Arcane Army

by nathanv70

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Dungeon Grimdark Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A world torn apart by invaders who came not from space, but from portals opening at random across our land. Missles, tanks and bullets were rendered useless by the Advent, but with it brought with it all the tools we needed to fight back, magic. 

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The Edge is strong with this one

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 - Power Pivot

This story is about a reservist being put back into bootcamp after some magic apocalypse. Originally it seemed to be just about magic, but now we also see cultivation appear, making this something of a kitchen sink setting.

The story so far has been about the protagonist getting abused in horror bootcamp, getting magic powers, getting abused some more, getting shipped off to the frontlines and getting abused even more. While the worldbuilding does have some interesting elements, the author's utterly lacking understanding of human psychology and sociology makes important plot elements of this unbearably stupid.

See after the apocalypse humanity/the army realised it needed hard men to fight against the enemies. So it's done everything to break its recruits into sociopaths and raise them as warriors. (Including making military hierarchy based on personal combat prowess) How that is supposed to make for an effective combat force I fail to understand, but then this story seems to be more about showing off the protagonist's badass than anything else.

If you can stand the stupid outlined here, you'll probably find this a great story about a hardass protagonist becoming a badass warrior. If you can't, this story definitely isn't for you.


(I'm currently very early in the story, chapter 4 to be precise) Definitely as hype, if not more, for this as the author's other works. Great character interactions, good flow, and it looks like it's gonna be a banger. Premise is a little wierd, but the author makes it work. The protagonist is great, and very likeable. He's not instantly OP and given godlike powers in the beginning, but he's definitely got the potential. If you enjoyed the crafting from "before they came", you'll probably like this novel. Each character is also well written and as far as I can tell, fleshed out. The premise is a typical "earthern invasion of monsters from portals" stuff you see in any japenese LN, but unlike them this is actually readable and has thought put into the story and events. Overall, I'm enjoying the absolute hell out of this work.


I like how brutal the story is, almost like a mild version of 40k has influenced itself into this earth meets magic apocolypse story. I fuck with it. Hopefully good things to see in the future. I really liked the bit about the staff...Some metal stuff right there my dude.


Another absolute masterpiece from a great author can't wait to see the story develop more. The powers have promise and I like the insanity you get when reading it. It really feels like the world is ending love it love it love itlove it love it love itlove it love it love it


Reason for the 4.5 is mostly it being the start of the book and we haven't gotten enough of the story or enough character interations or you know find out who is going to be at least semi permenant in the book other than the mc because at this point i'm not gonna bother remembering names. With it being the type of book it is. Erm, not sure what else to put here other than try like 4 chapters. Oh, reviews have to be 200 words long, awkward...... oh yeah minor spoiler doesn't really spoil anything much but like idk? if you feel like you have your head in your ass atm don't read the spoiler.

At like chapter 6 the power system goes from the rune system of getting tatoos and pumping mana into those tatoos for different "frameworks" for mana to go into like 'regeneration' tattoo/rune to chinese novel cultivation.

gods, why is 200 words so damn long. Still not there yet. I'm not even sure why im writing a review for this at chapter 6 but you know, I'm here waisting my time getting to 200 words so im gonna finish what I started here. Ok lesson learned never do an advanced review ever again.

whatever ill actaully write a review now.
Overall: erm, its great the variety in powers and the plenty of worlds outside of earth is interesting, no generic system novel that has Mc == depressed -> Mc gets new op class that should be shit but in reality is op -> power levels -> kills everything -> further plot points -> commit die.... wait thats not right.

Style: It's refreshing with this writing style that does a good job with imagry that doesn't get repetitive.

Grammer: solid, I didn't really notice anything.


Story: can't really say much
character: most of the side characters have not gotten enough 'screen time' or 'novel time' to give an accerate judge but so far they all seem to be pretty unique and don't painfully fall into any tropes.

OK IF THIS ISN'T DAMN 200 WORDS! also i'm never going to write an advanced review again. I did this just due to bordem.