Paradox Of Life

by averagewriter

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Strong Lead Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

'Pulse' is a power that 'Will' has had access to since he was a child.

Though he always felt that something about this whole world is just not right. That 'Pulse' should not be as simple as just that.

Until that certain day came, where he discovered that he was indeed right.

 From that day on, Will's life turned completely different, as he kept navigating through the contradictions of life.


/*Disclaimer: This series is just fiction with no relation to reality whatsoever, it is nothing more than the inspiration of my imagination.*/

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Got an editor, the story is better.

Reviewed at: Ch31 : Training&Musing

An interesting story for sure. The author seems to follow the 'show dont tell' writing exercise, but this can get a little annoying in some cases. Oh, this is being edited a fair bit to make it more accurate for new chapters. 


Style: the author has an idea on how to write, and he's sticking to it. Aka, I think it's called wuxia or something? Where the main character is called powerful, but he is actually quite weak, convincing him to try and get stronger. And of course, everyone underestimates him. Ah well, it's still too early to know for sure if this will continue to happen.


Story: It took a while before the main character is explained, but he is explained. Eventually. The world is set up, organizations are there, and the plot is being furthered, even if I dont know what it is. So I rate the story highly, the main faults are faults in the characters, not the plot. Although I do want a certain organization to be destroyed, as its frankly ruining their world and the human species potential as explained in some comments in the chapters.


Grammer: some spelling mistakes, but nothing too bad. At first the story was kind of annoying to read, but the author edited what they have written, so it's better now.(apparently got grammerly, thank you author).


Character: why does he do what he does? Is he autistic? Actually, that isnt an excuse to not explain what the hell his goals are, or why he acts certain ways towards certain people, or why he gets angry so easily. It's like a mystery novel where you have to piece together the main characters personality. Same with the other characters, but hey, they all have seperate personalities, and other characters personalities are fairly easy to figure out.

(Has since been edited. Maybe I'll go and reread it all again someday, but today isnt that day. I think it might have improved though. I dont know.)


Overall, I think it's worth reading. The author is even willing to edit what they have written, so that's great. 

So, yeah, read this. It's good? I dont know, I am not rereading it. The concept is good, but not so good as for me to stop being lazy. Oh, and I put out a lot of comments because I have released written works before, and recieving comments always made me happy.