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“The World of Kritias was created by the corpses of the two Great Gods. The corpse of Anir, the Bright God, became the day, the sky, the stars, the sun, the vegetation, and the animals, while the corpse of Kelsus, the Dark God, became the moon, the ground, gave birth to intelligence, to emotions, to destruction, and death”

An intimidating skeleton talked in a serious voice that resonated through a large room, its walls and ceilings were crimson red, with dark and gothic-like decorations. The skeleton was wearing black robes while holding a book on its right arm.

This room was a ‘class’, but only one girl was attending it. The little girl seemed to be in her early teens, she had a petite and weak body, with pale white skin, crimson eyes, short black hair, and two little goat-like horns at each side of her head, she wore a large dark and gothic-styled dress that covered her entire legs. She seemed to be very concentrated in the class.

“As life flourished, the intelligent races were born by the world, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Beastmen, and Demons,” said the skeleton.

“But Teacher, if the Demons were born alongside Humans and other races… then why do the Humans say that we are not their siblings? Why do they think that we are disgusting creatures?” asked the girl, with a firm tone.

“That’s what the church of the two great gods has always taught to its believers, Anastacia. However, when the two Great Gods died, other Gods were born, and through their conflicts, the religions were split from this original belief, creating countless variations of the same story. I still passionately believe in the church of the two Great Gods, however.” Said the ‘teacher’.

“Teacher could the discrimination towards demon be attributed to the diversity of subspecies?” asked the girl.

“Sigh… yes, it may be, Anastacia. We Demons come in all shapes and forms because we were born from within the corpse of Kelsus, we represent various sides of intelligence, destruction, emotions, and death. For example, you are a Baphomet, a high caste of Demon, your flesh is red alongside your blood, and you have a beating heart, your species were born from within the ‘emotions’ of Kelsus. Meanwhile, I am a Lich, a reanimated skeleton, my species were born from within the ‘death’ of Kelsus, we are Undead that naturally rise from the corpses of our siblings, yet, we are still considered as people, despite Humans treating us as ‘monsters’” said the ‘teacher’.

“I see. Teacher, can you elaborate some more in what Monsters are?” asked the girl.

“Monsters were originally animals born from Anir’s corpse, who mutated by digesting Kelsus’s corpse, unlike animals, Monsters are ferocious and powerful, and seek destruction, because they feed on the ‘destruction’ of Kelsus,” said the ‘teacher’.

“Should Monster be eradicated?” asked the girl.

“Well, they are an essential resource of materials and food for us Demons, their complete eradication is not really the correct thing to do,” said the ‘teacher’, while waving his skull.

“Then why do Humans want to eradicate all monsters alongside Demons? And why do they think that the Monsters are created by our whim?” asked the girl, her crimson eyes blazing in anger.

“Anastacia, you know very well that those are lies created by the church of the God of Light and Righteousness to antagonize us Demons. Since he was betrayed by the God of Darkness and Sins, our current benefactor, he had tried his best to eradicate us… and he has been slowly approaching this goal” muttered the ‘teacher’.

“B-But teacher, then…!”

“Anastacia, the class is over. Quickly pack your books and move to the training grounds, your magic teacher is awaiting you there. I am nothing but a history teacher, I cannot sharp your Skills” said the ‘teacher’ as he left the room.

“…” the girl was left alone in the room, her ‘teacher’, seemed mildly annoyed in her constant pursuit for the ‘truth’, she always asked for the reasons behind everything.

But no one could blame her for that, she was a reincarnated person, she needed the most knowledge possible about the new world she had arrived at to properly survive.

Anastacia was the only ‘reincarnated soul’ of the Demon Empire, Veronica.

Meanwhile, the United Human Empire had received 35 reincarnated souls, brave heroes who had powerful talents that would lead the United Human Empire to victory against the evil Demons.

Veronica had already assumed that they were all of her coworkers, but it was futile to think that they would ever recognize her as she is. She had already assumed that they would come for her head sooner or later. She needed to know anything she could before that moment, while also sharpening her skills and magic.

But as much as she trained, learned, and studied, time was running tighter…

Especially because of the many activities that she needed to do, which were those of Royalty. Veronica was reborn not only as a Demon but as the daughter of the former Demon King and an Elf concubine.

The former Demon King Dhodon had perished after battling the Light Hero Myhner, the two killed each other in a fierce battle that made the world tremble. Since then, the world of Kritias entered in a seemingly ‘peace’, but this was only until the United Human Empire could nurture new and stronger Heroes to crush the leftover Demons.

Ildione, an Elven princess and Veronica’s mother had also died when she gave birth to her. Due to this, she was raised by her parent’s subordinates, similar and cold people as her ‘teacher’.

However, even if they showed themselves as cold and calculative, she got to know them very well as she grew up, they were all people filled with dreams and convictions, nothing at all like the Humans portrayed them.

“I just wanted a better second life, but I was caught up in the middle of a war between Humans and Demons as the Demon Queen… I am the primary target that all Humans want to kill, I can’t believe how unlucky I am” muttered Veronica as she glanced at the portrait of her Father and Mother, in the Demon Empire palace.

Since a younger age that Veronica was deemed ‘talentless’. She was born without any Magic Attribute Affinity, and without any ‘cheat’ skill like the other reincarnated souls of the United Human Empire.

She only inherited her mother’s racial Skill ‘Spirit Magic’ and one of her father’s skills ‘Super Mana Regeneration’. With that and her previous skills that she was born with she trained diligently every day from a very young age.

‘Spirit Magic’ used the natural spirits of the environment that represented the Magic Attributes that made up the world of Kritias. It could be said to be incredibly powerful in the right hands, but because Kritias was a world where magic and its spirits were in decadence through countless wars that destroyed the natural environment, it was deemed just as useless. Barely any spirits would help Veronica and the cast of spells required large amounts of Mana.

Veronica used to have five siblings, but the five of them perished through the wars, alongside her father. She, the ‘talentless’ was the last hope for the Demon Empire.

Even the Demons knew that this was a lost cause, many of them ran away from the Empire, and as the years went by, decadence took a hold of the Empire.

Veronica developed herself to become charismatic and a strong leader for the Demons to follow, using the various techniques and technology that she learned from Earth, she developed the Empire as much as she could, and things prospered for a few years.

But not much after, the war came knocking in the door. The ‘reincarnated souls’, Heroes with absurd powers reborn in the United Human Empire had been nurtured enough and deemed as useful pawns by the God of Light and Righteousness.



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