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  Cadence Lee’s (as a yet nameless Gale Wyvern) POV:


  I had no clue what anyone around me was saying, but it did look like I wasn’t about to be attacked. Sure, I wasn’t particularly careful with my life - although I blame a lot of that on my monster instincts - but I would rather not die so long as not dying was an option. I would risk my life for another, but that was just good economics, wasn’t it?

  They had one life; I had many lives. Ergo, their life is worth more than mine.

  ...Yeah, no. Calling my life worthless in comparison to other’s lives seems kind of… Wrong? I can’t really articulate why right now, because I also feel it is right too. It was too much to think about right now.

  Which might be a good thing, because this was hardly the time for philosophy. A mix of monster instincts and human impulses had dropped me into the middle of a bit of a mess. I had no idea this town was even here before today, and now I was in the middle of it being watched by a few men dressed in light armor and carrying bows - guards, I presumed because their armor was all the same like a uniform.

  The town was situated north of a large hill that had hid it from my view, but it is still shocking to see just how much I had missed while I was flying. That was probably a good thing, because I really had not noticed just how lonely I had been and I would have tried to interact with the town and gotten shot for my trouble.

  Now I was here and not shot, so everything worked out for the best!

  ...I may have also entered into a magical contract I don’t know anything about to an elf that I also know nothing about and can’t understand.

  In my defense, it didn’t feel like it was designed to take control of my mind or even control me. No, I had gotten a feeling of communication - which is incredibly odd, because I don’t even know what a feeling of communication is - and I had accepted it without thinking about it much. Now I was linked to this elf girl and could somewhat sense her feelings and desires in a corner of my mind. I am pretty sure she had the same from me.

  If the worst happened, the link did not feel particularly strong. I am pretty sure I could break it just by deciding to do so, but why would I do that? My entire goal for this life was to do better than my previous ones - to try and gain points - and I think I would be more effective working with someone. Not that I had been giving much consideration to that goal this past year, but after fighting the Blood Moly and evolving into a Young Gale Wyvern I felt I had a bit more wiggle room to worry about that goal instead of just worrying about survival.

  The little elf girl caught my attention, asking me to follow her. It actually was a somewhat fascinating experience. I could not understand her words, but she made expressive gestures and our link gave me a glimpse of her feelings and desires. She felt… Nervous and scared, but mostly hopeful with a pinch of determination. I could tell she wanted me to be near her, but she was moving away.

  I obliged her; following her through the streets while internally debating exactly how I should behave. I didn’t have to let them know how intelligent I was, although the cat might be out of the bag with that. Still, it was somewhat tempting to pretend to just be a relatively intelligent creature. Although that was probably a really stupid idea…

  I noticed that the guards were shadowing us as we walked, and my wyvern instincts really hated that. It felt like being stalked by a predator but it wasn’t so hard to ignore when I focused on the feelings Ray sent over our link.

  (Hey, could you have the guards back off a bit more? They are really making her nervous.) Ray said something and the guards made a face and backed off a couple of feet more. It wasn’t much, but it was something, and it was nice to have some confirmation that she could feel my emotions and desires like I could hers!

  The building we stopped in front of was three stories tall and had a bunch of interesting looking people in front of it as well as peering out from the windows. They weren’t soldiers or guards, but they had weapons and armor - often mismatched - and some definitely seemed to be magic users. All of them were staring at me, but I had gotten over that being an issue in my last life.

  A gruff, well dressed, man stepped outside, along with a terrified looking young woman. I imagine that the man is in charge of whatever this is and the young woman was probably some kind of secretary or administrative assistant. She probably hadn’t expected to meet a monster today and I certainly could bite her head off, but weren’t humans supposed to taste bad? I feel like I had read a clickbait article back on Earth to that effect, but I have no idea how accurate it was.

  I suppose I could test the taste of a criminal, there has to be bandits around somewhere, right? But bandits don’t exactly have a reputation for bathing, so eating them would be disgusting. More importantly, why don’t I feel worse about the thought of eating people?

  (A runner came by and told me of the situation; was hoping for a quiet day. Is there even a point to this? It is following the gal, I don’t see how doing a Status Check will make it less likely to flip out.) The older man sounded a bit like an asshole, whatever he was saying. The poor assistant next to him looked about to faint and he didn’t seem to care at all!

