elfen territory, Fogo family castle, 23h.



— It's so beautiful when the moon is yellowish! — Heila exclaims.

— Really, tonight is beautiful. Today many things have happened. The second prince asked his wife to marry him, the wife of the first prince is in labor, your majesty has prepared a party to celebrate your son's engagement, what a busy night ... Unfortunately for us, we will just be here patrolling this time . — Says Ryan.

          Heila replies, looking at the beautiful starry sky:

— We will ask the gods that this engagement is certain and that the son of your highness is an elemental of the fire.

          Walking through the long and wide corridors, his blue eyes stand out in the night, both wearing dark steel armor, in addition to a red mesh vest with yellow edges and in the center, the symbol of fire. Only the pictures on the walls improve the landscape during the patrol. Heila and Ryan keep thinking all the time, how is the big party in the hall.

          This giant castle, unlike all other buildings in the city, is built with stone bricks and not a smooth, straight wall of pure stone. This is one of the things that make the fire family castle so flashy.

          The two guards hear a woman's desperate screams at the end of their shifts.

— Ryan, did this scream come from the delivery room? She asks in a desperate tone.

          As Heila asks, Ryan is already heading for the delivery room, to have the honor of being one of the first to see the birth of the child.

          Upon opening the red door, Ryan doesn't believe his eyes. The blond boy who had just been born, surrounded by fire; at the same time that fire emerges from it, the room is surrounded by a strong wind. The cradle in which it was placed practically no longer exists. The baby, still crying, emits a gigantic heat without any burns. After a few seconds everything in the room is quiet. The baby calms down by being caught by his mother's hands and both fire and wind are gone.

          Ryan has just witnessed the birth of Agnee.





                Year 950, day 130, Elfen territory, Forest of birds, 18h.



— Kalui, what is your element? — Enion asks.

"Ah ... I forgot to ask that!"thinks Roldi.

          The boy answers him confused:

— My element?

— Not knowing your element, it's like not knowing your own name! Oh, you don't remember that either ... Sorry, tomorrow I will explain it to you. — Says Roldi.

— Well, I really have to go.

— Kalui, follow us. Enion will rent a horse in the city.

          The night begins to take over the forest. The sun has already set, but the moon and stars do not leave them in darkness.

          The three head towards the city that is a few hours away, going up the river bank. Kalui seems restless during the walk, at the same time happy that he is not alone. Roldi realizes that something is bothering him and asks:

— What are you thinking?

— In my element ... Do I really have one?

— Most likely yes. Let's say it is easier for you to drop the first drop of a storm on you, than for you not to have an element with your blue eyes. — Says Roldi while messing Kalui's straight black hair.

— I don't understand ... — Kalui answers him looking even more confused.

— He just meant that you most likely have some element. Roldi was never good with children hahaha.

          The boy smiles slightly and continues to travel.

— Roldi, we will pass through a village on the way to the city. I think it is better to rent a horse in this village, there is no reason to make the boy walk more.

— Great idea. He's probably still sleepy. As I never went to the city, I don't know where this village is. We are coming?

— A few more minutes and we'll get to it.

          The three talk up the river. Enion hears footsteps into the forest, at the same time he turns his ears to amplify his hearing as he stands in front of Kalui.

— Roldi!

— How many?

— I'm sure of six, no ... Maybe there's more.

— Kalui! Stay behind Enion! Enion! Cross the river with the boy and wait for me there.

          The moment the two run into the water trying to cross the river, something happens to Roldi.

"I'm totally out of breath! That means he doesn't know me ... Someone among the six enemies that Enion heard, is an air controller. He is skilled enough to take my air more than 50 meters away, but if he my lungs haven't exploded yet, because he's not that skilled ... "

          Roldi completely hardens his body, his skin is slightly reddish and veins pop out all over his body.

          Roldi looks back and when he sees Enion carrying Kalui on his lap, he shouts:

— Enion! I'll go with everything!

