Polymath Redux

Polymath Redux

by HiDrangeA

What happens when the 'Hero' and the 'Villain' are one in the same?

This is the birth of a God of Theatre, with the entire world as his stage, 'Mordred' plans for a global play to begin. The actors have all been set, the pieces are defined and there is the scent of blood in the air. Would the world resist him to the very last? Or will they succumb to his villainy and false heroism? 

Yet, Mordred wasn't always like this. Indeed, until recently he had only been a shut-in with very little prospects for the future. His only talents was being good at a certain game.  That is, until he had received a mysterious message that read: "Welcome to Aria". With the powers of his Game Character he was forced onto this surreal world of fantasy, and thus was born the greatest Devil known to all life, yet publicly he was known as the most benevolent Saint.

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When reading fictions that are gender-bender I place the One more chapter rule in which I read until a chapter has not shown interesting story development, and the characters are sub-par. However I was pleasantly surprised as this fiction has its own spin on gender-bending where it's a doppelganger and not the actual main character; although he can morph into his female doppelganger I find it to be at an acceptable level. For any who are turned away by gender-bender novels like I am this novel is an interesting quick paced fiction with a plan. I highly recommend it  to all who want an OP MC with the beginnings of a Harem to boot! [ No sexual content as of yet :) ] To the author I appreciate your work and hope to continue reading this till its completion, good work!

Kind regards VR


Ok.  Cool, action and plotting and such.  But why?  Why is the mc doing all this?  Why is he trying to take control of this world?  A lot in this story is moderatly thought out, the story is stylisticaly and gramaticaly pretty good, but why then was no thought spent on why the mc is doing this?  He just says that he wants to collect info when he gets to the new world and that somehow turns into him taking over the world with no further explination inbetween.  I just can't seem to enjoy what is otherwise an ok story when the mc has no reason for doing what he is doing...  


It's like the Protagonist has a Death-note like book called "Polymath Redux rough draft"

The main character has Omnipotent Author Disorder, some symptoms include having uncharacteristic knowledge, and disturbingly accurate predictions. What I mean to say is it's like the main character has this story in his hands, and he's writing it himself. He knows and predicts things that he shouldn't, because they're out of character events and happenings. It's a major flaw that some authors have a hard time combating. If you can't keep your knowledge separate from the characters knowledge, it'll lead to poor protagonist development.


A Hint of Truth & Opinion (Note to Fellow Reviewers Included)

Please note that this review contains a bit of spoilers (mainly character names & personality), read at your own risk.


I believe this story is in the 4-5 range, but gets a 5 for me for having a clean style, good pace and character development. Your fiction is very hard to fault except in the story and character section, which stems from people’s preferences rather than a clear error.


Firstly, style deserves a 5 it is very clean, and the POV changees are clear enough due to the separation of sections within a chapter. Conversations do not hold an excess amount of people and it is very clear as to who is speaking even if there is no clear mention as to who is speaking. Style seems very professional and the ending for each chapter gives people a thirst for the next chapter due to the way the cliffhangers are created. Very tasteful of the author for doing that, indeed (haha).


As for story, I must say the story is very well planned and deserves a 4.5, and I am being conservative. This is a rather original plot where the mc takes firm and aggressive actions to get information on the world that he is currently in instead of the normal cliched passive wandering around and standard training. He establishes his defense quickly using materials already present on him so that he can focus on other needs. This has allowed the plot to expand faster as you can focus on larger events occurring around the main character instead of the individual battles before him. Furthermore, you have divided the plot between several main characters, namely the main character’s several different personas produced by his cloning and transformations. It is a very nice take on the gender bender element while giving the plot more breadth. I admit that while Tau’s introduction was a little frustrating to read as it disrupted the pace of the story a bit, it was a necessary evil to lay the groundwork for future plot development in his direction.


Grammar and language is not a big problem and deserves a 4.5. Few errors, but none that truly detract you from reading the story. As pointed out in another review, there are some poor word choices here and there early on and improves as the story progresses. Few people are perfect when it comes to language. Fewer authors make an effort to improve language as the story progresses, so this story would, by right, be in the 4-5 range depending on how strict people’s standards are.