  (She is very smart,) the little elf was praising me! I think… (I would ask for a Status Check regardless of what the Guard wishes, just to be sure.)

  (Well let’s get this over with.) He just pushed his assisstant forward, rude! Maybe I should try eating him first!

  Poor girl, don’t worry I won’t eat you. I might not have the same instinctive revulsion I am used to, but I do still have morals. Anyway, I am curious what this is all about. Is it a test of some kind?

  Eventually, the terrified girl was coerced into coming close to me and laying her hand on one of my wings. She held a stone in her other hand and after a second a magical picture was projected from it! I recognized it even though it was in a different language than I was used too, that was my Status!


(Name: -   Species: Young Gale Wyvern   Level: 0/10   Experience: 000/260

Class: [Hunter]   Class Level: 26   Health: 415/415   Mana: 48/48   Stamina: 42/100


Str: 136   End: 157   Vit: 129   Agi: 182    Dex: 121

Per: 153   Acy: 103   Wil: 108   Cha: 99   Mgc: 96

Lck: 163


[Prey Sense](class)   [Hunter’s Rest](class)    [Breathes through her Skin](racial)

[Poison Spice](class)   [Blood Trail](class)   [Endless Hunt](racial)

[Toxic Skin](racial)   [Toxin Control: Minor](racial)   [Regeneration: Minor](lesser)(racial)

[Scale Armor: Minor](racial)   [Envenomed Bite: Hatchling Komadus Lizard](racial)

[Infravision](racial)   [Salutivore](racial)   [Strong Stomach](racial)

[Aerokinesis](racial)   [Gale Wyvern Hide](racial)   [Lesser Wyvern Hide](racial)

[Poison Resistance: Major](racial)   [Disease Resistance: Minor](racial)

[Better First Impression]   [Healthy Thoughts]   [First Words]   [Killing Blow]


Air Magic: 1   Ambush: 4   Analysis: 3   Cartography: 1   Charge: 5   Cleaning: 3

Climbing: 3   Composing: 1   Construction: 3   Cooking: 4   Charm: 1   Crafting: 5

Dancing: 2   Dagger: 1   Digging: 6   Dodge: 4   Drawing: 1   Etiquette: 1

Flight: 3   Intimidate: 2   Jumping: 4   Leatherworking: 2   Mana Manipulation: 2

Manasense: 3   Meditation: 6   Poetry: 1   Pottery: 2   Reading: 1   Singing: 2

Spear: 3   Sprinting: 4   Swimming: 4   Stealth: 6   Taunt: 1   Throwing: 4

Tracking: 4   Trap Making: 7   Weaving: 2   Writing: 3)


  I had evolved after the Blood Moly, and wasn’t that a slog of a fight? For all my apprehension about jumping down to fight it, it turns out that there was a good reason for it to inhabit corpses like it did. It had basically no way to hurt me.

  Of course, the damn thing also refused to die for hours of me struggling to cut it up with my claws, so I can see why the Lynx had avoided it. If I didn’t have my human mind I doubt my monster instincts would have wanted to engage in what - from start to finish - was a ten hour fight.

  Anyway, the most interesting and powerful Evolution I had seen was the Young Gale Wyvern.


  Young Gale Wyvern: (Very Rare) Wyverns are known for adapting dramatically to mana and their environment. The Gale Wyvern is an example of a Wyvern that lives at high altitudes and has adapted to be one of the most dangerous predators in the sky. Although lacking the powerful offensive capability of Blazing Wyverns or the defensive hide of a Stone Wyvern, their [Aerokinesis] racial ability allows them to move through the air in ways that seem impossible. +60 Agi, +40 to all other Stats, +6 Str, End, Vit, Per, Mgc, and Agi per Level, +5 Dex and Wil per Level, +4 to Acy and Cha per Level, [Aerokinesis](racial), [Gale Wyvern Hide](racial) Note: Draconoid Evolutions have extra Level and Experience requirements!

  Unlocked By: Being a Hatchling Wyvern, having the Skill Air Magic.


