Sorry little sibling, but I need your experience.


  “[You have defeated a Lvl. 4 (Hatchling Boreal Toad) and earned 1 xp!]

  [Congratulations! You have reached Level 5!]

  [You have gained +2 Strength, +2 Endurance, +.4 Vitality, +.4 Agility, +.4 Dexterity, +.4 Perception, +.4 Acuity, +.4 Willpower, +.4 Charisma, +.4 Magic!]

  [You have reached the limit for your current Species and Growth stage! You may Evolve!]

  [Would you like to see your available Evolutions now? Warning: deciding not to choose an Evolution will result in the System choosing for you.]”


  I worked hard for this one, so hit me with it! Let’s see what my effort over the past month has gained me!


  Evolution Species:


  Young Komadus Lizard: (Very Rare) The Komadus has a fearsome reputation for aggression and toxicity, but this is not entirely warranted. While it is true that the Komadus can and will hunt and kill both humans and monsters considerably larger than itself, they will generally avoid hunting humans unless humans go deep into their territory. While the Adult Komadus will display a standoffish attitude when confronted, Hatchling and Young Komadus will generally go out of their way to avoid humans. +25 to all Stats, +4.5 Str and End per Level, +1.2 to all other Stats per Level, [Scale Armor](racial), [Envenomed Bite: Young Komadus Lizard](racial), [Disease Resistance].

  Unlocked by: Being a Hatchling Komadus Lizard.


  Young Witch’s Newt: (Rare) The Young Witch’s Newt is just as prized as a familiar and for its alchemical reagents as its Hatchling form, but few [Alchemists] would want to kill one. Once a Young Witch’s Newt Evolves into a Juvenile Witch’s Newt their value increases exponentially. +10 to all Stats, +2 to Mgc and Wil per level, +1 to all other Stats per level, [Regeneration: Minor](racial).

  Unlocked by: Having been a Hatchling Witch’s Newt in your previous Evolution.


  Hatchling Kalif Newt: (Uncommon) The bright orange Hatchling Kalif Newt is considered quite pretty to look at, but the color is a warning that any monster or adventurer would be wise to heed. Although not particularly aggressive, merely touching a Kalif Newt is enough to paralyze a man’s hand. Prolonged exposure quickly leads to death if the adventurer does not have [Poison Resistance] or a very high Endurance and Vitality. +3 to all Stats, +1 Agi, Dex, and Mgc per level, [Intense Toxin: Kalif Newt](racial).

  Unlocked by: Having the Skill Taunt, purposely trying to use your skin’s poison in a fight.


  Hatchling Hunter Newt: (Very Rare) Hunter Newts are extremely aggressive predators that are more than capable of killing new adventurers with ease. They are known for their tendency to prefer eating human children and have been hunted to near extinction as a result. Very few are born naturally with most resulting from evolution. +1 to all Stats, +8 to Str, End, and Vit per level, +1 to all other Stats per level, [Salutivore](racial).

  Unlocked by: Killing an opponent at least one evolution stage higher than you, killing more than you can eat, killing without the intention of eating.


  Young Green Lizard: (Very Common) Green Lizards can be found throughout large parts of the world but are considered a minor threat at most. Even in their Adult stage they do not pose a threat to even D-Rank adventurers and their younger Stages help to suppress more powerful monsters from reaching adulthood. They are very aggressive towards anything smaller than themselves or anything that seems injured, but will avoid attacking things bigger than themselves. +10 to all Stats, +1.6 Str, End, and Vit per Level.

  Unlocked by: Having above 4 Endurance.


  Young Black Lizard: (Common) Black Lizards are related to Green Lizards and for the most part are largely the same. Aside from the difference in color, the only notable difference is the rather weak toxin that the Black Lizard has in its bite. +12 to all Stats, +1.6 Str, End, and Vit per Level, [Envenomed Bite: Hatchling Black Lizard](racial).

  Unlocked by: Having above 4 Endurance, having used poison to kill an enemy.


  Young Giant Monitor: (Uncommon) The Giant Monitor is, as the name implies, giant. Growing to nearly eight meters high in its Adult stage, the Giant Monitor can compete with lesser Draconoids for territory. Although it very rarely wins those contests. +50 to Str, End, and Vit, +10 to all other Stats, +2 to Str, End, and Vit per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level, [Scale Armor](racial), [Torpor](racial).

  Unlocked by: Having above 30 Endurance and above 20 Vitality.


  Young Mutant Alligator: (Uncommon) The Mutant Alligator is what happens when an alligator becomes exposed to too much mana. With its powerful jaws and tough hide, this monster is a considerable danger to anyone who explores the swamps and marshes it makes its home. +20 to all Stats, +4 Str per Level, +2 End and Vit per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level, [Scale Armor](racial), [Tough Hide](racial).

  Unlocked by: Living in a swamp or marsh for most of your life, having above 15 Strength, Endurance, and Vitality, and eating an entirely carnivorous diet.


