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Both of Veronica's lives are quite important, especially her second one, and its correlation with her third one. Please don't kill me because of my grammar, I'm learning... please. 


With the God of Darkness and Sins and its children weakened, the Demon Empire didn’t have any divine entity to protect them from the Heroes charge, the villages that Veronica had nurtured for so long were burned and the people killed.

Veronica who still was in her phase of development was forced to protect her Empire as she saw her trusted subordinates and friends die for her cause.

She felt utterly hopeless and useless for making such talented Demons sacrifice themselves for herself.

When her eyes finally meet with the Heroes, she recognized most of their faces. They were all her coworkers.

And the leading Hero, the new Light Hero, was the same executive that invited her to a party after work in her first life.

“This is a terrible joke” she muttered.

“Demon Queen Anastacia, your Empire of monsters shall be eradicated on this day! For the Sins of your God and your Race, you are condemned to death by the word of our God!” shouted a Priestess, who was also one of Veronica’s coworkers.

Veronica hated such hypocrisy. Why did the Humans deem her whole existence as sinful? What did this wicked God of ‘Light and Righteousness’ teach these people? They didn’t even sound like her coworkers anymore but as wicked fanatics.

“You have taken everything from me… I cannot escape, I shall accept my fate! But I will take you all with me!” shouted Veronica, mustering all of her bravery and magic energy, she enhanced her entire body with Mana and created a powerful incantation, the one she had prepared for this very moment. If she was going to be hopelessly killed no matter what, she wanted to take as many with her as possible, to delay the annihilation of her brethren.

“Careful, the Demon Queen is charging her magic!” shouted the Priestess, crating a bright magic barrier, however, Veronica’s magic was only Spirit Magic, it wasn’t Dark Magic, which was weak to Holy Magic, Spirit Magic represented all elements, and easily bypassed the Priest’s defenses.

The Heroes braced themselves as they released, they ultimate techniques and spells while defeating Veronica’s subordinates and trusted aides, as the fight went by, Veronica’s body was tattered in blood, and she hasn’t taken anyone with her yet. Every Hero seemed completely on another level… she was really the weakest Demon Queen.

In her last moments, she infused her entire Mana and Soul into her Arcane Heart, a special organ that the Baphomet possesses, and approached the Light Hero, the former coworker that she once had a crush with… but he was no more who she once thought.

“I once thought that we would one day build up to something… but I suppose that those dreams I had in Earth were nothing…” she said, her chest shining brightly in a powerful magic light.

“Huh? Wait… You! V-Vero-” the Hero of Light wasn’t capable of evading as he was wounded by one of Veronica’s previous attacks and had his sword shattered by the magic of one of her perished subordinates. However, the moment she muttered those words, he suddenly thought that the Demon Queen was the reincarnated Veronica.

Just as Veronica was about to at least take the great protagonist of this crusade, a blinding light took a hold of her sight.

“Insolent filth! Do you dare use such tricks?! Now that your God has lost his entire authority, I reign supreme in the World of Kritias! Perish!” shouted the voice of an old man that was heard through the entire world, this was the God of Light and Righteousness who had successfully defeated the God of Darkness and Sins while Veronica fought against the Reincarnated Heroes.

The piercing light that possessed the charged power of the Light Divinity of the God of Light sliced Veronica’s soul in half. A terrible pain like she had never experienced before filled all of her senses, this was the pain of the soul, hundreds of times greater than physical pain.

“Wait! Stop!!!” shouted the Light Hero, finally realizing who was truly Anastacia. Albeit, too late.

She couldn’t do anything but shriek in agony as her former coworkers spectated her physical body and her soul disintegrate from the World of Kritias by the Divine Authority of their benefactor.

As Veronica's mind blacked out, death embraced her once again…

The trauma of such pain made her mind numb, but she was able to recognize the cursed holographic windows that once announced her first death.

[Second Life Ended]

[Resetting Host Soul…]

[System Error]

[Synapsis not loaded]


[System Error]

[Samsara System not loaded successfully…]

[System Error]

“Huh…?! W-What?”

[System Error]

Veronica’s mind was filled with ‘System Errors’, the System created by the entity that decided in reincarnating her seemed to have some glaring issues.

[Unidentified Authority has taken ‘Host’ control]


[Samsara System successfully rebooted]

[Administrating ‘Host’ Soul and ‘%34n’ Soul into [Third Life]

Veronica’s soul was once again, for the third time, reincarnated.

However, she had no idea who was this ‘%34n’ and why was it reincarnating alongside her…


Second Life, Kritias, born in the year 3666 and died in the year of 3683.

[Name: Anastacia

[Race: Baphomet Witch Queen (Mother: Elf)

[Titles: Talentless, The Weakest Demon Queen.

[Type: Demon/Demi-human.

[Rank: 8

[Level: 13/100

[Job: Spiritual Witch Queen.

[Job History: Novice Spirit Caster, Spirit Caster, Demon Mage, Demon Mage Princess, Spiritual Witch.

[Level: 63/100

[Health Points: 735/735

[Mana Points: 4262/4262

[Strength: 364

[Defense: 214

[Magic: 2730

[Resistance: 1820

[Agility: 744

[Passive Skills]

[Memory Retention; Level 4]

[Special Five Senses; Level 6]

[Soul Form; Level 1]

[Mana Enlargement; Level 5]

[Magic Enlargement; Level 5]

[Dark Vision; Level 4]

[Super Mana Regeneration; Level 6]

[Deviant Life Perception; Level 3]

[Self-Enhancement; Demon Empire; Level 5]

[Abnormal Status Resistance; Level 4]

[Active Skills]

[Hardworking; Level 7]

[Appraisal; Level 6]

[Spirit Magic; Level 8]

[No Attribute Magic; Level 5]

[Stealth; Level 3]

[Precise Mana Control; Level 6]

[Archery; Level 2]

[Throwing, Level 2]

[Rapier Technique; Level 2]

[Stave Technique; Level 3]

[Unarmed Fighting Technique; Level 1]

[Coordination; Level 4]

[Commanding; Level 6]

[Limit Breakthrough; Spirit Magic; Level 5]

[Unique Skills]

[Divine Protection of the God of Darkness and Sins]

[Arcane Heart; Level 7]


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