I love this world (Complete)

by Mrsound

A man gets thrown into an alternate world after what was supposed to a harrowing escape from death. Follow him as he uses his knowledge from his previous life of research to adapt and survive in a place that is void of human contact, only to find out later how absurdly ridiculous his abilities are. Journey alongside this man as he attempts to change the new world for a better place, to turn it into one that he loves. PS, it will follow the reincarnation template very closely in the beginning (what do u expect? this is RRL), but will deviate from it as the story progress Warning: Crude language

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1.00 - Prologue ago
Chapter 1.01 - The rabbit and the moon ago
Chapter 1.02 – Reasoning and Experimenting (1/2) ago
Chapter 1.03 – Reasoning and Experimenting (2/2) ago
Chapter 1.04 - Offense and Defense (1/2) ago
Chapter 1.05 - Offense and Defense (2/2) ago
Chapter 1.06 -The serpent and the sacrifice (1/2) ago
Chapter 1.07 -The serpent and the sacrifice (2/2) ago
Chapter 1.08 -His life and Her Past (1/2) ago
Chapter 1.09 -His life and Her Past (2/2) ago
Not a chapter - need your opinion ago
Chapter 1.10 - The Journey and The Growth ago
Chapter 1.11 -The merchant and the gates. ago
Chapter 1.12 – The Travel and the Training ago
Chapter 1.125 - Kiefer's notes (1/3) ago
Chapter 1.13 - The Blacksmith and The Library ago
Chapter 1.14 - The Complaint and The Error ago
Chapter 1.15 - The Negotiation and The class ago
Chapter 1.16 - The Discrimination and The Friend ago
Chapter 1.17 - The Failure and the Goal ago
Chapter 1.18 - The Fight and the Teacher ago
Chapter 1.19 - The Lesson and The Ship ago
Chapter 1.20 - The City and the Treasure ago
Chapter 1.21 - The Exchange and the Metal ago
Chapter 1.22 - The Acceptance and The Change ago
Chapter 1.23 - The Titans and the Plan ago
Chapter 1.24 - The Coordination and The War ago
Chapter 1.25 - Epilogue ago
Chapter 1.255 - Kiefer's notes (2/3) ago
Chapter 2.00 - Prologue ago
Chapter 2.01 - The Specimen and the Study ago
Chapter 2.02 - The Documents and The Interrogation ago
Chapter 2.03 - The Truth and only the Truth ago
Chapter 2.04 - The Spiders and The Shorties ago
Chapter 2.05 - The Fire and The Ice ago
Chapter 2.06 - The Size and the Infiltration ago
Chapter 2.07 - The Deception and The Deal ago
Chapter 2.08 - The Fear and the Famous ago
Chapter 2.09 - The attempts and The Recruitment ago
Chapter 2.10 - The Return and the Development ago
Chapter 2.11 - The Student and the Reunion ago
Chapter 2.12 - The recollection and the Remorse ago
Chapter 2.13 - The Pretext and The Theory ago
Chapter 2.14 - The Stall and The Forth Phase ago
Side Chapter - Halloween Special ago
Chapter 2.15 - The Spy and The World Traveler ago
Chapter 2.16 - The Stalker and The Batcave ago
Chapter 2.17 - The Engineer and The Aperture Science Technology ago
Chapter 2.18 - The Inspiration and the Intuition ago
Chapter 2.19 - The Breakfast and The Equipment ago
Chapter 2.20 - The Battle and The Legs (1/2) ago
Chapter 2.21 - The Battle and The Legs (2/2) ago
Not a Chapter: update on my status ago
Chapter 2.22 - The committee and The Home ago
Chapter 2.23 - The remodeling and the tenth Titan ago
Chapter 2.24 - The prank and the Comms ago
Chapter 2.25 - The retreat and the attack ago
Chapter 2.26 - The Battle and The Final blow ago
Chapter 2.27 - The Memories and The Awakening ago
Arc 2 Epilogue ago
Chapter 3.00 - Prologue ago
Chapter 3.01 - The Meal and The Quest ago
Chapter 3.02 - The Blacksmith's Buffet and The unknown weapon ago
Chapter 3.03 - The Trip and the Trap ago
Chapter 3.04 - The Real Trap and The First City ago
Chapter 3.05 - The Contract and The Exploit ago
Chapter 3.06 - The Mark IV armour and The War talks ago
Chapter 3.07 - The Compromise and the Entrance ago
Chapter 3.08 - The Entertainment and the Preparation ago
Chapter 3.09 - The Finale and The new purpose ago
Chapter 3.10 - The Set-back and The Honeymoon ago
Chapter 3.11 - The homesickness and The Way home ago
Chapter 3.12 - The choice and the Natives ago
Chapter 3.13 - The Dome and The Progress ago
Chapter 3.14159265 - The Evolution and The Statue ago
Chapter 3.15 - The Rifles and the Food ago
Chapter 3.16 - The Palmers and The Encounter ago
Chapter 3.17 - The Questions and The Answers ago
Not a Chapter, just some clarification and explanations ago
Chapter 3.18 - The Artifact user and The Mole ago
Chapter 3.19 - The Pirates and The Presents ago
Chapter 3.20 - The Devil and The Christmas Spirit ago
Chapter 3.21 - The Pocket Dimension and The Homecoming ago
[RRCS] Chapter 3.22 - The Winter Festival ago
Chapter 3.23 - The Catastrophe and the New Beginning ago
Chapter 3.24 - The Skills and The First Contact ago
Chapter 3.25 - The Conversation and The Greeting ago
Chapter 3.26 - The Hope and The Stirring ago
Chapter 3.27 - The planetary weapons and The death. ago
Chapter 3.28 - Epilogue ago
End of book 1 ago
EPub and PDF ago