  Young Lesser Toxic Gator: (Uncommon) The Lesser Toxic Gator is an even more heavily mutated version of the common Mutant Alligator. Although they are not physically as strong as the Mutant Alligator they do have toxic breath and are considerably dangerous to lower rank adventurers. +20 to all Stats, +3 to Str per Level, +2 End and Vit per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level, [Scale Armor](racial), [Tough Hide: Lesser](racial), [Toxic Breath](racial).

  Unlocked by: Living in a swamp or marsh for most of your life, having above 12 Strength, Endurance, and Vitality, eating an entirely carnivorous diet, and using poison as a weapon.


  Young Greater Toxic Gator: (Rare) The Greater Toxic Gator is an even more heavily mutated version of the common Mutant Alligator. Incredibly powerful, violent, and toxic, the Greater Toxic Gator is easily noticeable because the very environment dies around it due to its powerful toxin. +40 to all Stats, +6 to Str per Level, +4 End and Vit per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level, [Scale Armor: Major](racial), [Tough Hide: Lesser](racial), [Toxic Breath](racial), [Intense Toxin: Greater Toxic Gator](racial).

  Unlocked by: Living in a swamp or marsh for most of your life, having above 12 Strength, Endurance, and Vitality, eating an entirely carnivorous diet, and using poison as a weapon.


  The list went on for quite a while after that. Most of it was not particularly interesting, with a lot of commons and uncommons that either lacked decent stats or were so specialised that they weren’t worth it. There were a good amount of rares and very rares mixed in as well, but most of them sounded like something that I wouldn’t want to be.

  Eventually though, one entry caught my eye.


  Infant Kobold: (Very Common) Kobolds are one of the weakest of Demihumans - only slightly stronger than goblins, but without goblins ability to breed - and yet they continue to thrive on every continent in the world. While the younger kobolds are not very dangerous, older and variant kobolds can be very powerful. They have a preference for using the stone spears that they craft. +1 to all Stats, +1 Agi, Dex, and Wil per Level, +.4 Per and Acy per Level, +.2 to all other Stats per Level, [Infravision](racial), [Salutivore](racial), [Strong Stomach](racial).

  Unlocked by: Having more than 3 Sentient Skills.


  The Kobold’s Stats were utter trash, too much so to make it worth taking for the abilities. Compared to most of the choices I had, it looked terrible. Moreover, I had no idea what a kobold was, although the name sounded somewhat familiar. However, “they have a preference for using the stone spears that they craft.” Did… Did that mean they had hands!? Oh fuck yes I am choosing this species!

  Was that an impulsive choice? Very much so. Was it the best choice? I have no idea, but it is too late for regrets when I am already blacking out.




  I wake up with a yawn, rubbing my eyes before stretching and then stopping in shock as I look at my - paws..?

  Well, they aren’t exactly paws, but the fur made me think that for a bit. I now had fur that came out from under my scales and was layered so that you couldn’t even see my scales except on my face and palms. Instinctively, I stood up to check out my new body - I was bipedal again!

  Sort of!

  I actually felt equally comfortable on two legs or four legs, although I was much faster on four than on two. On two though… Well, I had so many options now because of my hand/paw/things! The very fact that I could reach down and grab a loose bit of dirt was wondrous to me right now. Having lived as a human, I had never appreciated just how useful hands were until I was without them, but I had one more notification to check before I put them to use.


  “[Congratulations, you have Evolved into a Demihuman Species! As a Demihuman you may now access the Class functions!]

  [You have 1 open Class slot.]

  [You have Classes available, would you like to see them now?]”


  I hadn’t even thought about that before I Evolved, but it was obvious once it was spelled out to me: Demihumans got Classes.

  “Kikikikiki!” I gave my best evil laugh, which wasn’t very intimidating, as I fantasised about defeating the southern alphas once and for all! With tools and a Class, who knows how powerful I could be!? Surely I had unlocked some truly special Classes given what I had been through! Now show me my available Classes!


  Class Menu:


  Commoner: (Very Common) A basic Class. There is nothing noteworthy about this Class in any way. Commoners raise all Stats except Magic slightly. +1 to all Stats other than Mgc per Level.

  Unlocked by: Basic Human Class.


  Tribesmember: (Very Common) A basic Class for Kobolds and Goblins. Tribesmembers gain slightly in Strength and Endurance. +1 to Str and End per Level.

  Unlocked by: Basic Kobold Class.


  Warrior: (Very Common) The basic Class for a fighter. Warriors focus on the Strength and Endurance Stats. +2 to Str and End per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level.

  Unlocked by: Having engaged in at least 25 fights.


  Scout: (Common) A Class dedicated to reconnaissance. Scouts focus on Agility, Dexterity, and Perception and are more focused on obtaining information than causing harm. +3 to Per, Agi, and Dex per Level, +2 to Str and End per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level, [Eagle Eye](class).

  Unlocked by: Having scouted hostile territory and made a map of the area.


  Hunter: (Common) A Class for someone who stalks and hunts prey through the wilderness. The Hunter focuses primarily on Perception, Agility, and Endurance to help them quickly track their prey over long distances. +3 to Per, Agi, and End per Level, +2 to Str and Dex per Level, +1 to all other Stats per Level, [Prey Sense](Class).

