The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

by vladerag

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Cadence Lee thought she was a normal girl, perhaps a little well to do, but not exceptionally so.  She had her college classes, she had her job that her uncle gave her, and she had a nice boyfriend who was sweet if a little awkward.

Except, when a mugger accosts Cadence and her boyfriend attempts to wrestle a gun away from the criminal, Cadence ends up shot.  A normal girl, with the kind of wound Cadence had, would die.  Cadence managed to do that part.  But a normal girl wouldn't then open her eyes again and learn that death is not as permanant for her as it is for other people.  She can be reborn again, and again.  Each time stronger and with new abilities.

The catch?  Any world she is born into, she can never return to.  She has infinite lives, but only one life for each.

So begins The Many Lives of Cadence Lee.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One - First Death ago
Chapter Two - Second Life ago
Chapter Three - Kidnapping ago
Chapter Four - Escape ago
Chapter Five - Awakening to a Class ago
Chapter Six - Whirlwind ago
Chapter Seven - Debut ago
Chapter Eight - War and Hate ago
Chapter Nine - Second Death ago
Chapter Ten - Third Life ago
Chapter Eleven - The Beginning of Something New ago
Chapter Twelve - Politics and Plans ago
Chapter Thirteen - Slaves and Salt ago
Chapter Fourteen - Bound Reeds and Sharpened Knives ago
Chapter Fifteen - The Flower of Sharon'An ago
Chapter Sixteen - An Order and an Opportunity ago
Chapter Seventeen - Marriage ago
Chapter Eighteen - Departure ago
Chapter Nineteen - The City of Ugareet ago
Chapter Twenty - Travels ago
Extra - Ancient Aliens, Maybe. ago
Chapter Twenty One - Metal and Prayer ago
Chapter Twenty Two - Acceleration ago
Chapter Twenty Three - Many Unexpected Things ago
Chapter Twenty Four - Third Death ago
Chapter Twenty Five - Fourth Life ago
Chapter Twenty Six - The Importance of Acuity and Willpower ago
Chapter Twenty Seven - (relatively) Big Game Hunting ago
Extra - Spooky Ghost ago
Chapter Twenty Eight - Evolving ago
Chapter Twenty Nine - Toadpocalypse ago
Chapter Thirty - Eye of Newt ago
Chapter Thirty One - I could have been a Youtube star ago
Chapter Thirty Two - Small Grind ago
Chapter Thirty Three - I HAVE HANDS! ago
Chapter Thirty Four - Passing Seasons ago
Chapter Thirty Five - Transitions ago
Chapter Thirty Six - Birds of Prey, But Not Birds of a Feather ago
Chapter Thirty Seven - Babel Town ago
Chapter Thirty Eight - Everyone Needs a Friend ago
Chapter Thirty Nine - A Quick Peek Behind the Curtain ago
Chapter Forty - First Quest, Part I ago

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Mad respect to the Author. It is really hard to write a story based in one world, but so far, we have gotten 4. I would have lost myself in Worldbuildersyndrome with the third at least.

The MC´s birth world is good old earth. She dies and gets a chance at visiting other worlds. (The speculation in the comments are glorious.) At the moment she can only go to worlds with Stats and Skills, as they are easier to progress in.

The second world is a classic medieval based one. She doesn’t do much here, but that is by design. She still grieves over the loss of her first world and hasn’t accepted her new situation. Quite realistic, I think. She doesn’t use her knowledge of technology and is contend with going with the flow. She learns to fight and has her hands full, keeping her friend, the baron’s daughter, save in a civil war.

In the third world she realizes how passive she has been and strives to change herself. As the princess she is expected to challenge her siblings for the throne, but is stunning everyone by instead learning how to read and write, as well as leveling classes other than [Imperial Princess]. She pushes for peace, changing the entire course of the world.

I really enjoyed the third world, as old Egypt and Mesopotamia are not that often seen in these types of stories. I would have loved to see more, but Cadence seems to be cursed to live very short lives. I enjoyed the Extra´s, showing how the world sees her achievements thousands of years after her time.

The fourth world throws a wrench in her plans. She has finally gained a goal, that now seems entirely out of reach. We haven’t seen that much yet, but I think that is about to change.

The Grammar is good, no problems here.

The Characters are a bit shallow, but that is to be expected when we see so little of them. Despite having very few interactions, they still feel like distinct people. Tropes and clichés are used to further their character, giving the reader a better idea of them, bevor changing things up.


An amazing story held back by tedious details

Reviewed at: Chapter Nine - Second Death

The system that's the basis of the entire thing is pretty mundane for a thimg of power and magic, and much time is wasted on information the mc/author admits is boring and/or uninformative.

Still, these things aside the storyline and character gives the potential to be one of the rare novels I'd give a 5.


Good? Yes. Very good? Yes. Ultra XXL good? Yes.

