The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

by vladerag

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Progression Reincarnation Slice of Life Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Cadence Lee thought she was a normal girl, perhaps a little well to do, but not exceptionally so.  She had her college classes, she had her job that her uncle gave her, and she had a nice boyfriend who was sweet if a little awkward.

Except, when a mugger accosts Cadence and her boyfriend attempts to wrestle a gun away from the criminal, Cadence ends up shot.  A normal girl, with the kind of wound Cadence had, would die.  Cadence managed to do that part.  But a normal girl wouldn't then open her eyes again and learn that death is not as permanant for her as it is for other people.  She can be reborn again, and again.  Each time stronger and with new abilities.

The catch?  Any world she is born into, she can never return to.  She has infinite lives, but only one life for each.

So begins The Many Lives of Cadence Lee.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One - First Death ago
Chapter Two - Second Life ago
Chapter Three - Kidnapping ago
Chapter Four - Escape ago
Chapter Five - Awakening to a Class ago
Chapter Six - Whirlwind ago
Chapter Seven - Debut ago
Chapter Eight - War and Hate ago
Chapter Nine - Second Death ago
Chapter Ten - Third Life ago
Chapter Eleven - The Beginning of Something New ago
Chapter Twelve - Politics and Plans ago
Chapter Thirteen - Slaves and Salt ago
Chapter Fourteen - Bound Reeds and Sharpened Knives ago
Chapter Fifteen - The Flower of Sharon'An ago
Chapter Sixteen - An Order and an Opportunity ago
Chapter Seventeen - Marriage ago
Chapter Eighteen - Departure ago
Chapter Nineteen - The City of Ugareet ago
Chapter Twenty - Travels ago
Extra - Ancient Aliens, Maybe. ago
Chapter Twenty One - Metal and Prayer ago
Chapter Twenty Two - Acceleration ago
Chapter Twenty Three - Many Unexpected Things ago
Chapter Twenty Four - Third Death ago
Chapter Twenty Five - Fourth Life ago
Chapter Twenty Six - The Importance of Acuity and Willpower ago
Chapter Twenty Seven - (relatively) Big Game Hunting ago
Extra - Spooky Ghost ago
Chapter Twenty Eight - Evolving ago
Chapter Twenty Nine - Toadpocalypse ago
Chapter Thirty - Eye of Newt ago
Chapter Thirty One - I could have been a Youtube star ago
Chapter Thirty Two - Small Grind ago
Chapter Thirty Three - I HAVE HANDS! ago
Chapter Thirty Four - Passing Seasons ago
Chapter Thirty Five - Transitions ago
Chapter Thirty Six - Birds of Prey, But Not Birds of a Feather ago
Chapter Thirty Seven - Babel Town ago
Chapter Thirty Eight - Everyone Needs a Friend ago
Chapter Thirty Nine - A Quick Peek Behind the Curtain ago
Chapter Forty - First Quest, Part I ago

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I like this story. The only problems i can think of is the very first couple of chapters. The charater was assaulted by a number of screens that have no impact on the story because she has not gotten the points to unlock them by her fourth life. Granted she could buy the but still. Besides that rant the story is good it keeps you interested and moves on before someting can be borring. So far i've enjoyed it to the point of checking royalroad constantly.

Green Meteor

Like Doctor Who, but in an RPG

Reviewed at: Extra - Spooky Ghost

I started reading this last weekend when I stumbled upon it by chance on the trending page. Didnt expect much out of it since I have had a few dissapointments in the past, but I ended up getting hooked and reading all that's publised so far in a few days.

The potential this story has is dumbfounding, specially after some of the realizations the MC comes around in that latest chapters that I wont spoil here.

Still, and even tho I love the story, it does have a few quirks that keep me from giving it a perfect score, but overall I would absolutely recommend reading this.


a well written reincarnation litrpg?!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Three - Many Unexpected Things

one of the better reincarnation storys ive read, normaly when I start one of these storys I expect the same bad writing, no planed story and chiche encounters. as of chapter 23 I give this story full marks, and excited for more. the nature of this story keeps it from getting stale and makes character growth more imortant to the story, without taking away from the litrpg setting.  I also don't feel cheated like I have with similar storys when some of the main character dies.

Anon Lv703

A very pleasant read that will certainly get you hooked once you make it past the first few chapters.



This Story/Novel is the rare combination of very well written mixed with a ton of potential whilst imo also pretty unique in its execution and detailing.