  (Look! It has a Class!) Apparently my Status was interesting to the crowd. It was pretty impressive compared to what it was, but I suspected that most people who could fight could crush me easily. (Is it a Demihuman then!?)

  (Nah, look at it. One Class, no open Class Slots. Probably was a monster that stumbled on a Demihuman Evolution and then Evolved back into a monster. One Class Slot means it happened in the First Stage Evolutions and not later.) The old man just snorted and shook his head before drawing a pipe out.

  I, as a moral and upstanding individual, tried to blow the pipe out of his hands with air magic because smoking kills. Unfortunately, his grip was too strong. He just snorted again and lit the pipe with a flick of his finger. Everyone else freaked out, and suddenly there were a lot of weapons being pointed at me!

  (Calm your tits, you wimps. You saw its Stats, I could kill it by petting it too hard and you weaklings who call yourselves adventurers outnumber it a hundred to one.) Thankfully, my stupidity doesn’t seem to have gotten me killed. I could feel the worry pounding through the bond right now, I need to take this more seriously. Admittedly, it is hard to pay attention when I have no idea what they are saying.

  (So? How intelligent is she?) The little elf asked a question anxiously, but the emotions were a bit too complex for me to catch in their entirety.

  (Hard to say. Can’t tell what Demihuman it Evolved into, but since it only has a single Class Slot it probably is about as smart as a five year old child at most. Wyverns aren’t dumb either, so it could possibly be pretty smart in some areas when it gets older.)

  (Then… I can keep her?) Oh, now that is a lot of hope coming over the bond! That is probably a good thing for me.

  (Yeah, but you could’ve anyways. Everyone around here is acting like they’ve never seen a gods damned [Tamer] before.)

  (Few [Tamers] can handle a wyvern. It was best to be sure.) Oooh, a guard in a fancy outfit! Their captain, presumably? He doesn’t seem agitated so I am pretty sure I am home free now.

  The crowd seems to be dispersing, and the secretary had fled back inside the building, so it seemed the show was over. Fancy Pants Guard was sending the other guards away, so it was just me and the little elf left.

  (Ray) She made a sound and then pointed at herself. Her name?

  I tried it out but my current body wasn’t made for speech so it came out as, “Rawgh?”

  (My name is Ray. Name. Ray.) She said with a bit of a giggle. I could feel her through the bond. The sudden relief of her stress from fighting, helping to rescue her teammate, and then dealing with me had left her in a kind of giddy high and apparently my attempt at her name had amused her greatly.

  (You. Name. Is?) Curiosity now, over the bond; the desire to know about me. She was asking my name! But I don’t have a name in this life yet. I can’t even name myself, which was frustrating in the extreme. I pushed my feelings to her and I think she understood.

  (Then I will call you Hewka, how does that sound?)


  [Rei’Reihammara Solily is attempting to name you Hewka. Do you accept this name?]


  Sure, why not? It was sure a lot less to say than “Rei’Reihammara Solily.” I can easily see why she said to call her Ray.


  [You have accepted a name from Rei’Reihammara Solily. You are now Hewka.]


  ***Cadence’s New Team!***

  Note: There are many possible ways to unlock every Class. The unlock requirements that are shown are the ones that the character unlocked them with.


Name: Rei’Reihammara Solily   Species: Elf

Classes: [Ranger] Lvl. 25, [Wyvern Rider] Lvl. 0

Open Class Slots: 6

Health: 890/890   Mana: 82/82   Stamina: 100/100


Str: 240    End: 190   Vit: 351   Agi: 290    Dex: 220

Per: 280   Acy: 185   Wil: 175   Cha: 185   Mgc: 165

Lck: 122


[Prey Sense](class)   [Hunter’s Rest](class)    [Thrill of the Hunt](class)

[Forrest Cloak](class)    [Eagle Eye](class)   [Awareness](class)

[True Shot](class)   [Elven Archery](class)   [Long Shot](class)

[Fortitude](class)   [Power Strike](class)    [Herb Sense](class)

[Herbal Remedy](class)   [Deadly Poison](class)   [Wild Pact](class)

[Longstride](class)   [Dragonheart’s Ember](class)