Character development deserves a 5 unlike what some of the “critical” people say. Conservatively, it would be a 4. The main character is OP, yes, but he is neither all-knowing nor precognizant. He has shown himself to be self-assured to the point of coming across as arrogant due to his days as a top player. He has not earned his place as the top player for nothing. As the polymath, he definitely has experience facing various reactions from the big guilds and other players. Due to that, he has a lot of experience with both regular people and people who delve in politics. This allows him to predict to the reactions of the masses and upper echelons of the capital that he’s trying to take over to achieve his goals to a large extent. This is supported by the head of the church realising that the Luminary is only a man who is only smart enough to manipulate others just as the mc is doing. It shows that the masses and the rest of those in power are only farsighted to a smaller extent than the mc and are easily manipulated. Producing Morgana and making her the female lead was a very good decision instead of randomly creating a love interest and making that person the sub lead. Mordred’s character development is also expanded through Morgana’s actions as she is said to be the ideal person that Mordred aspires to be in front of others to garner positive attention. This also further emphasises Mordred’s experiences of having to manipulate people behind the shadows or risk negative backlash by doing so openly. The mc also experiences things that happen out of his calculations, like random factors such as the Dragon King, despite being so experienced with politics. All of this gives more depth to the main character. Additionally, side characters are given enough screen time in relation to their importance to the current arcs of the story. Despite the story being main character-centric, the personalities of the surrounding characters and various mc personas are diverse enough to rate a higher score in the character review scores.


All in all, this story has been a very good read so far. Anyone who is looking for a light read with a solid plot should give this fiction a shot. The main character has very clear purposefully created flaws despite being overpowered in terms of strength. Currently, he has limited knowledge of the world and his personality, being closer to a tame mafia boss than a hero, prevents him from openly displaying his might to forcefully get what he wants. He also has to protect his identity as Mordred or risk being chased down his whole life for being too powerful by powers that want to control him and he is faced with that big unknown as to how powerful they might be. He has a set of moral values that prevents him from doing too much harm, while having a lack thereof to harm innocents when he has to reach for his goal. Again, this shows that he is more in line to being a tame Mafia boss than anything else. This is a very wonderfully crafted story that I hope others would give a chance through this review, and the author would be encouraged by.


P.S. I hope that other reviewers would see beyond what is laid out for them and think before they review that the main character is protected by plot armour and therefore everything happens coincidentally. There is a very big difference. E.g. Tatsuya in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei creates a sword CAD that just HAPPENS to be used in future even though he had no way of knowing that he will be handing the CAD to Leo for the competition. In comparison, the mc in this read plans for a certain thing to happen while taking in the personalities of those involved and the possible consequences, and then takes action to attain his desired outcome, i.e. PROJECT: Hellgate.


P.P.S. I usually tend to give positive reviews, so take my higher scores with a pinch of salt as others can easily find flaws as I find flaws in their flaws (unless they present a strong enough case). However, I try to bring the reviews as close to the truth as possible while adding a smattering of my own opinion and inference. In terms of raw score, this story doesn’t deserve anything lower than a 4.


My Review of Polymath Redux

Polymath Redux is not a bad story, but like most stories on Royal Road L, it lacks elegance. The metaphors and similes are strange, though I'm not too sure why, I'm guessing English is not your first language. If you would like to see an example of a nice writing style, I recommend you read some best sellers or simply the first chapter or two of the first book of Blood of Eden, The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa or any other book in the trilogy. The first few chapters of each book can be found as samples on amazon so I guess you could go read all three if you wanted. The metaphors and similes are just out of this world. 


First thing's first. The protagonist. Mordred knows things he shouldn't and so forth and so on. What you need help with is how to COMBAT this problem. You can either consult your friends/editor and discuss it with them, have a seperate sheet of paper/document and write down the current situation of Mordred and what he should and shouldn't know. This list should be constantly updated throughout the story. If it isn't explained previously , Mordred cannot simply know things about the new world. How can he? It causes too much confusion among readers. You need to TELL readers how Mordred came to know things in chapters BEFORE he recalls such information. Or at least HINT at how he knows such information in chapters before the chapter in which he uses/thinks about it.


