Every year, on the same day, people across the world awaken new powers. They take the first step on the path to becoming Super Heroes... or Villains.

Emily Wright wants nothing to do with any of that. All she wants is to get her degree and maybe learn to deal with her anxiety so that she can have an entire conversation with a stranger without panicking.

She did not plan to awaken with the power to summon little sisters, or to learn that she’s been marked as a Villain. Will she be able to turn things around, or will she drown in a sea of super villainy and cuddles?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Anxiety ago
Chapter One - Wake Up ago
Chapter Two - Don’t Panic ago
Chapter Three - The Smallest Barbearian ago
Chapter Four - When in Doubt, Look it Up ago
Chapter Five - Honey Glazed Blackmail ago
Chapter Six - Being Blankets ago
Chapter Seven - Long Distance Comforts ago
Chapter Eight - Shady Dealings ago
Chapter Nine - Bearable Threats ago
Chapter Ten - Born Knowing ago
Chapter Eleven - A Queen of Sorts ago
Chapter Twelve - Voluntary ago
Chapter Thirteen - An Interrogation or Two ago
Chapter Fourteen - An Adorable Misunderstanding ago
Chapter Fifteen - A Cryptic Request ago
Chapter Sixteen - Midnight Meeting ago
Chapter Seventeen - Homie and the Try Hards ago
Chapter Eighteen - Sisterportation ago
Chapter Nineteen - Teddy’s Adventure in Costume-Finding ago
Chapter Twenty - Backstage ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Costuming Up ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - Plastic Bear Masks ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Melaton ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - The Ropes ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - Sleepy Time ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - Just Along for the Ride ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Bearing the Burden of Being the Best Bear ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - A Perfectly Ordinary Day ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Harald ago
Chapter Thirty - Gentle Persuasion ago
Chapter Thirty-One - Ready Teddy ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - Garage ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - Victory ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - The Rules ago
Chapter Thirty-Five - Paranowl Activities ago
Chapter Thirty Six - A Receipt for Ulcers ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven - Bonding ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight - Nom Nom de Guerre ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine - A Mouthful ago
Chapter Forty - Everyone Poops ago
Chapter Forty-One - Knots ago
Chapter Forty-Two - Buckle Up ago
Chapter Forty-Three - Crisis of Personowlity ago
Chapter Forty-Four - Heroic Introductions ago
Chapter Forty-Five - Hoo You Are Deep Inside ago
Chapter Forty-Six - Endemic ago
Chapter Forty-Seven - Economic Theory According to Teddy ago
Chapter Forty-Eight - Unwise ago
Chapter Forty-Nine - No Rest for the Not-So-Wicked ago
Chapter Fifty - Riding Owl Night ago
Chapter Fifty-One - An Undisclosed Chat ago
Chapter Fifty-Two - Complicated Conversations ago
What’s A Christmas Anyway? ago
Chapter Fifty-Three - Healpats ago
Chapter Fifty-Four - Questing for a Bear ago
Chapter Fifty-Five - The Uncomplicated Art of Subtlety (According to Athena) ago
Chapter Fifty-Six - Tense ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven - Inattention ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight - Call ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine - Catching the Mouse ago
Chapter Sixty - Being Clever ago
Chapter Sixty-One - Confidence ago
Chapter Sixty-Two - Imposing ago
Chapter Sixty-Three - Triple Threat ago
Chapter Sixty-Four - Trinity and Toaster-Kun Kissing in a Tree ago
Epilogue ago

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Engrossing but ends suddenly

Reviewed at: Epilogue

The story is written well with a diverse supporting cast and interesting world building. So many LITRPG stories have a dry sense of progression but Fluff keeps things very unique. The only true gripe I have is the story stops very suddenly, with no arc resolution. I hope the author picks it up again

Bookworm reader

Gung-ho Protagonist, vs Reluctant Main Character

Reviewed at: Epilogue

A wonderful story without a narrative Hero. Where the Protagonist and the Main Character are not the same character. Which is a wonderful breath of fresh air. As most stories have a Hero... even the ones about villians.

Readers (particularly reviewers) should understand the difference between the narrative concepts of a Main Character, a Protagonist and a Hero before writing a review:

  • A Main Character is the player through whom the audience experiences the story first hand.
  • A Protagonist is the prime mover of the plot.
  • A Hero is a combination of both Main Character and Protagonist. ("Hero" being the narrative definition. Not related to terms of 'superheros' and 'villians'.)

This story has the first two, but not the third. This story may not be for you if you need a narrative Hero in your fiction.

The critical reviews I read felt unfair and made me want to clarify this fact. They felt unfair because reviewers were expecting these three things to be the same, and being disappointed when they weren't. IE Ironically wanting a Hero in a story about a character being precisely not that.

