Falling Star of Evolution

by Karnage

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Romance Sci-fi Harem Martial Arts
In the year 2230, 5 years before a test reactor that destroyed humanity went off, a pair of wealthy scientists both husband and wife believed the reactor would never work and tried to persuade the World Government to cancel the test but were denied due to lack of hard evidence. The pair of scientists predicting the end of the world hastily returned to their lab and poured all of their resources into their field of work creating an experimental drug that could initiate an evolved state of human DNA that would increase a human's biological adaption in hopes of negating radiation poisoning .

At the time they only had enough for a single dose and so made a decision. Using the highest technology of the their era which was labelled """"Black technology"""" which was banned to regular civilians and only allowed for military use , they wiped their only son's memories and instead implanted memories of the greatest martial artists and styles of combat that Earth had ever recorded in hopes he would be able to survive the new world that would be created by the exposure of radiation, placed him in a cryogenic stasis craft and sent him out of the Earth's orbit.

However, the test reactor went above their expectations and completely and thoroughly destroyed Earth. The cryogenic stasis craft had been blown into a wormhole and after a few hundred years, it's autopilot had been finally once more been engaged.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A world at it's end ago
Chapter 1: A falling star ago
Chapter 2: A rare treasure ago
Chapter 3 & 4: Awakening suns (Part I & II) ago
Not a chapter sorry! But will affect story! ago
Chapter 5 & 6: Two stars ( Part I & II) ago
Chapter 7: What noble? ago
Chapter 8 & 9 : New sun (Part I & II) ago
Chapter 10 & 11: Mitra (Part I & II) ago
Chapter 12: The Former King's feelings ago
Chapter 13 & 14: Into the Wild Part (I & II) ago
Chapter 15 & 16: Into the hive (part I & II) ago
Important Notice! ago
Chapter 17 & 18: A family by circumstance (Part I & II) ago
Chapter 19-20: Infiltration & Rescue: Part I & II) ago
Chapter 21 & 22: Why hello there fatty (Part I & II) ago
Chapter 23 & 24: Baptized by fire (Part I & II) ago
Chapter 25: Lamia's mark -Volume End ago
V2 Chapter 1: Fire & Poison ago
V2 Chapter 2: Familia ago
Power Rankings Change- Must Read ago
V2 Chapter 3: Song of the Wind ago
V2 Chapter 4: The tiny green horror ago
V2 Chapter 5: Invitation of the Skeleton King ago
V2 Chapter 6: Predatorial Awakening ago
V2 Chapter 7: A true descendant ago
V2 Chapter 8: The True Serpent Falls ago
V2 Chapter 9: Night of the Skeleton King ago
V2 Chapter 10: Awakening of the Skeleton King ago
V2 Chapter 11: Blood, Sweat & Tears ago
V2 Chapter 12: Departure ago
V2 Chapter 13: Good Fashion Sense. ago
V2 Chapter 14: An Unexpected Visitor ago
V2 Chapter 15: The Late Arrivals. ago
Hello! ago
V2 Chapter 16: Heaven Devouring Serpent ago
V2 Chapter 17: A True King ago
V3 Chapter 1: Rebellion ago
V3 Chapter 2: Song of Death ago
V3 Chapter 3: Diamonds in the Sky ago
Heads up! ago
V3 Chapter 4: Night of Blood ago
V3 Chapter 5: Poison? ago
V3 Chapter 6: A human? ago
It's been a long time.... ago
Notice ago
Rewritten FSO link ago

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a little whale

you sir are a beautiful seahorse that gallops on rainbows

good job, keep up the good work! if you decide to abandon this half-way through, i will haunt you in your sleep.


Go Super Saiyan mode XD?!!!!

This story is not your ordinary Travel to Fantasy World story. Just as the title says it really is the Falling Star of Evolution, be it the Martial arts or the medical knowledge or the “sci-fi” things the MC can bring to this new world will truly be an Evolution, and also there’s the main Evolution path of Bloodlines i.e. Harem created future generations XD will have great potential to Evolve.


Also regarding the writing style as well as the Story are well thought out. The characters not so many yet but the already existed ones have been fully fleshed out, be it description or the their personality. There was a full chapter on the Martial arts description of the MC style which was written in a very well known manner and that shows that the Author knows what he’s writing….


Also, Does it have a Plot-hole??? It depends on how you see the story!!! Who knows, maybe my body might also evolve when exposed to a Mana-Pool…. ya right!!! Not going to happen , so you know it’s a fiction so we cannot question the Story mechanics fully!!!


So be prepared for more OP moments, cause the story is about an OP existence trying to survive in a Ridiculous OP World!!!


Do give this story a try and it will be well worth it. Now I just need to wait for more chapters..


I like the beginning and I can feel that this ff will be a good read in the future.