In case you need more incouragement: ^^' 

The first two chapters especially the first make this look like your typical infodump heavy reincarnation story but in reality it really isn't, don't get me wrong there is infodump but it is pretty much limited to the "transition chapters" meaning that you won't be flooded by it during the story / lifes where most of the action happens which in my humble opinion is a good thing as it doesn't disrupt the flow of the story.

This is tightly linked with the (as far as I know) one in a kind reincarnation concept of this novel here a short summary so you get a rough idea of the flow and what I mean by that

(very very light spoiler (mostly chapter 1.)

Cadence Lee (MC) reincarnates into new lives in which she grows and develops as a character (within the specific setting) but once she dies this progress "resets" with the exception of a combined score gained from her achievements throughout her lives (reincarnation) which Cadence can use to invest into permanent bonis / skills, Cadence reincarnations are rated based on that score with her underachieving in a life having possible consequences. 

To take away some of the typical worries that come with litRPG + reincarnation

The point gain and the price of the skills seems pretty well balanced as of now (chapter 28) and the fact that "permanent strenght growth" only appears after each reincarnation (so far multiple smaller arcs per instance) makes it unlikely that the mc will grow strong to fast or be "OP" in every reincarnation whilst also preventing the risk of the character stagnating.  


Details that I liked but failed to put into words properly: (contains minimal spoilers)


The LitRPG elements are slightly different in each reincarnation (world) so far giving each incarnation a slightly different touch and variety.


Each story was well written so far and the world building is strong too (Im a sucker for history references tho so I may be a little biased)


Actually good comedy! ikr I couldn't believe it either awesome job @


(only hinted @ so far but I'm kinda hyped) not every reincarnation will find the MC in a System / LitRPG world so we can likely expect a good variety of stories in the future.

Long story short don't let my shabby review discourage you from giving this novel a shot.


This title makes me think many lives at once, bad

Reviewed at: Chapter Eight - War and Hate

I really enjoy the story so far, don't give up author-san. People on reddit have been looking for tour book but couldn't find it because of the strange title. The premise is great, and the story so far seems developed. The characters are all unique, and they haven't been turned into objects just yet.


So I'm just going to say it.  This story is basically what would happen if your life was one of those life game apps.  Which is hilarious in my opinion.  Added fantasy and continuity to it and wrote it up as a story, it's great!

Reviews must be at least 50 words long, Reviews must be at least 50 words long, Reviews must be at least 50 words long, Reviews must be at least 50 words long, Reviews must be at least 50 words long, Reviews must be at least 50 words long.


I instantly liked the MC. And the worlds are all interesting, with my favorite being the third one since i am a sucker for world building and romance. 

I really enjoyed the society and history stuff since the author really do the research and seems to like it too. one problem that could pop out is her relationship. so far, the author is not focusing on romance, despite it being one of the story i enjoyed.

it is good, since i have not read a story having multiple lovers that i really like, and i can't foresee how it'll work out in this setting (most quick transmigration i have read has the ml also transmigrate so idk). 

it is not good, since author's romance story is so gosh darn enjoyable! ah! and i could really root for the mc to have an ml! and i really really would love to read all about it!

there are some errors but it doesn't affect my reading. the system/s are interesting, and the names are fun.

anyway i enjoyed the series! thanks author!

Pale imitation

Excellent Writing From a strange author

Reviewed at: Chapter Forty - First Quest, Part I

From the crappy anime style cover art you would expect yet another isekai with some American mustard and ketchup on top for western tastes. Instead we get a 4 course meal with unique flavors and variety. Each of the lives are interesting and a pleasure to read. MC is relatable and not stupid nor stupidly overpowered. Many satisfying plot twists and turns. Not your average isekai for sure.

No industrial revolution to conquer the world just yet. Many reasonable small steps forward in the worlds she has visited so far. Only things that bog down the story are the filler chapters that list skills. Who really wants to read the user manual on each skill when it's just 1% bonus and more of the same over and over again?

Author sells Patrion hard. It's as if he is a day trader or professional gambler who needs that cash to cover margin calls. For the right price he'll probably let you read his mail.


The top two reviews seem quite accurate: the premise is interesting and the first two chapters are an especial slog.

The only problem I have with them and this fiction is the grammar. The tense changes often and haphazardly, and the locution is silly. 

For example, some of the first dialogue by Kalvin, 9 year old brother: “We are just heading out to the street! My friends are waiting for me!” Kalvin pleaded with me. “We are basically home, Mom and Dad won’t care.”

Complex clauses and conditionals completely unfitting for an impatient 9 year old.

Instead: "My friends are waiting! It's right outside, Mom and Dad won't care!"

Hopefully the author edits heavily or gets some help. 

Rating curved to RR standards.