I've seen several attempts in which HiDrangeA, the author has tried to make the story into something of a puzzle. Although I appreciate the effort, Polymath Redux still seems to lack the finer points of this art. If you would like to write a story in which everything seems to come together, it's much more satisfying to the reader if you put little hints in chapters which are later explained. Such hints can be mysterious occurrences that are still relevant to the story in some way. If you have read for example the entire Harry Potter Series, you will understand what I am talking about. When you read the last book The Deathly Hallows, everything seems to fit together perfectly. Polymath Redux simply has no where near the same effect.  The author should not explain everything to the point of where the reader is just simply reading. It is much more exciting if the author let the reader guess, and leave them guessing or explain during/after the endgame or a major event.


It would also be nice if you had some more character development or maybe a few uncertain, mysterious events to excite readers. 


I appreciate HiDrangeA's dedication to the story as there are currently 68 chapters. As a writer myself I know how hard it can be something to just keep writing and not give it up but remember, to write a good story, you must SHOW not tell.  


Thank you for reading my review.  If anyone has any questions, I don't know if you have a messaging system on this website but if there isn't, I guess you can figure a way out yourself on how to ask. :)


Continue the good work!

Even if this is just the start, I feel like this story is going to be awesome ! Continue to write, thank you


Needs a little more work

The early chapters need some more love grammar wise. There is:

  • The occasional strange word choice that clearly shows the author doesn't actually know what the word they used means.
  • Run on/off sentences are in nearly every paragraph.
  • Sentence length issues. To mention one: there an entire paragraph consisting of only one sentence in chapter 2 I believe.
  • Comma usage in general.

Sometimes authors like to use commas to indicate a pause or breath in their work but there is far too much in this story. I suggest the author study up a bit on proper usage. This comma problem also contributes to the run on problem as the author stuffs several thoughts into a single sentence and separates them with a comma. This is not good syntax. Find a better way to mention offhand information other than just hanging it somewhere in the sentence with a comma.


That being said the grammar seemingly improves the further I'm reading so good job on that.


A minor suggestion: demarcate system or game text like item descriptions. It blends in with regular text.


MC is decent but relatively uninteresting. He makes some strange decisions that when considered from a story point of view, or rather justifiable from the previous writing, don't really make too much sense. There needs to be more of an established character to have them perform in such a dramatic way.


To be short, a decent story that is making improvements, imo, as it goes along. I couldn't ask for anything more




A promising beginning

For now just the 4 first chapter have been released but it\'s quite good !

An overly dad-ass OP MC neither good neither bad but he can see evil deeds and choose to step in front of it.

the story is nothing of original but for once the MC begging with all powers.

Hope you will keep up the pace of multiple chap a day ^^


The story has some Overlord elements into it. First, the game avatar of the protagonist was transported in world with gaming elements as norm. Second, a summoned or created servant that is radically loyal to the protagonist. Lastly, as for what currently read, the protagonist experiments with his op skills in this world.


While Overlord early approach is more of subtle and cautious, this series is more of a gun ablazing yet hidden in the shadow of approach. The protag  in the series move on his own discretion and shows how he is competent in using his new op powers in the new world, while, in Overlord, which is the only the turn off for me, is that the protag always depended with his servants regarding important decisions. 


Another thing that made this series enjoyable is that it feels like what Ainz should be if he disregard his cautious personality and more of ambitious and manipulative personality.  The feeling like what would happen if Ainz use Nazarick from the start and start an invasion of that world, or Ainz use his power to manipulate the politics. The imagination of author, which fully use the OP-iness of the mc, is funny and a little bit of a slice of life sheez. 


Lastly, it updated frequently so that's it.



Where the updates at doe? tat tat ta nat ta nat tat tat tat ta naa~~

Great story. But the power levels are not clear to me. And the plotting of the MC is too mysterious, toooooooo mysterious.

The updates are also very unreliable, i mean its been 4 days already and no updates Q_Q. Im sad, it was batter before doe