          A few moments have passed since Roldi lost his breath. After screaming, he advances into the forest. While running almost as fast as a cheetah, with a smile on his face, a great rock wall rises in front of him, Roldi puts his arms back and using his palms, he destroys the rock wall without any difficulty! Instantly after destroying it, four other walls surround it on all sides, trapping it in a cube; again he breaks the wall in front of him without difficulty, with a single punch. Roldi continues to go straight into the forest.

"It seems that he realized that with my speed, there is no way to get the air around me. Now he will probably attack with another property of the wind ... The cut!", thinks Roldi.

          Watching the fight across the river with Kalui in his arms, Enion reflects:

"Why didn't he just go around the walls? I'm sure he wants to show himself to Kalui ..."

          The atmosphere begins to distort in front of Roldi, forming a large blade larger than himself.

"Yeah ... They don't really know me!"

          Roldi doesn't bother to dodge, he just goes through the blade of wind in front of him. For him, it was just a breeze, even though he had cut his clothes open.

"Wind didn't work, walls didn't work either, what are they going to try with me now?"

          Three hooded men come out of the dark forest — their arms and legs are hairy like an animal's, their bare hands and feet are claws. — Roldi does not hesitate for a second, continuing to run; its speed is absurd. Less than a second after leaving the forest, Roldi was already face to face with his enemies, before even being able to prepare for combat, he runs his nails also hardened in the throat of the three. Blood drips down your enemies' black robes as they fall to the ground.

"One of the six hasn't shown yet. Or maybe two of the six haven't shown yet ... Perhaps the first and second elementals are the same person. I need to be careful when entering this forest. They see me, but I don't watch."

          Roldi stops in front of the forest, hoping to see some movement.

          Since Roldi screamed, five seconds passed.

— Roldi! The remaining three are on the run! — Shouts Enion.

"What just happened! It was all so fast! Were the things that happened, were the elementals?", thinks Kalui.

          As Roldi positioned himself to begin his onslaught again, he shouts:

— Do you intend to escape? Not before a few questions!

          Entering the dark forest, the chase begins. The sound of Roldi's high-speed footsteps is frightening, echoing all over the place. Running through the forest, after a few seconds, the first enemy is seen fleeing desperately.

Before he can look back, Roldi takes his head off using his hand as a weapon.

"It is much more difficult with bare hands! This was an elemental ... The other two are in the forest."thinks Roldi.

          Again he positions himself — leaning his body forward, his right foot back and flexing his legs — to begin his onslaught.

          Still standing on the edge of the river, Enion talks to the child.

— Kalui, is everything okay? I'm here with you, rest assured.

— I am fine. I worry more about Roldi! He went alone...

— Don't waste your time worrying about him! It's gonna be okay.

"For a child, he doesn't hatch easily."

          After just over a minute of searching, he finds the last attackers. These are not running desperately. Instead of attacking them, he stops in front of his enemies, a few meters away.

— Tired of running? If you are willing to tell me why you were attacked, I will set you free.

— You must think you are very powerful! Do you really think you can defeat us alone? — Says one of the hooded men.

          Roldi is getting ready for another attack. At the same time, the two hooded blue-eyed men stretch their arms forward; the land grows quickly, building a stone corridor and, at the same time, a huge gust of wind. Again, the atmosphere distorts, starting to form a blade.

          The grouped land is dismantled. The last hooded man, previously focused on shaping the air on a blade, now looks sideways towards his companion, but what he sees is Roldi, standing beside him looking intently without even blinking, while his companion is lying on the floor, bleeding.

— What you are? There is no such powerful empowerment!

— Just tell me why they attacked us and I'll let you two live! I cannot resurrect your other four companions, but I can spare you. It's your decision.

— You just hurt my wife! Do you really think I will forgive you?

— I don't need it, nor do I want your forgiveness. I will say just one more time. Do you choose to die with your companions or leave with your wife?

          The last hooded man crouches beside his wife, takes off his black hood, checking his breathing. He realizes that the blood comes out in a small amount from her belly.

"If I speak, perhaps she will survive ..."

— I'll tell you!

— Wise choice.