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Three - Many Unexpected Things

I read a lot, and I mean a lot. So it is literally half past five am where I live and I just finished binging on this... and it's really been a while that I've gotten so exited for something I immediately went over to Patreon and pledged the best pledge just to realise in my desperation for more that there is none... and still do not regret it. Confusing? Yes. Me too. Summary? Yes. Good? Yes.

Go forth and read, I would say at your own peril but it's more like "enjoyment" and it doesn't sound as good.

Read it, you'll like it.

Pukas O

The idea behind this story and its proper execution make for a refreshing take on the LitRPG genre. The main attraction for many when it comes to the litRPG genre is the and excitement and gratification that comes with level ups and new skills, however there's a problem with this model. If the MC keeps leveling and gaining new skills consistently then you quickly end up with skilll lists looking like , the MC becomes too OP, and/or the focus is put entirely on levels making the story feel hollow. Stories are forced to work around these problems so they can have a coherent and enjoyable story, but often end up making sacrafices to do so. Wandering Inn is a great example, it's a wonderful story but in order to stay enjoyable the author had to take the focus off of LitRPG elements and onto character development. Many stories do something similar and instead of finding clever solutions to the problems inherent to the genre, end up sacraficing the instant gratification new levels and skills can bring in order to adapt. The concept of multiple reincarnations poses a sultion to that problem but only if executed properly! In Loki's Honor is the perfect example, it tried doing something similar but ended up falling prey to many of the same old pitfalls by having too much carry over of power from life to life leading to the MC becoming somewhat boringly OP and having a problem with skill lists. So far however, The Many Lives of Cadence Lee seems on track to avoid many of these pitfalls. Skill lists aren't a problem since they reset with every life and the MC doesn't murderhobo to powerlevel, being OP isn't a problem either since the MC can be killed off before becoming too rediculous or the rest of their life can be hand waved away with a "and they lived happily ever after" due to how OP they are before moving on to the next incarnation. The author has also already shown their abilitiy to create interest outside of just fighting and gaining levels as the third life focuses more on politics and character interaciton. Finally, by having a clear structure and checkpoints of sorts with each death and subsequent reincarnation, I feel like each life's story will be able to have a satisfying end unlike other novels where it just goes on and on until the author gives out or the reader does.

This story isn't just defined by it's lack of failures however, if it was then it would probably just be mediocre at best, afterall you can't live a good life simply by avoiding failure, you actually have to achieve success, and this story does that. One of the main benefits of the concept is the creative potential, something which the author seems very ready to take advantage and which they have already done so far with their first 2 reincarnations having distinct flavours and focuses. Also, looking at the poll for potential next lives gives me lots of hope with my personal favorite three ideas being a LitRPG take on steampunk, cyberpunk, and finally space opera! I feel like this story so far has great potential and it feels like it will allow the author to grow alongside it and show off their talent and potential. Great ideas alone can't carry a story however, and luckily this author has shown that they can execute will with prose that keeps you engaged, and interesting character dynamics and interactions. Currently one of the stories I am most excited for alongside Apocalypse: Generic System, and close behind Never Die Twice. Great job vladerag, I'm loving the story so far and I like the others you've written so far as well, keep up the good work and don't put too much pressure on yourself! Continue following your heart!

Frederick Elliott Walker

I tend not to review often, and try to review accuratly. that said this story has rebirth, thought out events, and little bits of history; so i will be a little bias.


So first the grammar, i have not noticed any errors, but that could just be that there are none that jump out at you like in some stories on RR.

Second the story, it has a good flow, nothing seems forced. each life changes the system for the current world so conflictions with how world is set up....yet. Lifes have been short so if there is an error probably be with the rebirth perks a couple lifes down the line from where i have so far read to.


Last character, so MC is not Op, stupid, smart, overately violent, plot armor heavy, ect.  So far MC is believably normal. Only have her second and third lifes to go off of and she is not the same in both, but her logic and actions fit her enviroments making her believable as a person.


Over all i like the story enough to read all 23 chapters that are currently out at once and stay up to 4:15 am when i normally go to sleep at 11:00 pm.  And when i finally get to that dreaded last chapter that does not have a working next button i then wrote this review, which to be honest i normally write reviews to warn reads of really bad writing, or of good stories that have hard to read starting chapters. This is niether of those. 


Last i recomend manga 'Red River' old but good manga and thrid life in this story keeps making me think of red river.

Lord Turtle

Since this is a basic review I'll keep it short and sweet. 

First two chapters are setup for the system and if you don't particularly care I recommend skimming them and moving on. 

As for the rest of the story I find that the author implements this idea of serial reincarnating very well and pulls off believable worlds and characters. And while you go in knowing that the world will be overlooked (because the MC is gonna get KIA at some point), you also leave wishing that the setting became permenant. Which indicates a pretty decent setup in my eyes.

Void Herald

How a reincarnation story should be

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Eight - Evolving

Multiple reincarnations stories are probably among the hardest to write well. The only constant is the protagonist; each new life means a different cast of characters, often a wholly different setting, and it can be pretty difficult to make a reader invested in the story long-term.