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The death of another great story

first any foremost with all reviews this is merely one persons opinion so with the obvious having been so kindly pointed out lets get on with it eh?


Style)First off we start with the style it isn't new at all it however  as the saying goes "there is nothing new under the sun" so while isn't new it is still good the concept of reincarnation but with a twist maybe  getting abit to overused but works well in this story as a whole.

Story )  The story is a pretty interesting bringing technology to a world overly dependent on magic isnt a new concept. however with unique beings and their relationship between them and the  MC it becomes far more interesting however you most like will have your whole experience with this story ruined with an ending that by no stretch should have happened so if you've read stories before whose ending turned you off from them this story is not for you.


Grammar) is admittedly good compared to most stories on this site


Characters) The characters are some of the best around. you will get enthralled with the mc and the titans that follow him even some of the side characters will have you feeling abit attached to them again though later in the story it all falls apart due to a rushed ending that makes no sense what so ever so they will change unreasonably and with 0 reasoning behind the changes


All in all a good story should the author stop trolling readers and disrespecting his characters he will have a gem on his hands however since it seems like he will continue the course of the story i advise you not to read this story especially if you have seeing good characters get ruined

Anthony Fowler

Great start, good journey, horrible ending.

WARNING: The ending of this review will have spoilers for the entire story.

Overview: (For the down and dirty review)

The style is above average, with a similar level of grammar. The story starts well, becomes great, and then crashes and burns. The only saving grace for my time wasted was the Characters which I adored. They developed as much as millennia-old creatures can. I DO NOT recommend this story. I somewhat outline my issues in this review and completely state them in the spoiler section.


The style of writing from the author starts out a little stiff and develops well. It degrades more towards the ending but overall was done well.


The concept is nothing new. It starts with reincarnation and goes into an OP fun-filled adventure with a good overarching plot. The story has an okay if slightly hurried pacing that quickly picks up speed to something lacking a sensible direction. The story starts to quickly derail at this point. It ends horribly and ruins any sense of enjoyment I was gaining from the story. It felt like a complete waste of time. The story review will continue in the spoiler section.


While nothing fantastic, the grammar is solid throughout and leaves little to be desired.


By far the highlight of this story. The MC is fun, smart, and a bit sadistic to the ordinary people he meets on his journey. You'll find yourself enjoying the variety of his entourage and their interactions. The Titans are fun and powerful, the mortals can be entertaining even when accompanying the MC and his Titans.

Again WARNING HEAVY Spoilers!!




A story that ends desperately trying to subvert the audience expectations, thereby ruining the ending.

I can't help but give this the lowest rating I can. Mostly on the fact the Author publish a post after stating that he's ignoring the 'haters'. When really it's peoplle being crtical.

I won't spoil the end but suffice to say the end ruins everything setup in the story, doesn't conform with any logic nor is it in line with the characters abilities. It's just a sad attempt to suprsise the audience in a story that never did try to suprises us before. Anyone who enjoyed the story won't be doing it for the 'twists' which are forshadowed so hard it gets annoying to wait for them. 

For the actual story it's not written with any particular style but it is a fun and interesting concept. This to me is what makes me read most novels and why I could enjoy it despite the direct 'explain everything in your sentenance while talking out loud' style of story telling. 