For me, I loved it. It allowed for tropes to flow freely. While at the same time being grounded in the reality of someone who does not want to be on an adventure. Who would do anything to exit the story if she could. It feels relatable. I believe that most people if they were trapped in an Marvel Avengers movie would very much like to escape back to their regular not-dangerous lives.


Lighthearted Worm-wannabe with nice twists

Reviewed at: Chapter Sixty - Being Clever

So, Worm is really setting a precedent for Anti-Villain stories. That is my desciption at least for the genre of "reluctant villains that try to go the righteous path but are forced/nudged down the villain route." Bonus points for female leads, oppressive systems and infiltration quests.

This is totally one of those stories, with the innocent MC starting out as a villain when the [system] is ramming a designation down her throat. To become a neutral person, or even a hero, she has to face a byzanthine labyrinth of roadblocks.

A quick note, I think this story is definitely very good and deserves more attention, but I reserve 5-star rating for truly mindblowing good stuff that has found a conclusive ending, which is why my rating is so low.

Easy part first, the Grammar. Very few errors, good spellchecking.

Next the style, it is kinda lighthearted with lots of slice of life that show the human side of things, and plays with the motivations of the charaters, including the villainous protagonists. There are lots of cliffhangers. What is pretty unusual in this genre, there are no on-screen deaths in the first 62 chapters (up to the point of this review) and I feel confident that the story can be kept away from deaths entirely. Whenever the MC will actually kill someone, that will be a significant event.

So, I summarized the story in itself in my first paragraphs already. The MC is a bit like Taylor from Worm, trying to do good, except not being nearly as strongwilled or unscrupulous. (Then, her environment isn't nearly as dark as that of Worm, this is more a feel-good story after all). I get the feeling a stronger MC will develop with time - as far as I got she is already taking risks and getting involved instead of flailing helplessly. Still, the plot in total is not overwhelmingly innovative and several twists can be seen miles away (though that consistency is kinda nice), there are occasional tiny plotholes, the worldbuilding isn't all that great (shaving the first character of any brand/nation/city is not overly imaginative) and the yet unexplained system is managed by a true jerk who loves puns and arbitrary railroading. That gets lampshaded, but still earns some deductions in my book.

Now the characters, they are pretty good. Each chapter focuses on a PoV, and it's mostly the MC or one of her sidekicks, with the rare side characters also showing their own PoV. We get to know what motivates them, and how they view each other. That is done excellently, although I think that the characters develop by attaching additional traits while existing traits remain mostly unchanged. Like, the MC sidekicks firmly believing in villainy and can't be persuaded otherwise.


Okay so others have said it and I don't disagree. The MC could use work. An anxious freaking out MC is great when the series is constant action. Slice of life makes it a little whiny and annoying. That said its EARLY days and barley been a week in story. I'm currently giving MC benefit of doubt in hope of character growth as story progresses. 

that said. side characters. Teddy is an adorably innocent little sister. All she wants out of life is to sleep, eat, and help the MC become a great villain. Although I do think Communist Bear jokes will get old VERY quickly. The other characters feel like they have their own personalities and aren't just a series of tropes. I would give MC two stars and Side characters four.

I really like the world concept. I am a bit of a sucker for game like story and this idea for super hero style is new. I'd love to see what ends up done with it. Only issue I have so far with the world is how little we've seen of it. MC wants nothing to do with what's been built so there's likely going to be a lot forced situations in the future.

all in all. The story itself has room to grow and some potential I hope to see realized.


A great start, but hopefully the main character can improve enough to fit the great flow of the novel.

Consider everything other than character score 5 stars.

"Our" MC want's a quiet life, though a wrong choice and underutilizing her superpower leads her into becoming more villain like than a hero.

At first it was justified, being carefull, by ignoring it ever happened, hoping that everything will go as she thinks, which is realistic, but grew boring quickly at the same time.

She doesn't influence the world, she doesn't even react to it, when events happen, her reaction is ignore it till it's too late. 

Evident by the fact half her problems are caused by her minion's missunderstandings and the other half by her ignorance.

Side characters have more personality than her. They do stuff and influence the world around them, they interact with other people on their own.

Sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes they are funny.

Meanwhile everything MC has done was out of necessity.

Even in the job she took, there were work stuff there, but our MC doesn't even talk to anyone, doesn't interact, or form opinions, she just grinds her quest, the stuff which had 1 line, are now forgotten, even though so many interesting interactions could have happened.

Anyways she later bumps into another side character and it's where we see a hint of MC being interesting, she showed anger, she choose to be intimidating, even when being in an open space, she took the risk, ordered Teddy to transform, a missunderstanding occured and it ended up with MC having another minion. It was a hint of character development. She took a risk on her own.

It doesn't help that we see the world more from the lens of Teddy, than MC.
Or the fact that MC lives in denial. She is slowly improving her character, but for now she's not saying much (Both metaphorically and literally).

Edit: Just cause she's a lil ball of anxiety, doesn't mean you will always have to be in denial.