          The mysterious elemental is clearly desperate, trembling, with wide eyes and uneven breathing. With his fickle and almost screaming voice, he says:

— I don't know what you want to hear, but the truth is simple! I got paid. I don't know who paid because our squad organized this squad. My only order was to eliminate that black-haired boy. Only that! You weren't supposed to be here. We have nothing against you!

          The husband looks up, in the eyes of the murderer of his companions, and sees only hatred. Roldi then says in fury:

— Why are they after the boy? What could a child have done so badly?

— I really do not know! I am only paid to do services and never ask anything about it.

— You fulfilled your part of the agreement, now it's my turn.

          While saying these words, quickly Roldi puts both hands on his neck, and looking into his eyes, breaks. Both eyes are full of water, but only blue eyes, life drains. What was supposed to be a battle was a massacre.

          With a tired and downcast face, you run again towards Kalui and Enion.

"As Enion said, there may be more. I need to get back soon!"

          The two are still exactly where Roldi sent him and when he sees that everything is fine, he relaxes his body, returning to normal.

— Cross the river soon! Let's go this way now! — Shouts Enion.

          Walking down the river with water up to his chest, the blood on his hands is washed away. After reaching the other side and the three are together again, the journey continues.

— Did anyone else show up? Was it only six? — Asks Roldi.

— I didn't hear or see any more. Did you get an answer?

— More than I expected, but not as much as I wanted.

          The small village you are planning to reach is nearby. The three are tense, as only Roldi knows the reason for the attack and he does not intend to tell him in front of Kalui. The unpleasant silence continues until the city arrives.

— Look Kalui, we're here! — Says Roldi.

          Unlike the hut, the village is all smooth stone, the houses do not look like boxes, the architecture is rounded, as are the windows, but each home has its different decoration and construction; streetlights illuminate all streets with firelight and a large mansion is located in the center of it. Children play near the fountain in front of the mansion and songs are heard coming from the tavern.

          The boy fills his eyes with such excitement that the village has gone through. All the tension of what you saw earlier, passes.

— What a busy place! Let's explore?

— Let's just take Enion to the stable. Tomorrow I will bring you here, so you can meet children your age.

          Slightly dejected, he complies.

          Roldi puts his hands on Enion's shoulder, whispering in his ear:

— Amplify your hearing and walk with the boy.

          Enion then walks towards the stable with the boy, while listening to Roldi's whisper.

— The target was the boy. I do not know what to do! Taking him to the city can be like playing for the lions! However, taking it with me is not the most efficient way to protect it!

          Roldi joins the two and they continue to walk through the village. A few minutes later, they reach the stable. The farewell is near.

— Sir, I would like to rent a horse if possible! — Shouts Enion in the direction of the stone house on the side of the 6-seat stable.

          A lady opens the wooden door, wearing a dark green dress, old and torn.

— Good night beautiful young people, which one of you would like to rent a horse?

— Me, ma'am. — Answer Enion

          The elderly woman responds in surprise:

— Why, a Stron rider renting a horse in my humble stable? What an honor! I only have 5 horses to rent or sell right now, which one do you want?

— Black, if possible.

— Of course!

          After Enion hires the black horse, the humble lady returns to her home. Enion rides his horse and before leaving, says to Roldi:

— It's your decision. You were the person who gave him a name, wouldn't it be fair to look after him?

          The child is confused but does not appear to care. Enion shoots his horse for his long journey as he says goodbye without looking back, waving his hand aloft.

— Where's Enion going?

— He goes to the city of commerce. Do you want to go there one day boy?

— I want to go to all possible places!

          Roldi looks the boy in the eye, and at that moment decides what to do.

— Kalui! Let's go, tomorrow we will have a lot to do and a lot to talk about.

— Shall we go back to the cabin? Here is much cooler!

— I'm sorry boy, but like I said, we have a lot of things to do.

— But ... I'm tired! I don't want to walk anymore! Let's stay in the village!

          As he picks up the boy and puts him on his back, Roldi laughs:

— Don't be that way! I take you!

I don't think we'll be attacked again, but just in case, I won't be sleeping today. Tomorrow we will have a long day.





