The cracking noises made by pieces of armor rubbing with each other resonated through the room where Veronica had been ‘born’.

Her siblings immediately woke up the moment she released strange words.

In the primitive minds of the Living Armors, they had never expected that one that looked exactly the same as the rest would begin to speak a strange language that they couldn’t understand.

However, they knew, deep down, that those who acted strangely and out of character were dangerous. And perhaps, part of the foreigners that come and invade their nests, the dungeons.

Invaders needed to be exterminated and be feed to the dungeon. Those were the orders that were deeply inserted in the monster's minds and primary instincts.

As Veronica realized that her siblings had noticed her abnormality within the ‘family’, she would have begun to sweat nervously if she could.

Clack, clack!

The Living Armor closer to her raised their weapons, short swords, lances, axes, and there was even one with a mace, although it could barely hold it.

The Living Armor at the center of the room, the one resting over the throne, remained silent, but the ones that were farther away also began to ‘look’ at her, while gripping their weapons with their metallic gloves.

Veronica knew that even if she were a Living Armor, she could die if her Armor were to be pierced, as due to the nature of the System, it counted as damage to her Health Points.

If she didn’t evade or counter attacked her siblings right about now, she would be ganged up by weapons coming from all sides and die, although pain would probably be very dull.

Although her soul was coated in a mist which was what made a ghost, she was attached to her Armor, and it had become part of her and her species. She couldn’t simply let it get destroyed and run away in her ethereal form, she was attached to such materials, and if the materials were to be destroyed, so would be her connection to this mortal world.

Clack, clack!

A nearby Living Armor raised its metallic gloves as it released a slash with its long sword, however, because it was a very low-level monster, it lacked a Long Sword Technique Skill and the attack was simply the motion of the sword and its Strength stat added to it.

Veronica raised her gloves as she received the hit.


The sword was heavy, but its sharpness was dulled, and it only managed to scratch Veronica’s armor. The Living Armor that attacked her then seemed to have received the recoil of its hit, its metal body trembled and made its movements slower than they already were, Veronica used this opportunity to remember her Unarmed Fighting Technique by suing ‘Memory Retention’, releasing a strong fist attack with her metallic glove closed in a fist.


A thunderous sound resonated through the room, Veronica’s attack surprised her Living Armor siblings, making them instinctively move aside.

The palm of her hand released a small shockwave, as Veronica felt a small amount of her Mana being used on the attack.

Her hit was stronger than she expected, the Living Armor that she had hit with a fist on its torso had its chest left with a large hole.

“Hm?! It seems that I managed to relearn my Unarmed Fighting Technique Skill?!” thought Veronica, as a holographic window appeared in the small seconds that she had as a window to think before the Living Armors would resume their attacks.


[You have acquired the [Unarmed Fighting Technique; Level 1] Skill!]

Veronica’s hopes for surviving increased inside of her nonexistent heart.

Two more Living Armors decided that Veronica wasn’t scary enough to defeat them all, moving towards her with the utmost speed they could, however, Living Armors were naturally slow. Even if Veronica was slow herself, so did her siblings.

Veronica didn’t possess the Living Armors primitive minds, even after having her soul split in half, she was capable of having a faster thought processing, and by seeing her sibling's slow movements, she managed to evade the ax of one, while counterattacking the short sword of another with her own short sword.

Then, she raised her free arm as she released the Unarmed Fighting Technique ‘Strong Blow’ into the Living Armor’s helmet, its strength made the helmet fly through the air as the Living Armor became confused, completely ignoring Veronica and beginning to look for its helmet.

“Wait, why is it looking for its helmet?” thought Veronica, as she moved towards the side with less of her siblings present, while analyzing the ones that were beginning to move towards her with ‘Appraisal’.

She analyzed their stats thoughtfully and realized that they weren’t as different as hers, with barely any stats of difference. Her Mana and Magic, however, were far above them.

None of the Living Armor present possessed Weapon Techniques, they seemed to have been freshly generated by the dungeon and had stayed still since then.

Veronica glanced at the Living Armor to her left, the one with the heavy mace, which suddenly used the Skill ‘Charge’ to pounce towards her while trying to smash the heavyweight of its mace against her helmet.

“Not so fast!” shouted Veronica mentally, as by using the ‘Memory Retention’ Skill, she recalled her memories of using the ‘Throwing’ Skill from her previous life. Using her short sword as a projectile, she fired it at an incredible speed, although not as fast as a bullet, it hit the charging Living Armor’s helmet, piercing it while it was still moving.

Her sibling lost its balance due to the heavyweight of the mace as it fell down the floor, the mace crushing its torso and helmet, releasing cracking noises.


[Experience Points have reached the required level!]

[Individual ‘Copper Living Armor’ ‘Rank’ has increased from level 1 to level 3!]

[Your ‘Job’ is not set yet, to earn Experience Points in your ‘Job’, please choose one in the Job Changing Section of the System]

As she saw the Living Armor fall and have its helmet and torso armor crushed by its own weapon, Veronica sensed the flowing of energy that she had been very familiar with in her previous life, Experience Points.

“It died? Perhaps I shouldn’t underestimate myself as much, ‘Memory Retention’ ended up being a powerful cheat!” she thought, as she glanced once again at the holographic window of her System, which informed her about her new Skill.

[You acquired the [Throwing; Level 1] Skill!]

In the window of time that it took for her Living Armor siblings to move towards her with their slow bodies, she quickly moved away from the notifications with her mind commands, and selected the Job Changing Function in the ‘Samsara System’.

“I need to get a Job that can give me a nice boost in my movements or at least in my Unarmed Fighting Technique. I cannot sit and relearn my magic yet, there is no time!” she thought.

[Jobs Available]

[Novice Warrior], [Armored Unarmed Fighter], [Armored Thrower]

“These Jobs… The second one seems to fit right in my needs” Veronica thought, as she selected the ‘Armored Unarmed Fighter’ Job with a mental command.

A flow of power filled her armored body and soul once again.

[The Levels of the [Unarmed Fighting Technique; Level 1] and [Strengthened Physical Power; Level 1] Skills have increased!]

Alongside leveling up one of her skills for free, she received a slight boost in her stats, especially into her Strength, Defense, and Speed.

The Living Armors surrounding her felt a strange and eerie presence, their instincts were alarming them about something dangerous!

Veronica, the ‘irregular’ in their ‘eyes’, wasn’t just a Living Armor that could talk!



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