Standing outside of the spiral town, Will clicked his tongue in disappointment.

"If you don't have any more questions you should take your leave, you still have a deadline to fulfill."

Is what Silvia said, completely avoiding his question.

'What a pity.' Will thought before turning his attention back to the file in his hand. After another quick read, he put it in the messenger bag he brought with him and made his way to the hotel.




Wearing some comfortable clothes with a towel on his shoulder, Will went to fetch both his laptop and the file from his bag after a quick and comfortable bath, while he was at it he ordered himself a cup of coffee and some light snacks from the room service.

Randomly throwing the towel somewhere, Will sat on the bed, started his laptop, and then commenced to read the mission file one more time.



{Level: 3. }

{Commissioner: Oceanton Government. }

{Type: Bounty. }

{Reward: 65 Mithril Leaves. }

{Deadline: 1 month. }




Put in simple words, this mission is about an arsonist or more of a serial killer to be exact. From whatever he understood, this guy has been active in the capital recently with a crime rate of a crime almost every ten days, his last crime recorded was 3 days ago, the number of arsons he committed in the capital up until now is 5, the number of people he has killed or were killed due to him is 67. A mad man.


The way this killer nefariously commits his crimes is always the same, he starts with killing all of the people inside of the house he targeted before bombing the site, burning all of the evidence away with it, and causing some further damage and casualties along with it.

There is almost no relation between any of the killer's targets, according to what's recorded at least? Other than the fact that he targets houses but not buildings. The people he killed varied from poor to rich from children to adults from males to females, simply put whoever was present at the site was killed with no distinction whatsoever. He simply raids the site kills whoever inside and leaves after burning the place. There are no, photos, footages, or even a depiction of him, name, age, gender, places he might have visited, the reason for whatever he is doing, nothing.

'What a bunch of useless people.' Will thought in contempt at whoever has written this report, clearly annoyed. If he was not wrong the mission details should be something issued by the commissioner since the establishment is nothing more than a mediator.

'This is absurd!' Will thought with a frown on his face.

This basically means that the government who issued this mission really knows nothing about this person, a person who has been spreading chaos and terrorizing the citizens in the capital for the past 2 months, a dangerous person who should be executed on the spot if he were to be found for the crimes he committed no matter what!

'This doesn't make any sense.' Will thought in irritation.

The fact that they have yet to catch this killer already raises questions as to whether they really lack in staff or are simply incompetent or actually both. Still, this is not an excuse, and not only did they fail to catch him they even failed to collect any useful information about him, other than the crimes he committed maybe if these were all that is, which he doubts. Could they really be that incompetent?

'Impossible.' Will denied as he remembered that blood hair guy, his eyes cold.


"It's as if they didn't even try," Will muttered.

No matter how he thought about it this is the only logical conclusion he could come to. No matter how amazing this person is at hiding, no matter how good he is at not leaving evidence behind, with the government resources and strength catching him should be as easy as picking up a coin from the roadside since this mission is only at level 3, at the very least they should have collected some info, right? But why?

'Could it be...Corruption?'

"Knock, knock."

At that moment the room service arrived, breaking his thoughts.

Placing the snacks and the coffee beside him, Will sat back on the bed. He decided to leave these thoughts aside for now and then maybe ask Silvia about it later. Now it's time to work, there is no time to waste.

"Let's start," Will muttered as his expression turned serious.

He already has a plan. But before that, he will need to make a few confirmations first. It may look as if the killer didn't leave any clues behind but...

Opening the map Will marked all of the places the killer targeted, trying to find any pattern to the killer's movements.

'None. There is nothing in common between any of the areas targeted.' Will thought as he ate some snacks, he didn't appear disappointed though. Instead, he smirked as he checked the file one more time in confirmation.

'The areas chosen were completely random. Adding to the fact that his targets were unrelated...' Will confirmed as he sipped some coffee, his eyes bright.

Throwing the file aside Will closed his eyes, with this half of his speculation was confirmed, whether this speculation is true or not though will depend on the next part.

He set aside his laptop for now as he snacked and drank his coffee, lost in thoughts. The Dark Web. This is his next destination and also where the answer he is looking for should lie.

'I hope that my speculation is true. If not, this might end up being much harder than I expected.'

Will thought as he opened his eyes, with a resolute look he commenced his search in the abyss known as the dark web, completely isolating himself from the outside world as he entered a state of deep focus.

A few hours later.

With a video playing on his laptop, Will could be seen staring intently at the screen his eyes cold.


Will muttered with a face void of expression.

'I have finally found you, you piece of sh*t!'

The Hunt Begins.


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