                Year 950, day 131, Elfen territory, Forest of birds, 7h.



          Smell of fish, a light breeze, the sound of the fire crackling and the warmth of the blanket. This is what Kalui feels when he wakes up with the sun on his face. Opening his eyes, Roldi is sitting at the door, looking up at the sky.

— Boy! I've never seen a human being sleep so much! Get up, eat some and get ready. Today is going to be a long day!

— Why?

— Food first, questions later.

          The two eat the fish they had quickly.

"I don't know a good way to start this conversation, so I'll start from the beginning ..."

— Kalui. What I am?

— I don't understand ... You are Roldi!

— No, this is who I am. "What I am?" is another question.

          Kalui remains confused and does not try to answer again.

"I think a question game is not a good choice now ... It would be a good time for Enion to show up!"

— I'm a Fortifier. Enion is a Metamorphic. You are most likely an Elemental. In addition to these three races, you can also be just a person with nothing special.

— Why are you so sure that I am an Elemental?

— Simple. You have the blue eye. Each race has its specific characteristics. Metamorphic have green eyes, Strengtheners have brown eyes, Elementals have blue eyes and those without any skills, have gray eyes. Of course, there are exceptions.

— Wait a minute!

"I'll explain just a little more ..."

— I'm finishing. Each race has its skills, but I'm not going to fill your head with that right now. You just need to know that in elementals there are many divisions! You need to find out what your element is, to start getting stronger soon.

— So far I just didn't understand one thing ... You are a fortifier, right? So why is your eye green?

"I didn't expect him to be really paying attention. He's a smart boy!"

— As I said before, there are exceptions.

          Kalui sighs looking up and says:

— Understand. Today was going to be a long day, right? Is it over?

— Did you really think you would only have one class? The long day has just begun.

"I better have said nothing", thinks Kalui.

— Help me inside the cabin, we'll keep everything. We are leaving today!

— Leave? Where?

— You will find out. Come on, help me keep things.

          Roldi takes his blanket, rolls it up on a strong branch and puts all his clothes in it. Meanwhile, the child standing at the door just watches you.

"Wasn't I supposed to help? He's doing everything ..."

          After putting away all his clothes and blankets, he walks towards the painting on the wall. Roldi places the painting on the floor and behind it he has two curved daggers, with the blade almost the size of his arm, kept in a steel and leather sheath.

— What is it, Roldi?

He answers it while holding his daggers around his waist:

— Even if I make my nails and body a weapon, nothing can compare to a real weapon!

— I want one too!

— You won't need it! Come on, I'll take the bundle.

          The two leave the hut carrying only the bundle in their hands, both the bed and the hut are left behind.

"As soon as we find a place to stay, I start training him. I still haven't decided when I'm going to tell him my story ... Maybe in a few years, when I'm older; even because, it's been a decade since the last time that the army found me. I just have to keep it up and nothing will happen. "

          Looking at the hut as he walks towards the mountain, Kalui says:

— Are we going to a village again?

— We will probably pass through a city. In case you don't remember, city is something much more incredible than a village. For now, just focus on not getting tired, as we are going to walk a lot.

After some time walking, the hut is far away, they can barely see. The area is rocky and trees no longer make up the landscape. They are arriving on the mountain.

— Are we really going to bring this up? Roldi, let's go around! Please! I'm already tired.

— Relax boy! We are not going to scale it to the peak. We can't go around either, it would take us a long time. We will just go up to the lowest part, and camp soon after going down.

          The climb is steep, even Roldi has difficulty.

— Boy, can you continue?

— Not for long, I'm exhausted already! Pushes me?

— I think there's a more fun way to take you.

          Kalui is filled with enthusiasm.

          The wind is strong, Roldi takes his hair out of his eyes at all times. With the boy on his back — holding his arms with one hand and the bundle with the other — his skin hardens, and veins spring from his body.

— Hold on! Seriously, hold on tight!

          He prepares to accelerate.

"I think if I run at half my top speed, it won't hurt the boy."

          Kalui can only laugh with excitement and joy, seeing the whole landscape passing quickly in front of him. Even the cold wind does not shake it in the face of such joy.