The characters while lacking any real depth, they were overall refreshing. Even if the romance feels like you skipped a few chapters and isn't very well conveyed, it felt like a natural conclusion. The side characters were all rather well fleshed out for their brief screen times and overall the world building was solid.

It's just a shame that the author decided to ruin everything he wrote. It's his story so of course it is his 'right'. Same as my right to call him out for fucking up his story without any good reason to do so. Nothing in the ending furthered any plots, messages, themes, idealism or did anything really for this story. And that is sadly the end.


Reincarnation by a new type of Death!!!! XD!!!

The story is written in a very orderly manner and the story setting might be old but the way executed here is on a whole new level.

This could be something similar to The Alchemist in terms of the MC personality and the writing and thinking way shows it here in the story.

There also seems to be the thing where his powers maybe unique in the way of using the said magic power, or maybe it may seem like that for the natives of world..

Hope the same consistency and curious MC can be seen for the whole of the story..  

There seems to be some type of inconsistencies in the background/backstory of the MC life where he seems to be a child prodigy whose work could have decided the fate of the earth, he seems to easily accept the new life way too easily, maybe that’s just the personality of the MC..

Anyways do read the story, worthy of the time!!!! 


Great Book but awful ending

This book is incredible, it is interesting, fairly original and is even fairly scientifically correct (as far as I know), so this book gets four and a half stars. I'll be brief, the characters are well developed, the fight scenes are interesting, the MC is fairly OP, what more could you ask for. The only reason this wasn't a five star rating is because of the ending. The ending, without major spoilers, seemed in my opinion to be rushed and forced as well as sad. The failure of the MC at the end, is irritating to me as it completely undermines the whole storyline, the MC eventually overcoming everything, as at the end he fails. This anticlimax , where the MC fails despite conquering every other obstacle in his way, it leaves a sour aftertaste after reading the entire novel. I am sorry to those who disagree, this is just my opinion, but the ending to me, while not ruining the novel for me,  still causes it to irritate me.

Thank you for an otherwise awesome novel.


The story is decently written with fair grammar however there simply is little to nothing that is able to elicit excitement from the audience. I was unable to have much feelings for the characters beside mild annoyance. 

I left at 2.3


Recommended to Alchemist readers

The story is written in descriptive manner with a lot of details and explanation. The world building in this fiction is well made and you can find more explanation in the glossary.

The story has interesting start where the MC, Kiefer, is killed and reincarnated (or transported) to new world with magic, For your information, the MC does not start from baby. Afterwards, Kiefer try to self learn magic by combining it with knowledge he has from the old world (physics, chemistry, linguistic and others) and exploring the world to gather knowledge. His current goal is to open dimensional pocket to return back to his old world to reunite with his parents.

The grammar is good and easy to understand, although sometimes there are jargon from physics and chemistry but all of those jargon are either famous or something that has been learnt from high school, such as einstein’s relativity formula e=mc^2, hydrogen, carbon, etc. so there should be no problem in reading. 

The MC, Kiefer, has similar personality to Alvin from the alchemist with less bitching and better sanity. Just like Alvin try to understand everything with biology in that world, the Kiefer also has great thirst for knowledge and approach magic with physics (nature phenomenon) and linguistic (incantation, runes and others).

Thanks for writing this interesting story.


we got here a cute snake!

our little sher is one heck of cutey!

story is nice so far and i hope the author keeps writing

mc is interesting

abilities are damn nice

op?! hell yeah!

give it a try


To start, I want to thank the author for his time and effort he has put to writing this story.  I ultimatly didn't find this work worth continuing as it wasn't to my tastes. None the less, I admire and feel gratitude to anyone who takes the time to create a story and a world even if I don't find them to my taste.   Minor spoilers ahead.

I dropped this around chapter 18 or so. The writing style and description is pretty good! The action is ok.  Dialogue and emotional expression are sparse. The main charcter is frequently experimenting with his magic, which is cool and not badly done,  but his experiments almost always work imediatly so its more like he guesses at what will work and it works.  Not much chalange, not very realistic.

My main issue is that the mc becomes super op really quickly.  In a few days after bieing transported he is strong enough to subdue one of the nine strongest beings in the world.  At no point is he chalanged or in danger.  It reminds me of Daniel Black alot, but with worse dialoge. 

So not bad, but personaly I'm not looking for a wish-fulfilment stroy about a psychopath.


Raj Mahal

The story is well written and flows nicely. The world building is great and the characters are awsome. I really like the way the author has merged physics and the 'magic' of the new world. I would highly recommend this for anyone who doesnt mind losing themselves for a couple of days as once you start you can't stop.