Air Magic: 2   Alchemy: 13   Ambush: 25   Archery: 53   Cartography: 18    Charge: 10

Cleaning: 16   Climbing: 24   Composing: 11   Cooking: 12   Charm: 7   Crafting: 11

Dancing: 18   Dagger: 21   Digging: 2   Dodge: 22   Drawing: 7   Earth Magic: 1

Etiquette: 20   Gardening: 22   Interrogation: 5   Intimidate: 2   Jumping: 22   Leadership: 2

Leatherworking: 1   Mana Manipulation: 5   Manasense: 18   Meditation: 22

Mercantilism: 2   Painting: 5   Poetry: 15   Pottery: 2   Reading: 20   Riding: 2

Sheild: 5   Singing: 23   Spear: 13   Sprinting: 27   Swimming: 14    Sword: 16

Stealth: 34   Taunt: 5   Teamwork: 13   Throwing: 12   Tracking: 30   Trap Making: 26

Unarmed Combat: 3   Water Magic: 1   Weaving: 2   Writing: 21




Name: Rauvin Kassid    Species: Human

Classes: [Heavy Infantry] Lvl. 20, [Officer] Lvl. 11, [Vanguard] Lvl. 16, [Merchant] Lvl. 3

Open Class Slots: 6

Health: 966/966   Mana: 81/81   Stamina: 100/100


Str: 372  End: 382   Vit: 297   Agi: 225    Dex: 198

Per: 210   Acy: 217   Wil: 258   Cha: 238   Mgc: 162

Lck: 96


[Fortitude](class)   [Long March](class)   [Armor Instinct](class)

[Stamina Recovery: Major](class)   [Armor of the Victor](class)   [Voice of Command](class)

[Forward!](class)   [Weighted Charge](class)   [Stunning Impact](class)

[Lead the Charge!](class)   [Value Sense](class)


Ambush: 10   Archery: 11   Cartography: 7    Charge: 21   Cleaning: 12

Climbing: 9   Composing: 1   Cooking: 9   Charm: 14   Crafting: 16   Dancing: 1

Dagger: 25   Digging: 15   Dodge: 11   Drawing: 2   Etiquette: 29

Interrogation: 15   Intimidate: 20   Jumping: 8   Leadership: 22   Leatherworking: 1

Meditation: 2    Mercantilism: 25   Poetry: 2   Pottery: 2   Reading: 22

Sheild: 35   Singing: 10   Spear: 27   Sprinting: 20   Swimming: 11    Sword: 22

Stealth: 11   Taunt: 30   Teamwork: 40   Throwing: 19   Tracking: 22   Trap Making: 1

Unarmed Combat: 9   Writing: 18




Name: Ylma deVon Jassui   Species: Human

Classes: [Witch] Lvl. 19, [Fire Mage] Lvl. 21, [Noble] Lvl. 3, [Commoner] Lvl. 6

Open Class Slots: 5

Health: 793/793   Mana: 258/258   Stamina: 100/100


Str: 181   End: 191   Vit: 201   Agi: 219    Dex: 248

Per: 268   Acy: 337   Wil: 311   Cha: 244   Mgc: 517

Lck: 67


[Witch’s Eye](class)   [Reap what you Sow](class)   [Wicked Curse](class)

[Mana Guard](class)   [Fire Resistance: Major](class)   [Ignition](class)

[Manaburn](class) [Everything Burns](class)   [Noble Bearing](class)

[Hunger Resistance: Moderate](class)


Air Magic: 11   Alchemy: 24   Ambush: 11   Cleaning: 7   Climbing: 6   Composing: 9