Jack the Deathknight

Great writing, cuteness overload, abandoned sorta

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Great writing, cuteness overload, abandoned sorta.

The sisters are quirky and fun individuals. They all try and help their big sister. But they don't quite get that she isn't totally behind being a villainess.

Sadly most of Ravensdaggers stories are on hold, hiatus or "completed". Which is a shame seeing as they are so enjoyable. But I guess he got stuck in the how do I group of superpowered children?


This is... likely not something that has been done before. I wont say its for good reason, because its quite the opposite. Why haven't people done this before? It's a weird idea, sure, but its more than just a bit fun to think about. 

I did have a few problems with the MC at the start, but I feel like that has been fixed smoothly. They feel much more well-rounded now, even if they still have a few things that need to fastened. Clearly tries to be the good person.

Grammar is fine. Style is better than what you would expect for something with this plot. All in all some great stuff. 4.5/5 from me.


Into the World, Out Of the Comfort Zone

Reviewed at: Chapter Fifteen - A Cryptic Request

In Short:

A strong start to a young woman's journey of self-discovery as she goes to college and gains superpowers. There is visible character development, even in the early chapters, and interesting side characters that help the protagonist come out of her shell in unexpected ways. Even though this story is still pretty new, it has both signs of greatness and RavensDagger's reputation to back it up. Give it a shot!

In Long:


So far, the mood has been bouncing between lighthearted and stressful. This seems to mirror the emotions of the protagonist, Emily. The mood thankfully doesn't influence the flow of the story too much, and there is only minimal amouts of sitting and sulking as Emily is pulled into motion by the world around her. I wouldn't agree that the story is all about "cute girls doing cute things," but the cute moments stand out enough that they are actually cute and don't drag on.



This story so far revolves around Emily and her character development as she goes into the world and out of her comfort zone. This journey of self-reflection is clearly well thought out and is executed logically.

It is unclear where the story will go after she embraces her situation fully, but this is a new story, so that is expected.



Clear and concise, while still maintaining emotion.



Even in these first few chapters, there is visible character development in how Emily deals with social situations, especially under stress. Through her interactions with both other characters and with herself, she displays a depth usually unexpected from protagonists with shy, anxious demeanors.

The side characters are written so that they have clear effects on Emily's mentality, and that shows through her thoughts in ways that even surprise Emily herself.



This is shaping up to be a great story even in its early chapters. Emily's character development is central to the mood and the story, and is executed well enough that it holds up. Give it a shot!


I'm not really much of a reviewer despite having read so many stories on this site but going through these really made me want to support this story which has gotten a bit of a colder reception than Ravens Dagger other marvelous creations. 

While it seems that most of what they write is pure gold, that's not the argument I'm going to make here.

I think that Emily (the protagonist) is simply very much human, and feels like one, as opposed to the protagonist which are either always ultra motivated or edgelords. She is refreshing, in the approach she takes to deal with the obstacles thrown at her and in her interactions with the other characters, thanks to her humanity she can actually grow, being forced to deal with so many external factors will allow her character to genuinely evolve during the story, which is not something you find in most stories where the only thing growing is the skill list à la shonen. 

And not only her but most characters are fleshed out, have a personality and goals of their own (though the story is still young). 

The style, grammar, and the comedy are on point (as always with this author), so if anyone reads that, definitely give it a chance and don't just dismiss it because of some bad reviews.

PS: I don't know if Ravens Dagger actually read these but boy it's crazy the universes you managed to create with such a diversity of genre and characters, one would think that writing so many stories at the same time would lead to feeling like you're reading the same thing again and again but it's never the case with yours, thank you very much for all your work!

Blind Snot Dragon

Totally deserves to be on trending! To be fair though I almost didn't read it, the slice of life and anxiety girl description turned me off but I am so glad I read it! 

I thought the MC would have a hoard of Mr meseek like little sisters but she really just has one wonderful little teen sis,

who is also the most delightful communistic bruiser.

What really draws me to this story is misunderstanding/subversion of expectations style comedy, the relatable dynamic characters, and the litrpg elements.

If I had to pick a downside it would be that there aren't enough chapters. 

Advanced Reviews must be at least 200 words long

which is a lot of words so I just thought I'd yak a bunch in this spoiler box and hope it counts. Part of me is concerned that this is cheating you know bc if I don't have 200 hundred words of solid review then I shouldn't be gaming the system but honestly lets all be honest and agree on two things. Royal roads star system is jacked and this story absolutely deserves more exposure. 

Honestly I'm not so sure why I like this story so much, certainly there are better authors with better stories but this author with this story. Well, they are just simply refreshing. Grim dark novels are gritty and cool while high fantasy is epic but sometimes what is really nice before bed is a few chapters about a girl having a hard time as she comes to grips with what's happening to and around her with the aid of a faint effing bear. That is some grade a wholesome writing.