I'm pleased to say Cadence is one of the few exceptions that manage to make the concept work.  

As in, Cadence uses each life to explore a different idea that may serve as a story on its own, from civilization-building in a Bronze Age magical Egypt, to the dangerous life of an amphibian animal. The various Systems offer a backdrop allowing a certain degree of continuity between each life, but the key is Cadence's character development.

Unlike more heroes in those stories, Cadence isn't out to be the strongest. At first, she only tries to live a normal life, and then slowly moves towards trying to help the worlds she visits benefit from her knowledge. Due to not carrying power from world to world (only benefits making her new life easier), the challenge always remains; most of her first lives are in fact cut really short due to inexperience. This makes her relatable and keeps the story entertaining. 

I was actually shocked by the first death because, while it didn't came out of nowhere, it was incredibly mundane. It came as a surprise, and I must say it was a good one. 

My only criticisms are some of the characters, and the fact it takes a few chapters for the story to truly start. Cadence begins like every Isekai story, so most people probably believe it will be like any other; I certainly did at first. But then I found myself really invested in the story when it hit the second reincarnation, as the author pushed the concept into interesting directions (namely, that the time period can change just as often as the setting/system itself, and that Cadence won't always stay a human). 

Second, since character casts change with every lives, they're hit-and-miss. I didn't particularly find the first reincarnation's cast memorable, but the second world had more interesting characters. Cadence herself is mostly the one carrying the story forward. 

In short, I eagerly suggest you give this story a try, if you wish to see a single character explore different story concepts. I'm sure you will like it. 


Surprisingly Good multi-reincarnation story!

Reviewed at: Extra - Spooky Ghost

Well, this is not the kind of story I expected to like so much, but I do now! Honestly a great read, for any fans of fantasy stories, and especially for those who are searching for an endless reincarnation story, for those people I recommend to start reading right now and stop procrastinating.


Cadence is just an average character at start of this story before she dies for the first time and arrives at Podi. At firsts I find her to be sort of naïve with her second life, though she does show strength at times, and that gets even better, though still her second life is overall wasted, the third has none of that, she becomes an actually strong character, necessitated by her position. Such character growth for Cadence is just great.

I expect Cadence to grow a lot, both as a character and as a reincarnator as she goes through more reincarnations, meaning her power as a reincarnator will grow with it. One likely worry is that she will become more and more emotionally detached, as it will be hard for someone endlessly reincarnating like her to form tight relations with those she meets during her lives later on.


Premise is not that new, endless reincarnation with a system, but the way it is executed, atleast so far, is really well done, I dont have any complaints about it at all currently. So keep on the path you are currently author, and don’t forget to improve of course. Expect a lot of different settings to appear, we are just in the start, so only fantasy system worlds have appeared.

Worldbuilding yeah, in the large scale of things, it will simply not matter, only in individual lives as she lives through them, and maybe even changes the course of the world she has reincarnated in. A favourite part of this story is when her past lives get brought up in bonus chapters and pre-chapter blurbs, to show what kind of impact that she had on that world with her actions. With time maybe even the possibility of reincarnating again in a world she had already reincarnated into before will come up, which provides some interesting possibilities, though I don’t expect that happening anytime soon. But despite what kind of story this is, author is actually managing to make the worlds she is living in somewhat meaningful by fleshing them out, atleast as much as possible with what kind of story it is.


Grammar in this story has quite some flaws, the editing overall could be a lot better, for a start, the author could begin correcting typo’s, grammatical errors and other such mistakes, though not at the cost of release pace or author motivation however, those are much more important. Overall grammar is well readable.


First two chapters are sort of a huge infodump all at once and serve as an introduction to the story, once she actually starts with her new lives, it does get a lot better and no other such infodumps happen bar the chapters after she has died again.

The story actually reads surprisingly well, so far the individual lives have actually mattered and are interesting, instead of being just glossed over in a couple lines, though that’s going to happen later on as she goes through more lives, so thus the less notable ones will have to be cut off for the story to be able to progress. Other POV’s are as of now still infrequent, and don’t disrupt the story at all when they swap, it is just seamlessly done.


Author, just keep on what you are already doing, but of course don’t forget your grammar which can be improved on. You are already doing a good job, just don’t burn out with your story and let it fall in hiatus, but I hope that with this kind of setting, that you can avoid the problem by just swapping to the next life (as long as you don’t do it abruptly or something.)

If find yourself asking if you want to spend some time reading this story, my answer would be yes, it is good and different, while staying interesting. Certainly worth the read at this moment.

magical heart

I have to say I'm really enjoying this story and am excited to see where it goes!! this is definitely worth the read and I would encourage anyone who likes fantasy to read this story.


so if you are still reading this review then just go and read the story right now.


This is an interesting story that everyone should read! It's good and I can't wait to read more of it. I do feel like the author is hurrying a bit too much because he has a grander plan and can't wait to reach the juicy bits if the story but I personally would enjoy reading a more in detail story about each life. Take your time and let us enjoy each part of the story properly.