Cooking: 3   Charm: 2   Crafting: 2   Dancing: 15   Dagger: 1   Divination: 11

Dodge: 2   Drawing: 17   Earth Magic: 17   Enchanting: 12   Etiquette: 25

Fire Magic: 24    Gardening: 15    Interrogation: 1   Intimidate: 8

Jumping: 3   Mana Manipulation: 21   Manasense: 40   Meditation: 32

Mercantilism: 1   Painting: 15   Poetry: 8   Reading: 29   Ritual Magic: 9

Sheild: 1   Singing: 16   Sprinting: 9   Summoning: 5    Swimming: 18

Sword: 1   Stealth: 3   Stealing: 11   Taunt: 5   Teamwork: 11   Throwing: 3

Tracking: 1   Trap Making: 12   Water Magic: 13   Writing: 28




Name: Chaurl Kent   Species: Human

Classes: [Acolyte] Lvl. 16, [Brawler] Lvl. 15, [Chef] Lvl. 20

Open Class Slots: 7

Health: 782/782   Mana: 86/86   Stamina: 100/100


Str: 272   End: 334   Vit: 224   Agi: 180    Dex: 203

Per: 178   Acy: 168   Wil: 280   Cha: 178   Mgc: 172

Lck: 111


[Prayer](class)    [Ambition is Life](class)   [Journey to the Peak](class)

[Pride in Accomplishment](class)   [Drunken Fury](class)    [Pretty Face](class)

[Brutal Knuckles](class)   [Food Sense](class)   [Unusual Ingredients](class)

[Campfire Cooking](class)   [Monster Cooking](class)


Air Magic: 1   Alchemy: 21   Ambush: 4   Archery: 1   Cartography: 5

Channeling: 29   Charge: 13   Cleaning: 11   Construction: 1   Climbing: 5

Cooking: 32   Charm: 11   Crafting: 7   Dancing: 9   Dagger: 1   Digging: 1

Dodge: 32   Drawing: 1   Earth Magic: 1    Etiquette: 31   Fire Magic: 1   First Aid: 20

Gardening: 3   Interrogation: 15   Intimidate: 12   Jumping: 15   Leadership: 3

Leatherworking: 1   Mana Manipulation: 1   Manasense: 3 Meditation: 22   Mercantilism: 6

Painting: 1   Poetry: 11   Pottery: 1   Reading: 30   Riding: 7   Ritual Magic: 22

Sheild: 1   Singing: 17   Spear: 1   Sprinting: 32   Swimming: 1   Sword: 1

Stealth: 5   Taunt: 12   Throwing: 3   Tracking: 1   Trap Making: 1

Unarmed Combat: 29   Water Magic: 1   Weaving: 1   Writing: 30




Name: Karlin   Species: Human

Classes: [Rogue] Lvl. 27, [Swordsman] Lvl. 17, [Skirmisher] Lvl. 18, [Gambler] Lvl. 9

Open Class Slots: 6

Health: 859/859   Mana: 121/121   Stamina: 100/100


Str: 326   End: 275   Vit: 292   Agi: 419    Dex: 436

Per: 323   Acy: 281   Wil: 242   Cha: 335   Mgc: 242

Lck: 299


[Fortitude](class)   [Fast Hands](class)   [In the Shadows](class)

[Knife in the Back](class)   [Shady Dealings](class)   [Underhanded Combat](class)

[Shadow Stalk](class)    [Sword Handling](class)   [Swift Strikes](class)

[Power Strike](class)    [Fast Turns](class)   [Perfect Throw](class)

[Bleeding Edge](class)   [Roll the Dice](class)   [Ace up your Sleeve](class)


Alchemy: 9   Ambush: 32   Archery: 11   Assassination: 2   Cartography: 2

Charge: 19   Cleaning: 1   Climbing: 25   Cooking: 3   Charm: 9   Crafting: 18

Dagger: 45   Digging: 5   Dodge: 30   Etiquette: 2   Interrogation: 15   Intimidate: 21

Jumping: 16   Lockpicking: 22   Mercantilism: 16   Reading: 7   Sheild: 5

Singing: 23   Spear: 21   Sprinting: 34   Swimming: 3    Sword: 41   Stealing: 32

Stealth: 57   Taunt: 30   Throwing: 40   Tracking: 21   Trap Making: 15

Unarmed Combat: 15    Writing: 6




Name: Tamlin Mare   Species: Human

Classes: [Spearman] Lvl. 14, [Warrior] Lvl. 9, [Farmer] Lvl. 16, [Commoner] Lvl. 11

Open Class Slots: 6

Health: 812/812   Mana: 65/65   Stamina: 100/100


Str: 272   End: 270   Vit: 271   Agi: 153    Dex: 147

Per: 134   Acy: 115   Wil: 191   Cha: 133   Mgc: 130

Lck: 91


[Fortitude](class)   [Power Strike](class)   [Better Balance](class)

