Weakest Demon Queen Reincarnation: I Became a Living Armor?!

by BreakfastWitch

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Female Lead LitRPG Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Veronica was a common woman on Earth, who once had dreams of having friends and forming a family. When this opportunity was finally presented to her, fate decided that she was not worthy...
Dying of a car accident, alongside her coworkers who had invited her to a party after work, she was sent to a strange white space where a mysterious entity grants her and her coworkers souls the 'Samsara System' for beta testing purposes.
However, even with a System, her second life ended by the hands of those who she thought wanted to be her friends in her first life.
Due to the mercilessness of a wicked god, her soul was pierced in half, making her reincarnate twice in her third life.
Being reborn both as a Living Armor and as a Half-Demon boy, she nows seeks to reunite with her other half and to have a relaxing third life... but in a world filled with monsters, demons, beastmen, and constant wars and discrimination, her path to a 'carefree life' will be filled with hardships and adventures.

The cover art is not mine, if you're the artist and want me to take it down then kindly message me, thanks!

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This story has potential as of now its kinda all over the place but it just started so that not a big deal. If the auther can keep with it and has a good idea where to take it i can easily see this becomeing a great story. I would recomend giveing this a read its got a interesting premise adleast as far as most isekai go and no major flaws that i have seen.


I checked this story out because I've always liked the concept of the symbiosys of living armor and the user. I doubt the story is going to go in that direction though. I'd quible about specific word chioce used in parts of the story but the main thing is that the part of the chapter discussing her first life doesn't add much to the story. It is mostly exposition that tells us about the character, not showing it. I'd skip directly to her third life to create a solid plot hook, show who the character is by interacting with others and fill in relavant backstory as you go. As it is, we know that her first two lives don't matter much to the story and have no reason to care.