  Unlocked by: Having the Skills [Trap Making] and [Tracking].



  Oh come on, this System is even more stingy than Podi is! I’ve spent months as a monster, killed hundreds of other monsters, Evolved three times all the way from a toad to this weird rat-lizard creature that is capable of having a Class, and learned and Leveled a ton of Skills! And this is all I get!?

  I haven’t been this angry since I was turned into a fucking toad!

  Fine, have it your way you piece of shit System! Make me a [Hunter] then!


  “[Congratulations! You have chosen the Class: Hunter!]

  [You have used up all of your open Class slots, you will not be able to gain another Class until you have another open Class slot!]

  [Note: As a Demihuman experience will be split between your Species and your Class wherever that is applicable.]”


  My experience will be split…?

  “You are fucking with me you piece of shit system!” I scream out in broken Hin’Tye, taking advantage of the fact I now have a throat capable of expressing my anger at the world. In fact, I spend the next hour cursing the world in every language I know, partially out of anger and partially out of joy to have a voice again. Squeaking and hissing just isn’t the same.

  Eventually, I get too tired and stop, slumping back against the log that makes up Newthome. Idly, it occurs to me that since I have hands now I should build myself a better home. Maybe I could finally get that Construction Skill.

  As for my anger… Well, this had effectively doubled the amount of experience I needed for my Species Evolution, hadn’t it? I need to Evolve into something stronger, something in a higher stage. If I want to feel truly safe I need to have Stats that can actually allow me to compete with the monsters around me. Clearly, the area I am in just simply lacked anything that had Evolved into a threat. What had probably happened, I imagine, was that every time something have Evolved to the third stage it had wandered down south and been killed, leaving this area free of major predators.

  Hopefully my Class will make up the difference, but I don’t see how it could as it is. Maybe my Class can Evolve as well? But my Class Level doesn’t have a max like my Species Level does. At a guess, I can probably gain more abilities as I Level it.

  A small consolation was that everyone had to deal with this. Humans probably didn’t have a Species Level - at least, that was what I felt that the description about Demihumans implied - and I bet that they had a lot more Class slots, but that they shared experience between them. That would make sense to me anyway, a [Warrior], [Scout], [Hunter] would actually be fairly strong as Stats go, and maybe they could consolidate into a single Class?

  I sigh, and then decide to go make myself a new home, one that is more than just a hole in the ground or a hole in a log. I can’t spend any more time feeling sorry for myself.

  On the north side of the stream, right before it enters the gorge that leads out of the valley, there was a small area that was somewhat like the southwestern part of the valley - the forest gave way to rocks and bare ground. The dry and mostly flat ground was perfect for what was going through my mind: mudbricks!

  Well, not just mudbricks. It didn’t rain too often here, but it did rain, and that was obviously not great for mudbrick building. The second part of my plan depended on my ability to make fire though. It was fortunate that I had spent two lives in pre-industrial civilizations, or I would never be able to do this step. Now though, I could recognize flint on sight and so was able to perform that most incredible technique: banging two rocks together to make a spark.

  My plan, such as it was, was to use mudbricks to form the shell of my new home. Then, I would cover it in unfired clay to keep water away from the bricks, and after that I would use fired clay “shingles” to help keep the elements from wearing away the clay!

  I would build a mudbrick wall the same way and then I would be perfectly safe from most monsters and be able to live in peace!

  Of course, the problem with my ambitious plan was that I was slightly larger than a human infant. A few hours of work into the project, it was clear that I had bitten off way more than I could chew. This project was going to take a while. On the other hand, it wasn’t like I had any pressing appointments…


Name: -   Species: Infant Kobold   Level: 0/5   Experience: 000/160

Class: [Hunter]   Class Level: 0   Health: 83/83    Mana: 7/7   Stamina: 100/100


Str: 34    End: 33   Vit: 25    Agi: 20    Dex: 15

Per: 24    Acy: 29   Wil: 17    Cha: 23   Mgc: 15

Lck: 163


[Prey Sense](class)   [Breathes through her Skin](racial)   [Toxic Skin](racial)

[Toxin Control: Minor](racial)   [Regeneration: Minor](lesser)(racial)

[Scale Armor: Minor](racial)   [Envenomed Bite: Hatchling Komadus Lizard](racial)

[Infravision](racial)   [Salutivore](racial)   [Strong Stomach](racial)

[Poison Resistance: Major]   [Disease Resistance: Minor]    [Better First Impression]

[Healthy Thoughts]   [First Words]    [Killing Blow]


Ambush: 2   Analysis: 2   Cartography: 1   Charge: 3   Cleaning: 1   Climbing: 2

Composing: 1   Charm: 1   Crafting: 3   Digging: 5   Dancing: 1   Dodge: 3

Drawing: 1   Etiquette: 1   Intimidate: 1   Jumping: 4   Meditation: 2   Poetry: 1

Reading: 1   Singing: 1   Sprinting: 2   Swimming: 3   Stealth: 5   Taunt: 1   Throwing: 1   Tracking: 2 Trap Making: 6   Writing: 3


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