[Piercing Thrust](class)   [Boar Spear](class)   [Lunge](class)

[Breaking Dirt](class)   [Fast Sprouts](class)   [Weed Prevention](class)

[Disease Resistance: Minor](class)   [Pain Resistance: Minor](class)

[Hunger Resistance: Minor](class)


Ambush: 3   Charge: 7   Cleaning: 5   Climbing: 6   Cooking: 6   Crafting: 20

Dagger: 1   Digging: 21   Dodge: 12   Etiquette: 5   Farming: 21   Gardening: 14

Jumping: 12   Meditation: 2    Mercantilism: 1   Reading: 4   Singing: 5

Spear: 20   Sprinting: 27   Swimming: 2   Sword: 3   Stealth: 34   Taunt: 1   Throwing: 1

Weaving: 2   Writing: 1


  Ranger: (Uncommon) Mankind likes to think of itself as the ruler of the world, and it is easy to do so inside their cities and ensconced in civilization. But step outside those walls and you enter a different world, a world that the [Ranger] is perfectly at home at. Moving quickly and quietly through the wilderness and using knowledge, understanding, and guile to avoid and discourage monsters, the [Ranger] can be as safe inside a cave with a grumpy bear as another might be in their bedroom. But ware their bow if you should draw their ire. +6 Str, Agi, and Per per Level, +4 Dex, End, and Vit per Level, +3 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Acquiring five Classes that can evolve into [Ranger]


  Wyvern Rider: (Rare) [Riders] are everywhere, and every one of them has dreamed of riding something more dangerous than a horse. Some gathered their courage and mounted regular monsters, but you had to go a step beyond. [Wyvern Riders] have partnered with one of the most dangerous monsters in the sky; the cousins of dragons that still retain a shard of that power. +6 to all Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Riding a Wyvern and surviving.


  Archer: (Common) A girl with a stick that throws other sticks far away. +3 Str, Agi, and Per per Level, +2 Str and End per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Being trained in Elven archery.


  Herbalist: (Uncommon) The [Herbalist] is both healer and killer in one. Although looked down upon compared to [Alchemists], they can still cure ills and poison weapons with what nature has given them. The best friends to have tea with, but the worst enemies to get a toast from. +6 Per, Acy, and Dex per Level, +4 Mgc and Vit per Level, +3 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Learning to identify over 50 herbs.


  Tamer: (Uncommon) The [Tamer] does not fight monsters, but instead makes monsters fight monsters. Capable of controlling and raising monsters, [Tamers] are only as powerful as the companion they bring to the battle. +6 Cha, Wil, and Acy per Level, +4 Mgc and Str per Level, +3 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Convincing a Wyvern to help you.


  Heavy Infantry: (Uncommon) With heavy armor and heavy weapons, [Heavy Infantry] make an impact on the battlefield as they grind their opponents to dust. Although their Agility is low, their Strength and Endurance are nothing to scoff at. They can take a hit and deal one out twice as bad. +6 Str and End per Level, +4 Vit and Wil per Level, +2 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked By: Being an [Infantry] Class, wearing heavy armor in at least 2 battles, engaging in active combat in at least 5 battles.


  Officer: (Uncommon) An army without a leader is just a mob, but even the most capable [General] would be helpless without the [Officers] beneath him. [Officers] are leaders on the battlefield, keeping up the morale of the men while directing them to victory. A good [Officer] can turn [Conscripts] in warriors capable of withstanding any storm. +6 Cha and Wil per Level, +3 Str, End, Acy, and Per per Level, +2 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Having the Skill: Leadership, being promoted by a superior [Officer], leading soldiers in battle successfully.


  Vanguard: (Uncommon) First into the fray, always leading the charge, the [Vanguard] exists to break the enemies lines and draw first blood. With their superior Strength, Endurance, and Vitality they force their opponents to deal with them because they simply do not go down easily. +6 Str, End, and Vit per Level, +4 Agi per Level, +2 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Volunteering for the vanguard of an army, serving as the vanguard for an army, surviving battle.


