Complaints: Working At A Store That Sells Gender-Swapping Products

by MajorKerina

Working at a store that sells gender-swapping products is never simple or easy, especially when you're in the Returns and Complaints Department.

All art is made by my late friend, Aisaku.

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Potential to be absolutely hilarious

Reviewed at: Part 3 - Suited to a Dee

Well written so far, grammar and spelling wise.

Love the concept of running a complaint desk in a gender swap store that seems to run on a buyer beware system...seems like the rick and morty satan's gift shop episode. Tons of potential for all sorts of hijinks. Also loving the little sketchs in each chapter, it's something unique, I have seem a few that do it, but it's usually google image cut and paste stuff, these seem like hand drawn sketchs, good ones kudos to the author/illustrator. I would keep them sparse though...don't start filling up the pages with them like system novels do.

There are only 3 chapters so far, so there's not alot to go on yet, so it may be planned for down the road, but I would like to see some world, is this the future? Are there competitors? What kind of society is this that such a store hasn't been shut down or confiscated yet?A "traveling store" ? Most likely not that last one...but still a possibility.


The Wright way to Gender bender

Reviewed at: Omake - Halloween Bonus

The chapters have puns for a title, all of which are quite painful. I approve! 

I love the premise and can absolutely see gender swap stores as part of the future, should we ever get Nanotech to work properly. Plus, the complaints feel like the Author has experience in retail.

The setting seems to be in the near-isch future, though the worldbuilding is very focused on the store itself and doesn’t concern itself much with the going on´s of outside. That is more than fine really, as it means more time spend on characters and their interactions.

Speaking of characters: I love them all!

Each has their unique voice and purpose, making them easy to differentiate. They feel real, with organic interactions. Some are sympathetic, some are choleric and dealt with, a few are really sweet and even more are in quite the distressed state.

Each problem is unique and fun to explore. The Author manages to come up with new crazy ideas every chapter, without overwhelming the reader.

The grammar is flawless. Nothing to say here.

The romance part was a bit abrupt, though I could have missed some hints, but handled competently and with a satisfying ending. The twist was interesting and the reasoning behind it even better.

The Omake are hilarious and shows the two MC´s relationship after their first kiss. The Christmas special not so much, but the Halloween one more than makes up for it.


This story is about two tweens doing customers support in a shop that changes technomagical gender bender items. The whole story is set in some (near) future, justifying the use of gender bender nanites, but the world in general isn't explored much.

The focus rather lies on the weird accidents and issues people can have with the gender bender items and the slowly developing Romance between the main characters.

Overall it's a very humorous story with good natured characters you just want to cheer for.

The Shadows Mistress

The trials and tribulations of your every day customer service. Gender switiching product do not always work or sometimes the work too well. And there is always someone who want a refund. Although what they sell is unique, if you have done it you will easily recognize the problems our hero goes through on a every day basis. 

Of course buyer beware and even the smallest things have consequences.