— Is it too fast boy?

— I can not hear you! — Kalui shouted

          After a few minutes the climb is unfortunately coming to an end. Roldi starts to slow down slowly so as not to hurt the boy. Neither seems to be tired.

— Are you going to take me down too?

— No, the descent is up to you! I know you can take it.

          A short time later the climb ends. Now, they are at the top of that lower part of the mountain.

          The terrain is still rocky, without much green or trees, just rocks. He descends from Roldi's back and marvels at the incredible landscape in front of him. All he sees from the top are trees, mountains and the sea to his left. The child climbs on top of a rock with great difficulty, to be able to see even greater immensity; looking back towards the hut which is now very far away, Kalui is faced with an even more beautiful view, containing a large river that cuts through the forest and a plateau with kilometers of extension, absolutely straight, as if it were a broken mountain half. Throughout the extension of this plateau, there is a gigantic city, surrounded by great walls and towns. The plateau is so big that it occupies the boy's entire vision, both to the right and to the left.

— Roldi! That is a city, right?

— That is the main territory of Elfen.

"Probably where you came from."

— Amazing! It's gigantic!

— Maybe we'll go through places like that. Of course, if you don't get tired every time we start walking!

— Just keep carrying me!

"Training him won't be easy ... hahaha!"

— Come on Kalui! The descent is easier.

          The two continue their journey down the mountain towards the dense forest, which even from above, seems to have no end. The descent is not as easy as expected, large stones leave the dangerous path.

          A little awkwardly, while scratching his head, Roldi asks:

— So ... Kalui, do you want to eat something besides fish? We will have our second meal at about the fourth time. You can choose something different!

Still breathless, but excited, he replies:

— I want the most delicious!

          Some time later, they arrive halfway down.

"At this rate, it will take us a long time to descend. Camping in a dense forest with a child will not be easy."

— Boy, do you want me to take you again? This time it won't be as windy, so I can go a little faster.

          Without any hesitation, Kalui in leaps of joy, screams out loud:

— Let's go! Let's go! This time, take me further!

— Don't regret it later. Remember to keep your mouth shut and don't open your eyes too much!

"I was supposed to warn you the first time ... Well, everything worked out!"

          Roldi crouches and says:

— Boy! Get on my back.

Kalui wraps her arms around his neck, and her legs on his stomach.

— I'm ready!

          Again, Roldi strengthens himself, preparing to accelerate; just like last time, only your skin is hard and large veins appear all over your body.

Running slowly, the descent from the mountain is not as fun as the climb. Roldi needs to be careful, one misstep and he can trip.

— As soon as we leave the mountain, I accelerate. It is very risky to descend at high speed while carrying you. We will arrive in five minutes, enjoy the scenery!

— That's good too.

"How good it is not to have to walk ..."

          Seeing that the mountain is coming to an end, Kalui prepares for high speed, securing his hands and legs on Roldi.

"His skin is tough! No matter how hard I squeeze, my fingers don't sink! How cool!"

          Green starts to take over the landscape again. With only a few meters to go before the descent ends, Roldi holds the boy's arms — which are around his neck — with one hand and with the other, he holds the bundle.

— Hold on tight with your leg, the cool part starts now! Remember boy, mouth closed!

"I need to be completely strengthened in this forest. I don't want to be passed out by a tree while I run!"

          The acceleration this time is slow, but after a few seconds, the landscape begins to pass quickly through your eyes. Kalui is ecstatic with the speed, looking to the side and the other, he realizes that he cannot see clearly the things around him so quickly; therefore, he decides to look forward only.

— Are you okay, boy? If you want me to go slower, just talk.

"I think he is so distracted that he doesn't hear me ... I'm going to accelerate a little bit more!"

          Now, he is running again at half his full speed.

— Roldi, this is too much!

"Strange ... I'm feeling light again. I hate being sleepless!"thinks Roldi.

          After four hours, many forests, hills and rivers, Roldi decides to rest. He stops a few meters from a small lake — surrounded by a well-spaced and clear forest, with few trees — and the boy descends from his back.