Amadan Na Brion

Maybe the future of Royal Road

There is something to be said about your story, and that is the undisputed fact that it reeks of potential. Your characters are thought out, you have clear wording, and your world seems real. It's incredibly difficult to build a fantasy world, much less keep your readers entertained while you info dump, however, I only realized your info dumps after re-reading your chapters because you managed to lay them in between your perfectly paced story.

I'm upset that I found your story so early because now I have to wait for the releases instead of marathoning.


Story wise i believe its pretty good. In my opinion i would have liked him to grow up in the with beasts (seems more cool ), but thats just what i think.

I like the idea about him evolving the hole time but…don’t let him get op to fast. I feel like the story is progressing to fast. (again, maybe it’s just me). Maybe you should try to slow it down a bit, make him overcome hard things. Its like a cheat when he almost instantly evolves. I like the idea about the girl ( The wife/girlfriend)  but i would prefer to know a bit more about her. Write her story once in a while. 

Otherwise it’s one of the more original stories here on Royal road.




It's torture! you just stop the story here and now. But the story  is well detailed contrary to most novel where you can't even imagine how the characters look like but this novel you can clearly see and feel it all. The authors is talented enugh that he can clearly portait a beautiful scenery. This is one of favorites well written super original. you gotta love the concept. The story could clearly go pro and make some decent money. If you do I want to buy your books!!! please


A Beautiful Gem Among Marbles

Bravo! Falling Star of Evolution is a must-read.

The Story revolves around the Main Protagonist, Sol, having survived his planet's destruction at great cost, he desires to live for these costs. The planet's destruction had taken the lives of billions, but most importantly his dearly loved Mother and Father. 

 Unlike many other stories about Ki/Qi Cultivation (Xianxia), Coming-of-age, OP MC and More powerful world, 'Falling Star of Evolution' is a hidden gem. True, the theme of OP MC is an well used theme, but to every story there should be a learning curve. The Author creates a universe where the twists are fresh, but most importantly for the character depth of Main and minor characters. What makes the universe so diverse is conveyed by the intricate lore. And most importantly, the makes characters so engaging is how they interact or will interact with the MC. In this case, the MC is a person with strong morals and humanity, but mature enough to think he cannot change everything about the law of the universe. It's a dog eat dog world.

Be prepared for:

1. Emotional and sentimental moments that REALLY makes you feel for the MC's plight

2. A powerful MC in an even more powerful and changing world

3. Cute but Fierce beasts

4. An Universe based on the Survival of the Strongest

5. The Lore of the world isn't just dished in your face, but through plot related moments WITHIN the story

6. Character Building

7. World Building that is integrated seamlessly into the story

8. Reasonable Character Pace; Though I would have preferred the rate at which the MC to improve to be slightly slower. As in his intelligence could be slight more average.

9. Good Plot Pace: Events, even seemingly mundane ones, sprout in a seamless manner, but consecutively, with good breaks (like the latest volume), making the story thrilling.

10. College grade grammar; albeit some places.


Despite what many say about Harem themed stories, you can either ruin it or make it more thrilling. It all depends on how you develop those relationships. A TIP: harem could be very easily become stereotypical like the ones found in Japanese Manga, but there could be another side. What I suggest is that; instead of the 'harem' acting all 'giggly, happy-go-lucky and vying for the MC's affection BLATANTLY', you could introduce them as companions. Yes, make them not show their affections too boldly, and have moments like with 'that Queen Basilisk Moment'. In other words, the 'harem' isn't blatantly obvious, but more so subtle (Unlike the one found in World Gate Online). I found the touching moments, with the 'Twins' (Hydreas and Hydrian) birth and their mother, the mother guarding the MC's body in Volume 2, quite appropriate for harem. The best way to make the harem theme much less dominant, is by making the MC very driven by his Goals:

1. Find his only Family Member

2. Becoming the Strongest

2.5 (Introduce another key reason why the MC MUST be the strongest, outside his childish but persistent desire to become the strongest being)

3. Other Goals or even 'Side Quests' you could introduce to help/complicate his journey

4. (Would be awesome if there was something like there is some sort of secret society (or special 'Familia') like the 'Hunter Association' (from Hunter X Hunter; Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about). For the 'Hunter Association', it would be cool if you introduce it as a inter-city supported 'Adventurers Guild' sort of thing.

Zombie Unicorne

The harem hasn’t even been established and people are complaining already because of it being there and for some bias. 

A harem=bad….what kind of logic is that? there hasn’t even been a harem yet or anything(chapter 3-4) All it has been are world building and character introduction.

Time will tell, if the harem works out or not but I have fate that, the author can pull it off.


Original story, taking classic elements and adding a twist

love it, takes the martial elements of plenty of other stuff, but you've weaved it into something new and exciting, cant wait for more.

Personally im a fan of the whole harem tag (if its done well), just thought I'd mention it since many others have expressed.....displeasure at it


All i can say is keep it up, i give it a 8/10th chance this going  to the top charts, can you give an estimation on when you release chapters? (like days-weeks-months)