  Merchant: (Common) Gold is the blood of society, and [Merchants] are the hearts that pump it through the world. Buying, selling, trading, the [Merchant] is always looking for a better deal and the next big thing. +3 Per, Acy, and Cha per Level, +2 Wil per Level, + 1 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Buying and selling multiple tons of goods.


  Witch: (Rare) [Witches] are some of the most disliked magic users among the populace. While there is nothing inherently evil about a [Witches] power, the association is so deep that many [Witches] are forced into using darker sorcery just to survive. Their powers are subtle, but can be terrifyingly powerful. +10 Mgc per Level, +6 Wil and Acy per Level, + 3 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Having the Skill: Alchemy above Level 20, having the Skill: Mana Manipulation above Level 20, having the Skill: Manasense above Level 30, having used magic to curse a person in revenge, having used magic to bless a person in secret.


  Fire Mage: (Uncommon) The [Fire Mage] is one of the most sought after magic users in the world. Their sheer utility in monster suppression is nearly unmatched and their talents can earn them top coin anywhere in the world. +8 Mgc per Level, +4 Wil, Acy, Per, and Dex per Level, +2 to all other Stats per Level

  Unlocked by: Lighting a person on fire.


  Noble: (Uncommon) Whether by blood or merit, you are elevated above the lesser masses. The [Noble] guides and leads their lessers and reaps the rewards of their efforts. +6 Cha and Wil per Level, +3 Acy, Per, Mgc, and Agi per Level, +2 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Being granted a noble title.


  Acolyte: (Uncommon) You have devoted your life to the Gods themselves. Take care you do not disappoint. +10 Wil per Level, +3 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Dedicating yourself to a religious order and being provisionally accepted.


  Brawler: (Common) You have taken a few punches to the face and thrown a few yourself. You don’t need fancy weapons to take on your opponents, instead you’d rather just smash a tankard over their head and slug them in the gut! +5 Str, End, Vit, and Agi per Level.

  Unlocked by: Engaging in over ten tavern brawls.


  Chef: (Common) Everyone loves good food, and you know how to make it! A [Chef] makes better food faster, and gets all the kisses as a result. +3 Per, Dex, and Vit per Level, +2 Str and End per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Loving food too much.


  Rogue: (Uncommon) Rogues are a strange breed. Most of those familiar with the dark and seedy side of society tend towards being [Thieves] or [Cuththroats], and in truth, a fair number of [Rogues] are those too. However, some [Rogues] have a sense of honor and ethics. For all they act in the darkness, they are not on the side of darkness itself. They are on no one’s side but their own. +6 Agi and Dex per Level, +4 Str and Cha per Level, +2 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Giving up your [Thief] Class but still interacting with the underground of society.


  Swordsman: (Common) The swordsman is a man with a sword. Obviously. +4 Str, Agi, and Dex per Level, +3 End and Vit per Level, +2 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Training with a sword for 3 months.


  Skirmisher: (Uncommon) Skirmishers are the masters of the hit and run. Constantly on the edge of the fight, always waiting for an opening to drive their blade home. They put their enemies off balance through superior positioning and ambush tactics winning battles through finesse instead of strength. +6 Agi and Dex per Level, +5 Per per Level, +4 Acy per Level, +3 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Attacking an opponent, running away, attacking them again, running away again, then attacking and killing them all within half an hour.


  Gambler: (Rare) Let a roll of Chance’s dice alter the board. +4 Per, Cha, and Acy per Level, chance to gain or lose a point of Luck per Level.

  Unlocked by: Gambling away 1000 gold total.


  Spearman: (Common) A man with a pointy stick that keeps others at a distance. +3 Str, End, and Vit per Level, +2 Wil and Agi per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Being trained in the use of a spear by an [Officer].


  Farmer: (Common) [Farmers] are the backbone of the world. Without their effort cities would starve and civilisation would collapse. [Farmers] have great Strength, Endurance and Vitality for a Common Class and can pack more of a punch than most would expect. +5 Str, End, and Vit per Level, +2 Wil per Level, +1 Agi and Dex per Level.

  Unlocked by: Being raised on a farm.


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