          Sleepy, tired and hungry, Roldi puts the bundle of cloth — completely crushed — on the floor.

— Your leg must be tired of holding on, and also, we are hungry. For today, the trip is over, let's camp here. We still have plenty of time before the sun starts to set.

— What will you have for food?

— You ordered the most delicious and I think the best thing that we will find in this forest is rabbit. I'll get some fruit before I hunt. Wait for me here.

A few minutes later, Roldi returns full of fruit in his arms. Placing the fruit on the ground, he says:

— I can take a while, then go eat the fruits.

— OK! Can I drink water from here? — Asks Kalui as he sits on the ground with his feet in the lake.

— Not until I boil. Eat the fruits, they will quench some thirst. I'm going!

          Roldi starts to run, but suddenly stops, looking at Kalui.

— Boy ... Whenever someone is leaving where you are, you have to say goodbye or at least wave!

— Ah ... What do I say?

— You decide, but you can start by saying "Good luck!" or "Go in the shade!", things like that, understand?

— OK. I'll try!

          Roldi starts running, saying:

— I'm going!

— Good luck!

— Now yes! Thank you.

          As he runs, his skin, formerly brown, becomes red. Then he accelerates with all his might. The sound of his steps frightens the boy, who gets up quickly, trying to see where Roldi is, but he has already disappeared among the trees.

"Is there really a rabbit here?"

          Less than fifteen minutes pass and he returns with two rabbits by the ears. Roldi puts them both on the rock, near the river and walks towards a tree.

— Kalui, get away. Go far back.

— For what?

— You will see.

          Kalui gets up from the edge of the lake and walks away, while Roldi stops in front of a tree and strengthens himself, leaping veins from his body. He takes a dagger from the sheath, and with his dark metal blade, he breaks the massive trunk with a single cut.

— That Cool! What are you going to do with it?

— A board, two plates and some things for your training.

— My training? But I still don't know my element ...

— I can solve this quickly. Now, I'm going to prepare the rabbits, I think you better face the other side.

          The boy is a little confused, and replies:

— No need ...

— It is just before nightfall, sorry if you were hungry.





                Year 950, day 149, Elfen territory, bee forest, 07h.



          The trunks are now thin, the undergrowth is lighter, the square hut of rough wood is already made near the edge of the stream. The two are sitting eating fruit while watching the falling leaves; Kalui still looks sleepy.

— It looked a lot like the hut before, don't you think? Asked Roldi.

— It's just clearer.

— It's been two weeks since Enion left. You must be getting there now.

— Where?

— At his house.

          The two spent two weeks traveling. Nothing happened in that period; it was just long, fun trips. Finally, the boy is no longer malnourished.

— Kalui, remember I said I was going to train you? So, let's start today!

— Will you tell me what my element is?

— Come with me, let's go near the water. — Roldi said as he stood up and held out his hand to the boy.

          Kalui is excited and curious to know what he is going to do, the shine in his eyes is clear. Roldi sets up a small fire, and sets fire to the beat of two stones.

— Boy, right now, facing the water, we have the presence of five of the six known elements. Earth, air, fire, water and light.

— And now what do I do?

— Imitate me while channeling all your strength in your arms, okay?

          Roldi puts his hands together in the shape of an open shell and lets out a big shout.

— Come on boy, imitate me!

          Kalui puts his hands together and screams with all his strength.

��� It worked? — Asked Kalui, with a sad face.

          Holding his laughter, Roldi replies:

— Apparently, nothing happened. Let's go to the second option. Kalui, sit down, close your eyes and feel everything; the wind, the heat of the fire, the water, the earth and the light.

— Okay, now what?

— You are not feeling anything more in something?

— No...

          Roldi puts his hand on the boy's head and says, still holding his laughter:

— Sorry boy. I really don't know how to help you with that. It's like I want to teach you how to flap your wings without me having one.

— No problem. — Says Kalui returning to the cabin.

— Wait! Did you think it was just that? I said I was going to train you, not teach you. Now that I'm sure I don't know how to help you with your element, let's start training.


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